8 Mart 2023

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 05


Wherein work intrudes and we invite Shark Girl home to dinner

Author’s note: this is part 5 of a 12-part story arc which I’ve put under Group Sex (see Chapter 1). Like all my stories, it begins with character development and in this case, over several chapters. The chapters can have the elements of a number of different categories and I will try to give advance warning. This one is primarily Erotic Coupling (i.e., one-on-one) and more background. And a gentle reminder: this is all Fiction – Willing Suspension of Disbelief recommended…

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I woke in the same bed I’d fallen out in, but someone had cleaned me up and there were different sheets on the bed, and covers over me. It was dark, but there was enough ambient light that I could see I was in the studio. I remembered where the bathroom was and eased out of bed, suddenly aware of being very, very sore, and picked my way over to it.

When I flipped on the light, the blaze of yellow-white nearly blinded me and I actually winced a little. But it didn’t stop me from making it to the toilet and sitting down. And chuckling.

Across from the toilet, next to the shower door, was a towel rod with a towel draped over it. Someone had pinned a note to it:

Good Morning, Fair Lady!

There is coffee, otherwise known as the Elixir of Life, available:

1) In the kitchen,

2) In the living room,

3) At the bar by the pool,

4) In your room (you’ll have to brew it)

Your appreciative servants,

Los Cinco Hermanos y Dos Hermanas

Laughing made certain rather intimate parts of me ache. Remembering the anesthetic ointment in the medicine cabinet in Dave’s room, I decided to rummage the one in here and was rewarded with another tube of Nupercainal. Jerry’s guests must get sore on a regular basis, I thought as I applied some liberally to my nethers and anus.

My belly hurt from cumming so hard and for so long, as did my back and thighs. I decided the only cure would be some kind of snack to appease my complaining stomach, a drink to anesthetize the rest of me and a soak in the jacuzzi. I finished up and wandered out of the bathroom in search of my clothes. I found the sundress and my shoes, but that was it. No panties. So I decided Screw it and just took the dress and shoes with me, not bothering to put them on.

I headed up to “1” first, looking for the kitchen and something to snack on. This was either Sunday night or Monday morning, and which would determine my course of action. I found a fresh pot of coffee on and didn’t have any trouble finding some cheese and crackers, fruit, some cinnamon buns and apple juice. I also found the clock on the stove, which read 22:30. I looked out over the lights of L.A. and realized that meant 10:30 in the evening. So it was still Sunday. Either that or I’d slept through my Monday check-in meeting.

Finishing my snack and taking the biggest mug of coffee I could find, I headed back down to “2” and searched out “my room”. I was feeling rather saucy walking around in nothing, and I liked it, so I left the sundress and shoes in the room, found my phone in my purse and took it and the coffee in the direction of the pool.

I found Dave, Ron and Jackson doing laps in the pool, and Jerry, Paul, Ginger and Molly in the hot tub. I walked over and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and started checking my email.

“Hey, beautiful!” Jerry greeted me as I sat. “You find everything you need?”

“Snacks, coffee, cell phone…” I indicated, then waved my arm at the universe, “freedom. Check, check and double check. Thank you for taking such good care of me. All of you. I need to see if I have to go in to work in the morning.”

“Check away,” Jerry smiled. “Join us when you feel like it. There’s fresh coffee behind the bar. Help yourself. Oh, and before you get lost in the world of ordered electrons, allow me to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with you, as a sex partner, a porn starlet and a person. You’ve won over several hearts this weekend, mine included. I’ll let you deal with your work…”

He closed his eyes and rolled his head, stretching his neck.

“Anything you need, you let me know,” Molly smiled.

“Ditto-ish,” Ginger told me. “Although she runs this place.”

I nodded my appreciation and checked my messages.

Most of it was crap, especially being copied on the techies pissing on each other over who broke what, but the one I cared about was my boss’ boss calling an all-hands meeting for 9am in the big conference room at PAMC. That one, I needed to be at and looking sharp.

I set my phone on the chaise and eased into the spa, the jets of hot water hurting at first, then numbing me out while massaging me.

“I have to be at a 9am meeting,” I told Jerry. “At PAMC. How do I have to time it?”

“Give yourself an hour for the half-hour drive, plan on getting there by 8:30, and back that up by however long you need to get ready. Tell us and we’ll make sure you’re up.”

“Okay, that’s great. I appreciate Ankara escort it. I’ll need to be up at 6:30 and tell me where to find breakfast before I leave. I don’t like their liquid mud and stale donuts. Also, Jerry, do all your bathrooms have Dibucaine?”

