18 Mart 2023

Me and My Fuckboys Ch. 05


Day Ten

6.30 am

I wake up to the bed shaking me awake. I see Tom masturbating to me sleeping, something that satisfies me. He still finds me hot, even as i lie in his sticky cum.

Tom crawls across the bed and lifts my leg up to examine my pussy strangely. “You’re late,” he says, smiling as he draws me closer. This doesn’t really surprise either of us, I have a contraceptive implant in my arm that causes me to have irregular periods, but it still makes Tom happy, I don’t have an excuse not to fuck him over the next week.

He smiles widely and pushes his dick deep into me. He doesn’t like fucking me while I’m on my period, he doesn’t like wearing condoms anyway and the blood repulses him. My mind flickers back to our honeymoon when he licked my pussy despite the blood that was in it and I smile.

He comes and he lifts me out of bed and into the bath. We bathe together, watching each other touch ourselves all over. We’re both even more hornier, but we get dressed, deciding that neither of us can be late to work.

12 pm

I keep looking at my phone, expecting Luke to call me and apologize for canceling on me twice in the past week, but the call doesn’t come through. I haven’t fucked him in like a week its really annoying me that my ass hasn’t been

4 pm

There’s still no call from Luke so I decide just to go home. I won’t be the person who calls him, I don’t want to be seen as weak. My pussy needs a break from all of this fucking anyway.

6 pm

Tom’s mum calls me to tell me that he’s visiting them and so won’t be back in time for dinner. I’m glad to hear that he’s actually visiting his parents and not fucking Holly. It makes me feel like all of the work I put into our relationship is worth it. It makes me feel so good to know that.

9.30 pm

I fell asleep on the couch, my homemade chicken rice in my hand, content with my life.

Day Eleven

7.30 am

I’m surprised to wake up and find myself in my bed, Tom’s arms tightly around me. He must’ve taken me to bed when he got back from his mum’s. He smells nice, like my jasmine shampoo. I wake him up with hundreds of kisses on his face, he surprised that I was so into us, but he was so nice to me, all I want is to be with him.

“Someone’s excited to see me!” he laughed, kissing me back, his dick growing harder by the second. I slide my lips down his body, down his neck, then his chest until I reach his massive dick. I gaze into his eyes as I lick his dick attentively, my tongue licking the precum happily from the tip.

He groans as I arch my back and suck hard. He puts his hands on the back of my head, making me deepthroat his dick. He’s close to cumming, I can feel his body shake. He cums and I swallow all of it. He pulls my face from his dick and to kiss me, congratulating me on surviving such a heavy load.

I slide myself up to his face, sitting on the top of his face. He grunts in delight, glad that now he gets his fun. His tongue finds its way into my pussy, exploring it eagerly, trying to beylikdüzü escort make me cum. His hands squeeze my ass in pleasure as he pushes me closer to his face. I start wailing in pleasure, he’s so fucking good, I love him. His free hands start massaging my massive tits, he loves playing with them so much, I love it when he plays with them too, I feel like my other fuckboys leave my tits unattended too.

“Fuck me, Tom. I want you to fuck me,” I say loudly. He loves the foreplay but I just want to be fucked now, my pussy is aching for it.

He complies, easing his large dick into my tight pussy. He thrusts slow and hard and I can’t help grunting every time he does it. He laughs, entertained that i can’t help myself when he is inside of me. Everything feels so good when he’s inside of me.

He starts sucking my tits as he thrusts, and I can feel that we’re both close to cumming. I cum first, all over his slow-moving dick, but he continues thrusting, giving me no time to recover. He wants to cum as well now. He grunts as he pulls out, releasing his large load all over my tits. I lick his sum up seductively, annoyed that he wasted it all.

We rock together, moaning and panting until I collapse in a heap on top of him. He holds me, running his fingers through my long hair and along my back. He kisses my neck and whispers to me how much he loves me. It’s a shame that sometimes I’m doubtful of his love for me, if he really liked me would he need to fuck other people?

4 pm

I come out of work swearing furiously. Luke still hasn’t called or texted me to apologize for canceling on me. It’s actually really worrying – we used to call and text a lot even if we weren’t sleeping together.

I resolve to call him and ask what’s wrong after I let out all of my angry energy. I need someone to fuck. And there’s only one person i just fuck without strings attached. And that’s Matt.

I entered the room, fully clothed, clad in a shapeless emerald green dress. Matt opened the door, utterly delighted to see me. Ben was nowhere to be seen and I didn’t mind. I just wanted Matt to fuck me in my ass, with no-one else to distract us.

He took his shirt off and I rubbed my hands over his chiseled abs, admiring his perfect body. Matt still looked the same as he did in college; his athletic and muscular body still perfect. I found myself asking myself why we had we never been more than just fuckbubbies?

His hands removed the straps on my dress and it fell to the floor. Suddenly I was completely naked before him, apart from a cheeky thong that barely covered anything.

“After all of these years you still look amazing,” he whispered, pushing me down onto the bed. He bent down, eagerly sucking and pulling my tits. I was aroused by this, my tits never got this much attention even though they were so hard to miss.

His mouth lowered to my legs. He began by nibbling my legs, teasing me about what he was going to do to me. I was so wet, I was so excited beyoğlu escort about fucking Matt, I wanted someone different from Tom inside of me.

