16 Mayıs 2023

Marky and Sarah


This personal log belongs to

Name: Sarah M. Jameson

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Status: single

Job: physics undergraduate

Height: 5ft 4in (162.5 cm)

Weight: 131 pounds (59.4 kg)

Body: size 12, curvaceous (BMI: 22.5, I’m not fat!… but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds…especially around the hips)

Breasts: 32C, somewhat firm, luckily not sagging, brown nipples and areolas. Probably my strong point.

Hair: mid-back length, straight, dark brown hair. Usually I wear it in a ponytail.

Eyes: Brown, nearsighted (corrective glasses (-3 diopters)).

Personality: intellectual, introverted

On a late Wednesday evening, after a long day at school, I was sitting on my dorm bed, dressed in blue sweatpants and a loose white T-shirt, browsing the web on my laptop. The heat from the laptop on my stomach and thighs felt nice, making me realize I was a bit horny. Being the recluse I am, I was used to taking care of myself.

I closed the laptop and put it on the night table next to the bed. Then I took off my metal framed glasses, putting them on the laptop as I rubbed my eyes. I stretched and yawned, meowing like a kitten and laying back, closing my eyes. I imagined a well built guy holding me, but as always, I let my thoughts drift to whatever came to my mind.

I liked to play with my breasts first, running my hands over the T-shirt, feeling the soft C-cup bra and my fullness underneath. I slid my right hand underneath my shirt, running it over my ticklish stomach, now flat thanks to me laying on my back. I ran my fingers upwards between by breasts, lightly, teasingly. I wanted to feel them. I sat up, reached back and unhooked my bra. I pulled the straps off my arms and pulled out the white garment without taking off my T-shirt. That way I could stay comfortably warm.

Laying back again, I took a deep breath, enjoying the new freedom, as I put both of my hands beneath the shirt, putting each hand on the opposite hip and slowly moved them upwards, until I reached my breasts. First moving all around my soft, full curves, massaging the smooth skin, gradually working higher and higher, enjoying the sensations and the growing warmth between my legs. Wait for it, there’s no hurry. By the time I was teasing my nipples, I was breathing hard and I could feel a few drops of juice exit my pussy, flowing towards my bottom, being soaked in by my panties before arriving there.

I was ready. I lifted my bottom and pulled down my sweatpants, then lifted my legs to toss them aside. I put my left hand back under my shirt to continue on my right nipple, as my right hand wandered down, over my panties, stroking my mons in small circles. Then I continued lower, splitting my fingers to circle around the most sensitive area, instead stroking my soft lips. I was starting to breathe hard as I was slowly, but confidently, moving my fingers over my nipple and lips.

In a quick motion I slipped the right hand beneath my panties, into direct contact with my engorged lips, causing a soft sigh to escape my lips.

My inner voice commanded me – ‘Slip a finger between those lips, feel the slick wetness collecting at the bottom. Bring the wetness up, stroke it all between those lips, all the way up to the most beautiful area, but stop just before you get there.’

As I moved my fingers around, the squishy sounds were delightful. I felt the definite smell of my own arousal ascending from beneath my panties. I touched my clit.

‘Wait!’ – my mind reacted – ‘Too soon. Just keep rubbing around it.’

Oh, how I wish I had a mouth pleasuring me down there. But men are rough and clumsy. Several have tried and a few times successfully, but more often than not something was off. And some of them are not willing to even try.

Of course, being enterprising and horny, I searched for alternatives. A woman’s mouth could feel better, but I’m not into girls at all and even the thought of having sex with one is a major turn off. Even if from a purely physical point of view it might be nice, thinking realistically, I don’t think I’d enjoy it or be able to come.

Then there’s the problem that my body is far from perfect. From a numbers point of view, my weight and measures are no worse than most of my peers, but I feel fatter and less attractive. And I’m ashamed, even grossed out by the fluids and smells that I produce. Knowing my lover will judge me, as we all do, I’ve never been able to relax while receiving oral. The fact, that most guys that did it to me, didn’t try to repeat it, only makes it worse. They say they don’t mind, but I could see their disgust.

