8 Mart 2023

Lockdown with Friends Pt. 02


After Bev left, I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the balcony. Jay and the guys spent their time catching up on work. It was late afternoon when I came inside and heard my phone ding. It was a message from Bev.

“Hi honey. Frank is awake, a bit drowsy but awake. We would both love to come down tonight.” Bev typed.

“Fantastic. Come down about seven o’clock. Tell Frank I’ll make him a strong coffee.” I replied

I told Jay and the guys that Bev and Frank were joining us tonight around seven o’clock. Bobby’s eyes light up, and I knew each one of them loved Bev’s big breasts.

I looked at the clock, and it was just on six thirty. I reminded the boys of the time and quickly headed to the shower. I washed my tanned body and shaved my pussy and legs before hopping out and drying myself. I put on my bra and decided to wear a short denim skirt and a plain black top, minus my panties.

I headed out to the lounge and made my way to the kitchen as the guys were packing up their work. As I turned the kettle on, there was a knock at the door. I headed over and opened it, greeting Frank and Bev.

“Hi guys, come in.” I said inviting them inside. “How you feeling Frank.”

“Thanks for inviting us. Yeah, I feel much better, a bit drowsy but nothing a coffee won’t fix.” Frank said as they both came inside.

“Honey I’ll make you a strong coffee.” I replied.

We walked into the lounge where Jay, Bobby and Andy were sitting.

“Guys this is Frank and Bev. That’s Jay, Bobby and Andy.” I said introducing everyone.

I headed into the kitchen and made everyone a coffee. I made sure Franks coffee was extra strong, as I didn’t want him to fall asleep and miss out on all the fun. We all sat around drinking our coffee and chatting. The guys all got along well, discussing business and politics, which Bev and I found boring. I got up off the couch and took Bev by the hand leading her out on the balcony.

“Why don’t we jump in the Spa, it’s a nice night for it.” I said looking at Bev.

“I’d love to, but I haven’t got my bikini.” Bev replied.

“Do you honestly think you are going to need a bikini.” I said, looking at Bev as I stripped off.

I turned the spa on as Bev stripped off down to her bra and panties. We both hopped in the spa and it wasn’t long before the guys came out on the balcony.

“Well, look at you ladies nice and relaxed.” Frank said, as he walked over to the spa.

“Why don’t you join us honey.” Bev replied.

“I think that’s our invitation to hop in guys.” Frank said, looking over at the other guys.

The four guys stripped off naked and hopped in the spa. Frank and Andy sat each side of me, while Bobby and Jay sat each side of Bev.

“Take your bra off honey, I’m sure these guys would love to see your big breasts.” Frank said with a smile.

Watching Bev removing her bra and baring her large breasts got me so turned on. I slid my hand under the water running it up Franks leg softly rubbing his balls before slowly stroking his cock. It didn’t take long, and Frank was hard. I grabbed Andy’s cock which was already hard and stroked them both while Bev watched on. Bobby grabbed Bev’s hand and placed it on his cock, while Jay paid attention to her breasts, squeezing them before sucking her nipple.

After a few minutes, Bobby stood up. With his big cock nice and hard, Bev took as much as she could in her mouth, while Jay continued playing with her breasts. I stood up between Frank and Andy and placed one leg up on the edge of the spa as both guys started stroking their cocks. Frank moved close, running his tongue all over my pussy, while I felt Andy’s hand playing with my arse. I looked around as Bev got up and hopped out of the spa. Bobby and Jay both got out and followed her over to the sun chair. Bobby slid Bev’s wet panties down as Jay laid down. Bev quickly mounted his hard cock and no sooner riding him, Bobby moved behind sliding his cock inside her.

“Oh fuck.” Bev screamed Ankara escort as both guys fucked her pussy.

Frank started fingering my pussy as he watched Bev enjoying two cocks fucking her. Andy hopped out of the spa and walked over to Bev, slid his cock in her mouth. Bev sucked him between moans, as the other two continued fucking her pussy.

I took Frank by the hand and we both got out of the spa. I sat on a sun chair next to Bev and took Franks cock in my mouth as we both watched Bev being fucked.

“Your turn Frank.” Bobby said, as he pulled his cock out of Bev’s pussy.

Frank moved behind Bev and started teasing her arsehole with his tongue. Bev started to moan as she continued sucking Andy’s cock. Frank stood up and pressed his hard cock against Bev’s arse.

“Oh, fuck Frank.” Bev scream, as his cock slowly slid inside her.

I laid back on the chair and started fingering my pussy. Watching the four guys fucking Bev was getting me so wet.

“Yes, yes, I’m cumming, Oh fuck, yes, yes” Bev screamed as she closed her eyes and threw her head back as her body shook.

Andy walked over to where I was sitting and positioned me on my knees. His cock was hard and felt so good as he slid inside my pussy.

“That feel good honey.” Andy said as his cock fucked me deep.

