19 Ocak 2023

Me and Her mom, just the beginning.


This story is true, only the names have been changed, everyone in this story was at least 16 . If I get comments I will continue this series since this relationship has gone on for almost six years, there is a lot more fun to tell. This is just the into to how it all began so this is just a sample of what you will see in other stories. This all began when I was younger, I was in high school when I started to date Ashley. Ashley was a year older than me and a varsity cheerleader, she was about 5’4″ blond hair, blue eyes, a nice round ass and great C cups. Our relationship was going well, about three months into the relationship we started having sex which was great, she was an addict. We were having sex three or more times a week, mostly at her place cause I never wanted to be home. Her mom Stacy and her dad David were both cool with us being alone or going out they trusted us. Things changed around our one year anniversary when bayan escort beylikdüzü her mom walked in on us having sex. Stacy turned around and just said she wanted to talk to us when we were done, which was about 30 seconds after she left the room. We both got dressed and her mom was sitting on the couch, me sat across from her in shame. She started to tell us about how we needed to be safe if we were having sex and told us we needed to think about the choices we were making. Finally after like an hour she sent Ashley up stair and told me she was going to take me home. On the drive home Stacy seemed to be taking the long way, and for a while it was silent until she looked at me and started to ask personal question about Ashley and my sex life, like how was it, where and what positions we had done it. It was awkward, but I responded. Then Stacy told gave me her number and told me if I ever needed anything escort bayan beylikdüzü to text her, or if I needed her to help keep David and their son from going into the basement so me and Ashley could have sex, she would be more then willing to help. Several time she revered to her younger sex life and how she knew how we felt. After what seemed like forever she pulled into my drive and I got out.For the next several weeks me and Ashley hardly ever had sex and if we did it was cause we skipped class and went to my empty house. But after a few weeks she got comfortable doing it at her house again, this time even with everyone right upstairs. I think it turned her on almost getting caught. Soon after someone told her I was cheating on her and she broke up with me, damn I hated her friends for the lies. But I was friend with her brother so I would still come over a few times a week to hang out, I didn’t care kayaşehir escort if she found it awkward. A few weeks had passed and I decided to text Stacy and find out if I could get back with Ashley, and how to do it if I could. I also asked if she could help me get a job at the law firm she worked for so I could make some money. She said she would help me with Ashley and she would get me the job. about a week later I started the job and me and Ashley started talking again. we began to fool around a little bit cause I knew she wanted sex cause she didn’t date anyone after we split. During school I would text Stacy thanking her for the job and for the help with Ashley, she said, “no problem, but I did want to know if you guys started having sex again”. I said, “no, but I want to, she doesn’t…” “Thats to bad, cause u seem like such a giver.” “i try, thanks for helping to cheer me up, see you at work.” “yep.” About two hours later I was at work and Stacy saw me and waved, she seemed happier then normal. For the next few weeks me and Stacy texted first just at school, then at school and work, finally we were texting till all hours of the morning, talking about everything any anything even sex and fantasies.

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