14 Mayıs 2023

Mary sexual education part 2


 Mary sat on a bench while reading a letter that Brad had left for her on his cabin door. She already read it once before but was rereading it to make some sense out of it. What Mary had read in the letter left her shock and with some uncertainty about how to handle it. He wrote that she deserved to know the truth about him and why he did the things he did with her. The reason for him coming to the lake was for one last trip with the guys before he got married. He never intended to lie to her but only wanted to see if he could get her to strip. One thing led to another, and he could not help but have sex with her. The way he described her in the letter made her feel a little cheap and foolish. Brad went on to say that he never met a woman that was so innocent like she was; that was this easy to fuck. Sharing her with his friends was a test to see how far she would go. Brad may think it was cute to call her his little angel slut at the bottom of his letter, but Mary did not think so. She may have been naive in many things, but she knew what he meant about that name. A good girl that likes to fuck; she hated how right that name fits her and wished that it was not so accurate.  She went to his cabin more than willing to repeat the action from the day before but found that the place was empty with a note attached to the door. She knew that she should be mad at him for all of his lies and what he got her to do. Mary felt ashamed and embarrassed but not anger. He never forced her to be with him or his friends. That was something she did all on her own and wanted it to happen. What was upsetting her was how easy she fell for all of his lies. She let Brad do forbidden things with her without any resistance, but the worst thing was that she liked it. Mary’s parents raised her to be a good girl and to stand firm against sin. She did just that until a few days ago when she first met Brad and was led astray. What she hated was that she still wanted him and would even fuck him after knowing everything. He knew just how to make her feel good with his words and his touch. Everything that happened was confusing to her and didn’t know how to react to it. She kept going back and forth from how she felt about having sex. The things she did went against her parent’s teaching and felt conflicted about enjoying it. They told her that it was sinful and evil, but having sex made her feel so alive. She felt a hunger for that orgasmic rush that she got from having sex and would’ve fucked anyone to feel it again. Mary was so deep in thought that she almost didn’t notice the girl that just sat beside her. The girl had blonde hair and troubling blue eyes. She was in her mid-twenty wearing a short white cotton dress and was very attractive. Mary could tell that the girl was bothered by something and wanted to help her. She had her trouble to deal with, but they seem trivial next to this woman. She always had a kind heart and felt compassion for others. Mary’s heart was still pure, even if her body was no longer.   “Miss, are you okay?””Yes…well, not really to tell you the truth. I am afraid I may have done something stupid. Have you ever done something stupid, but for a good reason, and now you may pay for it?””Yes, I have about two days ago.””What happened two days ago?” Mary felt her body tense up from the question and was afraid to answer her truthfully. There was no way that she could tell the girl about her sexual undertaking with Brad. She feared that the girl would look at her with disgust and called her a whore. What else would you call a woman that has been with five guys at once? It was troubling to her how much she knew that it was wrong, but she found pleasure having all those men between her legs.”I am sorry I didn’t mean to pry! I am Kelly, by the way.””Hi! I am Mary. It is okay. I don’t know Escort ankara if I could say it out loud.””Look, we are both strangers here right, and we may never see each other again. I will make you a deal. I will tell you all about my trouble, and then you can tell me yours. I won’t pass any judgment on you because God knows I am no saint myself.” Mary nods in agreement but still felt anxiety about opening up about her sex life to a stranger. The more she thought about it, the more she saw the good in telling a stranger her secret. Even if the girl did react badly to it, she would’ve gotten it off her chest. There was no one in her life to talk about such things with, and get advice for it. There was no way that she could ever tell her parents, or they would have sent her off to nunnery school.”I have spent the last few years trying to put my college degree to good use, but I couldn’t find a job. I was running out of money and was desperate for a job. I finally found one but didn’t know if I could work there.””What kind of job was it?””Well, to put it bluntly, the company makes porn and sex toys for lesbians. I was desperate and didn’t care where I work as long I had a job. I said I was a lesbian because I thought it would give me a better chance of getting the job. The problem came when I started getting hit on by the other girls