So what? If neither men or women are acceptable, what’s left? Animals? Not even a consideration. That leaves non-living objects. But I could never really find anything with similar properties. I want something smooth but textured, something soft but also firm, warm but not hot, something agile and wet. And it has Akbatı escort bayan to be able to suck. A mouth and tongue would be perfect.

If I have to be honest, and what probably complicates matters the most is, I also like the thought of it being somewhat depraved. It may not be as shocking these days, but when you really think about it, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the very idea of oral sex. A mouth is used for eating and speaking. Sometimes breathing too, just like I’m doing right now, excited as I am. The mouth, in fact the whole face area is also a very public part of your body – you’re constantly presenting it to everyone around you. It follows naturally that such an area should be kept very clean and proper. Now, when you put your face between someone’s legs, you’re interacting with an area that’s probably the least clean, least proper and least public on your whole body. It’s just wrong.

“So very wrong.” – I whisper, eyes closed, twisting in pleasure as I continue to massage my intimate areas.

‘It has to be a mouth. There’s nothing quite like it.’ – I thought, touching my lips with my left hand.

So soft and full. Warm, wet, versatile. These lips and tongue know best what I like. And they are always there, available and willing, no questions asked, no explanations necessary. But I could never reach-

I stopped and opened my eyes with a sudden realization. Turning my head to my left I looked at Marky, sitting on my desk, now looking like a white blob because of my nearsightedness. I grabbed a tissue from the night table, wiping the fingers of my right hand as I sat up on the bed, facing the desk. I put on my glasses and looked at the white video projector-looking device.

Marky is my nickname for Mark II of the wormhole generator from the project I’ve been working on as a research assistant for two months now. From the first day I got to use it at the lab, I fell in love with this little device. It’s a bit smaller than a shoe box, being housed inside the white plastic case of an old video projector, with the lens and all the guts removed and replaced by the generator itself. It features vents in the back, a blue LCD status display on top and a USB connector for configuration. Now, when the more powerful Mark III is available, professor May, Marky’s designer, has allowed me to take him home so that I was able to use him 24/7 if necessary.

Marky can be configured to create various wormholes, ending at two roughly circular portals of variable size, in close proximity to the generator. Any matter and energy that enters the first portal passes through the wormhole and almost immediately exits the other one and vice versa. I’ve been running experiments on Marky’s portals for a week now, trying to confirm the professor’s theories that their existence breaks neither special relativity nor the first law of thermodynamics.

Some of the experiments involve lab mice. When trying it out, I myself grabbed things through the portal. At the maximum setting, Marky can construct portals around three feet in diameter, so even a grown human can go through if crouched. Some of the experiments involve doing exactly that. So Marky is generally considered safe for transportation of living things too. However, the wormhole cannot extend further than around 10 feet from the generator. Mark III’s performance is slightly better, both in wormhole width and length, but the professor says there are fundamental limits set by the physics itself more than the actual generator.

In the middle of May, as summer was approaching, I was more horny than usual. I was lucky to get my own dorm room, so those days I masturbated often, almost daily. I’ve been doing it since I was 12 and despite my inquisitive nature, in sexual matters I’ve always been more conservative. I never had close friends to share such intimate knowledge with them. I was too shy to talk about it, even to any of my boyfriends. That’s probably why until now I never realized how much Marky could help me. Using a wormhole, I could touch myself in ways that would be pretty much impossible otherwise.

Excited by the possibilities, I jumped up from the bed and ran to the bathroom to wash my dirty hand. Then I took my laptop, put it on my desk and opened it. After plugging Marky into the mains, connecting him to the laptop and turning him on, I sat down on the soft chair, still dressed just in shirt and panties, feeling delightfully naughty. No reason to put on pants for just a few minutes, right?

I ran the configuration application and stared at the blank form for the wormhole parameters determining the position, orientation and size of both portals. I knew that I wanted to get my mouth to my pussy, but there were several ways to achieve that.

