1 Mayıs 2023

Me , My Son First Time, Part Six

Big Tits

A Night To RememberSAM’S VIEWDuring the summer, my mother and I were invited for a weekend stay with Katie Grace and her son Dan, my best mate. My mother is older than Katie but they’re very good friends and my mother has always helped her tackle the harder issues in life, particularly those affecting a single mum. What I didn’t know was that some of those problems and issues were sexual.As a single mom after my dad left, my mother helped me with many problems, including sexual issues, and she’s been extremely protective and resourceful. In fact, as a very loving mother, I suppose she’s bordered on being over-protective. And yes, we crossed a few lines.My mother maintains a youthful figure with many regular hours of jogging, gym workouts, yoga, and meditation. Yet, although she has an incredibly sexy body, she’s never shared her charms with any of the countless males she meets during her research work.I was curious about that until she told me that, after my dad left, she hadn’t been interested in sexual liaisons with men near to her age or older — she simply preferred younger men. Well, I’m sixteen (as is Dan) and some of my friends are in their early twenties. None are yet twenty-five and my mother seems very pleased about that! She’d also been pleased when I had a sixteen-year-old girlfriend, but Angela had to move away with her family.We lived in London until the split from my dad. Then we moved to a very remote location in the west country. There were no young females nearby at that time and I became sexually fixated Lefkoşa Escort on my mother and my Aunt Carmen, who lived about seven miles away.As a horny teenager virtually isolated from young females and being home with my mother most of the time, I suppose that’s why this desire and fixation on my mother and her younger sister became intense. It didn’t seem wrong to me and my mother and I clicked and got along. Well, most of the time: I am, after all, still a teenager with growing problems, attitudes and issues.I’d got on very well with Dan since we met at a social event — and, in secret, we’d even been ‘intimate,’ experimentally playing around with each other.So, on the first day of our visit, Dan’s mother had prepared a special evening meal to celebrate both our family friendship and a business venture they were planning. It was during the meal that I dropped a fork and it bounced under the table. I excused myself, got off of my chair, and ducked down under the table to retrieve it.While under there I saw that Dan had a hand in his mother’s lap. He was rubbing her and, to my surprise, I saw that she was not rejecting his advances but was responding in kind, slowly stroking between his thighs. It looked so exciting and so very naughty that I took longer than necessary to pick up my fork. My cock throbbed and twitched in my trousers but I had to return to my seat.As I tucked back into the meal, my cock got harder as I replayed the scene of mother and son sexually feeling Girne Escort each other under the table. What I’d seen truly excited me and I found out later that they’d wanted to go upstairs but, obviously, they couldn’t.After dinner, we went into the lounge as the setting sun cast an orange glow through the window, and we settled down on facing settees: Dan on one with his mother, and me with mine on the other.We sat for about an hour chatting while our mothers drank red wine. Suddenly, my mother slipped off her shoes, raised a leg and rested the foot in my lap. Immediately, Katie slipped off her shoes and rested a naked foot in Dan’s lap. Copycat!At first, I thought nothing of having my mother’s foot in my lap; she’d done it many times when we were alone at home. But then she moved her foot slowly back and forth, producing a growing bulge in my trousers.Tonight, I thought, is shaping up to be rather different. I’d already caught Dan and his mother feeling each other under the dining table and now they were sitting next to each other on the opposite settee watching our every move. I hadn’t relieved myself or fucked my mother for a few days so my cock had been getting excited on and off all day long. No surprise I reacted to my mother rubbing her foot between my legs.Although I’d fucked my mother several times, nobody knew about it. I certainly hadn’t told anybody. But, with Dan and his mom watching my mother’s foot movement, it all felt so erotic and very, very different. My mother Magosa Escort then said, “Oh, babe, I think I feel something coming up.”Oh my god. Why is my mother making loaded statements like that when we’re not alone?When she’d started moving her foot in my lap, I’d decided to pretend that nothing was happening. But I saw an unusual strange grin on her face as she sipped more wine. I caressed her naked foot and my cock throbbed against her heel as I watched Katie slowly rubbing her foot over Dan’s trouser lump. He then copied me, stroking his mother’s foot, until she bent forward, placed her wine glass on the coffee table, leaned back and said, “Oh, Dan, honey, I also think I feel something coming up.”My mother put her wine glass on the table, rested back, and smiled broadly before saying, “How about a kiss for your mother?”I was silently cautious but my heart raced with excitement. What kind of kiss does she mean? A normal kiss like we have when in company? Or a kiss we share in the privacy of our home during sex?I deliberated for a few seconds but my mother broke into my thoughts by putting a hand on my thigh. I was very excited and, adding to the pleasure, Dan’s mother turned off the light. Only the glow of the full moon spilled through the window when my mother lifted her foot from my crotch, rubbed a hand up my leg, and stroked my engorged cock through my trousers.Being in almost complete darkness was exciting as my mother gently kissed my cheek. The kiss was ordinary — except that she was also rubbing my erection. I responded by caressing the hand that was so blatantly working on me through my trousers. She kissed me again on the cheek, then said, “Babe, let’s show Dan and his mummy how we kiss at home when we’re alone.”Now I understood, it all fell into place and made sense: our mothers had planned this.

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