in the office. I made up a girlfriend to keep their hands off me, but it soon backfired.””How so?””They all wanted to meet her, and I foolishly told them that I would bring her to the party tonight. I did have a plan for a friend to pretend to be my girlfriend, but she just backed out at the last minute. I fear to show up alone, seeing that I was lying and getting fire over it. That is enough about me, and it is your turn now.” Mary felt a weight being lifted off her chest as she started revealing her sin to the woman while still fearing the woman’s reaction. The words poured from her lips in great detail, telling the woman everything. First, she talked about her parents before confessing all she did with Brad and his friends. She finished by looking down at her feet, waiting for the woman’s harsh words that she just knew was coming.”Let me get this right you fucked five guys at once? Well, I got to say I am impressed. You know sex isn’t something you should be ashamed of and should be proud of yourself for exploring it.””Proud of myself?””Yes, proud! Too many people are too afraid to try what you did. We, women, need to take back our body and it is our choice of who we fuck or not. I did two guys once but never five of them, but I bet it was fun too.” Mary felt better after hearing Kelly’s words and felt so relieved she wasn’t shaming her over it. They talked for a few more minutes over the topic of sex and men. Kelly told her that some men would lie to her just for a chance at fucking her. Kelly went on to explained how sex was good and how to express her sexuality healthily. Mary wanted to show Kelly the same kindness that she had shown her. It wasn’t until the words had left her lips before she knew just how she would repay Kelly’s kindness.”Can I be your girlfriend?” Kelly’s face bent in confusion until she realized what Mary was asking her and started to smile. It was one thing having sex, but doing this was an unforgivable sin in her parent’s eyes. She didn’t see any harm in pretending to be a lesbian. It wasn’t like she was going to have sex with anyone. Kelly has been so good to her that she felt she should return the favor by agreeing to be her girlfriend for a night. “I do appreciate that you want to help me out,  but you don’t have to. I will be okay no matter what happens tonight.””I know that I don’t have to, but I want to help you. It is for one night anyway and not like anything will happen right.””If Balgat escort you are going to do this, you must be sure of what you are getting yourself into by doing this. The girls that I work with can be a bit lively and may end up shocking you. Whatever happens, just remember that none of them will try anything with you beyond just words. Can you play along with them?” The whole thing didn’t seem too hard for Mary, and she has been to a party before. She didn’t think it would be all that different besides everyone being women and gay. Well, not everyone, Kelly and her were just pretending to be gay. The thought of another woman finding her attracted didn’t disturb her as she thought it would. She pushed those thoughts out of her head and focus on more exciting things.”I am sure that I can do this, and it could be fun. I will have to talk with my parents first before I know for sure if I can go.”                                           *********** It was getting more comfortable for her to lie to her parents to get what she wanted. They still thought she was an innocent little girl that was pure as the angels in heaven. If they only knew that their baby girl knows all too well about how it feels to embrace a man in erotic ways. They wouldn’t understand that she was all grown up now with a woman’s needs. Mary wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back to being that innocent little girl again. Getting her parents’ permission to go wasn’t easy as lying to them, but knew one thing that would make them say yes. She told them about a youth bible study that was happening tonight and that it would be over with around nine. They were all too eager to say yes to her request and would never say no to her when it was about God. Mary waited for Kelly for a few minutes at the bench where they first met before the girl finally arrived. Kelly gave her some clothes that she wanted her to change into and was stun by what she saw. She always dressed modestly without showing off her body, but these clothes were a lot more suggestive than she used to. The attire was for Kelly’s friend, but it fits almost perfectly on Mary’s body. If someone had told her last week that she would be undressing in a public restroom to get ready to go to a lesbian party, she would have called that person a liar. Here she was doing just that and found the whole thing rather exciting. The bra was too small for her, but the panties were just right. She never knew that undergarments could come in anything besides the white ones that her mother always got for her. They were black with patterns of flowers on them that she found to be pretty. Without the bra, the shirt that she wore was transparent enough that her breasts were barely visible.  