He just got a silly little grin on his face and said, “What do you think?”

“You’ll get a wake up at 6:30 and I’ll have breakfast waiting for you in the nook, or the kitchen,” Molly told me. “Any preferences?”

“Just like you did yesterday and this morning… simple and delicious. And thanks. You’re a hard worker, Molly. I hope Jerry appreciates you.”

“Oh, he does,” she smiled. “I don’t have classes tomorrow, but I do the rest of the week, so I won’t be around as much. Hopefully, by then you’ll be able to fend for yourself!”

I lay back and let the water pound away at me…

Sometime later, Dave and Ron joined us. They informed us Jackson had decided to go do some free-weights, then hit the spa before turning in. Jerry took his leave, telling us he wanted to get some editing done before crashing, but that thanks to my natural talents, most of the editing had already been done in the camera. It was just splicing it all together. He promised a sneak preview when he got it done.

Dave, Paul, Ron, Ginger, Molly and I chatted for awhile about the amazing shoot and our favorite parts and whether our asses were going to look too big on-screen – well, that one was mostly mine – and how lucky we were that Linda had fallen and cracked her head.

Even though I had slept since passing out after the shoot, I was still tired. I told the others that and excused myself.

“I think I’ll sleep alone, tonight,” I told them. “Nothing against any of you. You’ve been fantastic!”

“Go recuperate!” Ginger laughed. “We’ll leave you alone – until we sic the dogs on you in the morning!”

“If you’re inferring I’m a bitch, you bitch…” Molly broke in with faux indignation.

“No, bitch, I’m not inferring you’re a bitch…” Ginger smiled, and Molly laughed.

“Okay, guys, I’ll see some of you in the morning,” I told them as I climbed out, grabbed my cell and my coffee mug and headed for my room.

A lot of thoughts went running through my head as I lay there, drifting off to sleep, but the main one was, what kind of rabbit hole did I fall down to end up in this kind of Wonderland?

* * * * *

The sea of blank faces listening to the political spin, sipping their institutional mud and trying to stay awake, was a pretty good indication of how things were going. I, at least, had smuggled in a thermos of Jerry’s coffee.

The official company line was, due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the implementation had been delayed until this week, but now we were ready to go and everybody needed to bring their A-game. By noon the system would be fully operational and validated, and by 13:00 we were expected to start classes.

Today would be an abbreviated day with the generalized intro to facilities management and patient care being given to everyone in the afternoon. Those who couldn’t be spared would get it in the morning. Class sizes, times and assignments were being completely revamped to accommodate the foreshortened implementation schedule, so check with our supervisors for our new assignments, blah-blah-blah.

I came out of it wishing I were back up in the Hills. But at least I knew I’d be working a 9-to-4 today through Thursday, and a 9-to-noon on Friday. After that, theoretically, I’d be going home. I immediately began planning to tack some vacation time onto the end of this gig.

When four o’clock came and I could tell my class, “so that’s the overview of how the parts of the system interact, and who is responsible for what within the processes – any final questions?”, I was hoping like hell that they wanted to get out of there as bad as I did. And apparently they did, because there weren’t any questions. Unfortunately, I got stopped on my way out by my supervisor, Sandra. Not Sandy – she hated being called Sandy – but definitely the formal Sandra. It crossed my mind that she could use an introduction to Los Cinco Hermanos.

“You’re looking rather bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” she told me in her cheerful schmoozing voice. “Last week, I thought you were ready to kill someone. Have a good weekend?”

“Actually, yes,” I told her in my best cheerful and charming voice. “I realized I was getting pretty grumpy, what with all the screw-ups, so I got out, did some sightseeing, basically decided to reboot. Finding out we were actually a ‘go’ this week didn’t hurt, either.”

“That’s great to know,” she went on and I got a feeling she might be fishing for something. “Would you like to have dinner tonight, at my hotel? Or maybe whatever hotel you’ve moved to?”

Oh, shit. I hadn’t moved out, but she obviously thought I had. I needed to be careful with this one.

“Actually, Sandra, I haven’t moved out,” I told her. “I met some friends and was staying the weekend with them. That’s why I wasn’t Ankara escort bayan at the hotel. I presume you tried to find me there?”

“I went by to give you an advanced look at the new schedules,” Sandra told me, “and the desk clerk told me you’d taken all your stuff out in the middle of the night in the company of a handsome young man.”

