13 Eylül 2022



“I would love to watch another woman do this to you.”

“Tell me why?,” I ask knowing the answer.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure. And you could watch me masturbate.”

“Promise me then, make it happen, soon, very soon, or I will,” I moan as his tongue teases me to a huge orgasm.

I am Marilyn, a softly spoken lady and I am proud of my gourmet talents in the kitchen and my whorish talents in the bedroom. What man doesn’t want a gourmet cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom?

I am in my early forties, like many women in their forties my libido is at all time highs. And I have been bi-curious ever since my early sexual experiences. My slim size 10-12 body is still good. I wear skimpy g-strings everywhere I go and I love the feel of my naked arse cheeks rubbing against my clothes and men (and women) ogling my good firm ass.

Not long afterwards I told one of my bisexual lady friends, Vivian, about our conversation. She is around my age, still attractive to both sexes and from some of the tales she has told me a very adept lover.

“I am willing and able, let’s do it,” she smiled. “And make sure your man watches us, preferably naked. Is he really going to masturbate while he watches?”

“Vivian is coming to visit us today baby,” I smile at my man Nat, a few days later as we shower together. He has just trimmed my pubic hair to his satisfaction and mine so I have just a long thin tuft above my cunt lips.

“I have waited a long time to watch another woman fuck you with her tongue. Are you looking forward to it?,” he asks as he teases my nipples and cunt lips.

“Do you really want this to happen baby?”

“Yes I do, I want it very much, something I have fantasized about for a long time. Tell me what you are going to do while you watch?,” I tease.

“You know the answer.”

”Tell me, part of my turn on.”

“Perhaps I might lick your nipples and kiss you passionately with my tongue. I am definitely going to oil my cock and masturbate, slowly and I want you to watch.

“What are you going to wear for Vivian?”

“A surprise for both of you, not much though.”

When Vivian arrives I am wearing heels, a designer jacket that barely covers my ass and cunt lips with just one button fastened to highlight my cleavage and nothing else apart from some expensive perfume. We kiss passionately with our hands all over each other before I hold her hand and lead her to my bedroom with mirrors on all the walls and ceiling.

“You must be Nat,” Vivian smiles as she kisses him passionately and ogles his body. Nat is wearing tight jeans and nothing else and his taut, tanned body does look good.

“I have wanted to have you for a long time Marilyn, you are a good catch for both sexes,” Vivian tells me as we kiss passionately with Nat sitting on a chair and watching as she undoes the button on my jacket and licks my nipples.

“We are both wearing similar jackets, mine is longer than yours though, take it off for me,” Vivian smiles as she shrugs it off exposing her totally naked body.

“How long since you had a fuck?”

“Last night and I was fantasizing about you and what I want you to do to me today.”

“Good, wish escort I could have watched, you should be able to last a while then.”

“Tell me what you are going to do to me Vivian,” I tease, I do like some banter as foreplay with my sex.

“Fuck your cunt with my tongue while your man watches and masturbates for both of us,” she whispers as we have each other’s tongues in our mouths as Vivian rubs her erect nipples on my equally erect nipples.

“You always did have a good ass Marilyn,” Vivian tells me as she kisses it with an arm between my legs as she teases my cunt with a fingertip.

“Is this what you want from me,” Vivian asks as she kneels in front of me, parts my legs and softly licks my cunt lips.

“Yes, that is exquisite, don’t stop,” I whisper as I glance at my man. he has his jeans off and is teasing his erection with a fingertip as it pokes out of his crotch-less leather jock strap.

“Your man likes watching me pleasuring you, an extra turn on for me, love his jock strap, he has a really good size cock,” Vivian whispers as she lays me on my back with three pillows under my head and licks my erect nipples.

“You told me once you were multi-orgasmic, let’s find out if you still are,” she tells me as I watch her lick her way down my body as she teases my very erect nipples with her fingertips.

“Put your legs over my shoulders,” she tells me as her tongue finds the tip of my clit, before her tongue laps my cunt lips.

“So good, so fucking good, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt,” I am moaning in short time.

“Do you like watching another woman licking and fucking my cunt?”

“Love it, look at my erection.”

“That is even better, so fucking good,” I moan even louder as Nat kisses my nipples, before my body shakes and I orgasm.

I am in my sexual element after another three orgasms in quick succession when Vivian tells me, “Sit on my face and use me.”

I have sat on a number of men’s faces for my sexual pleasure and theirs as they licked and pleasured me: the first time with a woman is bordering on ecstasy for me as Vivian holds my ass and slides my cunt lips along her tongue.

“That is an absolute huge fucking turn on for me, huge,” Nat is moaning as he teases his erection

“So good, so fucking good, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt,” I am moaning again as Vivian and I commence tribbing.

“Watch me cum, watch me, now,” Nat is almost screaming as we position ourselves to watch as he breathes very heavily and teases the full length of his very erect cock with the tip of the thumb and forefinger of both hands.

“Now watch us cum together,” Vivian tells him as we keep tribbing (another new and very enjoyable experience for me) and kiss passionately.

“My turn to pleasure you Vivian,” I whisper with just a little apprehension as the three of us shower together with our hands all over each other.

“I am so horny, can I have you both?,” she asks as she kisses me with a hand on my man’s cock.

“Would you like that baby?,” I ask as he lays on his back on the bed as I kiss him passionately with lots of tongue while Vivian is sucking his new erection.