“God yes, don’t stop.” I said as Andy slapped my arse.

After a few minutes, I stood up and laid the deck chair back before Andy laid down. I mounted his cock and started riding him hard. Bobby looked over and walked behind me sliding his cock in my pussy. Now with both Bev and I with two cocks fucking us, we both moaned with pleasure.

“Ready for a hard cock in that tight arse.” Bobby said as he slapped my arse.

“Oh fuck yeah.” I moaned as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and slowly spread my arse apart.

Bobby fucked my arse nice and slow until every inch of his cock was inside me. With both guys fucking me, I gripped hold of the chair moaning with pleasure.

After a few minutes, I stood up. Andy got up off the deck chair and Bobby took his place. I turned around with my back to Bobby and lowed myself onto his hard cock, sliding him in my arse. Andy knelt down between my legs and filled my pussy with his cock. I laid back on Bobby as both cocks fucked me hard. I looked over at Bev as Frank pulled his cock out of her arse, before helping her up. He laid a towel on the ground and positioned Bev on her knees. Frank and Jay took turns fucking her mouth, and I could tell she was enjoying the taste of their cocks. I pushed Andy back sliding his cock out of my pussy.

“Fuck my arse.” I said, looking at Andy as I raised my legs.

Without hesitation, he pressed his cock against my arse and slowly slid inside me. With both Bobby and Andy’s cock in my arse, the feeling was amazing. As they both fucked me, I started fingering my pussy and I could feel my body ready to cum.

“Oh fuck, yeah, yeah, I’m Cumming” I screamed as my body shook. “Oh god that feels good, don’t stop.

As my body started to relax, I noticed Bev watching the two cocks in my arse.

After a few minutes, Andy pulled his cock out and stood back stroking. Bev still on her knees crawled over between my legs and started teasing my pussy with her tongue. Andy moved behind Bev and slid his cock in her arse, and with every thrust of Andy cock inside her, I could feel her tongue pressing harder against my pussy.

“Your turn honey.” I said, as I stood up sliding Bobby’s cock out of my arse.

Bobby got up and Frank took his place. I guided Franks cock in Bev’s arse before she lifted her legs. Jay moved close and pressed his cock against her joining Frank in her arse.

“Oh god, take it slow.” Bev said, as Jays and Frank started fucking her. “Oh fuck”

Bobby and Andy moved close and started fucking my mouth. All of a sudden, Bev started to moan. She threw her head back as both guys thrust their cocks hard inside her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, god Ankara escort bayan I can feel it.” Bev screamed. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

I watched Bev enjoying the sensation as her body collapsed on Frank. Both guys continued to fuck her arse as she continued to moan.

After a few minutes, Andy pulled his cock out and helped Bev up. Frank stood up as Bev knelt down taking turns sucking and stroking both cocks. I knelt down beside Bev and took turns sucking Jay and Bobby. I could tell it wasn’t going to be long and the guys were going to cum. Bev and I laid down on the ground as the guys gathered around us stroking their cocks, while Bev and I watching on waiting for their cum. Bev and I rubbed our pussy’s, and I know the sight of four guys stroking their cocks turned Bev on as much as it turned me on.

“Oh fuck girls I’m going to cum.” Jay said, as he moved close to Bev.” Fuck yeah, oh fuck.”

Jay stroked his cock shooting his cum all over Bev’s breasts as we all watched. Frank and Bobby moved close and at the same time came all over Bev’s face. The sight of Bev covered in cum looked hot, and I could tell Frank enjoyed it also. As Bev lay rubbing the guys cum all over her body, Andy knelt down sliding his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hair holding my head tight, as his cock hit the back of my throat.

“Yeah, oh yeah, I’m going to cum.” Andy said as his cock exploded in my mouth.

As he let my head go, I swallowed his cum before sucking his cock clean.

After a few minutes, Bev and I got up and collected our clothes. We gave the guys a smile, before heading to the bathroom. We hopped in the shower and helped each other wash our bodies clean before getting out. As we dried ourselves, I kissed Bev on the lips, then slowly moved down sucking her nipples.

“God I’m going to take Frank home and fuck him stupid.” Bev said, as I continued to dry myself.

Bev got dressed before we headed out to the lounge joining the guys.

“Honey we should head off.” Bev said, looking at Frank eager to get him home.

Frank got dressed and they said their goodbyes before heading back to their apartment.

The four of us still naked sat in the lounge before Jay decided to call it a night.

“So what are your plans for the rest of the night?” Bobby said, looking over at me.

“Well, I still want to play. I just need to get you two hard again.” I replied.

“Well how do you propose on doing that?” Andy said, with a laugh.

I got up and headed to the bedroom. I pulled out a large double ended dildo and the bottle of oil and joined the guys back in the lounge.

“So, Bobby how about I choose a movie this time,” I said, as I sat in front of his computer.

