8 Mart 2023

Male Man’s Delivery Ch. 05


Austin wasn’t able to get over to Jerry’s after Jerry called him so Jerry told him explaining what happened between him and Katie earlier. Austin couldn’t believe how lucky Jerry was. Austin was envious and excited he was invited.

If he knew about the party the night before he said he would have invited himself. Austin would be fun to have around. The girls would like him too. Austin and Jerry are similar in their demeanor and just plain fun.

Jerry gave him the address and would meet him there. Once off the phone, he sat down and ate a sandwich; he turned on the TV but fell asleep.

By 7:00 Jerry was out. His door was wide open and Lou drove by. Heading home to wash up and go back to the hospital, she stopped at Jerry’s first just after taking a quick shower.

Seeing he was asleep on the couch, it was close to 8:00. Knocking on the door he didn’t hear her. She let herself in and as she approached the couch, she smiled seeing he was in boxers and a t-shirt. She smiled as a dream came true. But she wondered if he was dreaming. She was aroused. Why was that? Because his dick was actually hard! It was obvious through the boxers he wore. Lou was so giddy, she almost giggled when she saw his stiff cock.

She thought “I should take advantage of this and touch it while I can.” She also thought she’d stroke it even though he was asleep. She’d do it but only on the outside of his boxers. Then she thought she could slip her hand up inside and touch it. “Yeah whoa now that would be cool” she whispered. Then she wondered what would happen if she did.

Lou fantasized several times when it came to Jerry. She never imagined him with a hard cock while he slept. She never acted on her impulses. She stood by the couch thinking and wishing she would get up the nerve to do it. She wasn’t necessarily cowardly however it was Jerry and they were close in certain ways. She was too conscientious. Plus, they weren’t an item; she just felt like acting on her feelings and fantasies too she’s had in the past.

Not wanting thinking, she didn’t want to be caught doing something disrespectful. She thought it wouldn’t be right giving him a handjob when he was asleep. She said quietly “Would he mind? Nah, it’s Jerry and he’s my guy; he wouldn’t care at all. Jerry would let me do it I know he would. But if it was me I’d wanna be awake.” She was getting more aroused while she stood there.

Just as she said it Jerry shifted sideways. His eyes opened momentarily. He looked over at Lou, but it didn’t register at all with him that she was there in the house. He drifted back to sleep right away.

When his eyes closed again Lou stepped up to the couch. Since she knew he was sound asleep, she knelt down. She said to herself “What the heck go for it.” She put her fingers over his boxers and on his cock shifting it a little. That thrilled her to death. She became very horny.

Just as she shifted it, a riveting flash of excitement rushed through her. Lou was turned on and thrilled to no end as she touched his cock. It was wild and weird at the same time. She felt as if she could almost have sex right there on the spot.

At the same time, Jerry was startled. He felt something but had no idea what. He felt something touching as he slept. Whatever touched him, stirred him and he moved abruptly! He opened his eyes and grabbed his cock, shifting it himself. Lou, while kneeling in front of him, watched with pleasure and disbelief as she smiled.

That’s when she had another craving to place the palm of her hand on his cock too as his own hand adjusted himself again. She couldn’t get up the nerve. She was wound up with anticipation. She said to herself it was an opportune moment.

Lou shuffled backwards as he woke up and shifting it at the same time. She didn’t want to be the guilty party caught feeling him. However she knew what she felt when she touched it and the rush she got was incredible. She more then loved it. She would do it again given half the chance. She was finally past her fears. She urged herself to do something naughty she normally wouldn’t do and she was proud.

Jerry finally woke up. Blinking his eyes he saw Lou kneeling a couple feet away. Lou smiled and said hi and touched his hand. A little confused, he didn’t know why she was there. She explained without telling him knowing she touched his hard cock. She was excited and turned on. Jerry’s cock was still hard. Once he realized it he wanted to shift it again until it went limp.

“Hi Jerry how are you? Aren’t you going to the party?” He said he was but asked why she was there. She explained she was on her way back to the hospital but when she saw his door was wide open she thought she’d stop in to say hi.

“Can you wait a second while I get decent?” She asked why since everyone will see him indecent sooner or later anyways. They laughed at her remark

“You do look cute Jerry. Do you mind if I stay a while?” He didn’t care. “If you’re anxious to go to the house, feel free. Don’t bağcılar escort let me stop ya.”

