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Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 05-08 – Growth


Chapter 5 – Higher Callings

As Dave walked into his own home, his phone announced that he had a text. He picked up the phone off the kitchen counter, and opened his messaging app.

In glorious color, with perfect lighting, a photo graced the screen just the way Alice had sent it. The picture showed two side-by-side naked female torsos from neck to pussy, each with a cock about halfway inserted into the wet vaginas.

Dave laughed aloud. This was the promised ‘retribution’ for when he went to Sedona and had sex with seven of the women associated with his leadership seminar. Dave had told Alice and Pam to have a good time besides getting their instrument ratings in the concentrated flight program up in Ashville. He’d even fantasized about their flight instructors with them one night in bed shortly before they flew up to North Carolina for their intensive course.

Dave texted back a smiley face with the mouth open expressing surprise and awe. He added, ‘Glad to see you’re having fun. Love you.’

Heather was reading in bed as he came into the master bedroom and glanced at the huge bed. She looked tiny in the bed given its size. He tossed the phone with Alice’s snapshot showing to her as he stripped away his clothing.

Heather laughed, “She and Pam are fucking all the males they can find?”

“I assume they’re following the rules. I also suppose they’re having fun and forging new friendships.”

Heather smiled, “Want to forge my friendship?”

“I need a shower first. I was just with Christie and Susan and only dried off.”

“NO! I want you just the way you are. Come here.” She held her arms open. Dave slid under the sheet and found a very naked Heather.

* * * * *

Dave got home from work about six o’clock on Friday night. Nancy had followed him home in her car, and at his invitation planned to fill part of his large bed with her body, since Alice and Pam were away for the weekend working on their flight rating. Nancy disappeared with her small suitcase into the guest room. She’d use the room for dressing and the bath as she needed it, but would really stay in the master bedroom with Dave and any of his other wives that were around. Of course, there might also be one of the other women in the Circle.

Dave changed into his athletic shorts and a t-shirt in a flash. He yelled to Nancy that he’d be out in the core. She yelled back that she’d join him shortly.

In the core, he found Susan just glowing and with a smile from ear to ear. “What’s up?” He gave her a brief kiss on the lips. Several of the others were looking at her, obviously appreciating some good news she’d just shared.

Susan shouted to everyone, “I GOT THE JOB. Starting Monday, I’m the new paralegal at the law firm of Riggs and Patterson. My specialty is cohousing projects, and I am going to work directly for Jason Riggs.”

Dave teased, “So, you’ll work UNDER him?” There was pure lechery in the tone of his voice.

Susan laughed, “Maybe. I wouldn’t be averse to that happening. He’s married so it would have to be on the up and up with his spouse. I will not be the other woman, but we’ll see what comes up. He’s dying to ask me all sorts of questions about what goes on with the Circle Cohousing Project. He kind of knows that there’s a sexual side of things from Jack, but he has no idea of the extent or the details. He remembered that you had four wives.”

“Well, maybe Jason and his spouse might become our next members or affiliates. What’s Patterson like?”

“Older than dirt. George Patterson. In his seventies, but doesn’t come into the office much anymore; plays golf a lot. Jason thinks that after I have my feet solidly on the ground that he’ll give up law completely.”

“What about Dale?”

“He’s been trotting his resume around physically and by email, and networking like crazy. He spends a minimum of five hours a day on his phone looking for job leads in the area.”

“I have to hand it to the two of you, just picking up and moving.”

Susan smiled, “Many people put their jobs or careers first without even realizing it. They miss large parts of their kids growing up, they neglect their spouses, and they end up in a lifestyle they don’t really like. In many cases, they’re mimicking what their parents did. Bad choices beget bad choices. Where’s the generational learning?

“We turned things around. Dale and I are first for each other, and then for all the other people we love. We want to be near them – and that’s you guys in the Circle. You also had the lifestyle we wanted, although Dale had to lead me to it. He saw the vision more clearly than I did, but even he didn’t realize how good it was. Last, as you noted, are our jobs. It’s nice, but not necessary, that they be good ones. I’ve lucked out on this. I’m sure Dale will, too. He always lands on both feet smelling like roses.”

Dave took a look around the patio, particularly at the other women. He turned back to Susan, “Why are you not undressed like Ankara escort your cohorts?”