As I scrolled through the list, I came across a movie called Extreme Gangbang. I hit play and lay on the floor in front of the guys with my toy. The movie started as a Blonde woman around thirty walked into a room full of guys. There was about fifteen of them aged between twenty and fifty, and we’re all naked. She got on her knees and sucked each guy as she made her way to the bed in the room. Just watching was getting me nice and wet, and as I looked up at Bobby and Andy, I noticed they were getting hard as they stroked their cocks.

As we continued to watch the movie, I oiled both ends of the dildo and laid back before slowly sliding one end of the dildo inside, teasing my pussy. I looked up at the guys stroking their now hard cocks as they shared their eyes between me and the movie.

“So Toni, I remember you saying the more guys the better. What about that many?” Andy said, looking at the tv.

“God that’s definitely not to many. I just love feeling helpless as guys do whatever they want to me.” I replied, as I slowly slid the dildo deep inside.

I looked back at the tv. The guys were taking turns fucking her pussy and mouth. Her legs were held wide open as each cock pounded her pussy. At that point, my heart was racing. I held the other Escort Ankara end of the dildo and pressed it against my arse, feeling it slide in nice and slow. It felt so good, and as I continued watching the tv, I imagined it was me in her place. The guys still take turns, started cumming inside her pussy one by one. It got me so turn on I was ready to cum. I closed my eyes as my body froze before shaking over and over. After what felt like a minute, my body started to relax.

“Ready to be fucked?” Bobby said, as I opened my eyes.

Bobby and Andy knelt down beside me and I took hold of their cocks. I stroked them nice and slow as we continued to watch the tv. The girl’s pussy was drenched in cum as the guys waited their turn to fill her. A few of the guys stroked their cocks and took turns cumming all over her face and mouth.

Still stroking the guys, I pulled them closer touching the head of their cocks together, as I ran my tongue around teasing them.

“Oh, fuck baby that feels good,” Andy said as he squeezed my nipples.

I reached over for the oil and poured some on my hands, before stroking their hard cocks getting them nice and oily. The guys lay down and both sucked my nipples while running their hands all over my Body as I continued toying my arse and pussy. I slowly sat up and rolled Andy on to his back. Still with the toy in my pussy and arse, I mounted him slowly spreading my pussy with his cock.

“Oh god yeah, that feels good.” I moaned as I felt his cock slide deep inside me.

Bobby laid down behind me watching my arse and pussy being fucked as he stroked his cock.

“How does three cocks feel inside you?” Bobby said as he watched.

“Oh fuck, so good.” I replied.

“Maybe we should see if we can fit another cock in that arse of yours.” Bobby said, as he got up.

“Oh fuck yeah, use me.”

I felt his hands on my arse, as he positioned himself behind me. He grabbed the bottle of oil and lathered his cock ready.

“Oh shit, yeah, yeah.” I screamed out loud. “Fuck, oh god.”

I felt Bobby’s cock slowly spreading my arse before sliding inside me. The sensation was amazing as it felt like four cocks inside me. Andy wrapped his arms around me holding me tight, as their cocks slid in and out. All of a sudden, I heard a door open. I looked up and noticed Jay standing in the lounge watching, stroking his cock. He walked over kneeling down beside me, sliding his now hard cock in my mouth.

“Oh god, fuck me, fuck me.” I screamed, between sucking Jay’s cock. “I’m cumming, god I’m cumming.”

My body shook over and over as the guys continued fucking me. After a few minutes, I could feel Bobby’s cock getting harder in my arse.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum.” He moaned as he pounded his cock harder.

“Yes, yes, oh god yes.” I screamed as his cock exploded, pulsating deep inside me.

As Bobby started to relax, he slid his cock out of my arse and sat on the couch. I continued riding Andy’s cock hard while Jay continued fucking my mouth.

“God Toni, you liked your arse and pussy nice and full. Now I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum.” Andy said, fucking me nice and deep. “Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming.”

“Oh fuck Andy, oh fuck.” I screamed as his cum shot deep inside me.

As his cock pulsated deep inside my pussy, it brought me to the verge of cumming. Andy loosen his grip from around me allowing my hips to ride him deeper.

“Yes, yes, yes.” I screamed, as my body shook.

Jay started stroking his cock fast as he moved close ready to cum.

“Yeah, yeah, oh god.” He screamed, as he came all over my face.

I licked the last of the cum from Jays cock as he caught his breath.

As we started to relax, I slid Andy’s cock out of my pussy and rolled on to the floor.

“So, how did it feel with four cocks inside you?” Bobby said, as I slid the toy out of my cum filled arse and pussy.

“God that felt so good.” I said, as I lay exhausted and a little sore.

After a few minutes, I got up and headed for the shower. When I got out and returned to the lounge, I noticed the guys had headed to their rooms. I turned everything off and headed to bed for a good night’s sleep.

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