26 Mart 2022

Loving a Fantasy!


Loving a Fantasy!The room was lit with only the light outside as dawn approached. A small beam of sunlight pierced through the blind and rested on my face, warming it and waking me gently. I moaned in protest because in my dream I was with him and together we had been making passionate love and I didn’t want it to end. I knew when I opened my eyes, he wouldn’t be there and the bed beside me would be empty but inside my dream he was with me and making love to me in ways I had never felt before in my entire life. But the sunbeam was insistent and I rolled over, peeking through the thin slits in my partially opened eyes to confirm that indeed the bed beside me was empty.I rolled onto my back and yawned, stretching hard as I tried to force myself to wake up. As I stretched, the sheet feel away leaving my breast uncovered in the chilly air of the morning. I hadn’t remembered going to bed naked, I was sure I had pulled on the over-sized t-shirt I loved before I crawled into bed, knowing that with the window open it would get quite chilly in there. I ran my hands down over my body as though to confirm that yes I was indeed naked and I lay there puzzled, trying to make sense when I spotted the white t-shirt crumpled on the floor beside the bed. I smiled then, remembering having taken it off in the middle of the night sometime when in my dream, he had first come to me and immediately my body was on fire, too hot to bear the comfort of my t-shirt and I stripped it off for him as he watched me. My body tingled in response as the highlights from my dream slowly started coming back to me and soon I felt as aroused as I had inside my dream, only minutes before.I laid there and let the dream come back to me, felt him as he moved over my body, touching me in just the right way, felt him stroke me in preparation for our lovemaking. When he entered my body, thrusting slowly and tenderly at first, his lips on my breasts sucking on my nipples, the way his eyes burned deep into my soul as he watched as I had orgasm again and again. It all came rushing back to me and before I knew it my body was once again on fire, feeling the heat of arousal at just the memory of him in my dream. My hands moved slowly over my own body, feeling cool compared to the heat on my skin. Both hands first cupped and then massaged my breasts as my nipples puckered and hardened from my touch. I sighed deeply and as I ran my fingers over my nipples, felahiye escort felt the waves of arousal run down my body to my pussy. Immediately I felt myself become damp there and I knew this was only just the beginning.My fingers pinched at my nipples, tugging softly on them causing them to stiffen more with each tug. I felt myself squirming in my bed, unable to lay still any longer and responding to my body’s demands. Lifting one of my tits towards my mouth, I licked at my nipple before sucking it inside for a moment so I could suckle on it before moving on to the other one and doing the same thing. Feeling the hard hubs against my tongue again sent shocks down through my body and my hips thrust upwards searching for it’s release. Releasing one of my tits, my hand moved down over my skin, over my tummy and down the top of my leg before returning back upwards and over where I could feel the real heat. Again my hips thrust upwards only this time, meeting my hand as it lay there against my lips, enjoying the feel of the soft skin there, stroking it lightly as though teasing myself, causing me to become fully wet with desire before actually doing anything.My other hand released my tit and moved to my mouth. My finger running back and for slowly over my mouth, my lips just slightly parted allowing my long, heavy breaths to escape slowly. My tongue moved and met my fingertip on my lip and led it inside. My eyes closed and seeing you there, naked and powerful, aroused as much as I, and I sucked my finger inside my mouth, needing something there to concentrate on. Running my tongue over it as I sucked, I moaned softly lost in my fantasy with you in my mind. My fingers moved between my legs, finding first and then sliding in between my pussy lips and running down the full length, from my clit right down to my anus where it stopped only for a second to move over and around it gently before sliding back upwards to the hard throbbing nub at the top. My finger, now wet with my juices, moves slowly around and around my clit causing it to throb and swell and for my hips to thrust upwards again. After just a moment or two, my other hand, after having released itself from the mouth fucking it had just enjoyed, moved downwards anxious now to join in and give me the release I was so much in need of. My entire body tingled and even just a touch to my skin sent jolts of electricity straight to my pussy, causing it to throb again and again. My other hand, now also between my legs moves