Oh. Oh, this was going to be bad. Sandra was like part-bloodhound, part-shark. I decided to brazen it out.

“Actually…” I dropped my voice and took her arm, steering her away from the traffic headed to the parking garage. “Actually, Sandra, the ‘handsome young man’ is my new lover and I’d appreciate it if you kept it to yourself. You know how destructive office gossip can be.” She knew alright – she treated the creative use of nasty gossip as an art form. “I’m trying to be discrete around our clients.”

That one she would appreciate. Perception was everything to her, especially if dollar signs were attached. She wouldn’t spread rumors that would come back to hurt the company, or her bonus, or even a co-worker if it was going to damage the client-company relationship. Get them fired when they weren’t on an assignment, maybe, but not if it would hurt the bottom line.

“And besides,” I winked conspiratorially. “I wouldn’t want the reasons for my attitude adjustment getting out – others might be jealous.”

“Reasons?” she asked, emphasizing the plural. Double shit…

“All the things I like about him, I mean,” I temporized. She wasn’t buying it but she let it go. “So I’ll have to take a pass on dinner tonight.”

“For more ‘attitude adjustment’?” she asked in her snarky way.

“Well… yeah?” I told her, putting on my apologetic face with the I’m-getting-something-you-aren’t overtones.

“I hope I get to meet this new fellow of yours,” she told me, “since you’re blowing me off for them – I mean, him.” She made sure I picked up her inference.

“Maybe…” I agreed, as noncommittally as I could. Getting her laid by Los Cinco Hermanos would be a life-altering event. I’d want to be ready to leave the company before I let that happen. “Maybe when some of the dust settles around here…”

“And if you’d excuse me,” I added, “I really would like to beat traffic.”

“Where does he live?” she asked, and it was so conversational, I answered without thinking.

“Up in the Hills,” I told her. “Overlooking the valley.”

“So. Rich, too…” she observed, more statement that question. Oh, brother…

“I guess,” I told her, trying to cover my ass. “He has a nice place. I really don’t know everything about him, yet.”

“Well, sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong in trolling for rich young men,” she informed me. “Especially when it’s work, work, work, 24-7. A professional woman definitely needs to de-stress from time to time. Just don’t be late to work!” She gave me one of her world-class shark smirks, then waved her hand as she turned to head back towards the building. I, instead, headed for the parking garage.

She was going to be trouble. Sandra’s curiosity was burning and she wouldn’t rest until she’d found out all about Los Cinco Hermanos. She’d acquired some pretty powerful friends along the way and she’d be rather formidable to foil. I was going to have to deal the guys in on this problem. I got to my car, paid the fee on the way out, made sure I kept the receipt and headed back up into the Hills, to Jerry’s.

* * * * *

“We appreciate the warning,” Jerry told me. “And me, especially. We’ll have to figure out how to handle this particular well-connected snoop. She’s not the first.”

“I don’t suppose just fucking her brains out would be useful?” Ron put in.

We were gathered around one of the poolside tables after a wonderful dinner provided by Molly. She had then disappeared to her quarters to study.

“There’s always blackmail,” Ginger suggested. “Does she do girls?”

“I haven’t a clue what she’s into, other than power,” I told them. “She’s been my boss for more than four years now, and this is the first time she’s invited me to dinner. And I’m ninety-nine percent sure it was because the desk clerk’s description of Jerry as a handsome young man helping me move my things in the middle of the night put me on her radar.”

“Where does she live?” Jerry asked.

“Out here somewhere,” I told him. “San Jose, I think.”

“San Jose isn’t ‘out here’,” Jerry chided me. “It’s near San Francisco.”

“Out here as in California,” I told him. “I’m from Illinois, remember? Everything from Seattle to Tijuana is ‘out here’. She works out of our Santa Clara office. When I’m not traveling, I work from home. For the last couple of years, though, I’ve been traveling a lot – three weeks out of four, mostly.”

“And probably not getting much of a chance to enjoy it,” Dave commented.

“Not like I enjoyed the weekend, no,” I admitted with a little bit of a blush. They were good and they knew it.

“Okay, so the people she’s likely to know will be similar to the people I know. Being Escort Ankara a heavy campaign contributor has major advantages in this State,” Jerry smiled. “Connections I’m not adverse to using.”

“You know what?” he continued thoughtfully. “Let’s screw with her head. Tomorrow, take your rental back to the airport and turn it in. I’ll pick you up and you can use one of my cars for the commute. Let’s see if she notices.”

