26 Mart 2022

Me, my mom & my frineds – 2


Me, my mom & my frineds – 2And to my luck my rowdy friends were not taking her up on her offer. Amit pulled her closer by her chin saying, “Isn’t that what you want my little bitch?” I was shocked to hear such language by him and I think she was too because she gave no reply and he kissed her again, hard and mauled her breasts with both his hands. She was offering no resistance as he continued his onslaught and Ron was now furiously rubbing her pussy on her shorts and making a wet spot on it. Krish was rubbing her thighs and feeling her pussy every chance he got. By this time Tanveer had positioned himself such that my mom’s face was just next to his crotch and he was fishing inside his pants to pull his dick out. And when he did, it was a sight to see. His cock stood longer than my mom’s face and hit her on the chin. This is when Amit let go of her and she turned to look at what hit her.The moment she turned towards his cock Tanveer got hold of her hair and pushed his dick to her mouth. And my mom acting like the slut she had become out of nowhere tonight opened her mouth as wide as she could and accommodated a couple inches. He pushed it in as much as he could and held it in there. Amit tore her t shirt and let her breasts spill out. Her breasts looked so tender at her age, fair, bulging more than 38 inches from her chest and not an inch away from my friend’s face. He locked on to her nipple and started sucking her while pressing the other boob like his life depended on it. Tanveer got a bit more comfortable and started fucking my mom’s throat pushing his monster dick as far as possible and holding it there making her gag and gasp for breath. The moment he let go she pulled out and put his cock back into her mouth as fast and she was doing it on her own. She had quite some length in her now and was drooling spit all over it. She was massaging his balls with her hands when she felt a pair of lips on her pussy. Ron had got rid of her shorts and bent over her pussy, planting kisses and licking the length of her slit. He opened her lips apart and kissed her on her clit. And Krish was not to be left behind as he settled in between her legs and moving his fingers. From my vantage point I thought he was finger fucking her pussy. It was a very hot scene, my beautiful mom, spread naked between 4 guys with her clothes torn and thrown around her, she hungrily sucking on one monster cock while three others were sucking any part of hers they could get hold of. I was so lost in watching the scene I hadn’t noticed Amar and Asif stroking their cocks, their pants around their ankles now. This continued for quite some time when suddenly Amit lifted her up and made her sleep on his knees with her ass facing me. I could clearly see her pussy lips, dripping wet, her small puckered hole and those beautiful heart shaped cheeks. Even çankaya escort before she could place herself in the position pang came a slap and the sound could probably be heard from the neighbouring houses. He slapped her so hard he left a deep red mark on her ass when he lifted and when she opened her mouth to scream she was stuffed with Krish’s meat, full at one go, with his pubic hair in her nose. He held her head tight on to his crotch while Amit and Tanveer took turns spanking her. They gave it to her real good and I thought for a second maybe it was going too far. Just then Krish let go off her head and she said “Ooh! Yeah! Spank me, I’ve been real naughty tonight and I need to be punished.” And then she went to business sucking Krish and stroking Ron. Listening to her say such things made my blood boil, in my dick, making it as hard as it could ever be. I now wasn’t happy just watching. If she was such big a slut then I wanted a piece of her too!I wanted to make my move but at the same time was very nervous. Not about my mum though, cuz right now it didn’t matter if she want it or not, I was gonna fuck her for all her worth. I wasn’t really sure how my friends would react. I looked over at my buddies standing next to me and told, “You guys don’t want to go join in? Right now I’m sure she won’t mind having few more!” Hearing this both Asif and Amar stood there mouths open, not sure what to tell or what to do. I just shrugged as if asking “What?!” Next thing I knew I saw Asif walking naked towards my mom’s heart shaped ass, red with spanking followed by Amar and of course me.Amit saw us coming and gave us a wide grin while putting his finger to his mouth asking us to stay quite. My mom was still mumbling something while alternating between Krish and Ron’s cocks. Amit got off from under mom while holding her in position. He got behind her and asked us to get around him. He asked me spank her hard. I didn’t need to be asked. I wanted this to be counted and spanked her as hard as I could. She screamed so hard and almost turned around to see who hit her but Ron pulled on her hair hard and made sure she was stuffed with his meat. Asif, Amar and me took turns spanking her more and I could see her ass was now almost turning black. Amit probably thought she had had enough and asked us to stop. He positioned himself behind her and lined his hard long cock up her pussy and pushed up hard. Mom groaned louder than she had done that night sounding like a wild [email protected]. Krish put his dick all the way up her throat and groaned along with her. We could all see he was cumming and laughing at mom. Ron was laughing too, “Look at how the bitch is gobbling up your cum dude! Makes me wanna fill her mouth too. You love cum our dear little Mrs. Whore?” Mom just kept sucking on the dick in her mouth balgat escort milking every last drop of cum from it looking at Ron smiling at him. When she was convinced she could get no more