8 Mart 2023

Lord Saucy Whimsy Reveals All


It was a warm summer evening when the drawing room began to fill with the members of the household that were still alive. Lady Phister, austere in her high necked dress that could do little to hide her attractive curves. Her chestnut hair neatly piled upon her head she moved with precision and dignity.

Behind her were the Lucia sisters. Ava, her jet black hair cascading over her bare shoulders in a dark blue dress that was provocative boarding on openly confrontational. Gwendoline, the middle child, hair a mop of long golden curls in a more traditional and elegant gown of ivory and Marianne, flame red hair with the dress to match. Freckles lightly covering her nose and the top of her chest which drew the eye to the hint of cleavage visible from the neckline.

Behind them came Edgars the butler. The former soldier walked as though he were on his way to the parade ground. Bringing up the rear was Peggy, the gamekeeper’s daughter. Her hair in a long plait she wore a simple dress of rough brown cloth.

The group filed into the drawing room where the man who summoned them awaited them. Lord Saucy Whimsy sat relaxed in a leather wingback chair. Clad in a fine tailored suit of dark purple and a set of pince-nez resting upon his nose he was intently studying a book. As they entered he looked up in mock surprise.

“Why, what a wonderful surprise. Do please take a seat.” The Lucia sisters sat together on a chaise and Lady Phister sat in the other wingback chair by the fireplace. Edgars and Peggy remained standing.

“Come, come Edgars. No need to stand on ceremony.”

“It is not my place to sit with my betters your Lordship.”

“Very well, have it your own way. Still, no reason to keep young Peggy on her feet. Come take a seat my dear.” Lord Whimsy indicated to the pouffe. Peggy stepped forward and tentatively lowered herself onto it like it might explode at any moment. When it looked like she was finally settled Lord Whimsy snapped his book closed with a dramatic flourish.

“No doubt you are all curious as to the reason that I summoned you all here. The facts before us are these: Lord Alfred Phister passed away in the night 3 days ago. A look of twisted agony upon his face. The following day Fellows the gamekeeper and father to dear young Peggy is also found dead, his britches around his ankles and his tallywhacker up like a flagpole, at least for a while. Naturally two mysterious deaths in so short while time warranted further investigation so it was a good thing I happened to have stopped over as Alfie’s guest. After looking into the facts of the case I am ready to reveal all though I think I should warn you that it may be shocking to some of you.

Ava Lucia scoffed “Don’t think us such delicate flowers my Lord. I think we are all made of sterner stuff than you might imagine. We may well surprise you.” Lord Whimsy offered a wolfish grin in return.

“Oh I do hope so Miss Lucia. In fact I’m rather counting on it.” Ava held his gaze while her sisters played coy.

“Lady Phister, would you be so good as to come join me over here” Lord Whimsy beckoned her to him. Slowly and looking uneasy Lady Phister approached the seated Lord Whimsy.

“How may I be of service my Lord?” Lord Whimsy offered her his most disarming smile.

“Well my Lady, I’d like you to get over my knee if you please.” Lady Phister turned red, half in anger and half in mortification.

“I most certainly will not. I am the Lady of this house and of this estate. How dare you make such a demand!”

“Demand? Neigh, I but made a request and rather politely too. However if demand is what you want then let me say this. I am a Peer of the Realm and Justice of the Peace. If I were to ask you to get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog it would be the height of impudence to hesitate in fulfilling your duty. What I’m asking is relatively simple in comparison. Bend over my knee this instant.” Cheeks still flushed with emotion Lady Phister lowered herself and bent forward over Lord Whimsy’s knee with all the quiet dignity she could muster. Once she was settled Lord Whimsy looked about the room to see faces of confusion, embarrassment and (in the case of Ava Lucia) mild amusement. He addressed his audience.

“Allow me to present my first piece of evidence.” He began to lift up the hem of Lady Phister’s dress. Her Ladyship looked quietly indignant as Lord Whimsy slowly exposed her ankle, then her calf, then her knees, her thighs and finally her pale rump, full and round, on display for the whole room to see, even her staff. There was a sharp intake of collective breath. “As you can see, Lady Phister appears to have neglected to put on her underwear this morning. Most remiss for someone who presents such a proper image to the world, but then that’s what gave you away my Lady. The facade was too precise, too calculated. I knew it must be hiding something” as he spoke Lord Whimsy stroked the curve of her exposed bottom with the palm of his hand. “I think you’ve been a very naughty girl Lady Phister and you’re going to tell us all about it.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Lady Phister said defiantly. Ankara escort Lord Whimsy just smiled. “Yes, I rather had the feeling you would choose the hard way. After all, that is what you enjoy isn’t it?”