“She’ll notice,” I told him, “now that she’s watching me. It will be a matter of how long will it take her? And wouldn’t that be playing into her hand? All she’d have to do is get your license plate and have one of her ‘friends’ run it and it would come back to you. She’d be able to figure out where you live. With the rental, it will only come back to Hertz. No way to figure out where I went with it.”

“Never-Lost,” Paul said.

“Don’t have it,” I told him. “Don’t like the surcharge, always refuse it.”

“OnStar,” Dave said.

“Shit.” I hadn’t thought about that. Of course Hertz, or the police, could find me through the OnStar system. “Well, whatever you want to do. It’s your identity and your life I’m trying to protect. Mine is lower than whale shit at the bottom of the sea as far as she’s concerned.”

“Call me when you’re out of class,” Jerry told me. “Then take your car back to the airport and turn it in. I’ll meet you there.”

“Works for me,” I told him. “I’m going to review my materials for tomorrow then try to get some sleep.” I turned to Dave. “Any chance you’d like to be a bed-warmer tonight?” I asked.

“See?” Ginger piped up with a smile. “Told you she was getting sweet on you.”

“I’m sweet on all of you,” I told her, quickly forestalling Dave’s response. “It’s just that, tonight, I’d like to sleep with him.”

“I’ll be available,” he told me with a soft smile. “I’m in your cell. Just ping me when you want me.”

“Will do…” I smiled. “Catch you all later…” I waved as I walked off and sought out my room.

* * * * *

Dave felt so amazingly wonderful buried deep in my pussy while I straddled and kissed him. I mean, I felt so amazingly wonderful to have him in me. He probably felt pretty good, too.

I’d spent an hour reviewing my class materials for the next day, then called his cell.

“Los Cinco Hermanos,” he’d answered. “Dave speaking.” I smiled. I couldn’t help it.

“You’re up, Stud,” I told him. “My place. Now.”

“Hearing and obeying, with sweetness and light,” he told me and I knew it was an Arabian Nights quote from somewhere, or similar, and I appreciated the gesture.

He had arrived shortly thereafter, bearing a carafe of wine, two glasses and some snacks. I was definitely feeling pampered.

“So, what may I do for my Lady?” he asked as he set down his burden.

“Pour the wine, lay out the snacks, strip off your clothes and lie down on the bed, on your back,” I told him. What was the point of being direct if you couldn’t be assertive? He did as I asked and was soon lying in my bed, looking delicious. It wasn’t just my mouth that was watering.

I handed him his wine and slipped out of the robe I’d put on, picking up my wine as I sat on the edge of the bed, offering a toast.

“Nouveaux amis,” I offered.

“New friends,” he echoed and we clinked glasses. I took a long, lingering look at his body as I slowly drained my glass.

Then I set down my glass and slid in next to him, idly drawing random patterns on his chest with my fingertips.

“Good evening, Mr. Stranger. Your mission, Dave, should you choose to accept it, is to allow me to pleasure you until I am sated,” I told him. “And someday allow me to learn your last name. As always, if you or any of Los Cinco Hermanos should fail in your duty, you will all be held accountable. This body will explode with libido in five seconds… four… three…”

“I accept! I accept!” he interrupted me. “And it’s Langley. Like the place in Virginia with the CIA.”

“Well, David Langley… where was I? Oh, yes… three… two… one…” and I rolled up onto him to straddle him, kissing at his ears and cheeks and neck, and very, very slowly working my way down. It was my intent to kiss, nibble and/or suck every exposed inch of his skin before I turned my attention to his beautiful cock.

I didn’t make it.

Or more exactly, I almost made it. I licked, nibbled, sucked and kissed my way down his arms to his hands, down his chest to his marvelous abs, making sure to take a long time at his nipples, his sides, his hips, his thighs, shins and feet. I even made sure to suck his toes before getting anywhere near his throbbing hard-on. I’m pretty sure, though, that there were areas I missed. Mostly because I couldn’t ignore his glorious manhood anymore.

Gently, agonizingly slow, deliberate… I teased him. I petted his abdomen and brushed against his cock. I ran my hands very lightly over his balls. I licked the little drops of precum off his glans. I licked the length of his shaft, now so turgid the veins were popping out. I gently eased my mouth over the head, swirling my tongue against his hot flesh ever so slightly. I teased him with twirling my tongue around his glans, sucking at it softly, covering him but holding back, not taking in his shaft.

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