Vivian organizes us so I am laying on my back on the bed with izmit escort bayan her kneeling over my face so I can lick her cunt lips, just as she did to me.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before, you are very good,” she whispers as I hold her generous ass and manipulate her cunt lips along my eager tongue. And I do love the feel of her ass cheeks in my hands.

“I really would like to suck your man’s erection while you are licking my cunt Marilyn? Please tell me yes? I really want it.”

We reorganize ourselves on the bed so Vivian is on her back with her legs apart as I lick her cunt lips while Nat is standing close by and watching very intently with his second erection for the day.

“Marilyn told me I can suck your cock while she is licking my cunt I really want it Nat, now.”

“You are an exciting woman baby, very exciting. Vivian is sucking my cock while you are licking her cunt. So good, so fucking good,” Nat tells me as I can feel Vivian tensing and groaning just before she orgasms on my tongue.

“I am not finished with you Marilyn, stand here with your legs apart with a foot on the stool,” she smiles as she sits Nat on a chair and eases herself onto his roaring erection.

The way she licked my cunt earlier was exquisite. However, standing like this and looking down on her sitting on my man’s erection as she laps my cunt lips is beyond exquisite, even ecstasy, as I have my hand on her head urging her on.

At the same time Nat is very excited as he has his hands on her ass and is sliding her cunt up and down his erection. My man and I had never ever had simultaneous orgasms from the same woman I muse as we are about to.

“Your tongue on my cunt is ecstasy.”

“Vivian was so good for both of us baby, why don’t we have her back again next week?,” I ask my man the next day as he is slowly fucking me.

“Would you like to have us again Vivian?,” I asked her the next day.

“Yes of course. This time I want to seduce you with lots of foreplay while your man watches. And I want you to blow your man while I lick your cunt.”

The night before Vivian is due to visit while Nat is fucking me I repeat what Vivian told me, “She wants to seduce me with lots of foreplay while you watch. And she wants me to blow you while she licks my cunt. Are you fine with that baby?,” I tease as he is about to cum.

“Yes, yes, yes,” He moans as we have huge orgasms together.

I had taken some trouble to look seductive for Vivian as my man helped me dress. “Why not play the vamp, you are very good at it,” he told me as he ogled my naked body. “Black suspender belt and stockings with your killer heels under your short black dress with the zipper at the back.”

“You really know how to flaunt your gorgeous ass, that is a huge turn on,” he tells me as I strut for him before he helps me on with my dress and does the zipper.

“Remember what you promised me?,” I smile already aroused when Vivian arrives as we have our hands all over each other and kiss passionately with Nat watching.

“Yes I do. What about you Nat?,” Vivian teases as she kisses him passionately and runs her hands over his hairy, naked chest. “Love your izmit sınırsız escort leather jock strap and your ass.”

“Seduction with lots of foreplay Marilyn,” she whispers as we kiss passionately with our tongues. “Undress me Nat, take my dress off for me,” Vivian tells my man who readily complies. “Now my bra and g-string. Should I leave my heels on? Wow, look at your erection bulging out of your leather jock strap. Huge.

“Now watch me undress your lady,” she whispers while she kisses my neck and undoes the long zipper at the back of my dress as it drops to the floor. “Your legs, ass and shaved cunt were made for those suspender belt and stockings Marilyn,” she tells me as she stands behind me with her hands on my nipples, then slides just a finger down to my cunt lips.

“Your ass in that outfit is sensational, just fucking sensational, I want it,” she whispers as I feel her lips kissing and licking it. Look at your man teasing his erection, we have turned him on. And he is turning me on for you.”

She sits me on a stool with my heels barely touching the floor with my legs apart and licks my thighs as she teases delicately teases my cunt lips with just a finger tip. My man is standing behind me kissing me with his fingertips teasing my nipples as I wrap a hand around his erection.

“Let’s turn him on some more,” Vivian tells me as she lays me on my back on the bed and joins me as we kiss passionately.

“Come and join us Nat, kiss your lady while I tease her cunt lips with just the tip of my tongue.

“Now I want you to tease her cunt lips with just the tip of your tongue while I kiss her, are you fine with that Marilyn?”

“Yes, exquisite foreplay, a huge tease.”

The moment Vivian’s strong tongue commences seriously licking my cunt lips after what must have been thirty minutes of very teasing foreplay is sexual heaven for me.

Even better when she tells me, “Suck your man’s erection for me now, I want to see him in your mouth,” as she stops licking me to watch me take him as she kisses him passionately while I wrap my pursed lips around his eight-inch erection.

“This is all about your sexual pleasure Marilyn, make it exciting for all of us, very exciting, don’t hold back,” she whispers as she recommences very seriously licking my cunt lips with her hands holding my ass cheeks.

When she digs her nails into my ass cheeks the sensation is exquisite as the tip of her tongue flicks my cunt lips – pleasure and pain, I love it.

I have my first orgasm in in less a minute and know I want and am going to have many more.

After three more orgasms, ”One finger or two” she asks as I enjoy her inserting and sliding one finger into my very wet cunt while she licks me.

“Two,” I manage to mutter while Nat is sliding his cock between my lips as I orgasm again, again and again.

“Nearly there baby, nearly there, scratch my balls,” Nat is moaning as Vivian takes her fingers away, then slides one back into me, then the second one as her tongue is doing wonderful things to my cunt lips at the same time as I scratch Nat’s balls.

“Harder baby, scratch harder, yes, yes, yes, so fucking good,” he is almost screaming as he releases in my mouth. Simultaneously Vivian is using two fingers in me as I have a long and very noisy orgasm.

“Was that good? Was I good Marilyn? Some more soon?”

“Yes please.”

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