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The conference promised to be just another week of my life wasted listening to middle-aged project managers drone on and on about their progress. These conferences were all the same, or so I thought. Every so often there was some eye-candy in attendance, but usually the women were not that attractive, and were certainly suppressing any sensuality under their business suits.

Maybe that’s why I was so floored when I saw her walk in on that first day. Most of us were still milling around, filling coffee cups and jockeying for a good place in the conference room, not too close, but close enough to see the screen. She was wearing a blue skirt with matching jacket, a white silk blouse, and black Italian pumps. Even the conservative cut of the jacket did nothing to hide the incredible body she had, petite yet curvy in all the right places. Her curly, shoulder-length brown hair and face reminded me of Lynne Russell, the Headline News anchorwoman who was on in the 90s.

Imagine my surprise when she unceremoniously plopped down into the seat next to me after quietly asking if the seat was taken. I nodded slightly before remembering to close my mouth. It took a second of getting myself together before I could even think straight.

“Rough flight?” I asked her, noting that she seemed to be a bit frazzled. It didn’t take away from her beauty, but I could tell she was looking really tired.

“No, the flight was fine, just haven’t been getting much rest lately.” Her weak smile underscored her reply, and I instantly felt like I should do everything in my power to make this woman more comfortable.

I excused myself and quickly returned with a cup of coffee and some cream and sugar. “I figured you could use some.” Her smile was all the thanks I needed as I settled back into my seat next to this luscious creature.

The morning was filled with information briefs, giving us a background for the three days worth of meetings and discussions. Everyone seemed to want to rush through the briefings, making the breaks very short. By lunch I was ready to get out of the seat and I noticed Liz squirming in her seat as well. I was hoping she’d follow me down for the lunch provided in the adjacent conference room, but she seemed to disappear before I could even ask her to join me.

Lunch was your standard conference fare, mostly sandwiches and salads, although the hotel had done a nice job of providing a nice spread. Soon enough it was time to return to the conference room for the afternoon’s string of briefings.

I surprised myself with the elation I felt when I saw Liz slip back into the room and come back to her seat next to me. She must’ve gone to her room during lunch to rest, because she looked much more relaxed and not as fatigued.

The afternoon’s meetings went fairly quickly, partly due to all the daydreaming I was doing about Liz’s incredible body. Her perfume was just strong enough to distract me from the numerous slides and made me want to lean towards her in my seat. The warmth of her shoulder against mine felt wonderful in the cool air conditioned room, and Liz didn’t seem to mind or pull back. By the end of the last briefing I noticed her squirming in her seat a little more than normal. I attributed it to sitting so long and didn’t really think anymore about it.

“What are your plans for dinner?” It took me a second to process her question. I then remembered the reception planned for the conference attendees at 6:30. The agenda had included the menu for the reception, and I wasn’t in the mood to try and find a decent restaurant after a day of meetings.

“I was just planning on pressing some flesh at the reception and filling up on free shrimp. What were you planning?” A blush crossed her face as she seemed to note the unintended sexual entendre in my comment. I realized how that could’ve come across and quickly added, “I’m sorry, I mean, err, you know, just mingle a bit before calling it an early night.”

Her smile let me know she wasn’t offended as she put her hand on my arm to tell me it was alright. “Okay, maybe I’ll see you at the reception.” I watched her walk out of the room and was frozen in place until someone bumped into me trying to file out into the hall. I grabbed my briefcase and quickly followed the crowd to the elevator bank to return to my room. I freshened up and changed into some khakis and a polo shirt, then sat down to watch the news to kill some time before the reception was scheduled to begin. No sense in arriving too early, I thought.

The hotel had gone all out to put on a great buffet with hungry execs milling around to fill up their small plates. Alcohol flowed freely as the hotel has a free happy hour every night. It’s one of the reasons I always loved staying at that hotel. Free food and free liquor sure made up for all those boring briefings. Some of the execs had brought their wives to the conference since there were a lot more women than there had been present during the day. Many of them were trophy wives, some of them almost half the age of their husbands. But none of them compared to Liz in beauty ordu escort and class as she walked into the banquet room. I was mesmerized as she made a beeline towards me. I actually felt butterflies in my stomach as she gave me a warm smile and spoke, breaking the trance.

