6 Mayıs 2023

Make My Life Happy – Chapter 7 -Decisions


Claudia’s dad was at their apartment at six-thirty, right on time, as usual.  The three of them sat at the table with coffee for courage.  Mr. Thomas looked over the papers Mr. Garrison had given Paul.  He studied every page, every paragraph.  At times he would go to a previous page.  Claudia and Paul were shaking like leaves in a tornado.“Kids, this is one hell of a contract, as far as I can tell.  Paul, you will be salaried.  Even if you don’t work, you get paid.  You can’t buy a thirteen-room house, but it is a more than fair wage.  If you want, I can call Sam and have him look at it tomorrow.  This way you can have an answer for Garrison well before the deadline.  That looks good on you.”“That makes sense to me,” Paul said.  “But won’t Sam be upset if you call him on a Saturday?”“No, he and I have an eight o’clock tee time, and it’s my turn to cover the nineteenth hole.  He won’t mind at all.  I will show him the contract BEFORE we start the nineteenth hole, though.”They had a good laugh and Mr. Thomas left, contract in hand. Claudia jumped up, “I’ll be right back, Baby.  Dad – Dad – wait up.”Claudia caught her dad just as he was getting into his car.“What’s up, Baby?”“Dad, the deal from Mr. Garrison, the one about the second shop.  Is there a deadline on it?”“No, but I wouldn’t waste time.  Garrison is a man who wants to make money.  Waiting for answers could cost him money.  What is in that brain of yours, Claudia?”“I will tell you Sunday afternoon.  Deal?”“OK, by me,” said her dad.“Paul!?”“Claudia, sweetheart, calm down, you’re in overdrive.”“I know, but Maltepe Escort I have an idea.  Just hear me out.  What if we take Garrison up on his offer and open the second shop?  We will have to find someone to manage it or work in our shop.  What do you think about asking Ursula and Deena to join us?  Not a merger, but advertise cards, candles, flowers, and a bakery.  One stop shopping.”“Girl, you may just have something there.  We would draw the people from here in town and attract some of the people from the city.  Their flower shop is a grocery store.  Any other surprises in that beautiful mind of yours?”“Nothing I would want to share with anyone but you,” Claudia said in her seductive voice.The next morning, Saturday, found Claudia and Paul at the back door of the bakery.  Ursula and Deena were neck-deep in donuts, cream puffs, and a couple of cakes.  Paul gave a half-hearted shout over the din in the bakery.“Good morning, ladies.”Ursula and Deena looked up.  They were totally surprised to see Paul and Claudia standing at their back door.“Good morning,” Ursula responded. “This is a bit early, but what can we get for you?”Paul walked over to the ladies with Claudia right behind him. “We have a business opportunity, and Claudia and I would like to propose an idea.  We have a chance to open a flower shop in the city.  Their florist is a department in the grocery store.  We would like to include Rottermann’s Bakery in our advertising.It would cost the bakery nothing.  Not a penny.  We thought having the bakery, cards, Maltepe Escort Bayan candles, and flowers in one advertisement would be appealing.  One-stop shopping, if you will.  There would not be a contract.  You could drop out whenever you wanted.”Claudia spoke up, “Paul does our web design, all you would have to do is show him what you would want in the advertisement.  Please, if you would, talk about it and see what you think.  I hate to be pushy, but if you could let us know by Monday it would be great.”Paul added, “If you know someone who might be willing to work for a reasonable salary, Tuesday through Sunday at one o’clock we would appreciate it.  They would probably start in our shop, then manage the new shop.  Please let us know as soon as you can.”“Deena looked at Ursula, “This sounds interesting.  It may be worth a try, Ursula.  It won’t cost us anything.  Our business is good, but we wouldn’t turn away more.”“Ursula let a tear sneak down her face. “I wish Pappa was here.  He would know what to do.  Can I let you know tomorrow when we close?  We close about the same time, could we meet somewhere?”“How about we meet at Ellie’s for lunch? We can talk more?”“Sounds good, “Ursula agreed.  Paul and Claudia left.“What do you think my father will say, Paul?”“Expanding with no investment, I think he will go for it.  And he knew Henry Rottermann.  I’m sure he will consider his daughter, who grew up next to him, has taught her good business ethics.  I think this will be a go.  If Ursula agrees.  I think we have Deena on our side.”Claudia called her dad and told him what was going on.  He seemed pleased and thought the two businesses could help each other.  A win-win for the bakery.  The call was interrupted by Ursula and Deena walking in.  They were smiling, a good sign.“Claudia, is opening the second shop a reality?  Not trying to pry, but has it been financed, or are you still working with the bank?” Ursula questioned.“No, we have a businessman who would be financing the venture.  For our part, Paul and I have to find someone to work here while I am managing the new shop for a while.  Hopefully, we can turn the city shop over to the new employee to manage.  Having said that, we still are very interested in the advertising part.”“Ladies,” Paul said, “the advertising will cost you nothing.  I did the web design for Claudia, and I must say we did get some new business from it.  If we could, we would put in a flower arrangement in your shop, and if you want, you could put samples in here with a sign with your name on it.”“I like the idea of trading samples of our shops.  Especially if the city shop opens,” said Deena.  “Do you have someone in mind to manage the city shop?”“Claudia mentioned asking her friend Sandy, but I don’t know if she has talked to Sandy as yet.  If you have anyone that you would hire for your shop, in mind for our city shop, we’re open to suggestions.  Almost everyone we know is in the nine-to-five rut.”Deena discreetly patted Ursula on her butt.  More like giving her a nudge, not an invitation for later.  Ursula turned to Deena as if to ask if it was a good idea.“I have an older sister, Analise.  She went to the community college for a two-year associate degree in business.  She has been out for a year and cannot find a job.  If you would consider her, I will stand for her.”

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