13 Eylül 2022

me and my cuz get down part 2!


It was a boiling hot day, and we both needed to cool off. Of course she had to tease me by wearing the skimpiest bikini she could find. As she drove us to the beach, she would ocassionaly reach for my cock, and tease it a little bit. We just smiled at each other, no need to talk about anything we both knew damn well what was going to happen.

We took a cooler full of food and a couple ice cold corona’s and set ourselves down on the beach. “can you rub me with suntan lotion?” oh how cliche I thought. However, rubbing my sexy cousins body with lotion did seem like a nice thought. “of course” I poured some on her back, and rubbed it all over her..”oohhh”she moaned. “your hands feel so good”..Of course I was already hard again. I leaned closer with my hard cock rubbing against her ass, and kept rubbing the lotion on her..she reached for my cock, and jerked me off a little bit “pour some lotion on your cock” I did immediatly..It felt so good..

“sit up” she said.. I sat up, and she leaned back so her body was pressed against me. “pinch my nipples” I reached both hands into her bikini, and pinched her nipples. “harder!” she demanded. I pinched so hard I thought she would cry but the more I pinched, the more she moaned..”can you please bite them!” she demanded again. She lay down on her beach towel, and threw her top to the side.

I izmit escort bit her nipples so hard that I was able to see mark..”oohhhhh fuuuuckkk” she moaned. I slid a finger into her bikini bottoms..she was already soaking wet. “shove that finger way into my pussy!” of course I did..We were both so into it we barely noticed cameron, Jess’s little sister sunbathing nearby. Cameron was only fourteen but she definetely had an awesome body. Sexy legs, beautiful long black hair, blue eyes, c cups, and a nice round ass.

“Oh my god!” she yelled. “what the fuck is wrong with you guys?” “oh shit” we both said to each other at the same time. “I am telling mom!” “Cameron, please don’t we were just having fun” then the weird part happened.

“Ok, I will make you a deal, I’ve never been fucked, and If both of you fuck me I wont say anything” shit i have nothing to loose here i thought. Cameron took her bikini top off. “you like these, you pervert?” well I wasnt exactly going to lie, “yes i do”. “We are sisters!, we can’t do this!” “”ok see you later, I am off to talk to mom”

“Fine you want to be a little whore, than come here” She grabbed her sister by the arm, and shoved her on the warm sand. “open your little pussy, for your sister” Jess started licking her pussy. it was so young and tender, she was so beautiful. both my sexy yahya kaptan escort cousins naked until the evening sun.

“come here” jess told me.. She took my cock out of my bathing suit, and shoved it into her sisters mouth..her sister gagged on my swollen member while Jess continued eating her out. She turned Cameron on all fours, and licked her tender ass, while fingering her cunt. “you like that, you little whore” she said while pulling her hair. I was trying my best not to cum, hoping i would be able to fuck my little cousin.

“You ready to be fucked!” she took her tongue out of her little sisters butt, and started making out with her sister for a little bit..”well are you just gonna stand there? or are you going to fuck my little sister?” I got behind Cameron, and put my cock in her tender pussy..”slowly, it hurtss” she said..I went as slow as I could until it went in a bit more easier..:”oh that feels good for my first time” she stammered..I shoved it in deeper.

“Lick my ass while he fucks you!” Jess demanded. Cameron stuck her little tongue way into Jess’s asshole while Jess fingered herself, “oh that feels fucccking amazing!” I grabbed Cameron’s ass , and fucked her even harder..”oh fuuuckk”..I could see a lot of cum dripping down her leg, and I knew she was going to orgasm soon..I fucked gebze escort her even harder. As we switched positions Jess shoved my cock all the way down her moist throat a couple of times. I got so turned on hearing her gag on my cock.

I lay down on my back, and Cameron spread her pussy on my hard cock, “oh fuck me hard!” i grabbed her, and shoved my cock deep inside her pussy.. I pulled her hair back and shoved my cock in even harder..AS i was doing this i made sure to finger her ass a little bit ..just in case there was a chance I was able to fuck her in the ass.

Jess placed her moist pussy on my face, and forced me to eat her out.. she tasted so damn good. her juices flowed all over my face,,and she moaned with every little lick..Once in awhile I would slow down, and my two cousins would give each other these sexy lingering kisses..

I could hardly take it anymore. “time to switch, said Cameron. “not until I fuck your sister in the ass” Jess seemed a bit shocked but changed her mind quickly. “on one condition” and whats that? you have to fuck both of us in the ass. My cock was still way in her sisters pussy while she said that, and I was sure I was gonna come, I fucked her really really hard, and got myself ready to fuck my two sexy cousins in the ass..

it turned out to be a great vacation, and im hoping to get to know their mom a bit better. she just divorced my uncle, and sometimes I walk past her bedroom, and hear her moaning…..

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