cum from it for some time now she let go of it, took Ron’s and said, “Oh I sure do love your cum boys. So tasty! Why don’t you finish doing what you said you want to?” She then turned around and told “Amit I love how your cock stretches my pussy. Fuck me harder. And Tanveer I think there is one more hole down there where you can get busy too!” winked at him and turned back. He needed no more invitation as he picked her up and buried his huge cock all the way up her puckered hole in one rough stroke. It was only then it struck to all of us at once that she saw me and the two! She suddenly turned back at us and I looked her face clearly. Her lipstick all smudged up around her lips, tears dried up all over her face, her spit still yet to dry on her chin, cum at the corner of her mouth which she was still licking off. She looked like a Goddess of Whores! She looked at me and said “Well we have my little boy here too and he’s all hard for me! I am having a long, long night. Aaaaaah! Amit! I love your cock, I love it so much!” She turned back and went on work with Ron. I for a moment didn’t know what to do now. Here I was standing next to my mom getting fucked in her mouth, pussy and getting ready for an ass fuck from Tanveer, inviting me to join them- I couldn’t ask for more. Asif and Amar took one breast each as she was laid on her back on Tanveer’s chest with his dick up her ass and Amit’s in her pussy. She was sucking Ron’s dick and balls alternatively giving him the time of his life. I just waited there next to her face while Ron got close to cumming. As Amit and Tanveer fucked her hard she came with a very loud a shuddering orgasm as she clenched on to all the cocks inside her. Ron started climaxing in her mouth immediately and filling her mouth with his cum. She swallowed it all so well and went on sucking draining him playing with his balls and I looked on at her. I took the whole scene in once again as she finished sucking Ron, getting fucked in her pussy and ass. Getting her lovely breasts sucked, bit and beaten. She surely was any man’s dream come true! I went near her face as Ron moved away. I looked at her with my cock dangling only an inch from her mouth as she caught her breath. At about that time both Amit and Tanveer gave out a loud grunt and started cumming like they had planned to cum at the same time. They started slapping her breasts and ass as they yelled abuses at her. “Oh fuck! You have such a tight pussy!” “You are such a slut!” “Yes milk my dick with your ass, do that like the whore you are!” “Mrs. C is our dirty little slut now!” Mom looked at my dick, hard and long, waiting elvankent escort to feel her mouth around it and the look on her face somehow told me she wanted my dick more than I wanted her mouth! I could just stand there and stare at her face as she continued looking at my dick with lust and licking her lips. She then slowly put her one hand on my balls and wrapped the other around my cock and pulled it to her face. She started massaging my balls and kissing the tip of my cock at the same time. I felt like I was floating in heaven. Here I was, with my cock buried up my mom’s throat, her hands massaging my balls, with her eyes looking at me like they were pleading me to slap her. At that moment I forgot she was my mum and saw her just like a wanton whore she was tonight and slapped her hard across her face when she had it stuffed with my dick. That took her by surprise and she started cumming, clamping down very tightly on to my dick with her mouth. That’s when I realized my other two friends were already fucking my mom and she was enjoying every bit of it. Asif came in her pussy at about the same time as she came adding to the already filled up mess in her cunt. Amar couldn’t hold much longer after that as he rammed his dick up her ass and grabbed her boobs, biting on to her shoulders as he filled her ass with his virile cum. I could see she was getting a bit passed out with all the wine, dicks, orgasms, cream pies and cum shots but I wasn’t done! By the time Asif and Amar finished filling mom with their cum I had devoured her face to my satisfaction – her face full smeared with tears, cum and spit and red cuz of all the slapping and face fucking. I now went towards her pussy to put a finger and see if it was tight enough for me or if I should go for her ass. What I found surprised me as I realized, my mom, after 2 c***dren, after taking 5 dicks in a span of couple hours was still tight for my fingers. I was gonna enjoy fucking her pussy so much. I positioned myself at the entrance of her pussy and started rubbing it on her labia. She started moaning so loud and grabbed the nearest dick she could. Tanveer needed no more invitation as he started fucking mom’s throat as hard as he could and I pushed into her pussy, feeling the wetness and warmth of the place I came out from. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my prim mom and the sight I had in fronta my eyes made it more hard to believe. My sophisticated mom, on her back, with her son’s dick up her pussy filled with his friends’ cum, her whole body covered with their cum and still sucking on two cocks. I started fucking her as hard as I could, grabbing her boobs, slapping them, pinching them, biting them, slapping her pretty face. I treated her like a filthy street whore for the next 20-30 minutes and finally came inside her. I filled her pussy and ass mixing my cum with my friends’ hoping I could put a baby in my favourite slut. She got fucked many times by all of us that night till none of us could get any hard. I went to sleep that night with my dick in her mouth knowing I earned a slut for life whom I could fuck anyway, anywhere and anytime I wanted!

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