“Lou, I’m whipped. I could blow that off easily. I could easily go to bed and lie down, and watch TV.”

Giggling she asked him “Hmm does anything include me?”

They considered their options. They considered the idea of bedding down together and just playing or snuggling. She went and closed the front door. She closed his drapes. She made sure nobody could see inside. He sat on the couch. She came back and sat next to him. They looked at the other not knowing what to say.

Lost for conversation he asked “So do you wanna kiss Lou?”

“Umm sure why not; tell you something I’d rather do” but she stopped in mid-sentence, second guessing herself. She didn’t tell him. He was curious what she was going to say. He asked her.

“Well, when you were sleeping, I stood looking at you for a minute. I watched you sleep and you were, well you were so damn cute. There’s more too; I was turned on while watching you. Uhh maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. Umm maybe…”

“It’s okay Lou you can say anything you wanna say to me. You know I like you. I know we aren’t exclusive or anything. I mean I sure would like to see other people, but I hafta tell ya, I like you a lot.”

“Umm wait a minute! Hold on a second Jerry!” Something clicked with her for some reason “I gotta ask ya a question. Are you, well are you umm” and she closed her eyes trying to recall the name of a guy she was getting notes from. “Jerry are you the ‘Male Man?’ Be honest with me Jerry.”

He looked at her eyes with confidence. She saw his brilliant grin. He was proud of the fact he had complimented a girl he liked. He mentioned he wanted to go out with her but truthfully she didn’t like the way he beat around the bush. It worried her some that guy was using stalking like tactics even though Jerry was the one who wrote the notes. She was pissed off all of a sudden.

Raising her voice and scowling at him she screamed “You know what, you’re a jerk! At first I thought it was funny and cute, but the more I looked at the notes, the more I was worried. You could have come forward and told me it was you. Yeah you could have Jerry. I like you. I mean I like you a lot. But this ‘Male Man’ crap, well it’s for the birds.”

“Hey whoa, hold on a second! That isn’t fair. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk and you should understand that of all people. You know me pretty well. I know we aren’t dating, but you and I are friends. I always thought we were.”

“You know what too? I see things about you that you don’t umm like about you. It’s evident as hell. You don’t like yourself to begin with. You don’t like what you look like. I’m pretty sure you don’t like that you are a chubby or full figured girl. But you know what I absolutely love that about you coupled with who you are personally. I think you are attractive and actually sexy Lou. I do and I’ve always thought so.”

“You should cut me some slack. I think I deserve a break. I was having fun. I told you I wasn’t some weirdo stalker. I had no intention of treating you wrong. I still feel the same way about you Lulu, I do; maybe you ought to go and think over what I’ve told you. Like I said, I really like you a lot. Here, let me show you out. You think about what I said and I sure hope something works out between you and I. I hope your dad gets better. I’ll talk to you later.”

She left, got in her car, and backed out slowly. He felt like crap. He was upset. “Fuck her, if she wants to be like that, then so be it.”

Austin arrived at the girl’s house. He fended for himself until Jerry arrived. Austin was greeted by Katie. She got him a beer and while she went and finished getting ready upstairs, Sherry entered the room.

Sherry was wearing jeans and a peach toned Plunge Hoody. He was impressed. She was out to impress too. Austin enjoyed the chance to check her out. She smiled while he did. The jeans weren’t bad either. She knew by the look on his face she was winning him over already.

She introduced herself. They hugged and got Austin another beer. Sherry and Austin discovered they had much in common; she liked him more and more before anyone else was in the picture.

She went back to the kitchen; he followed her in. She prepared some food. While she did, he helped her out. She smelled great he thought. He told her he liked her perfume. She turned around and told him thank you. She offered a sample of the food she prepared.

He thanked her. Everything was beginning to click between them. She liked his smile, his eyes, and what he wore. She blatantly checked him out even though he stood right in front of her. He checked her out again too. Knowing the other knew it, they were bonding. He loved her top. It was her intent and she did well at it, drawing his attention. Its low cut design highlighted her full bubbly chest and her bottomless cleavage.

Both looked back up. Their eyes met. A connection had been made. Chemistry cihangir escort between the two was gelling. Similar thoughts were on their minds. Austin with his broad muscular set of shoulders and bull chest caught her attention most of all. His personality was defined as lively but warm. His soft hazel eyes and attitude put many at ease around him. Sherry felt it instantly. She felt as if she could snuggle with him in a moments notice. Similarly Austin felt something towards her too.

