17 Mart 2023

Lover Behind the Mask


(I once heard a story from the friend of a friend and can’t verify its authenticity, but it sounds like it can be true. I have the story on audiotape, so I will write it down and let you be the judge.)


The lights flickered, casting shadows along the wall.

I yawned, watching my large black breasts raise higher as I stretched my arms.

I was naked? How could that possibly be?

“Fuck,” I muttered to myself. And then it dawned on me. What if there was someone else in the room with me?

I covered my exposed breasts with my hands then scoured my bedroom for possible male party goers leftover from last night’s Halloween festivities.

A lone male slept naked over in the corner, snoring quietly. A sharper more observant glance told me that his body was elevated by the young lady passed out underneath him. She was partially naked, and still in possession of her pulled up pants. Obviously her would be lover had passed out before he’d had a chance to score.

I scanned the room further, and caught sight of my best friend Cheryl, sitting in the corner, her knees tucked up into her large white breasts. Like me, she was topless, but at least she still had on her skirt. I was butt naked.

She too was also out cold, snoring up a storm, no doubt from all the drinking I remembered her doing the night before.

A glance at the wall clock made me wince. Seven-thirty in the morning? My parents would be home by noon.

“Damn!” I spat the word out as though it were to be my very last, a vocalized spurt of distain over the fact I had foolishly allowed the party to get out of hand at my parent’s mansion. I had also foolishly allowed some of the guys to bring bottles of liquor in, and had idly stood by as they spiked the punch bowls and passed out joints of chemically soaked pot.

The air was still thick with the stench of cigs and mind altering doobies.

I had promised my parents there would be no smoking and no drinking if they would only allow me to have the Halloween party at their house, only I had seriously fucked up, allowing both drinking and smoking. I had assumed wrongfully that I could handle the supervising of tipsy, high flying college students. Instead, I had made the classic mistake of getting drunk myself, and of smoking some wicked pot that was ten times as powerful as the more milder weed I was used to smoking once in a blue moon. Only the moon wasn’t blue tonight, it was a bright white, and shimmering through the windows to illuminate my senseless folly. I now sighed in fear. The furniture in my parents mansion was expensive and custom made. I began to tremble, and think, ‘God help me if any of their stuff is burnt or stained.’

Still, the pangs of curiosity began to play around at the edges of my mind. Why was I naked? Surely I hadn’t…hadn’t…I turned away the thought, and was unwilling to look down at my virgin pussy for clarification.

I could now feel that something rubbery and wet was laying on my stomach. A used condom? Surely not! I was too afraid to look! I wondered apprehensively if it might indeed be the unthinkable. If it was, then it probably meant some guy had taken advantage of my co-operating drunken, stoned state, then had sex with me and then yanked off the condom after he’d had his fun, and laid it across my tummy as his calling card.

I was supposed to be saving myself for marriage because that was what good little nineteen year old Christian virgin girls did, save themselves for Mr. Right. Only if it was a tell-tale used condom laying on my tummy, then it surely meant that my virgin days had come to an abrupt screeching halt.

I began to panic, thinking ‘should I look, or shouldn’t I look?’

I sighed and looked down.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” The words just sort of tumbled out of my mouth like bricks from a demolished building.

It was indeed a condom, and even scarier still, it was wet and it stank. Obviously it was filled with ripening baby making batter, but at least it was contained and harmless tucked away in the rubber reservoir, or was it?

Why was some of the sperm sitting in drops on my tummy?

I picked up the condom and examined it further.

My sharp little brown eyes suddenly picked up the glare of a flickering broken lamp and gazed in horror at the condom. It was split down the middle starting from the reservoir tip going all the way down to the rubber ring.

I sat up and looked next between my legs. There were red splotches on my thighs and a large speck of red on the sheet by my thigh. Blood! No doubt virgin blood splatter from a broken hymen! But there was something else, the drying pool of potent semen oozing from my pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I spat out angrily. Had I been that damn drunk and high on pot that I’d actually spread my virgin legs open wide for some equally drunken moron? But which drunken moron? I had invited over ten guys to the party, and some of them had brought friends. Everyone wore masks and costumes. Would I even know who the culprit was, Ataşehir Escort even if I could remember some masked acquaintance humping me?

I heard the sound of a voice from across the room.

