18 Mart 2023

Making Salad


He stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching her cut the vegetables. This woman he had taken years to get to know. He could see the nape of her neck through a few stray strands of dark hair and the shape of her calf muscle below her white sleeveless dress. But what he really appreciated was the curve of her ass. An ass she didn’t mind sharing. It was then, he knew he had to have her, have her now! In two silent steps he was behind her. He put his hands on her hips and nuzzled the nape of her neck and inhaled the intoxicating scent that was her. She stiffened for a moment, sighed and nuzzled her head against his.

He began to kiss her neck with tiny loving kisses as her brought his hands across her stomach and up to her breasts. He cupped them gently as he began to kiss her shoulder blade. She dropped the knife she had been cutting vegetables with and brought her hands back to his ass. He could feel her nipples stiffen through the soft fabric of her dress. This excited him even more. He began pulling her dress up past her hips. In one motion he had it over her head and on the floor. She stood before him naked. He was thrilled she wore no undergarments but not surprised. He pressed his hard-on against her back, rocking back and forth. She turned and loosened his pants.

When his erection was free she smiled, he knew what that smile meant and ignored it. He wanted to taste her sweet juices and before she could fall to her knees he grabbed her by the hips and hoisted to the counter. Spreading her legs he inhaled her atakent escort perfume and saw her moisture beginning to glisten on her lips. She was shaved and he savored the sight as he brought his hand to her pussy. He touched her gently just on the outside of her pussy lips and she moaned. He pet her there enjoying the feel of her smooth, yielding skin and savoring the thought of penetrating it with his now hard as ever cock. Her juices ran out on to his hand and he was once again reminded of how much he wished to taste the nectar that poured from her body there. He brought his nose to her pussy and inhaled her intoxicating perfume once more.

He blew gently on pussy lips and said, “I can hardly wait to put my cock in here.”

He blew again. “I want to feel the warmth and wetness of your pussy all over my face first!”

With that he stuck his tongue out and licked her from her asshole to the top of her mound. She moaned and began to quiver. His feast began with gentle playful licks to the outside of her sex. She pushed his head and played with his hair, all the time her body writhing, wanting more. After what seemed like an eternity, he used his tongue to open her lips and find the dripping inner parts of her sex. He was careful not to put too much pressure on her clitoris, as he wanted to prolong her climax. She was very wet and his fingers were dripping as he began to explore the inner lips of her pussy. He was so intoxicated by her sex he thought he ataköy escort might fall over, so he put one hand out to steady himself on the counter. His hand landed on the carrot she had been chopping. It was almost untouched by the knife. He felt how large around it was and how hard it was…He brought it down by his mouth and gently inserted it into her pussy while he continued to lick her. She came immediately and continued to do so as he worked it in and out careful not to go too deep or too fast. That was a pleasure he wanted to save for his ultra hard cock.

“What are you using on me?” He heard her say, just before she had another orgasm. He smiled to himself and removed the carrot.

He pulled her down from the counter. She was all too eager to climb down and before he even asked she had turned around and bent over using the counter to brace herself. He looked down at her beautiful ass. It’s round globes hiding a pleasure so exquisite as to move him to the brink of orgasm. He closed his eyes. He wanted this to last so closing his eyes would calm him down just a little.

She swayed her ass as if to ask’ “What’s taking you so long?”

He brought his cock into position but used his hand to guide it at just the right angle. He pushed into her slowly and with steady pressure. She came the whole time. He knew this would happen and welcomed it. He enjoyed the sensation of every muscle associated with her pussy contracting around his pole; entrapping atalar escort it, challenging it to continue its path down into its glorious depths. When he hit bottom he stopped and waited for her to finish this orgasm. He revealed in the feeling of her excited wet pussy contracting all around his hard, hard cock.

When she seemed almost done he began moving in her. Slowly at first, he wanted to feel every nook and cranny of her warmth. He steadied himself using his hands on her hips. That’s when he felt her hand around whatever part of his cock was not buried in her pussy. This excited him almost to the cumming point and he knew she knew it would. He stopped with just the head of his cock in her pussy, she continue to use her hand to service his cock. The sensation was indescribable. He then reached around and pushed her hand away. As he did this he rammed his cock all the way to the hilt into her. She screamed out with pleasure. He began to bang into her. Violently using her pussy to bring himself to full pleasure. He slapped her beautiful ass just as he was about to cum. Each time he slapped her muscles in her pussy would contact and she would cry out in pleasure. After only a few moments of this he could stand it no longer. With a roar of pleasure and exertion he began to cum.

It was like cumming in slow motion. He could feel his seed leave him in short powerful bursts; Filling her pussy with gallons of cum. He could hear her moaning and shrieking as her pussy muscles contracted and relax in perfect harmony to his cumming. They bucked and pushed against each other challenging the other to stop cumming first. He came just a little more after all his sperm was gone. It was then that he realized just how much he wanted to keep this woman in his life.

She finally stopped teasing him with her pussy and asked, “Now, do you really want carrots for supper?”

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