16 Mart 2023

Loving Valentine’s Day Ch. 02


Thank you again to Shanstom for helping me with this story. Comments and feedback are always welcome so feel free to leave either.

Hoping you enjoy!!!

Raina smiles coyly. Ty grabs her shoulders and pulls her to her feet. Ty says to Raina, “You are such a dirty little slut tonight, my dear. Look at you all ready to swallow my cum. Your pussy is oozing cum. You need to get fucked hard, don’t you baby?” Raina struggles in Ty’s grip, trying to kneel back down and continue her loving assault on her husband’s hard cock. Ty wasn’t going to let her out of his hands that easily.

Reaching out he grabbed her shirt and ripped it over her head throwing it to the far side of the pool. A very audible plop was heard as the shirt struck the water. Ty runs his fingers across his wife’s gorgeous chest dipping his fingers in her cleavage until at the last second he turns his hand and runs his fingers over her rock hard nipples. Removing his hands from his wife’s breasts he spins her around and pulls down her skirt. Pushing her up against the bar and leans her forward. Lining up his manhood to her well-lubricated hole he enters her.

Screaming loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, Raina feels her husband’s whole cock sliding into her heated, sex hungry pussy. Sliding out until just the head is at her entrance, he slowly enters her over and over again, loving the sound of his full balls slapping against his wife’s ass. Increasing tempo little by little he drives Raina to the very brink of satisfaction. kadıköy escort Pulling Raina back until every inch of her body is touching his, Ty unclasps her bra and let’s it fall to the floor. Savagely mauling his wife’s tits pinching and twisting her nipples, he elicits moans of passion and his wife screaming, “Ty for heaven’s sake fuck me. Harder Ty fuck me harder. Mmmm, bite me, baby, make me yours and leave the mark for all to see.”

Complying with his wife’s desires Ty leans forward and bites her neck, applying just enough pressure to bruise her but not break skin. Wrapping his arm around his wife he traces her pussy lips and matching his strokes, he dips a finger into his wife’s tight honey pot then dragging his finger up he starts to circle her engorged clit. “Oh Ty, baby! I’m going to cum, please baby, I need you hard, fast, and deep. Fuck my pussy like I’m a no good little slut!” Ty complies by grabbing ahold of his wife’s hips and relentlessly pounding into her. Eyes cloudy with lust and desire, Ty feels his wife’s pussy clench down on his cock as if it is intent of milking him dry. As suddenly Raina starts bucking hard back against his cock, he feels his balls start to tighten.

Ty says to Raina, “If you wanna swallow my cum love we are going to have to act quickly because your cunt is trying to empty my reserves and I’m almost at the point of no return”. Raina informs her husband that she wants to drink every bit of his semen. Slipping off of his rock hard pole, Raina kneels kadıköy escort bayan on the pool deck and engulfs her husband’s cock. Loving the way her pussy tasted on him, she lovingly licked his shaft.

Sucking on his balls she flicked out her tongue letting her tongue ring caress every inch of his manhood. Taking just the head in her mouth and slowly working as much of her husband in her mouth as she could. As soon as she had Ty’s cock well lubed, she started bobbing faster and faster and Ty entangled his hands in her hair and savagely fucked her mouth.

Growling, Ty’s body stiffened and he shot rope after rope of sticky cum down his wife’s throat. Pulling out, he shot four times across her chest and over her face. Raina, ever the cum hungry slut, trails her fingers across her cum glazed chest scooping up every last drop and licking her fingers clean. Going to look in the mirror she sighs in pure bliss. Gathering the cum on her face and swallowing every last drop, Raina proposes a swim.

Walking over towards the pool Raina slips in the water and swims to the far side of the pool. Upon emerging from the depths of the water she sees Ty sitting on the edge of the pool with drinks in his hand. Taking the cold beer Raina slowly sips it down and then just as suddenly upends the bottle draining it completely.

Reaching out she starts to caress her husbands thighs and parts his legs with just a little pressure. Sliding in between his parted legs Raina teases his semi-erect cock. escort kadıköy Sticking out her tongue she lets it trail across his shaft ever so slightly. Ty shudders with the feelings his wife is causing throughout his entire body. Raina bends forward and takes to licking and sucking on her husbands balls as she gives him a slow, loving handjob.

“MMMMM oh yeah baby suck on my balls and stroke my cock baby I wanna fuck that tight little pussy again.”

Raina lets Ty’s balls slowly fall out of her mouth and takes his now fully erect cock in her mouth and starts the best blowjob Ty has ever had. Growling savagely Ty puts his hand behind Raina’s head and grabs a handful of hair. Ty can feel his seed boiling closer and closer to release, he starts fack fucking his wife so hard she could hardly breathe. Raina could hardly breathe with her husbands cock shoved down her throat as he ruthlessly pounded her mouth, but Raina was in Heaven.

Slipping one hand between her legs Raina starts to play with her pussy. Rubbing little circles on her clit and dipping a finger into her cock hungry pussy, bringing herself closer and closer to total bliss. Ty tells his wife that hes close to coming so she increases her speed to cum at the same time as him.

“Ahhhhhh baby im gonna cum, I’m cumming nowwwwwww mmmmm yes swallow that load baby and then in a little bit I’m gonna fill that pussy with my hard cock.”

Fully spent for the moment Ty lets his cock slide out of his hot wifes mouth. “Oh Ty baby I just had the biggest orgasm that I’ve ever had I definitely need to relax for a little bit and then I want you to take me and use me like your own personal little slut.”

Raina smiled a little smile because she knew the fun was farrrrrr from over that night.

To be continued….

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