15 Mayıs 2023

Love For An Older Man – Chapter 3


A couple of weeks had passed since Michelle had met Amy and they became good friends.  Amy would meet her in the gym every morning and they would work out together. Afterward, depending on their plans, they would come back to the condo and have some wild fuck sessions.  Since their first time, Amy had become an expert at girl-on-girl pleasure. Sometimes Bob would join them, but if he was not around, it was just the two of them. Bob was planning for their Mexico trip, which was coming up soon.  They had asked Amy to go, but her parents were coming into town the week they were leaving and she needed to be there.  The “Michelle” had been outfitted and stocked with the supplies they would need for a trip to Cabo San Lucas, a resort town on the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula.  The trip would take a week and Michelle was really excited, as this would be their first long-distance sailing trip. Up until now, their sailing adventures were strictly local. The day before they were to leave, Amy asked them to have dinner at her place.  Michelle and Bob both accepted and told her they would be there. Asking if they needed to bring anything, Amy told them “Just your two sexy selves,” smiling coyly. Michelle decided to bring a bottle of wine. Michelle and Bob got themselves ready and headed out the door.  Michelle was wearing a very small pair of light blue shorts with a blue flowered halter top and sandals.  Bob wore his usual, which was a pair of shorts and a T-shirt that showed off his muscles. Knocking on the door, Michelle turned to Bob and kissed him. “What was that for?” he asked.  “No reason,” she said. Amy answered the door a few seconds later and invited them in.  She was wearing a tight, short yellow skirt with an orange tube top.  Michelle looked at Bob’s crotch and noticed that his cock was getting hard.  “We’re here for dinner,” she whispered to him. Bob just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “I can’t help it.”  Michelle had to agree with Bob, though. The way Amy’s tits filled out that tube top would make any normal man hard and any female with lesbian tendencies wet in her pussy. “Hi!” Amy said. “Come on in!”  Michelle and Bob thanked her and entered the condo, handing her the bottle of wine that they brought.  The layout of Amy’s condo was very similar to their own. The kitchen was on the left, as you entered, with the dining area situated between it and the living room and the bedrooms past all three areas.  Amy led them to the living room and invited them to have a seat. “Would you like anything to drink?” she asked Anadolu yakası escort bayan them. “I’ll have a glass of that wine,” Bob said. “That will work for me, too,” Michelle chimed in.  “Great! I’ll be right back.” And with that, Amy went to the kitchen for glasses. When she returned, Michelle noticed that she had four glasses.  She asked Amy who the fourth glass was for and Amy explained “Oh.  That’s for my friend Nicole. She’s freshening up and will be right out.”  Michelle noticed that Amy was blushing and suspected that she and Nicole were a little more than just friends. Just then, Nicole walked into the room from the hallway leading back to the bedrooms.  Her hair was blonde and cut into a pixie type of haircut, deep blue eyes, standing, maybe, five-foot-tall with medium-sized tits that looked large on her small frame, a small waist, and a very round ass.  She was wearing short shorts, much like what Michelle was wearing, but in white. Her top was a blue string bikini top, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. Michelle noticed Bob checking out every inch of her and was sure he was undressing her with his mind.  She laughed to herself and couldn’t fault him, because she was doing the same thing. “Bob.  Michelle, this is my friend Nicole.  We go to school together and have a lot of the same classes.”  Michelle and Bob said, “hello,” and Nicole walked up to Michelle and gave her a hug.  Not just a “nice to meet you” kind of hug, but more like a “hi, let’s fuck” type of hug.  Michelle felt a twinge in her pussy. When she let go of her, she went to Bob and did the same thing.  She noticed Bob was milking it for all it was worth. Nicole, it turned out, was eighteen years old and a San Diego native.  She said that her parents were just regular people and lived in a house in one of the many suburbs.  Her dad worked at one of the many car dealerships and her mom was a nurse. She was an only child and was sheltered from a lot of things growing up because she was her parents’ baby.  She was not even allowed to have a boyfriend until she was seventeen and, even then, her dates were monitored closely. Being here at Amy’s was the most freedom she ever had. Amy had returned to the kitchen to finish dinner, which left Michelle and Bob to entertain Nicole.  She had taken a seat directly across from them, making sure that they both could see her. Michelle had a feeling she knew what dessert was going to be. After a few minutes, Amy said that dinner was ready and they all got Escort Kurtköy up to sit at the dining room table.  The dinner smelled, and looked, delicious. Amy had prepared spaghetti with meatballs, all of which were homemade by Amy herself.  