Lord Whimsy raised his hand and brought it down on Lady Phister’s left buttock. The room echoed with the resounding slap and moments later a yelp came from Lady Phister. To the unknowing eye it would seem like unspeakable cruelty but Lord Whimsy felt the way she moved on top of his lap. A subtle, involuntary response. A light grinding of the hips and an undulating of the body that told him he had been right. Hypothesis confirmed he rewarded himself by spanking the right buttock. Thus it continued, Lord Whimsy delivering alternating spanks to each buttock. Enjoying the way the flesh trembled and began to redden.

The rest of the room watched in awed silence. Ava had begun to breathe heavily, her bosom heaving. Gwendoline lightly bit her bottom lip. Marianne traced her fingers down her neck and decolletage in an absent minded fashion. Peggy, less versed in the behaviour of a lady, had her hand between between her legs and was inelegantly thrusting herself against it. Even Edgars, who was attempting to remain aloof, was very obviously aware of what was taking place.

“My dear Lady Phister. Tell these good people the truth. You have a rapacious appetite for the pleasures of the flesh don’t you?” He brought his hand down yet again on what was now a very pink bottom indeed. The yelps had long since merged with moans of pleasure.

“Yes” was all she could manage.

“Poor old Alfie just couldn’t keep up could he. He did his best poor thing but try as he might you were insatiable weren’t you?” Another hard strike made contact with sore flesh.

“Yes” another spank. This was harder.

“Yes what?”

“Yes…my Lord”

“That’s better. Alfie tried so hard to keep up with his dear wife’s appetites that his heart gave out. Still, I suppose if you have to go that’s the way to do it. Still, you needed to fulfil your ravenous desires elsewhere didn’t you?” another spank, this one more playful.

“Yes my Lord.”

“Who else did you find to sate your carnal desires?” another spank.

“Edgars! He was discreet, loyal and has so much stamina.” Edgars turned almost as pink and Lady Phister’s derriere as all eyes turned to him and then swiftly to his involuntary expression of enjoyment at the sight before him. Gwendoline let out a small giggle.

“Who else?” this spank was firm and commanding to match his tone of voice.

“Molly the chambermaid. I have an appliance I discovered in Europe that allows a woman to penetrate like a man. I took her sweet cunny again and again.”

“Who else you insatiable Harlot?”

“Fellows. He was so rough, so wild. He liked me to put a snare around his neck while I rode him.” Peggy looked suddenly shocked. “That day the snare became tangled. By the time I had recovered from the throes of passion and regained my senses he was dead.” Peggy’s eyes were wet with tears but Lord Whimsy gave her a comforting smile.

“Try not to be sad my girl. He died sharing passion with a beautiful woman. Would that we could all pass that way. It is a sadness of our society that women must hide their sexuality to the point where it bubbles over. Had Lady Phister been able to express her needs more openly your father could have indulged her indoors in a safer environment. Let this not be a time for recriminations but for healing and mutual comfort.” He looked to the Lucia sisters. “Ladies, would you be so good as to help Lady Phister recover from her questioning.” He took Lady Phister from his lap and led them over to the sisters. He bent her over the chaise and took Marianne’s hand. He guided her palm in a gentle circular motion designed to soothe the freshly spanked flesh. Gwendoline followed suit without promoting while Ava began to unbutton the high collar of Lady Phister’s dress. At first to allow her air but then she caught and held her Ladyship’s eye and knew that she needed to open them all. Lady Phister ran her fingers through Ava’s raven hair and pulled her into a deep, slow kiss that made time stand still for them both. Lord Whimsy smiled benevolently at them.

“Edgars, be a good fellow and help attend to the ladies needs.”

“Very good your Lordship.” Edgars walked towards the group of women. Gwendoline and Marianne had begun to plant soft kisses upon Lady Phister’s behind while Ava had pulled her low cut dress down further than common decency would normally allow, exposing her firm breasts and Lady Phister had taken a nipple in her mouth.

Peggy watched on in shocked fascination at the scene of carnal delight unfolding in front of her. Lord Whimsy took her by the hand and looked deep into her green eyes.

“Allow me to offer my comfort during this difficult time.” Peggy nodded slowly and Lord Whimsy pulled her to him, cradled her face in his hands then kissed her slowly. His hands reached behind her as they kissed and he expertly opened the buttons of her dress so subtly she barely noticed until she felt it begin to slip down Ankara escort bayan her lithe, toned body. He kissed her neck while his thumbs circled her rapidly hardening nipples. He gently sat her down in the chair kissed his way over her perky young breasts and then slowly down her stomach.