“Wow Austin, there is something about you I like and a lot too if you don’t mind me being truthful. You remind me of someone I know or used to know. I like your, umm personality. Do you know you have the cutest eyes and your smile, well its warm and inviting?”

“Yeah, really ’cause I like your eyes too and I think you are attractive. I mean, me I’m overweight and I think I could be a lot skinnier. Most girls don’t care for my body the way it is. I’m pretty sure of that. I’m sure you think that way too.”

“Oh no, no way, umm you shouldn’t think that way at all. I think you’re handsome. I don’t know why you said that. I don’t think that. Me on the other hand, guys don’t usually go for a body like mine. But ya know what? Jerry thinks we’re all pretty, and well umm, never mind. I don’t know what I’m trying to say.”

“Oh heck yeah I think you do. What I think you are trying to say is he likes you guys the way you are; you’re out to impress him. I’m impressed so far. “I think he told you all I’m a lot like he is. Let me say one thing Sherry. You look absolutely hott!” He wanted to add to that by a wink and smile, but he waited for her to say something.

Rapport was building quickly. “Aww thanks Austin, thanks a lot. That’s real sweet of you to say.” She smiled timidly, and also blushing as she looked into his eyes. Then she turned away.

Something clicked with Austin. “Wow Sherry this is so cool. I mean I think you are very cool. I like you already and we hardly know each other.” Sherry turned back, thanked him again, and blushed.

She knew what she felt. She wanted to at least hug him and see if he’d kiss her. Austin and Sherry were hitting it off even before the party got underway.

“Sherry I know the party hasn’t started. I know everyone’s willing to play what you played last night. But I’m gonna ask you a favor. I know this sounds stupid, but somehow I think you will say yes if I ask.”

“Yeah I’ll kiss ya Austin. If that’s what you wanted to ask me? Sure I’ll kiss you. If that’s what you were gonna ask, then let’s do it, let’s kiss!”

He laughed and said yes it was what he was going to ask. Sherry and Austin embraced in a great entertaining kiss. They continued kissing and stopped after a minute, but held each other, smiling and staring. They were lost in a hopeful passion as they sought out a chemistry they hoped existed.

All of a sudden they began kissing passionately again, pulling each other closer and tighter towards each other. Austin then stopped and told her “God I like this a lot! I like kissing you like this. This is hott Sherry! You are hott too! This is awesome isn’t it?”

Just then Katie walked in on them. “Hey what the hell is going on? How did all this get started? Geez Sherry are you getting a little pre-party lip action? Man, how’d you get so freakin lucky? Dang girl good for you, but I bet Cherise is gonna be jealous. I won’t tell if you won’t.”

They all looked at one another. Still holding Sherry in his arms, he hugged her and laughed. “I guess I’m one lucky dude. I’ll keep it a secret if you two do.” All of them laughed again, but Cherise walked in when she heard the laughing and saw Sherry in Austin’s arms.

“Hey what is going on” she asked. ‘Spin the Throttle’ hasn’t started and Sherry’s getting’ a piece of you already? No fair no fair; I want some too.”

Laughing, Cherise and Austin started kissing. Both liked it but Austin wasn’t as turned on with as he was with Sherry. There definitely was chemistry with Sherry.

Jerry walked in on his own since nobody answered the door. Upset with Lou, he needed something or someone to lift his spirits. 3 girls somehow could change his mood. They did soon enough. When he walked in, they all went to greet him. Ignoring Austin for a moment, Jerry got enough hugs and kisses to change anyone’s mood.

“Damn that helps me” he said. “I got into it with Lou or she got all over my case about something. Thanks all I need that a lot! Wow, don’t you all look fine tonight. Don’t they Austin?”

“How fine do we look” Cherise asked, wanting some action and soon.

“How fine do you feel” Jerry asked her back. She said real fine. She said she spent a lot of time making sure she was primped to the max. “Oh yeah and you look it too.” He asked for a beer.

They all sat down, talked a while, and drank a few beers. Austin asked “Are we going to play everybody?” They looked at each other and said yes.

The game got underway. Notes were written up. They were gaziosmanpaşa escort put in a bowl; beer was brought out, and put on ice. Jerry popped a bottle open, drank it down, and said “This is our throttle ladies. It’s special so respect it’s purpose.”

All three girls looked at one another with questions on their minds. “What’s he mean by that” they wondered. Katie spoke up.