Never had she ever shown so much of her legs before, and it was her first time wearing a short skirt. She was only allowed to wear pants and dresses that would be fit for attending churches. Mary realized that this was the perfect time to go against her parent’s wishes and wear something revealing for once. Mary wanted to push the boundaries a little further and unbuttoned her shirt halfway. It wasn’t like she will know anyone there and was free to be wild as she wants. She wasn’t sure how crazy she wants to get with lesbians, but they were girls and saw no danger in it. Mary did everything that her parents told her without question. She saw the whole thing as a game where she didn’t have to be herself for a night. Mary liked the idea of walking around dressed like this, acting like a bad girl, and it made her feel empowered. The chances of her getting an opportunity like this again were slim, and she just wanted a night where she didn’t have to be perfect. All the things that could go wrong never entered into her head and just thought about having fun. Mary Batıkent escort bayan knew what being a lesbian meant but didn’t realize what she was wearing would excite them. Mary was a beautiful girl but didn’t know it. She was ignored by the boys at school so much that she thought she wasn’t attractive. If Mary could read minds would have known that not only the boys but even some of the girls found her attracted. It was her parents that kept her clueless about such things with all their biblical teaching. She didn’t know that dressing this sexy could entice those women with sexual passion toward her. Mary’s full focus was on herself, and her need to be anything than a little miss puritan for one night. It wasn’t like she was pure now, but she just wanted to misbehave in a way that has nothing to do with having sex. Mary didn’t realize that the party was happening in a mansion and felt her excitement increase over that. The outside gave her the impression that she was about to walk into a fancy party. The inside, on the other hand, told a different story. There were statues and paintings of women having sex or in some form of undressed. The party didn’t start until five, and they were a little early, but Kelly wanted to introduce her to her boss before the guests got there. She saw that they were still setting up, and the server wore the most revealing dresses that she ever saw. They wore a black corset dress with an end that was shorter than her skirt. The women’s breasts looked like they were about to pop out of their outfit, and their legs were covered only by a pair of black lace stockings. They were all young and beautiful with a healthy bust. They were also pornstars doubling as servers for tonight’s party. The party was to promote the porn that they were all in, but Mary didn’t know this. She just saw young girls close to her age with innocent looking faces wearing revealing outfits. The outfit was so short that Mary noticed the bottom part of the girls’ asses were hanging out of it.  A tall blonde woman was ordering the servants about in a red cocktail dress. The woman was in her forties but had a figure of a woman half her age. The woman was Kelly’s boss and didn’t have a filter when anything that she said. There was no guessing when it came to what this woman wanted because she made it crystal clear.”Hi, I am Miranda, Kelly’s boss and I had heard all about you, but you are far more beautiful than she described you. You wouldn’t be by any chance willing to do porn for my company?””I am afraid, not Miss Parker! I am all that she needs in the bedroom.” Kelly reply, trying to get the attention off of Mary and back onto her.”Too bad, I could have created a new whole series around a girl like her. Innocent looking redheads can make good money in porn, and I am sure that your girlfriend would have looked hot being fucked by one of my girls.””She sure would have Miss Parker, but only I will make that pussy purr,” Kelly replied with a smile.  Mary couldn’t believe that this woman wanted her to do porn and started talking about her in such a personal way. She knew that she should be upset over being asked to be in one, but she wasn’t. Mary had never seen one before and didn’t know what all happens in one. She knew that there was sex, but her experience with it was pretty limited, and she wasn’t sure how two women could make love. The only thing that she could go on was the art on the wall, and they were mostly of two naked women kissing.”Excuse us for a moment, my dear, but I have to speak with Kelly alone about some personal affair before my guests arrive, but you are free to explore my home at your leisure.” Every room that Mary walked into had more lesbian art that showed the sex in greater detail than before. She looked at them out of curiosity and knew that she shouldn’t but couldn’t help herself. Mary felt a familiar feeling starting to stir within her but wasn’t ready to accept that it may have been the explicit sexual arts that were turning her on. It was the first time that she ever saw anything that was pornography, and it was taking a toll on her. 

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