Susan suddenly blushed, “I … would be, I guess. Today, I noticed that my areolas are significantly darker. I guess my body is starting to prepare me for nursing. I even think my tummy is a little swollen.”

Dave went and hugged Susan. “Honey, I think dark areolas are sexier than sin. Please don’t hide them. I think I can say the same thing about pregnancy bumps, although I haven’t had much experience with that genre other than a few porn flicks.”

Susan saw the sincerity in his eyes. “I guess I could take my shirt off, but please, if I look unappealing or gross, tell me to get dressed. Don’t humor me.”

“Unlikely.” Dave helped her off with her colored top.

Susan’s breasts were fuller and the two-inch diameter areolas on each breast were a slightly darker brown than her previous rosier pink. The center nipple in each had also become more pronounced.

Dave leaned in and sucked on her left breast, making the nipple swell with excitement and arousal. Susan moaned, “God, if you keep doing that you’ll have to do something else with me.” He didn’t stop, but he did transfer his attention to her right breast.

As he pulled away after raising her sexual temperature several hundred degrees, he kissed her. “We are definitely on each other’s dance card later tonight. It’s Friday. You could even stay over with us if you wish. We have lots of room in the bed with Alice and Pam up in North Carolina. Nancy will be there, too.”

“They won’t be mad?” Susan asked innocently. Her innocence revealed she still had roots in her old lifestyle where fidelity meant monogamy and exclusivity, rather than adherence to some higher principles.

Dave took his cellphone off his belt holster and opened the right app. He showed the picture Alice had sent him several nights prior to her.

“Oh!” Susan exclaimed as she looked. I supposed that’s Alice and Pam.”

“It is; with their two flight instructors. Things have even matured since she sent that picture on Monday night I’ve been told.”

Dave flipped through some of the pictures on his phone and then showed Susan the next series of pictures. In the first, Alice and Pam were nude and making out. A buff-looking male stood nearby, naked and with a large and very hard cock pointing at the two women. In subsequent shots, one or the other of the women were impaled on one of the men’s cocks, apparently while the other took the picture.

Susan passed the phone back. “Do you think I should do that? I’ve had sex with all the men in the Circle, but except for Dale and you, it has been one at a time except for that first night when we really got carried away. Mike still wants me to do a porn film, too.”

Dave smiled, “I think you should do what you want to do, assuming you can find cooperating partners. Remember, consenting adults can do whatever they want about sex. There a whole philosophy about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in that statement, along with a complete course in inter-personal relationships.”

She asked, “It doesn’t upset you that two of your wives are fucking other men?”

He laughed, “Not at all. I know they’ll come back to me happy, satisfied, and content. I lose nothing, and gain everything. Would they be angry with me because I made love to you earlier in the week, or will later tonight? No.

“If I apply the moral judgments from society at large, we are morally corrupt sinners. But who set the moral standards? Me? Certainly not. Why do I have to buy into those rules? Because some bunch of holier than thou citizens, probably all men, get incensed that I have multiple wives and sexual relationships with other women. I choose not to give them that authority over my life.

“The definition of sin means to miss the mark, and certainly most if not all people apply the term in a moralistic way. To miss the mark means to not adhere to society’s morals code. However, we know that there are multiple moral codes held by large portions of society and by different cultures.

“One group allows abortions; another thinks the thought abhorrent. One group allows for execution by the state of prisoners deemed unworthy to live for a heinous crime, but another segment thinks strongly that the death penalty means mankind is assuming Godlike powers we shouldn’t. One society believes in the ethnic cleansing of a particular sect of people, seeing nothing wrong about the act, even when the rest of the world complains bitterly.

“I could keep going. People define their own sins. I chose not to define my sins as dealing with multiple wives or the other people I love or come to care about, even should those relationships be in a casual way. Who’s to say my way is any better or worse than the view of some evangelical preacher, and believe me I know what they have to say on the subject.” He rolled his eyes.

Susan said, “So you can do whatever you want?”

“Within my own moral Ankara escort bayan code. For instance, I won’t have sex with someone where it would jeopardize their relationships with other people they are close to – a spouse, for instance. Thus, I don’t flirt with married women or women I know are in a long-term committed relationship, unless I know they have explicit permission to do that. I don’t go after my relatives, although you might argue that Julie is an exception to that. I don’t go after young teens; I want adult-adult level relationships. Rachel just squeaked in on that rule.”

