12 Mayıs 2023

Loving the Wrong One pt. 3


Alaric stepped away from the small crowd he had been conversing with, nodding politely as he passed a couple as he walked towards his office. He was usually content to talk to the costumers at The Wolf Den but tonight his thoughts were contaminated by Serenity. He was almost to his office when his brother, Wes, walked into the bar. Just the person he needed to talk to. “Wes,” he called and motioned him to follow. “Hey, where the hell have you been?” Ignoring the question Alaric walked into his office. “Have a drink with me, I need to vent.” Wes fumbled in his pocket before pulling out an almost empty case of cigarettes. “You don’t mind if I smoke in here do you?” “It’s your lungs and your funeral. I thought you were trying to quit,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “I’m down to two packs a day,” he said as he blew out the smoke. “Mom nags me to no end and Allaryce make me stand outside to smoke, no matter what the weather is. I’ll quit. One year.” Alaric winced. “Why the hell do you call her that?” he said, referring to Allaryce, also known as Ally, their sister. “Because everyone calls her Ally and I refuse to be just like everyone else.” Wes quickly changed the subject. “So, what’s on your mind?” Alaric sat Erenköy escort back in his chair, leaned back and looked at the ceiling. “Can I trust you?” Wes gave him a sharp nod as if to say no shit. “I think I’m growing strong feeling for someone I have no business having feeling for. And I think she feels the same way but we both know me more than her, there can never be anything between us. It’s morally wrong and I’m pretty sure it’s against the law. But damn it I want her so bad it’s driving me mad.” “So, why do you just have the relationship and not let anyone know about it?” Alaric stared at him. “You wouldn’t be saying that if you knew who I was talking about.” “I’m sure I would. Let me tell you a story big bro about how I fell in love with a feisty, dark hair, green eyed girl when I was eighteen years old. I knew it was wrong but it didn’t take long for me to listen to my heart and say fuck everything else. Sometimes that’s what you have to do.” Alaric blankly stared at him. Sensing his confusion Wes elaborated. “Allaryce and I started dating when I came home from my first tour in Iraq. I wasn’t home for more than ten minutes before we were all over each other. Morally it was içerenköy escort bayan wrong, yes, but once we saw each other everything else flew out the window. Now we have our three lovely baby girls, a great house and great jobs, I couldn’t be happier.” Alaric was floored by his brothers admission. While he’s sitting here thinking he’s the worst person in the world for even thing about living an incestuous relationship, his brother and sister were already living one. “Wow. You’ve left me speechless and I’m never speechless. So, how do you suggest I handle my problem with Serenity?” “If you consider it a problem then there is nothing there to handle. It should be a beautiful thing even though society doesn’t see it that way and if they did then you would see it as a problem. If the thought of being with her makes you happy then… be with her and make both of you happy.” **** “You’ve been avoiding me.” Alaric jumped at the voice of Serenity. She was standing in the entrance hallway of his house, in the dark. God she floored him even in baggy sweat pants and a pink shirt. “I’m not the one who left the house,” he said as he turned the light on. “Yeah right, your cleaning staff Escort Tuzla told me you haven’t been home in four days and I’ve been gone for five. And you are avoiding I’ve called you every day and you never answered.” “I didn’t have much to say Serenity. I needed to get my head together. Surely you can understand that.” She looked down at her bare feet, running her hand through her curly hair. The tension between them was thick you could cut it with a knife. When she spoke, her voice was unusually soft and unsure. “I didn’t make you kiss me. If I would have known it would do this to our relationship I would have made sure it didn’t happen. I can’t deny my feelings for you but I can hold back. No matter how much it might hurt. I want to come back home but I have to make sure things between us are good. I’m sorry for everything that has happened so far.” Alaric stared at her. She amazed him, how could she apologize when he was the one who kissed her. Then had the nerves the get upset for doing it. He got upset because he liked it and didn’t want to damn it. But he was done of his resisting what’s between them. Only a stupid man would let her get away. “Serenity, there’s no need to be sorry,” he said. Alaric all but hauled her from the corner she was standing in, up against the wall and forced her hands above her head. His lips found hers in a sensual rush. “No more denying what’s between us, okay?” he whispered against her lips. He lowered her arms then moved his hands to her waist, then up her body to her breasts.

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