I panicked. In my haste to examine my pussy and the broken condom, I had forgotten that I wasn’t alone.

My girlfriend Cheryl was muttering to herself as she began emerging from her slumber.

I glanced at the man, laying on his partially clothed date. She too was beginning to come to.

I found my blouse and skirt strewn on the floor and bent over to pick them up. Then I hastily whipped them on.

My pussy felt a little sore as I rose to my feet. More cum dripped out of me.

Obviously, the guy that had humped me senseless, had been doing it for most of the night, filling me up like some damn hose! But after he’d had his fun, he’d vanished away, leaving no trace of who it was that had actually done the honors of deflowering me.

The phone rang. My blood ran cold. My parents perhaps? Calling to let me know they’d be home a little bit early perhaps?

I checked the number. “Shit.”

“Hi mom.”

You didn’t answer the house phone or your cell all night long.”

“Sorry mom. The music was a little loud, and…no, there wasn’t any alcohol or drugs here. No, no hanky panky either. Don’t be silly mom, just a few guests from the brethren at church. No, not my college buddies. Why would I lie about something like that? No, the house is fine. No, nobody smoked. Right, your plane’s late and you’ll be home at five this afternoon? Very good. See you then mom.”

I sighed as I cradled the phone back on the wall. I had been granted a five hour reprieve. It was no longer to be noon, but rather five in the afternoon. That suited me just fine.

“What did your mom say?”

I jumped about ten feet in the air. “Shit Cheryl, don’t you ever do that, creeping up on me like that. You’ll give me a stroke!”

I now recognized the guy stumbling to his feet as Arnold Webber, the back up quarterback on my college football team. I hadn’t invited him, so it was certain he had found out about the party and just decided to stop on by uninvited.

His cock was still fully erect as he stood, making me blush.

“Put some clothes on will you, and then leave.”

“You’re not making us breakfast first?”

I stared at him incredulously. “Who is ‘us,’ you and your moron friends that decided to invite yourselves? As for breakfast? What are you, brain dead? You weren’t even supposed to stay past midnight.”

“Okay, no need to get sore. Just asking is all.”

He whipped on his briefs, pants and then snatched up his shirt as he moved for the door. It then dawned on me that he might have seen whoever it was that had been putting the wood to me the night before. If I were to fall victim to a possible pregnancy, it might come in handy knowing who the hell to blame. Telling your parents you were knocked up was one thing, but being unable to tell them who the father was, well that would be absolutely nuts.

“Arnie, wait. Do you remember who I was with last night?”

He shook his head and then scratched it. “Don’t you know?”

My anger was beginning to really build. “Can’t you just answer my fucking question?”

He glared at me indignantly. “I thought you Christian girls didn’t swear?”

“I’ll do more than that if you don’t answer my question.”

He sighed and pursed his lips, deep in thought. Finally he threw his arms up into the air. “I was drunk, and then all I remember is taking a couple of puffs on that joint and I was really flying. Never tried pot so powerful or mind altering before. I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing. Sorry, I didn’t see who you were with or what you ended up doing with him.”

“Same here,” I shrugged, equally sore at myself for inhaling that damn nightmarish pot.

Debbie Maxwell suddenly got up. She had been underneath him. Her face turned beet red at the realization her floppy boobs were just dangling out in mid-air. In a panic she glanced down at her blue jeans. They were still on her body. “Oh thank God, for a minute there I was afraid I’d actually let Arnie here bonk me.”

“You wish,” he spat out in retaliation.

“Do you know who I was with?” I asked Debbie, panicking at the thought I might never find out who I had stripped down naked for.

Debbie made up a face, deep in thought. “Naww, I passed out early, just after the first toke of that damn powerful pot, and…and…wait a minute, I remember, it was a fellow with rabbit ears. Dressed up like bugs bunny I think.”

“I don’t remember any rabbit,” Cheryl said softly, rubbing her head.

“Wait a minute,” Arnie shouted, snapping his fingers as the word rabbit now jogged his memory. “That’s right, Bugs Bunny! Someone dressed as a rabbit. Debbie’s right. I remember now, He was grunting and really going at you, but he never took off his mask or his costume before I fell asleep, so I can’t tell you more than that.”

