22 Ocak 2023

Living with daddy Part Xl

Big Dicks

I had never imagined that having both my brother and my father inside me at the same time could feel so amazing. I had not even realized what I felt like afterwards until I woke up a few hours later. My body was sore but felt amazing. I was sprawled out and comfortable and finally felt like I had gotten enough sleep for a change. Rolling over I realized that I was in bed alone. Both my father and my brother had disappeared. I looked over at the clock and realized that it was four in the evening, which explained them not being there. I tended to sleep more then the average human being these days, I did not just expect them to stay in bed with me because I was in it. They both had jobs and things to do on a daily basis. I laid there for a little while longer before I made my way out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I had not cleaned up after this mornings activities and I was very much in need of a good shower. I grabbed my robe and hung it on the back of the bathroom door before making my way over to the shower and getting it started. I stepped into the shower and let the water fall against my skin. It was hot and made my entire body weaken beneath it. I had not realized istanbul travesti how tense that I was until the water hit all of the right spots. I stood there for a while letting the water work its magic on my muscles and joints before I cleaned myself and washed my hair. I then stood there an let the water continue to hit my body until it started to get on the cooler side. Once the water was to cold for me to enjoy it any longer, I decided that it was time for me to get out and get on with my day. I stepped out of the shower, the cool air hitting my skin, causing my nipples to get so hard that they hurt. I reached for a towel and quickly wrapped it around my body, trying to get myself warm as quickly as possible. I had not been a fan of getting cold these days. The baby kicked against the inside of my stomach, letting me know that it didn’t like when I was cold either. I grabbed another towel from the wall and wrapped it around my hair. Making my way over to the door, I grabbed my robe and slipped it around my body, making my way out of the bathroom and heading toward the bedroom. I smiled as I entered, seeing my brother sitting on the istanbul travestileri edge of the bed. You could tell that he had taken a shower this morning and shaved, he looked clean cut and very sexy. “Good morning beautiful,” he said with a smile as I made my way over to him and slipped into the slight arch he had between his legs. I leaned in and pressed my lips against his, smiling as he placed his arms around my back. “Good morning,” I said in response. I pulled away from him and headed over to the closet to get dressed for the day. I stepped inside, going through my clothes deciding on what to wear. I was at a point again where I could not find anything to wear because my stomach would not fit into it. I grabbed the best thing I could and stepped out. “Hey,” I began, “You want to go to the mall with me, I really need to get some clothes that fit.” “Sounds like a plan,” he said with a smile. “Dad is at work anyways, so it will give us something to do until he gets home.” *************** We had been at the mall for what seemed like forever, looking through different stores. We had not even hit a clothing store for me yet. We were enjoying travesti hanging out at the mall so much we had completely spaced the reason why we had come here. It was not until our eyes caught sight of a maternity store that we jumped into gear. “Never thought I would ever be shopping at one of these stores.” I said as we slowly made our way inside. There was an older lady behind the corner of the front entrance. Her eyes looked over us with suspicion and disgust. I am sure she was one of those ladies who was going to think it was so wrong that I was a teenager and pregnant. I really did not care what she thought though. “Yeah well looks like old as dirt agrees with you,” he whispered with a laugh into my ear, referring to the woman behind the counter. I laughed and pressed myself up against him, not caring who saw us. No one around here knew we were related. “Can I help you with something,” the old lady behind the counter asked stepping out and making her way towards us. “We are just looking,” I said pulling at my brother and dragging him over to the wall where they had jeans. We looked through them and found a few pairs for me to try on and I grabbed a couple of shirts off of the racks. I walked back to the front, stopping in front of old as dirt and smiled. “I would like to try a few things on, would you be willing to let me into the dressing room?” Once again she gave me a dirty look but walked with me to the very back and opened up a dressing room.

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