“What about inter-racial relationships?”

Dave shrugged. “I guess I’ve lacked opportunity to test that, short of what you’ve already seen in the Circle. I don’t see those as limited by a special rule.”

“But you and I have sex?”

“And I love it and I love you. Dale is fine with it, and you told me you were, as well. Is that changing? If it is, I can redefine my relationship with you to exclude sex.”

“NO!” Susan instantly complained. “That’s not my concern at all. I’m just using you to see where you have boundaries. I feel mine are still in motion and a state of flux, and I’m still looking at where they are and what I want to do.”

“Are you sure moving in here is the right thing, then?”

“Oh, yes. I am very sure. These are my friends and lifestyle. I told you, I think I’ve gone to heaven by finding you and having you all like us as neighbors and lovers. It’s kind of the other stuff. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to explain all this to someone and I’m still building my vocabulary about this. What do I tell my parents and my siblings?”

Dave laughed, “Ask Alice or Julie when they get home? Be sure they tell you about the last visit their parents had when they were here. Hint: it didn’t go well at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’ve been officially shunned by their parents and older sib. Their parents are evangelical Bible thumpers, and are sure that their daughters are living so deep in sin that God will never smile on them. They’re sure the two girls are doomed to life in hell.”

Susan smiled, “And your role in this?”

“I’m the devil incarnate, leading them both astray and into my pit of fiery destruction and damnation.”

Susan giggled, “But you fuck so well.”

“The devil made me do it,” I teased back.

Dave looked around. He saw Grace and Julie moving towards the kitchen in the core. He said to Susan, “Come and talk with us. I have to help put dinner together. It’s Chicken Parmesan tonight.”

The two of them strolled into the core and the kitchen. Grace had assumed the role of chef for the evening. She directed the preparations and crisply gave out a few orders as to which counters to use for what food prep to the sous chefs. Dave found himself working on the chicken and associated pasta. Julie had salad duty, while Grace worked on some desserts and a platter of hors d’oeuvres.

After Dave had gotten the chicken into the large ovens, and the pasta was boiling in a pot, he and Susan continued to talk in the adjacent dining area while various timers counted down the cooking times for various items.

* * * * *

Alice sat in the pilot’s seat of the Cessna 172 wearing a hood to restrict her visibility to only the instruments in the plane. Her flight instructor Doug Quigley sat beside her.

Doug said, “Tell me what you think the airplane is doing.”

Alice kept her head down so all she could see was her lap and part of the control yoke. “I think we’re in a climbing right turn.”

“OK, look at the instruments and recover.”

Alice moved slowly and carefully. She already leaned to not trust how things ‘felt’ about the attitude of the plane. The ‘seat of her pants’ lied to her time and again. She scanned the instrument panel. “Shit,” she said sharply. “We’re in a rapid nose down left turn.”

Doug pushed, “And what would have happened if you’d started to correct as soon as you felt what you did?”

“I would have pushed the plane right into a flat spin.”

“Do it,” Doug urged. “See what happens.”

Alice applied left rudder and aileron, and pushed the nose down slightly. The plane shuddered and entered a flat spin – the hardest kind to recover from in that model of plane.

“Recover,” Doug said after the first complete revolution.

Alice pulled the throttle back and jammed the right rudder pedal hard; she also twisted the yoke sharply opposite the spin to neutralize the ailerons, but force the nose down until the plane stopped turning. The plane veered around every axis and then the spinning stopped. As the airspeed indicator normalized, she gently added power back, pulled the nose up, and reestablished the heading and altitude Doug had asked her to maintain a minute or so earlier.

“Nice recovery. Very smooth, especially since you were under instruments. You have a lot of natural skills. Your scans of the panel are much better today, too. You’re Escort Ankara a good safe pilot. I’m glad to see my friend Ken Toomey taught you good habits and skills.”

Alice teased, “Besides great blowjobs and fucking like a mink last night?”

“Yes, besides those, although those aren’t to be discounted except when you’re aircraft is out of control and plummeting towards earth in a flat spin.”