He threw my panties aside, annoyed by the barrier they brought. He then lent down and licked me, slowly at first, teasing the outside of my lips before lightly licking my clit. He had a bigger tongue than Tom, so it was easier for him to get me on the edge of climaxing. I writhed in his arms, groaning loudly, pleasured by what was happening to me.

I came, right in his face. He didn’t seem put off by it, continuing to lick my pussy. His hands tightened on my ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly as he pushed his face deeper into my dripping wet pussy.

I watched him smile as I finished, and then I immediately yelped as he put a finger in my pussy. It felt so fucking good to have it in me, writhing around inside me like a dick couldn’t.

He flipped me around and I suddenly realized what he was doing. He wasn’t wanting to finger my pussy, he was lubing his hand up with my juices so that he could finger my ass.

I moaned as he put his fingers inside my tight hole, thrusting his fingers in and out of my ass. Luke had never done something like this before, never finger-fucking my ass, only actually fucking it. I found myself moving my body with each of his thrusts, enjoying it terribly.

Obviously he could take no more of seeing my ass moving up and down like that and he buttoned his pants, taking his cock out. He did what I had been waiting for him to do, put his dick in my ass. He squeezed my ass cheeks as he thrusted into my tight hole, faster and faster.

He continued thrusting repetitively and suddenly the motions stopped as Matt’s body was overcome by a massive orgasm. He shot his whole load into my ass, something that I wasn’t expecting to happen.

He pulled out and we laid there on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies. I felt so safe and secure in Matt’s arms, i always had, he made me feel so fulfilled.

Day Twelve

8.30 am

“Fuck!” I swore, untangling myself from Matt. I had stayed the night at his place when I shouldn’t have. Tom had been at home last night as well, there was no excuse for what I had done.

I thanked Matt for last night, rushing out of the room, practically naked. My panties were soaked and I hadn’t been wearing a bra. My colleagues were going to be suspicious; I was wearing the same thing I had been wearing yesterday. It didn’t help that I was ‘happily’ married. I shouldn’t have done what I had done and I knew it.

I called Tom on the way to work, pretending that I had stayed late at work and had accidentally fallen asleep on my couch. I could tell he couldn’t believe me, but I had pretended to believe so many of his bullshit excuses before he didn’t argue at all. I knew he suspected something, I was going to have to pretend I was making him a surprise or something.

12 pm

My phone lit up with the text I had been waiting for. bizimkent escort It was from Luke, telling me to come over to his house after work. Today was a Saturday, I shouldn’t have been working anyway and I was surprised that Luke remembered that. It was the opening weekend for a new exhibition and I had wanted to be here.

5 pm

On my way to Luke’s I bought myself some underwear and a jumper. It was obvious to me that it wasn’t a booty call, and I wasn’t going to myself to him for cheap, he had been ignoring me for days now.

6 pm

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? No calls, no texts, no nothing. Do I really mean that little to you?” I screamed at him. He shyly ushered me inside, the sweat plastered to his face. He hadn’t said a word to defend himself, of course he knew I was right.

“We used to be the best of friends and now you ghost me? I thought something terrible had happened to you, I thought Holly had found out or something. I respected your wishes to keep me away with no explanation and you can’t even be bothered to defend yourself?” I roared, my blonde hair bobbing around in the wind.

“I’m sorry, Bella, but I can’t do this anymore. It was fun while it lasted I guess,” he said, turning away from me. He was fidgeting nervously, it had taken him a lot of courage for him to break my heart like that.

“I let you fuck me for months because Tom is fucking Holly and this is how you treat me?! You are just as bad as he is, using me for my body. I thought we understood each other, I thought it wasn’t just fun for you?” I was crying not, while screaming, uncontrollable tears rolling down my cheeks.

No-one had ever broken up with me before, it had always been me who had ended it, I had no idea how to act. It didn’t help it was Luke who was telling me this, he knew just how badly Tom had treated me and yet he was doing the same thing to me. He was choosing that fucking bitch hoe Holly over me.

“Holly proposed to me, Bella,” he whispered, I couldn’t believe the words he was telling me. “Holly proposed to me a few days ago. I was keeping my distance because I didn’t know what I was going to do when i next saw you. I didn’t know whether I was going to fuck you or cry with you.” I appreciated how honest he was being.

“She proposed to you hours after fucking my husband. Why has she decided she wants to marry you after years of doing this?”

“I think she’s realized just how much she means to me. Tom is with her for sex, I love her Bella and I will forgive her for everything.”

“And I love you Luke. More than I probably should, but I can’t change that.” He hugged me, like a best friend should, comforting me. I was losing a lover now, all he was going to be was my friend from now on.

“I love you too, Bella. I love you more than a friend. I can’t do this to her anymore, no matter what she does to me. I can’t use you for revenge anymore, you mean too much too me.”

9 pm

I cried for hours in his arms, I couldn’t believe what had just happened to us, was there even an ‘us’ anymore? I had just lost a fuckboy and Holly had won. She had both Luke and Tom. Was she even really my best friend?

He carried me upstairs and I fell asleep in his arms. It was so nice to be close to him, too close to him, for the last time. I would never be able to see him like this again and that hurt me. What on earth was I going to do?

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