8 Ağustos 2022



Subject: Man Cam (Luis5s Says Hi (6) This is a fictional story about hot guy from an online chat site It’s pure fiction as all the guys live far away Some gay, some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Luis5s Says Hi (6) …..”Get back on this with your mouth” Luis commanded Make sure it’s nice and hard for that pussy hole I’m gonna fuck. I looked at the towering cock in his hand. It was such a beautiful thing just to look at. He the. Waved it at me. Urging my next actions. I then leaned down again. I grasped hisdick and swallowed him back down. My head tilted as I had it almost laying on his belly. I slurped and sucked on his massive dick like it was the last one on earth. Or just plainly the last one I would ever have. Luis just groaned as he had my hungry mouth worshiping his schlong. He hips gently thrusting at my face. His granite izmit escort hard cock pushed into my throat over and over. My gags coming and going with each push and pull if his massive dick. I then pulled from his cock. I held it tightly from the base. The thing looking utterly huge and shiny in my hand “Fuck me Luis” I begged “I need this monster in me so bad” I kissed the head and top of his drool covered shaft. Then I crawled up in the bed. I then moved up over him. My legs spreading as I straddled his lap. I had spit oin my hand and rubbed at my needy ass hole. Getting it ready for his cock. My legs at each side of his waist. My face looking down at his. “Gonna hurt soo good” I said That’s when I lowered myself onto his dick. I rubbed that lig against my hungry hole. Then i pushed myself onto his dick. “Ughhn fuck” I groaned as pressure touched my ass “Get in there you big cock you” “Get up in my ass” Then I felt the head pop through my gateway. izmit otele gelen escort Pain registered as I felt my hole prying open. It had been a while. And this big old dick was definitely gonna hurt. I still pushed myself down onto it. “Fuckkk!” I groaned “Forgot how big this fucker iss” “Awee shiit” “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” I moved down his big dick ever so slowly. The pain as it pulled at my hole. Stretching it as I moved down his shaft. But I had to have him, so I continued on my slow steady impalement. “Fuckk!” I again groaned I was now more than half way down his big dick. But I had to stop. To let my ass acclimate to his cock again. My hole was in dire pain. So I just held myself there. About 5 inches down his dick. A bit more than half. I then leaned forward and buried my face into his shoulder. Groaning there as I tried to accept his dick as far as it had gone. I breathed in deeply as I let darıca escort my ass take him in. “God Luis” I sighed at his neck “Still hurts man” He smiled and laughed a bit as he held me there on his cock. Then his hand moved down my back. He was caressing me as I lay there partway impaled in his dick. He turned his head and his bearded mouth kissed my head. His hands continued to gently moved down my back. Then reaching my hips and buttocks. His hand held my butt cheeks. Lightly squeezing at them. “Feels good right” he said softly to me “My cock feels good in there” I sighed as I liked the softness in his voice at that moment. I was almost reassuring to me. “Soo good inside this pussy” he said again “Let me give you more of it” That’s when his grip tightened on my butt. And then Luis lifted his hips and thrust. My eyes rolled up into my head and a deafening cry spit from my mouth. For Luis slammed all that cock up into my guts. Pain tore through me as that big cock punched into my guts whole on. And the scream started, but then just was cut off from the heat of the pain “Fuckk. Ohh G….” I howled………………. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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