down between my already parted lips to find my hole. It’s so wet and my fingers slide easily up inside me. I gasp as they enter and cry out in anticipation as that was just about enough to push me over. My entire body tensed and then slowly relaxed again before tensing again as my fingers moved in and out, slowly fucking myself. My other hand, still moving over my clit is moving faster as I feel my body move closer and closer to the edge knowing that it will take little to push me over and while I so badly want and need that release I also don’t want this to end.Suddenly, I’m there, right at the edge and about to go over when my busy little hand stop completely. I feel my body hover there, on the brink of going over, teetering there for only a moment before falling back again. Throbbing in protest, I lay and wait until I feel it’s safe again before I start moving again between my legs. Instantly as I do, my body jumpstarts and it takes only a minute before I find myself there on the edge again, so desperate to go over and pushing the limits, I nearly do before once again I stop completely leaving myself gasping for breaths, groaning with a combination of pleasure and frustration, trying desperately to pull myself away from the edge one more time but hovering longer than I should be before falling back once more. I lay there gasping, breathing hard and my hands move away from my pussy and up now to my tits and they squeeze them, harder than before, my frustrations coming out as I move one towards my mouth, sucking my nipple inside and then biting and pulling on my nipple with my teeth. Shocks flying downwards to my pussy, keeping it right there ready to go until I stop completely, my hands off my body entirely. My chest is heaving, sucking in my breaths and my entire body is damp, hot with desire and the need to cum great.A moment later, I feel I’m ready again and one more time, my hands move to my pussy. It’s wet, it’s swollen, it’s throbbing and needs to cum. I can feel the heat there between my legs and can feel myself tighten around my fingers inside my hole, as my other hand moves over my clit in quick short strokes, jumpstarting it back to life. My fingers are moving, sliding as deep as possible inside my wet, tight fuck hole, stroking and moving just right while my fingers right above there, work their magic, first doing tight little circles around and around my hard clit and then moving side to side quickly over the hard little rock, as though flicking it, teasing it and then back again to circling it. Lightly then harder, alternating as my other hand continues fucking myself as it also moves faster and then slower, opposite to my other hand. I feel my body climbing higher and higher, the edge moving closer and closer. My breathing is hard and I’m practically gasping for my breaths and my hips thrust up and down keeping time to my hand as they continue to fuck, sliding in and out. Together, both hands moving faster, sliding in and out quickly, moving around and around in tight quick circles over my clit and my body is suddenly right there, right on the edge. My entire body tenses and I can’t breath for a moment, my whole body is frozen except for my hands as they continue moving on and in me, faster and faster, harder until finally all at once, I feel myself go over the edge. I cry out, “Oh please….” as I start falling and then feel my body, as though being swooped up by some powerful force, my whole body is flying, it’s on fire but at the same time it’s tingling, all my senses are heightened. I take one long full breath just as my orgasms hits hard and I can’t move, I can’t breath, I can only feel as my orgasm takes hold and I cum intensely. At the peak of my orgasm, I gasp for air, moaning as I do tossing my head back and forth over the pillow before finally arching my back, pushing my tits upwards into the cool air, thrusting my hips hard and feeling the new sudden wetness between my legs. Finally, as my body slowly begins to relax, as my orgasm slowly starts to subside and when eventually my body is laying flat on the bed once again, I can breath again though my breaths and short and fast. I ache between my legs and a dull throbbing is there and my nipples, where I frustratingly bit at them, are tender. Slowly, as I catch my breath again, my fingers moving extremely slow over my pussy, gently coddling it before eventually falling entirely away from it and down to my sides on the bed. My eyes still closed, I see you there quite pleased with yourself and with me and slowly you fade, slowly I come back to reality. I open my eyes and I’m laying on the bed with no covers, my body completely naked and spent, cooling now in the morning air. I sigh contentedly and stretch again over the bed, happy and satisfied, at least for now and doze off slowly, hugging your pillow to my body.

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