15 Mayıs 2023

Love Comes to the Professor


She sat there, in the very front row, to my immediate left. When I walked into the classroom at the outset of the spring semester, and set my materials down, and met her glance, I knew that I was in big, big trouble.She was a recent transfer student to the Midwestern private college at which I was an adjunct professor. I had noticed her in the hallways in the building in which I taught, and was transfixed by her beautiful eyes and shy smile.And she returned my hallway interest with an interest of her own. However, I dismissed this as me being a guy, and because of the general rule that guys see cues about whether a woman is interested in them sexually – whether the cues are there or not.I learned through the grapevine that her name was Lia. I began to call her “the goddess” in my mind, because she far outstripped all of the other students in beauty and grace. She also had an aura of mystery about her, being different from the other students by her ethnicity and her newness to the college community.She was of Korean descent, and seemed to be proud of it. She wore clothing that spoke of the Orient, and whispered of enchantment and of a far-away, rich culture. She had the dark hair associated with her homeland, which she wore long and straight, and she was somewhat thin, with lovely breasts and enticing hips.I had even begun to fantasize about what she might be like in bed – whether she would be passive, assertive, or something totally unknown, and unexperienced in my mundane, relatively conservative existence. I entertained the thoughts to several earth-shattering masturbation sessions, each seemingly more intense than the last.And now, “the goddess” in my class. Great. It’s going to be a long semester, I told myself, but hopefully a fun one, as I get to know her as being one of the class participants, and not just as a beautiful but distant woman. The semester began without much fanfare. I’m told I’m a very entertaining professor, and that my personal anecdotes and illustrations help the course material to come more alive. Several students in the class were extremely interested in the material, or at least gave that impression. And as I generally teach to the 4-5 students in the room that seem to care about what’s being taught, things generally go pretty well, if the instructor evaluations are any measure.I also enjoy watching the spring semester unfold. As the weather gets warmer, the students generally shed their winter Eskimo attire in favor of lighter, more comfortable clothing. And generally, this makes them more appealing to my own natural impulses. However, this can result in certain responses, after which I generally find myself having to hide by standing behind the podium, for fear of exposing a raging erection pressing against my Levis.The goddess remained in her chosen seat for the first half of the semester, growing increasingly more attractive as the layers of clothing Küçükyalı escort bayan were discarded. When at last I could see her entire figure, she became even more of an enticement than she had ever been.But back to the course itself.As is often the case, after the first examination, several students seemed to fare more poorly than they expected. I invited them to study in groups, and to devote more time to the course material. However, after the midterm examination, there were still several students who didn’t seem to be making the adjustments necessary to keep their grades up. The goddess Lia was among them.Over the course of the several days after the midterms were graded and passed back, she sent me several emails that expressed her need to get a better grade in the class than the one she was currently receiving. She even played the “my scholarship and financial aid depend on me getting a 3.0” card. I invited her to visit during my office hours.She arrived on a Tuesday, and set her backpack down. We began discussing her progress, and what she might further do to increase her grades. Almost as soon as we began, she began to weep silently.I asked her what I could do to help.She told me of her difficult upbringing, and of the early deaths of her parents. She reported having been raised by relatives, who let her know in no uncertain terms that she was a burden on their already taxed resources, and that she was less of a priority than their own biological children. She also related that she was an object of sexual advances by several of her family members, who often said that they were owed her favors due to her status as being dependent on them. Despite having received little encouragement, she managed to fare well in school on the basis of her sheer intelligence and her beauty, which was not lost on her teachers, male or female. She reported that, in return for special accommodations and individual attention, she had been sexually involved with many of them. She also reported that she was very good at sexual matters, and learned to please members of both sexes in a manner to which they had not been accustomed. When word got around, as it inevitably did, she became a much-in-demand student.While she knew that she was being used, she also was aware that she was using the others to get what she believed she needed – an education, to be used to generate a way out of the hell that was her current life, and a ticket out of her homeland.From a female lover ten years her elder, she learned of an exchange program in which she would travel to the west coast of America to experience life there. She took a place in the program, and never looked back. And now she found herself in my office, in tears, struggling to earn an acceptable grade in my class. And telling me her life story.As a professor with some experience, I generally take such accounts Escort Kartal with a grain of salt – I find I have to do so to survive, for I believe my good heart is too trusting, and