“You’re funny and I like you. As soon as your feet touch the soil on the airport, you’re all business.”

Doug chuckled, “And as soon as I go off duty, I’ve just another horny guy. Some day maybe I’ll figure out how to get you into the Mile High Club.”

Alice laughed, “I’m already a member many times over.”

“WHAT? How’d that happen? With Ken?”

“No. With a friend in one of the cushy leather seats on his Gulfstream 650 somewhere between the Florida and Paris – multiple times.”

“Almost doesn’t count, but I’d like details later. Maybe you could show me. We have a jet parked at the airport with seats that might quality as cushy. As soon as I get on the ground, I’ll be horny, particularly after this discussion.”

“Yeah, you and Pete.” She then asked, “Where are Pam and Pete this afternoon?”

“They were going to head south on a short cross country trip this afternoon and shoot some approaches at airports down in South Carolina and maybe Georgia. Pete said they’d be back by dinner. We’re doing that tomorrow, so you get your IFR cross-country trip in. When we start tomorrow we’ll pick some airports and then you can take me to them under the hood.”

“Here we are flying over some of the prettiest country in the world and I have a hood on and can’t see out.”

“Oh, we’ll let you cheat a little tomorrow as we go over the Smokies or the Blue Ridge.”

Alice harrumphed, “Thank you.”

Doug said, “Let’s head back. I’d like to see a full ILS approach to minimums. I’ll tell you whether it’s a miss or not on the approach.”

Alice got on the radio. “Ashville Approach, Cessna November 8-2-4-8 Golf with you at seven thousand, squawking 3124, over Brevard, requesting a full ILS approach. Student in training.”

“Good afternoon again 4-8 Golf. Squawk ident.”

A few seconds later, “Radar contact 4-8 Golf; head 070, maintain seven thousand. Altimeter at Ashville three-zero-zero-five.”

As she adjusted their heading, Doug commented, “Your radio work is flawless and crisp. ATC likes that. You know what you want and how to ask for it.”

“Oh, yes, just like last night when I kept saying more, more, more; and harder, harder, harder.”

“Alice, you have a one track mind.” He shook his head. He’d come to talking about Alice and Pam as unicorns: very rare creatures that were totally enthralling and couldn’t get enough sex.

Alice’s hands were a buzz with activity as she set up the two navigation radios in the plane, along with the GPS for the approach. She adjusted the radio frequencies and made sure she had the correct approach plate out and staring her in the face on her iPad attached to the yoke.

The radio crackled, “Cessna 4-8 Golf, descend to five thousand. This will be a full ILS approach to runway three-five. Will you be executing a missed approach.”

Alice crisply said, “If we could, we’d like the option at the D-H.”

“Roger, 4-8 Golf.”

Alice flew with great precision, and once she’d intercepted the localizer the needles for the localizer and glide slope remained nailed perfectly in the center of the display all the way down the approach path. Doug had her complete the landing and taxi into the FBO base.

As they were taxiing in they heard Pam’s voice come up on the approach control frequency they were still monitoring. Pam also asked for the practice ILS approach.

Doug said, “Good. Maybe we can all go to dinner again. I’m starved.”

An hour later, they sat over dinner analyzing the afternoon flights. Doug had insisted that while things were still fresh in everyone’s mind, that they did a post mortem on each flight. He was teaching them how to critique and improve on their own performance as pilots.

Pete and Doug decided to switch students for the next day, so that Alice and Pam would get some different instruction and emphasis on their skill development. Already, though the two women were more than ready to take the flight test. Doug had already scheduled the flight test for Friday, certain that they would pass.

Over dinner, as the men discussed what to instruct the girls on, the girls talked about what else they could send to Dave to arouse and tease him. They’d exhausted the photographic route, but still hadn’t done any serious videos yet. Alice and Pam each used their iPhones to test their videoing skills with short clips taken around the restaurant.

As the foursome got back to Doug’s apartment, the site when most of their sexual activity had taken place on each of the previous nights since the two women arrived, Alice announced, “OK everybody, tonight we are making a feature length porn video for my husband and friends.”

Pam nodded, “I’m in. Same reasons.”

Doug and Pete looked at each other. “Errr, this isn’t going to end up on the Internet or anything like that, is it?”

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