Most importantly, I had to work within the limits of my knowledge of how to configure the generator to create the appropriate wormhole. Until now, I only used two predefined wormhole shapes for Escort Aksaray the experiments – a straight line of variable length and a circular arc of variable angle and size. The portal diameter was always exactly 40 cm, or just over one foot. I had no idea how to change the diameter, or twist the wormhole, to rotate one of the portals, or how to move the portals to an arbitrary location.

The straight line shape would probably be of no use to me, since it would only allow me to reach further away from my body.

The arc shape was more interesting since I might be able to reach it, but also more complicated. It could take me hours to compute a custom one. Horny as I was, I decided to browse through some of the experimental configurations instead.

The dropping ball experiment caught my eye right away. It created an almost circular wormhole, starting at about three feet above the ground with an almost horizontally aligned portal and ending with a horizontal portal laying on the ground just under the starting portal, next to Marky.

I quickly entered the parameters and disconnected Marky from the laptop, laying him on the pale yellow carpet down at the foot of my bed. I pushed the execution button and he started humming in an increasing tone. After a few seconds both portals started opening up next to him, in the middle of the room, growing in size the humming still increasing in tone, until, 10 seconds later, the portals reached the 40 cm diameter. Marky fell silent, emitting just two quick high beeps, indicating he was done.

I crawled on my knees over to the portals, looking down into the bottom one. My long hair did its best to obstruct my view, but I could clearly see the back of my head as if looking out of the top portal.

‘How do I do this?’ – I wondered for a second.

I had to get my crotch next to one of the portals, then my mouth next to the other.

‘And then those two will connect, resulting in a most pleasurable experience.’ – I thought with a smile. Just thinking about it made me wet again.

I tried to crouch over the bottom portal. Looking up gave me a close view of my wet panties, but that position would probably result more in me kissing my ass, rather than contact with my pussy. I looked down again and spread my legs sitting down on them, so that my shins were against the ground on both sides of the portal, my crotch positioned right above it. I looked up again to see my panties just on the border of the portal. I straightened my back, which made my pussy more pronounced in the top portal and brought my face closer to it at the same time. My crotch was now hovering just under half a foot from my face, stretching the wet panties.

I considered removing the white garment, but the smells coming from there were already difficult enough to handle as it was. Furthermore, with the arc an almost 360 degrees, the orientation of the portals was the same, meaning if I could connect my lips with that other set of lips usually kept behind panties, it turned out my nose would probably be dangerously close to my anus. I didn’t find the prospect very appealing and didn’t plan on doing such a thing originally, but was now too horny and too close to my dream to change the plan. I’d manage somehow, but the panties would stay on for the time being.

I tried stretching my neck, but I couldn’t get close enough even with my tongue outstretched. Of course standing up to get closer moved the crotch away too, as I realized after a few tries. I groaned in a frustrated tone after realizing the portals were just too far away from each other. I slumped down again, sighing. I was so close.

However all was not lost. I remembered you could tune the configuration on the fly too, using the controls on Marky himself. It’s a bit risky, but at this point I didn’t care anymore. I looked down at him to find the scale dial. It can be used to make the arc smaller, essentially bringing the top portal lower. Putting my finger on it, I looked up again, opening my mouth and stretching out my tongue. I didn’t know what to expect, but the moment was there. If I wasn’t wearing panties, right now my face would probably be already soiled from my own juices.

I slowly turned the dial, to see my crotch get farther.

“No!” – I whined. I was turning it the wrong way, making the arc larger.

I straightened my back, pushing my pussy down as far as possible, then turned the dial the other way. My crotch collapsed against my face, my ass cheeks twisting my glasses. The first thing I felt was my nose against my anus, producing discomfort on both ends. Then I realized my face was now wrapped in soft, wet warmth, cheeks against cheeks, lips against lips. That feeling was pretty nice actually. Somehow, it felt comforting. I opened my mouth to try to push my tongue against the lips, taking a breath in the process.

That’s when the smell hit me, twisting my insides. The arousal was somewhat sweet smelling but Ankara escort it was mixed with old fish, sweat, pee and even poo.