perhaps too lenient on those who do not practice adequate self-discipline. However, her story rang true to me.At least, I surely wanted to believe it. As a professor of psychology, I know it is nearly impossible to overestimate physical attractiveness, and as I said earlier, Lia had it in abundance. I might have been more difficult on someone that I did not fantasize about fucking to extremely delicious orgasms, and balancing that person’s luscious pussy on the edge of my tongue…Lia came to the end of her account of her life to date, including her recent transfer. She reported that she had transferred after finding her former institution less than engaging, with classes taught solely by teaching assistants, and the student body somehow distant. She related that she transferred to my college after learning of its reputation as a friendly place, in which students and faculty were engaged in the mutual pursuits of wisdom, rather than simply teaching and learning facts.We agreed that she should visit me during office hours to learn more of the material in an in-depth manner. We also agreed that she should perhaps undergo testing to determine if any learning disability was present and hindering her efforts at attaining excellence.When we got up to go, she smiled, and asked if she could give me a hug. When I asked why, she stated that she fully expected me to make a pass at her, or offer up some conversation laced with sexual double entendre. I said I was happy to help her in any academic way, and that a hug was quite welcome.When we embraced, she held on for longer than I did. She kissed me on the cheek, which seemed a bit awkward.Afterward, I was proud of myself for my restraint. But only for a second – I immediately went to the mens’ room, where I imagined myself getting fucked by Lia, with her glorious breasts bouncing freely, her dark hair spectacularly tousled, with her straddling me, riding my cock, driving me toward a huge orgasm with her words…”Fuck me, baby… I love your cock in me… harder, harder, HARDER… I’m gonna cum, professor…. make me cum… I’m cumming, baby… cumming…”And with my imagining her in the throes of her own orgasm, I shot my load as well, and began to breathe a little more regularly…The next several times we met, we discussed the course material, and she shared more of her personal story. Each time was concluded with her kiss, and a sweet hug between us. More often than not, I concluded my meetings with her in private, with her in my mind, dreaming of her body laced together with mine, with my cock deep inside of her…The good news was that her grades began to improve. The bad news was that the semester was beginning to Suadiye escort draw to a close, and our sessions would of necessity be over.The other bad news was that I began to fall for Lia. Her story continued to unfold, and her consistent reports lent a sense of credence to it. When I learned more of what she had overcome to make it this far, I experienced admiration for her; this admiration, when combined with her entrancing physical beauty, made her irresistible to me. I began to dream of living with her, sharing a bed every night, and becoming the best friends and lovers that we could become.I began to make plans for getting her into my bed, and even more importantly, into my life. When I thought of what to say, I wondered if I should say what my heart wanted to say – that I loved her, and wanted only her. I wondered if this would scare her away, and even if other previous lovers had also fallen hard for her, and wanted to possess her as I did.But I knew I did not want to possess her, or to hold her down in any way. I wanted to love her in the best way possible; in other words I wanted to do whatever I could to help her develop into the person she wanted to become. I knew from experience that possession simply is an untenable position – inevitably the one possessed seeks to change, and grow, and that this does not always meet with the approval of the one seemingly in possession.And I certainly wanted her to become my partner in all things, so that we might learn from each other, and make our lives as meaningful as possible. During the final exam, I simply could not take my eyes from her. She assumed her normal seat in the front, and was dressed in a yellow sundress, with a pink brassiere under it. She wore comfortable sandals as well. I found myself being tantalized with the thought of what she was wearing underneath, and wanting to dismiss the class, lift her dress, and bury my tongue in her warm, moist, tasty sex.Unfortunately, she had become such a good student, and knew the material so well, that she completed her exam before many of the remaining members of the class. She handed the exam to me, patted my hand gently (which nearly sent me into orbit), leaned over to me, and whispered that she really enjoyed the class. She also surreptitiously passed me an light green envelope. I placed it under a stack of papers until I could read it with more privacy. I watched her walk out of the classroom. She seemed to walk more erect than I had ever seen her. With this walk, she also drew attention to her absolutely amazing ass. Every male head in the class, as well as some of the females, turned their attention from their exams just for a brief period, to watch her walk, and experience the thrill of the goddess, perhaps for the last time.I tried to focus my energy by grading some of the papers that were turned in, but I found I couldn’t concentrate at all. I looked out of the window, and saw her walking away from the building, alone. She met up with some other students, and while they greeted each other with smiles, I caught another glimpse of her in profile… simply magnificent. I imagined her turning her head back to the window from which I was watching, and it’s possible she did.

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