I nodded Ataşehir Escort Bayan appreciatively. At least that was something. Still, I was loathe to fear the worst. Why fret over being pregnant when in all probability I wasn’t knocked up at all. Besides, it was only my first and only time having sex. The chances and odds therefore were in my favor that I was baby free. Still I knew I had better be right. My Christian faith didn’t allow for abortion, and to be pregnant and not married at the Christian church I attended, would be bringing real shame to not only me but my entire family. I just hung my head and hoped and prayed that Mr. Rabbit had been firing blanks last night.

“You okay?”

Cheryl’s voice caused me to turn away from Arnie, who, along with Debbie, had begun slipping out of the room. There was not going to be any breakfast, and therefore no reason to stay at my home any longer.

“I’m glad you’re still here, Cheryl. You can help me clean this mess up.”

“Sure, be happy to help. You really had a guy take your virginity last night?”

“It really did happen, and I’ve got the broken hymen and virgin blood spatters to prove it.”

“He at least wore a condom, I hope?”

“Yeah, but the condom broke.”


“My sentiments exactly. I had damn well better not be in the family way, or else all hell is going to break loose. I spent my whole life abstaining from sex, and saving myself for marriage, but just because of some serious mind bending pot, I temporarily went off the deep end.”

“Don’t feel bad. It wasn’t you alone. Talk is that the weed was soaked in some powerful LSD. Everyone got their minds messed up by it.”

“Yeah, well I’m not responsible for everyone. Just me. Damn! How could I have been so damn stupid to start drinking in the first place? Now I know why they make the legal drinking age twenty-one, so that nineteen year old morons like me won’t be tempted to mix booze with pot and end up spreading their virgin legs for some giant rabbit.”

“Tell you what,” Cheryl said. “Why don’t you forget all about it, and let me make the inquiries, maybe somebody will remember who came in the rabbit costume.”

“Unless they are still here?” I whispered, now deep in thought. “Why not? If Arnie and Debbie were still hanging about, maybe half the guests are still hanging about, sleeping it off on couches or in other rooms. The mysterious Mr. Rabbit might be one of them.”

“A distinct possibility, although more than likely, if he were going to stay, he would still be in this room.”

“Let’s go check.”

We stepped out of the bedroom, and Cheryl almost tripped on an empty beer can.

I rolled my eyes at the stupidity of it all. In addition to sneaking bottles of vodka in, the dweebs had smuggled in beer as well. I sighed in frustration, hoping my parents expensive furniture wasn’t soaked in it.

The hallway was a haze of leftover smoke, and the lingering scent of powerful pot still hung like a shroud. As we reached the bottom of the winding oak staircase, the realization sunk in that I was going to have to expunge the odor, or face angry Christian parents who were smart enough to know that ordinary cigarette smoke smelt a whole lot different.

“Cheryl, could you please help me out and go around opening windows throughout the house? We have to get rid of that stench. I’ll look for Mr. Rabbit myself.”

“Fine,” she agreed. “I’ll start with the kitchen walk out screen doors, then the living room bay windows, then make my way back upstairs.”

I was horrified at the deplorable mess strewn on the expensive cherry wood floor boards.

I grabbed an empty garbage bag out of the cupboard and began to drag it along the floor, scooping up empty pizza boxes, pop cans, more beer cans, and the odd cigarette butt here and there that had not, thankfully, burnt the furniture. There was one burn mark on the floor from where some moron had squished a lit butt with their foot, but a slight adjustment in the placement of the couch, covered the monstrosity.

A trip to the bathroom found two discarded condoms sitting in the trash, I fished them out, knowing that was probably the first place my church going momma was going to look.

Apart from Debbie and Arnold that had been holed up in my room, there was no one else lingering from the Halloween party, especially not the elusive and troublesome Mr. Rabbit.

I was suddenly weak in the knees. Giving up my virginity to some masked dweeb who must have known that their condom broke but who didn’t have the courtesy to at least give me a heads up and let me know who he was in case the unthinkable did happen.

“Oh shit,” I muttered, slipping my backside down on the arm rest of a leather recliner. “What if?”

What if??!! The two words rattled around my brain like some pulled hand grenade pin, waiting for the end of the world should the unthinkable ever happen.

Good little Christian girls weren’t supposed to behave like sluts, and if they did, Escort Ataşehir they were at least supposed to cover their tracks and not bring shame upon the entire church they attended. And they were most certainly not supposed to break their parent’s God fearing hearts with a swelling belly.