Lady Phister had been helped out of her dress and was now naked. Gwendoline and Marianne each kissed, licked and sucked upon one of her large, round breasts while Ava, now also in a state of undress, had positioned her head in such a way as to allow her mouth access to the most intimate areas of Lady Phister’s person and had begun exploring with her tongue. Meanwhile Lady Phister had reached retrieved Edgars’ length and had proceeded to allow it entry into her experienced mouth. This stifled the sounds of pleasure caused by Ava’s ministrations.

Peggy was having a similar experience but it was Lord Whimsy who was the cause of her enjoyment. He had treated almost every inch of her body with gentle reverence and was now applying his not inconsiderable talents to her most sensitive areas. She had never known such sensation was possible. Even when she had experimented alone. The sight of what was occurring across the room served only to fuel her ardour further.

Lady Phister helped Edgars undress Gwendoline and Marianne. Now the redhead sought to copy her elder sister’s previous actions while the blonde was straddling the face of the lady of the house. Ava was bent forward over the chaise so she could watch while Edgars worked himself into her from behind. The corded muscle of his body tight as he exerted himself. Ava was lost in pleasure from Edgars’ efforts and the scene of debauchery in front of her. She locked eyes with Peggy as she received the attentions of Lord Whimsy between her thighs and they looked intently at each other as they simultaneously arrived at a moment extreme pleasure. There was then a new sound as Gwendoline began to sigh and moan. She teased at her own nipples to enhance the joy that surged through her body as beneath her the moans of Lady Phister vibrated through Gwendoline’s most private area.

Peggy found herself on top of Lord Whimsy and he helped her to slowly lower herself upon his upstanding member. She had not realised that this was a thing that could be done. All her previous experiences had led her to believe that all she was required to do as lay still while the man artlessly grunted into her a few times. This was a brand new sensation. So much deeper and yet giving her so much control she rested her hands on his chest and settled into a steady rhythm. She began to sigh happily every time she dropped down upon him. His hands explored her. The curve of her bottom, up her back and over get breasts. His touch was always firm but tender. Taking control while making her feel safe. How had she never known such joy was possible? Maybe it was the privilege of the wealthy as the more well to do ladies seemed to know so much more about these things if what was unfolding in front of her was anything to go by.

Gwendoline was knelt before Edgars savoring his length. Ava was helping Lady Phister on with a strange device. It was the appliance she’d referred to earlier. It was a breathtaking phallus carved from ivory, the size alone would have made many men envious and all along its surface were ridges and bumps that the woman who sold it to her assured would bring extra pleasure no man could equal. Once it was firmly secured she advanced upon Marianne who was breathing heavily at the prospect of being imminently ravished by such a strange yet compelling object. They kissed hungrily then Lady Phister drove her hips forward and Marianne’s eyes grew wide at the sudden invasion. After a moment joined Lady Phister began to move and soon Marianne was urging her on.

The sight of her Mistress’ heavy breasts bouncing as she had her way with Marianne Lucia combined with Lord Whimsy touching parts of her she didn’t realise could be touched was enough to send Peggy over the edge of delirious joy. She felt it pulse through her until she could stand no more and fell breathlessly upon the chest of her sweet Lord. The two of them still joined. As she lay there she could hear Marianne start screaming like a wild banshee but didn’t look up. When she eventually sat up she saw Ava smiling down at her. Before she knew what was happening Ava’s lips were on hers and they shared a tender kiss. Then, without saying anything, she took Peggy by the hand and led her toward the others.

Peggy was led to the chaise and soon she felt soft, feminine hands all over her body as Lady Phister, Ava and Marianne touched her. Peggy had never experienced a woman’s touch in this way before and all the hands caressing and stroking her was an intoxicating sensation. She felt herself being gently laid back upon the chaise and hands were joined by lips on her skin. Her pulse raced and her breathing became quick. She was almost delirious and she had yet to be touched with more specific intent.

Gwendoline found herself bent forward with Edgars moving inside her with fierce determination. She felt fingers entwine in her blonde curls and Escort Ankara looked up to see Lord Whimsy smiling down at her and offering up his firm approval. Gwendoline gratefully accepted Lord Whimsy’s invitation and felt warm, velvet skin pass between her full lips. She was full of intense lust relentlessly driving inside her. Her moans of bliss muffled by Lord Whimsy’s tumescence.