“You alright? Maybe you should slow down on those drinks.” Her playful manner instantly relaxed me as I regained my composure and offered to get her a drink. “Oh no, thank you, I can’t drink, but a juice would be great.”

“Can’t drink? Why not? It’s free.” I realized how stupid that sounded since she looked like she could definitely afford a drink if that’s what she wanted.

“Oh no, it’s not anything like that, it’s just that I just had twins and can’t drink.” I was floored as my eyes ran up and down her body, looking for clues that she might be telling me the truth. She had shed the jacket and now stood in front of me in the silky blouse and blue skirt, showing off her incredible figure even more. The blouse failed to conceal the full breasts pressing against the shiny material, as the skirt showed off her small waist and curvy hips. Being a huge fan of the female form and having spent many hours undressing beautiful women with my eyes, I estimated her measurements to be 36D-24-36.

I must’ve been staring for a bit too long as she started to get a bit uncomfortable, breaking me out of my trance again. “I’m sorry Liz, I just can’t believe you’ve delivered a baby, much less two, anytime in recent history.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said, smiling broadly, “but I have the scars to prove it.” Her laugh and casual nature instantly put me at ease and I knew I would enjoy this week. I trotted off to get her juice as she sampled some of the food on the buffet tables.

We mingled and talked, introducing each other to colleagues we knew from previous trips. The alcohol was having it’s effect on me as I relaxed and became more talkative, much to Liz’s delight. She was feeding off my energy and seemed to glow more with every joke I told and story I recounted. I was working it hard, feeling like a love-struck teenager, wanting to bask in her beauty and not wanting the night to end. I was floored when she suggested finding a place to sit down. The hotel had a beautiful enclosed courtyard with a manmade stream running through it. We found a couch next to a small waterfall that cascaded into a pool filled with koi.

“Ah, that’s better, I had to get off my feet. Hope you don’t mind?” Her smile made any request seem reasonable. She could’ve asked me to dive into the pool and kill a fish for her so she could have sushi, and I would’ve readily complied, as long as she just smiled at me again. Yes, I was smitten, and I think she knew it.

We talked about our families and spouses as neither one of us really wanted to go back to our rooms. I could tell she wanted to relax as she opened up about her kids, showing me pictures to prove she really did have twins that were four months old, as well as an older son who was three. Her husband was a good-looking guy who seemed to be in golf clothes in every pic she showed me.

“So, you feeling better now, did you get some rest at lunch?” I asked, trying to make small-talk. Her body language suddenly told me that something had not sat well with her. She seemed to suddenly fumble with her hands before she looked up at me.

“Well, actually, it wasn’t sleep I needed.” Her eyes searched mine for understanding as I must’ve looked like a hog looking at a wrist watch. Realizing I didn’t follow her insinuation, she went on. “I have been umm, trying to feed the twins naturally, and it gets to be uncomfortable when I can’t relieve the pressure.” I still had the deer in the headlights look, so finally she blurted out, “Breastfeeding.”

Duh!!! I felt like an idiot. My blushing must’ve been pretty intense as Liz broke out in a hearty laugh, enjoying my discomfort as she leaned back on the couch, holding her tummy. After a few moments she composed herself as she wiped the tears from her eyes and put her hand on my leg. “Sam, I’m sorry, but you looked so cute and embarrassed, I just couldn’t help it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself as the ice had finally been broken. Liz seemed to relax even more as she started to joke about the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. “You can’t imagine how much those little guys can eat. And the more they eat, the more milk my boobs seem to produce.” To demonstrate her point, she hefted her ample breasts in her hands and pushed them towards me.

My jaw hitting the floor must’ve really struck her as funny as she burst out in laughter once again. Hell, I didn’t care, watching her enjoying herself was fine with me, even if it was at my expense.

Liz went on to explain that she normally used the breast pump during the day to relieve the pressure, saving it for her little guys for the nanny to feed it to them when she was gone. This was the first trip she’d taken since returning from maternity leave, but she’d stored up enough to keep the little guys fed during the osmaniye escort week. In her hurry to make the flight, she’d forgotten her breast pump though, making it very difficult to relieve the pressure. I sat in awe as this goddess explained all this to me as if she was talking about brushing her teeth.

