18 Mart 2023



They were friends, nothing more. No sexual thoughts crossed their minds when they were with each other, no longing looks were ever exchanged, and no meaningless erotic comments ever said. They loved each others company and always met each others significant others. They never took each other for granted and always had each others backs in every situation that arose. They always had time and made time to spend days together even when they were at their busiest. They were young and were truly the best of friends.

Gavin was something to really look at. He had pale blue eyes that every woman could swim in. His shaggy dirty blonde hair was always perfectly laid on either side and parted down the middle, Women loved to run their fingers through his hair. His muscular body was one of which sculptors would base their models on. He wasn’t one to brag about his penis although it was a very large one indeed. At 8 inches long and very thick, it was noticeable in the pants that he wore on a regular basis. He was tall, mysterious, and smart with a hint of bad boy look attached. Women would melt in his arms and flock to his side. But he was respectful and loved to pamper his girlfriends with affection. Most would call him a catch or one in a million.

Ellie was a shy but confident girl. She was obviously shorter than Gavin by a foot. Her hazel eyes were warm and loving and her black hair shined in the sunlight. Her smile could make a man’s heart skip a beat whether it was directed at him or not. She had full lips and a slender body. Her breasts and ass were large for her body frame but she knew how to dress so they didn’t appear fake. She had many tattoos all over her body, most of which Gavin had not seen. She had a natural beauty and barely wore any makeup. Men and women both found her desirable and she accepted them both into her love life.

They were spending the day together on a Thursday afternoon. They had lunch, went shopping for the both of them, saw a movie at the local theater, and ended it with dinner at Ellie’s condominium. Just an average night for the two friends as she put on his favorite action movie. She informed Gavin that she was going to her room to get massage oil so that she could receive a back massage from him. He didn’t care as waited and bahçeşehir escort laughed at the movies horrible climatic explosions. He laid down a few blankets on the kitchen island along with a pillow for her head.

‘Ok ready?’ Ellie said as she walked back from behind him. He turned his head around gasping as he saw her standing there with a bottle of massage oil and nothing on. She was completely naked, her tits moved with her breathing and her nipples were erect from the cold air. ‘oh come on, close your mouth cowboy and start massaging me!’ she exclaimed, jumping up onto the island and maneuvering herself into a comfortable position of her stomach, ‘it’s not like you’ve never seen a naked body before, you’re in med school remember?’ He was astounded, he had never imagined Ellie nude before. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

‘Haha right, right,’ he laughed it off as he took the oil and poured some on her back. He looked at the bottle and read the label: Pheromone massage oils for erotic use. That’s strange, he thought to himself, did she mean to grab this one? He started to rub her shoulders with pressure working his way down her back to the uplifted dome of her ass then back up to her shoulders. She moaned in approval of his working hands.

‘Rub my legs too please,’ she said with a sigh. He obliged and moved his hands down to her calves, massaging up her thighs. Her legs parted slightly when his fingers reached the edge of her ass, exposing just enough for a small peak at her soft pink lips. He applied more pressure as he stared intently at her legs separating, almost as if she was inviting him to touch her womanhood. He was distracted and had not realized that he was kneading her ass cheeks, but to his surprise she was enjoying the unwanted attention. He poured more oil onto her rump and a drop had slipped down through her crack and rolled on to her now wet and swollen pussy lips. ‘Whoops,’ he said as he rubbed the oil into her flesh and down her legs. He came back up and decided to grab that drop that had dripped down. He let his hand travel in between her thighs, his fingers reaching her clit, she moaned lightly to the touch. His fingers rotated in a bakırköy escort small circle once on her clit, then scooping to retrieve the oil he slowly grazed his fingers against her lips enough to feel the heat and the wetness, removing his hand from between her thighs. He continued to follow the trace of her genitals to her asshole and rubbed it slightly with the combination of her own juices and the massage oils.

‘Turn over, lay on your back,’ Gavin said as he backed away from the counter. Ellie rolled over exposing her beautiful supple tits to him and lay on her back, her arms at her sides. He poured oil on each breast and rubbed them hard, putting pressure on each one squeezing them and then pinching her nipples. He worked his way down to her bare mound where he rubbed her inner thighs to make her open her legs. He then had a clear view of her delicious pussy; so pink and wet. He rubbed the outer lips watching her body move and her breath quicken. When she was ready he pulled back her lips to reveal her juicy pussy, he rubbed her juices and admired how she twitched when he touched her clit.

Gavin inserted one finger into her begging hole and she squealed with excitement. She was tight around his one finger as he fucked her slowly, making sure he hit her g-spot every time his finger was fully inserted. He put his mouth on her clit and sucked and licked her while she moaned loudly now. He picked up the pace on his finger fucking and inserted a second. He lapped at her clit and she was screaming loudly, her pussy milking his fingers and her hips bucking against his tongue, she told him she was close to cumming. He finger fucked her harder, removed his mouth, and replaced it with his free hand as he violently rubbed her clit hard. She screamed as he felt her pussy contract sucking his fingers into her deeper. She came, squirting her love juices all over the kitchen floor and Gavin. He slowed his movements and removed his hands, waiting for her body to recover.

After a moment she moved off the counter and said ‘your turn,’ with a wild grin. He removed his clothes and replaced where she lay, face up with his erect cock standing at attention. She straddled his stomach and placed oil on his başakşehir escort chest, using all her force in her small body to give him a massage. As much as she pushed to put pressure, she didn’t have enough strength to make a dent. He chuckled at her attempts as he laid there, the head of his thick member knocking on her ass. In one swift move Ellie’s back was facing Gavin’s face and she was still straddled. She took his hot cock and began to stoke it softly while he took her ass in his hands.

She pumped his cock with her little hands and bent over and sucked the head, her pussy now taunting him, waving in his face. He reached down and brought her pussy to his mouth while she worked on his cock, the vibrations from her moans adding an extra sensation. He licked from her clot to her little ass bud as she deep throated his thick cock and massaged his large balls. He placed one finger into her asshole as his tongue jetted in and out of her pussy hole, her moans intensifying.

She stopped her sucking and removed her pussy from his face. Ellie now hovered over his cock, her pussy just inches away from the head. She gave him a deep intense look as she lowered herself on his cock, Gavin watched as his large member disappeared into her little cunt. He grunted and she moaned as his head reached the beginning of her tunnel. She bounced on her best friends cock watching the lust grow to capacity in his eyes. Her tits giggling and her ass slapping his balls as his hips thrusted upwards to meet her rhythm. He sat up and forced her legs back behind him as he took her nipple in between his teeth. She grasped his shoulders as he held her ass; they moved to one beat, humping and fucking each other deep and hard. Their breathing hastening, becoming heavier.

Gavin picked her up, flipped her over into doggy style position and thrusted hard into her. He pulled her hair and smacked her ass. She screamed as he pounded into her and she pushed her ass back into him. They fucked, moaned, screamed, and sweated like the moment wouldn’t end.

He grasped her hips and said ‘I’m going to cum!’ She moaned in approval and bucked against him. He fucked her hard and fast as he climaxed and erupted into his orgasm. His seed burst in streams against her pussy walls and she milked him for all he was worth.

He collapsed on the counter as his dick fell out of her pussy. His seed and her juices dripped out as she stayed in the position he felt her. He rubbed the juices into her pussy and all over her ass before smacking it.

‘Can we finish that movie now?’ she said smiling, ‘naked?’

He chuckled ‘yes, of course we can,’ he agreed.

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