‘Oh no.’ – I thought, shutting my eyes as I started gagging. I slumped forward and away from the top portal as I fell on the carpet, gagging and coughing for several seconds, almost vomiting out my dinner. I haven’t had a shower since yesterday and the day was long and tiring, which, together with the evening session, probably explained my odor. It was too late to think of that now though, because the incident left me feeling sick, laying in a shaking bundle on the floor, coughing again whenever I remembered the smell. I was done for the evening.

‘Note to self.’ – I thought as I crawled away from the portals to wash up in the bathroom – ‘Hygiene.’

The next day, on Thursday, I was trying to keep busy with school projects. When I got back to the dorm in the evening, I just laid back, watching TV. Yesterday’s incident took away my appetite for masturbation. Marky was sitting in the corner of my desk where I’d left him the day before.

In the night though, I couldn’t sleep too well. My thoughts kept coming back to what I was missing. This was such a great opportunity at self stimulation and I was just wasting it. I had to try it again tomorrow. I’d clean up properly before the deed and I’d be more careful. I still wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it, or if I could come, but the idea was too intriguing to just let it go.

On Friday, I couldn’t keep my thoughts from it. With my mind on my intentions for the evening, I was horny as hell the whole day. I’d have looked for relief at one of the toilets otherwise, but today I wanted to delay my pleasure. I wanted the date with myself to be perfect. I used the time at the lab to study new ways to configure the wormholes. I wanted to know how to change the portal diameter. The other thing I tried to get hold of was twisting of the wormhole, so that I could rotate the entry and exit portals any way I like. I thought I grasped the concepts, but the only way to make sure would be to try it out on Marky.

On the way back to the dorm, I stopped at the supermarket. Among other things I bought a pack of disposable, orange-scented douches. I knew those may not be the healthiest of things, but I just wanted to make sure everything goes all right this time. Putting it into my basket, my heart skipped a beat from the mix of shame and arousal. I looked around carefully to see if anyone noticed. If they only knew why I really wanted to be clean.

When I arrived at my room, it was almost six o’clock in the evening. I connected Marky right away and sat down at my desk to configure him with my laptop. Last night I remembered another arc wormhole that might work better. The first one was just too uncomfortable and overwhelming, no wonder I freaked. I found a wormhole that formed half a circle, with the ending portals oriented vertically, hanging in the air above each other. If I stood in front of them, the lower one would be in front of my crotch, the top one in front of my face, giving me somewhat easy access. I still wasn’t sure about the specific geometry, but it was definitely worth a try.

I wanted to test it immediately, but realized I was still in my jeans and shirt from school. Also, remembering the previous incident, this time I’d make sure to be clean. I took out the douche and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower. I took my time, cleaning every part of my body, taking special care of the intimate areas between my legs. I thought about using the douche right there, but decided to dry first, so I stepped out of the shower and used a towel. I didn’t want to put on the pajamas yet, because I’ve worn them for a few days already and wanted to keep my body pristine before the sex. Instead I chose my red satin robe, reserved for special occasions. I was glad I didn’t use the douche yet, since by the time I was done with drying and brushing my long hair I could feel my pussy leaking again, the juice already dripping down my thighs. I was unbelievably horny.

When my hair was finally dry, I undressed again and entered the shower, this time with my glasses on. I washed away the juice from my thighs and pussy and used one douche. The liquid dripping out, I was basking in the clean feeling as much as the gentle orange scent. I didn’t know if it was the scent, or the image of what I was going to do in a few minutes, but I felt more than a little perverted when I realized I was salivating and had to swallow a few times. As soon as the douche ran out, I dried myself lightly with the towel and quickly put on the robe again. I knew in this state it was just a matter of minutes before my juices would start flowing out again and I wanted to try it out before then.

I walked over to the room again, putting Marky on the floor and turning on the generator. While the portals appeared, I took off my robe, my heart beating wildly. I knew I it was going to happen tonight and I was so excited I was almost shaking. The two beeps took me back to reality. I slowly walked over to the two portals in front of me. Focused on the top portal directly in front of my eyes, I saw a mesmerizing sight of an upside down girl’s pelvis walking straight towards me, swinging the shapely hips.

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