“So at lunch, I spent some time getting rid of the pressure, if you know what I mean.” I guess my poker face wasn’t working so well, as she laughed at me again. “I guess you do.” She was really enjoying making me squirm as she leaned into me, slapping me on the shoulder, obviously enjoying herself.

I decided to regain the upper hand by shocking her a bit. “I could help out with that.” She suddenly stopped laughing and just sat back to look straight into my face, trying to gauge what I meant and if I was serious.

It was now her turn to stammer as a sly smile crept across my face. “What do you mean, Sam?”

“Just what I said, I could help you with your little problem.” I sat back with a self-satisfied look on my face. Finally I had gotten her to stop laughing at me and was now enjoying her in the hot seat. Suddenly I realized that she could accuse me of sexual harassment as I started to apologize.

“No, it’s okay, Sam, it’s my fault, I was teasing you, so I deserved that. And please call me Lizzie. I figure after this, you deserve to call me what my friends call me.” This woman was just way too cool for words. “I was just trying to explain my discomfort this morning and couldn’t resist having some fun when I saw how you reacted.”

I know we were both married, but something made me want to take care of this woman, to make everything alright. I surprised myself when I told her that I was serious, that I really did want to help her out, if she wanted me to. I explained that I wasn’t coming on to her. I had tasted breast milk while having sex with my wife after she had given birth, and I knew it didn’t bother me. My wife had become very aroused when she had breastfed our second child, so we seemed to have a lot of sex after the first six weeks of abstinence after the birth.

Liz listened in silence, taking it all in as she seemed to work through what I was proposing. She looked into my eyes to gauge my sincerity before she spoke. “So you’re saying that you’d suck my breasts to release the pressure, and wouldn’t expect anything else from me? No sex? Nothing? You’d do it just to make me more comfortable?”

I couldn’t be more serious as I looked into her beautiful eyes and nodded. Liz must’ve seen the sincerity in my eyes as she took my hand and pulled me to my feet. She led me to the elevator and pushed the button for her floor. I followed her like a puppy on a leash as the entire walk seemed to pass in a blur. Before I knew it we were inside her suite as she finally turned to face me. She pushed me back to sit on the bed as she stood in front of me. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt and off her shoulders, then dropping it onto the bed next to me.

I sat slack jawed as I noticed her perfect skin and taut tummy. I let my gaze drift up to her breasts as her bra threatened to burst. I could detect small wet spots from her leaking nipples as the material had turned almost see through. She reached behind her as she unhooked her bra. She pulled the straps off her shoulders as the cups clung to her breasts. Looking into my eyes she slowly pulled the bra down, exposing her full breasts to my hungry gaze. I subconsciously licked my lips as she let out a small giggle.

Smiling at me she took my head into her hands and guided my lips to her right nipple. “Suck them Sam, please.” Her request was so sweet, I couldn’t have resisted, even if I had wanted to.

Her nipples were swollen and hard, sticking out a good inch as a trace of white liquid covered them. I had remembered the process of getting a baby to latch onto the nipple, so I controlled my urge to just start sucking. I softly covered her nipple and created pressure with my lips as I put my arm around her small waist to pull her closer to me. Almost instantly her breast milk flowed into my mouth, filling it with the sweet, warm fluid. I quickly began to swallow as I knew she was producing a lot of milk for her twins. A soft moan escaped her lips as her knees clamped around my left knee, locking us together. Her legs relaxed somewhat, allowing her weight to push her tit further into my mouth as I continued to extract her sweet fluid. Her right hand helped squeeze her full tit as my head was spinning from the experience of suckling on the breast of this goddess.

Liz had to stop me, extracting her right tit from my mouth and smiling down at me as if to gauge if I was ready to do the same for the other. I answered by latching onto her left nipple and continuing to swallow her sweet nectar. Her legs had buckled and she was now sitting on my right leg as my head was bowed to keep her breast in my mouth. Liz seemed to be rubbing her pussy against my thigh and knee as I focused on sucking her tit, fulfilling my agreed upon duties.

Before ostim escort long her left tit had emptied enough to resemble her right tit as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my face up to give me a kiss on the cheek. She hugged me warmly, whispering thank you in my ear before standing up in front of me. She wiped a drop of milk from my chin as she laughed lightly. She reached down and put the blouse back on, leaving it unbuttoned, barely covering her incredible breasts.