There was a delectable looking salad and, fresh from the oven, garlic bread. Everyone complimented Amy on the dinner and they all sat down to eat. After dinner, everyone retired to the balcony and Amy brought some more wine.  They were all laughing and having a good time when Nicole got up and straddled Michelle’s lap.   She didn’t quite know what to make of it until Nicole spoke.  “Amy has told me about the good times she has had with you and Bob and she has shown me what it’s like to fuck a girl, but I’d like the both of you to teach me what it is to be a woman.”  Then she planted her lips on Michelle’s and forced her tongue between her lips. Michelle made it easier for her and opened her mouth so their tongues could dance together. Several minutes later, she began feeling Nicole’s firm tits.  Nicole reached behind her back and untied her top, giving Michelle unrestricted access to her breasts. Michelle looked over at Bob and saw that Amy was on her knees sucking his cock. Bob had a look of total bliss on his face. Michelle smiled at this, because she wanted him to be nothing, but happy. She returned her attention to the hot eighteen-year-old straddling her lap.  She took one of Nicole’s tits in her hands and began licking and sucking her nipple, stopping once in a while to lick her, rather, large areolas.  Nicole was moaning and began moving her hips on Michelle’s lap. She knew that Nicole was trying to stimulate her pussy. At this point, Michelle just stood up, causing Nicole to also stand up.  She grabbed Nicole’s shorts and pulled them down and off. Nicole stood in front of Michelle totally nude, as she wasn’t wearing panties.  Michelle got on her knees and ran her hands up and down her body, finally looking at that young teen pussy in front of her. Nicole had shaved her pussy, leaving a narrow landing strip of hair.  It was a little darker in color than the hair on her head, but that could have been lightened by the sun. Michelle ran her hands through Nicole’s small bush and made her way to her very tiny pussy.  She had never seen a more perfect pussy than this. Her pussy juices were beginning to drip and Michelle gathered some on her hand.  She brought it up to her mouth and licked her fingers until she didn’t taste any more of her juices. She Maltepe escort slowly pushed Nicole into the seat where she was sitting previously and got down on her knees between Nicole’s spread legs.  Michelle just stared at the tiny, perfect cunt in front of her for a minute before taking her right hand and placing it on that pussy. She put, barely, any pressure on her and began to feel all the folds and the tiny clit at the top.  She spread her lips apart and was amazed at how pink and wet her pussy was. She couldn’t take it any longer and just had to taste what was in front of her.  Michelle, slowly and gently, placed her tongue on that beautiful pussy. The taste was like nothing she had ever tasted before.  Her nectar was, just that, nectar. It tasted sweeter than honey, to her. Relishing in the taste, she began licking and sucking at her pussy hole, wanting more.  Michelle then raised Nicole’s legs up over her head and placed one of her hands on her firm breasts. She then returned to feasting on the best tasting pussy ever.  Her tongue swiped up and down Nicole’s pussy, tracing her entire genitals from her asshole to her clit. Nicole was moaning and cooing the entire time she was doing this.  Michelle didn’t spend too much time on her clit, because she wanted this to last forever. She was in pussy heaven. Michelle took a second to look at the other side of the balcony, where Bob and Amy were now completely nude, with Amy on top of Bob, riding his cock.  Bob had his hands on her hips, lifting Amy up and down with his muscular arms. She could hear the slapping sound their bodies made whenever Bob pulled her down on top of him.  He was moving Amy so fast that she was crying out in ecstasy at the feeling of Bob’s cock pounding her like a jackhammer. Michelle felt a twinge of jealousy at the sight, but remembered that Bob was hers and she could always get the pleasure that Amy was feeling right now anytime she wanted.  She was happy that the kid was enjoying herself. After looking at Bob and Amy, she quickly realized that she was a little overdressed.  Regretfully, she left Nicole’s sweet eighteen-year-old pussy and stood up to remove her clothes.  No sooner had she done this, that she felt Nicole’s hands on her bare pussy. She put two of her fingers in Michelle’s pussy and began finger fucking her while she was still standing. ‘This girl may be only eighteen, but she knows what she wants,’ Michelle thought.  She spread her legs so that she could get better access. All of a sudden she felt Nicole’s fingers touch her G spot and begin jackhammering her fingers into Michelle’s cunt and she felt herself begin squirting. “Oh, my god! You little minx!” she cried out. “Keep doing that! I’m squirting so much!”  She looked down to see Nicole covered in her squirt juices and the floor with puddles of the stuff. Thank goodness this area wasn’t carpeted.

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