I pursed my lips at the thought as Cheryl began walking towards me, her smile indicating she had completed her mission to help air out the place.

“Why so glum?” she asked me. “The place aint that bad. Now that you’ve picked up the scattered trash, it almost looks untouched, but the kitchen is a different story. A few of them must have been raiding the fridge, and that giant Halloween cake you bought even somehow made it to the walls. We’ll have to scrub in there pretty good.

“Drying cake I can handle,” I whispered. “Swelling bellies I cannot.”

“Is that why you look so down?” she asked, tossing her pretty blond hair to the side and letting it dangle sensually as though she were unfurling some kind of sexy flag. Her hand rested on my shoulder and she had that weird look in her pretty blue eyes again.

“What you need to soothe and relax you is a nice oily massage.”

Cheryl’s words made me cringe. Whenever the massage topic would arise, then I could be certain she was getting horny. Being an admitted bi-sexual lady might be okay for her, but for a church going member like myself, tested the female on female waters would be the equivalent of setting myself on fire. People in my Christian faith were intolerant of Lesbians or Gays, and the only thing that saved me from being lambasted as Cheryl’s best friend, was the fact that her sex cravings were the world’s best kept secret. I had always resisted the urge to experiment sexually with her, although that didn’t mean her words and pleas to let her touch me didn’t turn me on.

Still, I wasn’t too concerned that I occasionally did have some cravings to walk on the wild side with her. Most women, if they were honest, would admit that at least once or twice in their lifetimes, they did wonder about what it might be like to get naked with another woman. The thought was intriguing, but my biggest concern with allowing it was that I was afraid I might actually enjoy it, and end up making love in a variety of unnatural ways to Cheryl on a weekly or even daily basis. Such a scenario might mess with my heart and mind, causing me to turn lesbian. There was just no way I was ever going to allow that to happen.

I gently brushed her hand with the long sexy red nails off my shoulder.

“Don’t, Cheryl,” I begged in a deathly whisper. “It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy being with you in that way, but if I do get started, where would it end? I teach a Sunday School class, and sing on the choir, not to mention that I am vice-president of the young people’s department. My dad is a church elder and my mother sits as a voting member of the executive board. If I did ever develop Lesbian tendencies, then where would it all end? The church would eventually find out and then would kick me out of everything I do, then disfellowship me completely. My parents would boot me out of the house, withdraw my college funds and disown me, and then where would I be?”

“No one would have to know,” she said, her eyes glimmering and her hand running over top of my blouse, brushing onto the generous cleavage that was still showing.

My pulse began to quicken and my worried mind began to go frantic. I gently brushed her hand away again.

“I said don’t. How can you even suggest I start up sexually experimenting with you when I just spent the night getting filled with baby making sperm by some disappearing moron in a rabbit suit? Please, I know we’re best friends, but that is in spite of you being bi-sexual, not because you are bi-sexual.”

“You don’t have to worry about searching for Mr. Rabbit,” she said, her eyes ablaze with desire and her dazzling white teeth nibbling on her pretty bottom lip. Being so drop dead gorgeous meant that guys were coming on to her all the time. She did have a token boyfriend she saw once a week for purely innocent dates, like having pizza or going to the movies. He had no idea she preferred women. She was only using him as a cover to throw off the scent of gossipers and busybodies who had a definite knack of uncovering such salacious information.

Her words concerning the missing rabbit made no sense. “Why shouldn’t I have to worry about finding Mr. Rabbit? Do you have any idea how much hell and shit will hit the fan if I am pregnant? And how damning would it sound to the community if I were to admit that I didn’t even know who the father was?”

“If there is a baby, then the father would be me,” Cheryl whispered, a tear suddenly dribbling down her sweetly sculpted cheek.


More tears began to flow. “My name wasn’t always Cheryl. Five years ago, before I joined this community, my name was Charlie. I was born a male, but I always viewed myself as being a woman trapped in a man’s body. I have been undergoing hormone replacement therapy for the last eight years, since I was thirteen, and I have been successfully changing the balance of sex hormones in my body to the point where I now consider myself to be all woman, except that I haven’t done the final surgery yet. I’m still not sure if I want to.”

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