I stood on wobbly legs waiting for her to break the silence. Liz hugged me again standing against me before speaking. “I can’t thank you enough Sam. You have no idea how much more comfortable it is now. I may actually get some sleep tonight. I take it you didn’t mind that too much,” she said as she glanced down at the lump in my khakis. Her smile let me know it was okay as I relaxed, letting out a deep breath.

“Sam, I know you just did me a huge favor, but could I ask you for another?”

“Anything you want, Liz, just ask.” I replied.

“Well, it is a long conference, and I know I won’t be able to go another 3 days without relief again. Would it be too much to ask to have you do this again for me? I think I could stand to have it done again in the morning and in the evening. Is that too much?” Her eyes were searching mine for an unspoken reply.

I think I surprised her when I said, “Too much, I don’t think it is at all. In fact, from experiences with my wife breastfeeding, you will probably need to be emptied every three hours or so. If you want, I could do that for you at lunch too.”

The smile on her face told me she was thrilled as she hugged me again, this time much harder and longer. I didn’t want to break the embrace as I smelled her sweet perfume and clean hair, becoming drunk from her scent.

“Thank you, Sam, you’re the best,” as she kissed me on the cheek again before letting me go. I turned and floated towards the door, not remembering the walk to my room. Somehow I found my way into bed and it was morning before I realized that ringing noise was my phone.

“Hi Sam, good morning. How did you sleep?” Lizzie’s voice came to me as in a dream. Remembering the previous night’s activities, I quickly sat up and said hello back, albeit a bit groggily. “Oh sorry, hope I didn’t wake you. I’ll be up in your room in a few, bye.”

I got up, went to the bathroom to pee, then brushed my teeth and hair. I heard a knock on the door and opened it. Lizzie looked even more beautiful than she had the night before. She must’ve slept a full night because she radiated such a healthy glow. Gone were the dark circles and glazed over eyes. She sparkled as I realized that she was wearing jogging shorts and a loose t-shirt that barely concealed her full breasts. I could tell she’d just rolled out of bed herself as I noticed the time.

“I wanted to give you time to clean up before we go down for breakfast and start our meetings. I hope I didn’t come up too early?” I didn’t care what time it was, just seeing her was like a shot of adrenaline as she quickly pulled the t-shirt over her head, leaving her covered in a sports bra. She pulled it off as I now marveled at her body once again. She was obviously very athletic and had regained her figure very quickly after having the twins. Maybe keeping up with two made her lose the weight even more easily. And the breastfeeding certainly had not hurt.

Lizzie giggled as the naughtiness hit her. I became aware of my reflection in the mirror across from the bed as I noticed how I was dumbfounded, staring at this half-naked goddess standing in front of me. Liz hugged me and kissed me on the cheek again as if to thank me in advance. I sat back on the bed and she surprised me by lying down next to me. I rolled over, taking her breasts into my hands. I marveled at the fullness of her breast, admiring them while caressing them gently. Liz allowed me the time to enjoy them, not rushing me in any way. I slowly leaned forward and took her left breast into my mouth, sucking softly on her engorged nipple as she leaned her head back on the pillow, allowing a deep moan to escape her body. I sucked on her breast like a hungry puppy lapping up spilled milk. Rolling over to give me easier access to her right breast, she began running her hand through my hair, obviously enjoying my oral attentions.

I must’ve done a good job because she was emptied much too quickly. She hugged me again and gave me a big kiss on the cheek before rolling out of bed. She seemed to bounce across the room as she pulled on her t-shirt without the sports bra. “See you at breakfast hon, thanks again, I owe ya,” she said as she bounded out of my room.

I was still in a stupor but knew I needed to get into the shower. The warm water felt great as it washed away the tension from what had just happened, although my cock was still hard as a rock. I stroked it a few more times than normal as I soaped up my body, knowing that jerking off wouldn’t do anything to satisfy me at this point. I shaved and dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Lizzie was waiting for me at the entrance and asked me to sit with her after going through the breakfast buffet line. She acted totally normal, although she was very attentive to my needs, fetching juice for me and a second cup of coffee without even being asked.

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