“He means we’re going to use it. They aren’t, but we are. Isn’t that right Jerry?”

He couldn’t contain himself. Excited but thinking mischievously, his smile gave it away.

“I don’t know about this” replied Katie. I’m not so sure I wanna get kinky.”

“Kinky” cried out Jerry. It isn’t kinky. It might be a little wild in some ways, but it is not kinky. I guarantee that!”

“What is it then” asked Katie who slowly was getting upset before the night began.

“Never mind Katie, if you don’t wanna play then don’t. You should know by now and you should know me too by now that I’m not going to get kinky. You’re killing the mood girl.”

“Yeah Katie” added Sherry “I wanna play this. I’m in the mood for fun. I’m in the mood for lots of umm naughty fun too” as she giggled. Katie said she’d watch and see.

“Who gets to go first tonight? I’m ready, but I want someone to be first that’s willing and not going to chicken out.” Cherise got the jump on everyone. She spun the bottle. It landed on Katie. Katie passed. Cherise spun it again. It landed on Katie again.

Hesitant to be involved in what she assumed was going to expose her even though she had sweet assets to be exposed in Jerry’s eyes; she pulled a piece of paper.

She read it to herself. “No way; this is too crazy. Who wrote this?” They told her to read it aloud. “It says ‘Take the glass god and show us how it’s done when a man isn’t around to take care of certain needs.’ Is that crazy?”

Jerry and Austin looked at each other with great anticipation. The girls were curious to see if Katie would do anything. Katie was hesitant to do it at all.

“I’ve got an idea” said Jerry. “Turn off all the lights but one. Turn on some music but keep it turned down. Turn around, away from us, and close your eyes. Think fun and let go of your inhibitions. If you do that, then you’ll have fun.”

Katie did as he suggested. She turned around, undid her jeans, pulled them down a little, and closed her eyes. No one spied too much. Keeping her eyes closed, she slid the bottle slightly inside her pussy. She pulled it out right away not feeling comfortable about doing it in that atmosphere. Laying it down beside herself, she snapped her jeans, brushed her hair back, but when she turned back around she was beat red.

Katie spun the bottle and it landed on Jerry. It read “If the bottle was just used, suck and swallow anything on it and in it.” He broke out laughing and then read it aloud. Austin also laughed as well as Sherry. Cherise was a little grossed out.

Without hesitating Jerry reached for the bottle, smiled as he put it up to his mouth and twirled his tongue around it, and then he put it inside his mouth. He swallowed all the ‘contents’ he could get from it. He looked at Katie, winked, and smiled brightly.

They all broke out in laughter, including Katie, loosening her up for the night. Jerry spun the bottle. It landed on Sherry. Sherry pulled a piece of paper out and it read “Answer yes or no and you don’t have to say who, just say yes or no. Have you had any sexual relationship with anyone in this house?”

Sherry laughed and laughed. They wanted to know. She said yes but no. Everyone wanted to know what the question was. “Ohm duhhh okay here it is” and she read it. All ears perked up big time, especially Jerry’s and Austin’s.

“Umm yes I have but no I haven’t.” Sherry giggled a lot. “Her name is Velveeta. She is sweet and nice and smooth and Sherry giggled. Then Katie and Cherise also broke up laughing. They knew who Velveeta was. Jerry and Austin caught on and roared out in laughter. They demanded to meet her.

“Umm in order for this game to continue, we must meet her. Even if she’s a private friend and even if she’s shy” joking around with the situation. “We still wanna meet her in person. Is she a good friend Sherry? How close are you with her?” All of them laughed and laughed.

“Ohh we are close Jerry” giggling proudly. “We are very close friends aren’t we” as she looked at Katie and Cherise. All three winked, but also blushed.

“Oooooohh I like her already” Austin chimed in. “I like this friend a lot. Maybe you can umm show me how close you two are some time?” Sherry blushed but said maybe in response. That turned Austin on. “Oooooohhh wow Sherry, oh wow indeed!”

“Austin, am I making you umm horny?”

“Ohh umm uhh no, umm not at all” he replied lying to her. He felt a tingle in his pants.

“Does that answer everyone’s question?” Sherry was still blushing but playing the game fairly and without reservation. Austin liked her more and more as the night went on.

“Alright, whose turn is it? Oh yeah, Sherry’s turn again.” She spun it and it landed on Cherise. Cherise picked one that involved doing something with a guy. She blushed and hesitated doing what it said she should do.

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