26 Mart 2022

Matthew, the Awakening – Chapter 2


Matthew, the Awakening – Chapter 2Matthew-The Awakening – Part 2As you might imagine from part 1 http://xhamster.com/user/Matt-in-the-West/posts/364778.html I had a tough time making it through the next weekend. I mean, my entire sexual experience was me masturbating (and I was very good at that), a few handjobs from the girl next door and them mom sucking me off the previous week. I would have thought it a dream were it not for the fact that when I woke the next morning with the taste of mom’s pussy in my mouth and our combined juices dried on my face (Yes, I licked a finger, rubbed it against my face and enjoyed the taste once again and yes, it turned me on. Sue me.). That weekend with nothing better to do I made plans to take the neighbor girl Becky out for lunch. Her parents were ok with it as they probably thought she couldn’t get in trouble over a lunch. Now Becky was a virgin and two years younger than me, very pretty with barely budding breasts. She confided that she thought she was “in love” with me about six months ago. We had plenty of make out sessions when we could and she would let me touch her outside of her clothes and she would give me a hand job while we kissed but always cover my cock head with tissues before I came. Mustn’t get the clothes soiled! Anyway, I didn’t object to the hand job but it wasn’t very satisfying as I wanted far more than that even at that age, so I decided to try a new tact. After all, in just a few days, by all accounts, my mom would give me whatever özvatan escort I wanted sexually, and believe me, I wanted it all. Worse case I would offend Becky with this tactic and she would refuse to see me again. As my wrestling coach would say, “no pain, no gain”. I could live with the results. Becky and I had lunch and I skipped the usually flirting. She noticed, of course, and asked me to drive to our usual make out spot, an overlook that during the day was empty. My guess is the k**s don’t use the place much until nightfall.We got to our overlook and Becky started nibbling my ear and put her right hand in my lap. Of course my cock betrayed me by getting hard immediately. It was at that point that I removed her hand and said, “Becky I don’t think we should do this any more.”. She gasped and replied, “Mattie (that’s what she calls me when we’re alone), you know I love you. What’s wrong?”. “Becky, I’m almost 17 now. I need to be with a woman that is willing to satisfy my needs. I love kissing you and love that you like sucking my tongue but these no-mess hand jobs don’t do it for me. I’m sorry. I understand you aren’t ready for more and it’s not like I would make you pregnant but I simply need more.”. She paused a bit, gave me a gentle kiss on the mouth with her tongue touching my upper lip as we parted and asked, “Define More.”. “Honey, I want to give you pleasure like you give me, but most of all I want to make you wet and sticky”, I responded. She smiled and said, “You do make me wet. I’m soaking wet now. Here feel.”, and put my hand under her skirt and on the gusset of her panties. Sure enough, they were soaked and very warm. Normally at this point I would try to ease a finger or two under her panties, she would move my hand away and say no. This time I didn’t try. I was having too much fun. I withdrew my hand and said, “No, not wet that way, I mean sticky and wet from my cum. I’m tired of tissues.”. “Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”, she replied. Now this was getting interesting. “Take off your skirt and top.”, she complied, leaving very sexy white cotton panties and a white cotton bra. The bra couldn’t have supported her breasts but then she didn’t have much. They were sexy as hell. She was now breathing hard and her nipples were getting hard. I would know, I’ve played with them enough, albeit outside her clothes. “Now take off the bra”, I directed. “No, Mattie, if someone comes by it looks like I’m wearing a bathing suit, at least from a distance.”. “OK” I responded, “Get on your knees and face me.”. I did the same. We were now facing each other on the front bench seat of my car with our kneews touching. I took out my now hard cock and started stroking it. Becky’s eyes fixed on the now dripping head. “Becky I want you to masturbate. Put a finger inside your panties and do it. Close your eyes. I need to see how beautiful you look when you cum”. Her breathing got heavier and nipples got harder. “Mattie I want to do everything with you. I promise next time we’re together at night I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll even suck your dick and let you cum that way. I love you.”. I twisted her right nipple with my left hand (I would eventually learn that some women like this and some hate it) and she moaned. “Oh Mattie, that’s it. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum and I’m pretending that hard dick of yours is inside me.”. With that she plunged an additional finger inside her wet pussy and started shuddering in orgasm. By now all the windows were all steamed up so the whole “bathing suit” excuse was worthless. I was getting closer to my orgasm, my cock head pointed at her perfect naked belly. She opened her eyes, pulled her fingers from her pussy, reached across the distance between us and stuck them in my mouth. An act that shocked me and belied her young age. I in turn took my hand and pulled up that nothing of a bra, revealing her perfect breasts and those rock hard long nipples. That was enough to push me over the edge and I shot a huge load of cum, in strings across her belly, some on her breasts and a bit on her chin and mouth. “I love you Mattie,” and with two fingers scooped up the load, sucked those fingers into her mouth and swallowed, all while staring into my eyes. She leaned over my body and kissed me with her tongue nearly filling my mouth. All the cum was gone. I could only taste the memory of that orgasm. “I love you Mattie. You figure out where we can spend real time in a real bed at night and you can do anything you would like. I want to be all yours.”. Hmm. Maybe I underestimated Becky after all…

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