12 Mayıs 2023

Master’s Dinner Party


I have always felt like there was something missing in my life. It was right in front of me, but never close enough to reach, until I met him. Last Friday, my best friend Tanzy and I went out clubbing, when I accidentally bumped into him. When my arm came into contact with his, electric shocks passed through my body. Looking up at the tall, handsome man, his dark midnight eyes held mine. I tried looking away, but they were like magnets pulling me closer. He smiled, and it felt like all the wind was knocked out of me. His smile reached his eyes, his teeth perfectly straight and white. “My apologies,” he said in a voice that turned my body to liquid fire. I just stood there, staring into his eyes. Tanzy elbowed me in the rib, clearing her throat to get my attention. “Oh, I am sorry. I am clumsy,” I said, giving him my best smile. His beautifully manicured hand reached out to take mine. “You may call me Tim, but soon Küçükköy escort bayan you will call me Master,” he said as I slipped my hand into his. I was spellbound by the animalistic look in his eyes. The warmth of his hand wrapped around mine sent electricity through my body. Warmth pooled between my thighs. “I am Dream.” Why did my voice sound so seductive? I saw Tanzy snickering out of the corner of my eye, but my heeled shoe on her toe quickly stopped that. Tim said, “I would love for the two of you to join me and a few friends for dinner tonight.” Before I could decline, Tanzy blurted out, “We would love to!” That got her another heel to the toe. He smiled. “I will pick you up in about an hour. Be out front.” With that, he was gone. I turned to Tanzy, who was bent over rubbing her toe. I stomped and yelled, “Did you hear the confidence and demand in his tone?” Tanzy, Escort Mecidiyeköy being the silly one, said, “Yep. I bet he is great in bed, too! He can order me around all he wants!” Exactly an hour later, a black limo pulled up to the front entrance. Tanzy and I smiled as we got in. “Ladies, I am so glad you are joining me and my friends for dinner tonight,” he said with unnatural charm. Smiling, I looked straight into his eyes. “Thanks for inviting us.” The rest of the ride was quiet; not even Tanzy spoke as we rode through twisting roads to our destination. We arrived at a beautiful mansion with windows that touched the ceiling. The lush, vibrant gardens were illuminated by gentle lights. Tanzy and I were speechless. “Please follow me,” Tim said as he took us by the hand to help us exit the limo. As we stepped out, we both looked up and stared in fascination at the Merter escort beauty before us. The door was opened by an older gentleman in a black suit. His hair was white as snow, and he had the kindest blue eyes I’d ever seen. “Please come in,” he said as he motioned us inside. “Master Ktulu and Mistress Rose will be joining you in the Dining Room.” We entered the dining room to find the other guests already seated around the table. I looked at Tim as he gave the introductions. First to approach us was Immortal Beloved. His skin shone from the light of the crystal chandelier. His eyes were bright and friendly as he kissed our hands. Seidori was giggling like a school girl. She stood a few feet from me; she was well aware of the consequences of standing too close. Next to shake our hands was PassionsPromise. Never had I laid my eyes on a woman so beautiful. Her smile was contagious. As she leaned closer to kiss my cheek, I could smell her perfume. Whispering in my ear, she said, “I hope you enjoy what Master has planned for you tonight.” She flashed a wink and a smile to Tim, leaving me flushed and wetter than ever. I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for me. Seidori was the petite girl that took my hand next.

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