16 Mayıs 2023

Lusting After Derek


It was almost Easter, and I had no idea what to get you. I had thought about dressing in a little cutesy Bunny costume, but that seemed a little tame, for you anyway. I thought about being there in your bed when you got home, covered perhaps in jelly beans, still, too tame. Then I thought about possibly waiting in your car for you to get off of work. That wet my appetite, considerably.

I imagined myself having managed to gain access to your car. Luckily it was parked way in the back of the lot. I parked several spaces away, next to a truck so you wouldn’t see my car. But then came the matter of making my way to your car, toys in tow.

I waited until the coast was clear, my heart was beating a hundred miles a minute. I had thrown a long black trench coat over my outfit. Well, what there was of my outfit.

“Come on Alison” I said to myself to calm my nerves. “You can do this.” And I stepped out of the car, slinked across the parking lot and into your car.

I got an instant rush. I actually liked the way I was dressed. The black leather boots giving me height, always made me feel sexy and somewhat powerful, but in broad daylight, well that was a little more daring. Maybe I should have had a drink first, but I had brought a joint. Considering I had a little more than an hour to kill, I thought being a little buzzed might take the edge off, and there was the other thing. My inhibitions. I’d never call myself inhibited, no. But with a slight buzz, I was in a state of bliss, fearless, willing to do almost anything, in the name of passion.

I climbed into the front seat of the car, Akbatı escort and put my bag of “tricks” next to me in the passenger seat. I reclined the seat back slightly and rested my head. I took a deep breath, trying to take you in. I closed my eyes and imagined your hands on my body… the feel of your skin… your taste. Mmmmmmmmm. I was overcome with a sense of euphoria. If I didn’t do another thing, move another muscle, it would have been just fine. Being there, in your car, sitting in the seat you sat in, fantasizing… mmmmm is all I can say.

I unbuttoned my coat. I checked my watch. An hour to go. I slid my hands down my body and between my legs, I was wet. I moaned, out loud.

My eyes closed, my head resting back, I turned my head to one side and squirmed in your seat. My fishnets were crotchless which made for easy access, and my bra was cut so as my nipples were free. I brought my wet fingers up to my nipples, which were of course hard.

I pictured you bowing your head, your tongue lapping first one nipple then the other. I imagined your mouth warm, and the way you’d slide one hand down between legs, and I slid one hand between my legs.

Then I thought to myself. I could bring myself to orgasm, and easily so. I mean I was half way there… and you’d never know! It was a wildly wicked thought. Get myself off and then just slink away, back to my own car as if nothing had happened. It was genius, the thought of you not ever knowing turning me on even more. Even being the obedient little sub that I was I did have this rebellious streak, which Aksaray escort bayan I knew you loved, even though you denied it.

I reached over into my bag. I pulled out the candle, I lit it and set it between my knees as I rummaged for the vibrator. I’d brought the butt plug, but that hardly seemed necessary now, now that I was so God damn turned on!

I turned the vibrator on, having replaced the batteries that morning, not wanting to take any chances. I spread my legs wide, slouching down in the set, which by now I had almost but not quite reclined fully. I rested the vibrator against my clit as I found the gag. I looked around now, remembering where it was that I was. Nobody, and I continued.

I found the joint, better take a hit now I thought. I lit it with the candle taking a long, deep drag. I placed the candle on the dashboard and then fastened the gag around my head, the little black bulb in my mouth. But it wouldn’t stay little for long. It was the type that could be pumped up, and I pumped it a few times before moving on.

The vibrator which at first had my full attention, now seemed barely noticeable. I turned it up a notch and felt a delightful, yet small twinge. I pumped the gag a few more times, and checked the candle. Perfect, I picked the candle off the dash carefully, but not before attaching the nipple clips, which were attached sideways and not head on, so that once in place I could drip the hot wax on the tip of my already bulging nipples.

The clips actually had long chains and another set of clips on the opposite end Escort Ankara which I was able to hook to the steering wheel, your steering wheel. That’s why I hadn’t reclined the seat fully. I was waiting, waiting for the perfect moment to recline it another inch, thus providing yet another stimuli.

I dripped the wax and pulled the chain taunt and another twinge between my legs. I reached down now and slid the vibrator deep inside very slowly, pulling it back out even slower and then letting just the tip rest inside me. I squeezed my legs together now, tight.

I pulled down the visor, staring at my reflection, and was captivated by what I saw. Then I remembered, the time!!!! I checked my watch, still 30 minutes. But I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t wait for you. I pumped the gag up until it filled my mouth, a tiny line of drool running from the corner of my mouth. I grabbed the vibrator, thrust it hard and deep. In and out and then across my clit only to slide it back in again. I used my hand on my clit. I was wet beyond belief. I had to hurry. And finally I came, hard, my body shaking in your seat. I just sat there, spent, and pretty damn happy with myself. The adrenaline flowing.

Ten minutes, I had ten minutes to get out of there, and that was if you didn’t get off early for some reason. I thought about leaving you a memento, was very tempted. But on second thought, it was much more thrilling to think that you would never know.

I pulled myself together, but not before taking one last deep breath. Your car smelled like me now, it smelled of sex. Thoroughly pleased with myself I left your car. I drove out the front gate of the parking lot and pulled over to a spot where I had full view of the front door, but was sure you would not see me. Two minutes later there you were. I smiled. Oh how I wanted you even now, maybe next time. I pulled away before you’d even gotten into your car.

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