Peggy’s mind was racing. Looking down she saw Ava feasting upon one teet, Marianne sucking hungrily on the other and Lady Phister, her Mistress and her Father’s lover, running her tongue over her nethers before eventually wrapping her lips around the super sensitive area Peggy had discovered when she had explored her body alone. As her Ladyship focused all of her attention on such a small area it felt to Peggy like she had been struck by lightning and every nerve in her body tingled. Her eyes were wide with surprise and delight. The two Lucia sisters took turns in kissing her deeply and she felt their tongues find hers which only added to the overwhelming delight. It was then that she felt an intrusion between her thighs and looked down to see Lady Phister guiding her appliance within her. It felt like waking up for the first time in her life. No man had ever felt quite like her Mistress felt inside her now. The appliance extracting maximum pleasure from even the smallest movements. Marianne kissed her hard and pinched her nipples. Ava was doing to same thing to Lady Phister as she started to increase her pace. Marianne’s lips moved to Peggy’s neck. Peggy looked over to see Gwendoline astride Lord Whimsy as she had been but Edgars was behind her and also seemed to be working himself inside her. For a moment she could not think how that could be possible. Then she realised what must be happening to Gwendoline. Marianne turned and saw it too and looked back at Peggy with a mischievous smile. She reached under Peggy as Lady Phister continued to ply her skills and soon Peggy felt a second intrusion and realised with horror that it was not where it was supposed to be. She felt Marianne’s breath on her ear as she whispered.

“I would have thought a member of Lady Phister’s household would know all about the joys of the tradesmen’s entrance.” The second insertion quickly became glorious and her body began to quiver and spasm. She heard guttural, animalistic noises and suddenly realised that she was the one making them. That was the last coherent thought she had as she became lost to her ecstasy.

When she regained her senses she found she was being gently held by Gwendoline who was equally in need of recovery. Gwendoline was lightly stroking Peggy and making contented sighs. As they relaxed they watched the show that was happening before them. Ava was on her hands and knees with Lord Whimsy invading her rear. He had a handful of her ebony hair and was pulling back hard as Ava gasped and moaned. Lady Phister writhed upon Edgars. Her every movement seemed to carry the deepest erotic intent. Matching her sensual movement was Marianne who was receiving the attention of Edgars’ tongue. They both leaned forward and kissed each other with unbridled lust. They used the butler to satisfy their need and both reached a state of mutual bliss. Thrashing around and screaming in a most unladylike fashion. Though Peggy knew that decorum had long since been abandoned.

Peggy looked to Gwendoline who was holding Lady Phister’s appliance, abandoned in her need to take Edgars within her. Without saying a word Gwendoline began put the appliance on Peggy who resisted at first but Gwendoline smiled sweetly at her and it was so disarming that Peggy allowed her to fasten the strange device to her. Gwendoline moved onto her back and pulled Peggy on top of her. Peggy saw the ivory wand easily disappear within Gwendoline who gripped Peggy’s bottom firmly and forced her hips up to meet those of the Gamekeeper’s daughter. Gwendoline had a wild look in her pale blue eye she forced Peggy up and down on her.

“Take me Peggy. Take me like a common strumpet!” For some reason this ignited something within Peggy she never knew was there. She started to equal and then exceed the pace that Gwendoline had set and took pleasure in seeing the blonde’s larger bosom sway with every forward motion. Gwendoline smiled gleefully as Peggy fulfilled her request. “YES! YES! MAKE ME YOUR WANTON HUSSY PEGGY!” and soon she lost the power of speech altogether and descended into gasps and squeals.

Lady Phister had been watching Peggy give Gwendoline what she dearly desired and recognised the same wild passion that had drawn her to Peggy’s father. She knew she had to experience Fellows’ daughter in the same way. Lord Whimsy saw the look on her Ladyship’s eye and walked over to Peggy still standing proud himself. Lady Phister remained on her knees as she approached until she was confronted by two members. One genuine and she had purchased from a bazaar in Rome. She tasted the length of ivory and savoured the taste of Gwendoline’s pleasure. She used her hand to gain Lord Whimsy’s full attention lest she be neglecting her duties as a hostess. Once the last of Gwendoline had been devoured Lady Phister went forward on her hands and knees and looked back at Peggy. She gave her ample rump a playful wiggle and offered up her rear end to the Gamekeeper’s daughter. Peggy looked to Lord Whimsy for guidance who gave her a peck on the cheek.

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