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Medieval Pleasures

Big Tits

Medieval Pleasures

By Aleq de Satyr

Part 1


Like a modern woman, a medieval woman’s sexuality included many different aspects. Sexuality does not only refer to a woman’s sexual activity, as sexual lives were as social, cultural, legal, and religious as they were personal. In the classical and early Medieval period, sexual love was regarded merely as a carnal appetite to be controlled by reason, but with the rise of the poetry of Courtly Love, it came to be seen as highly spiritual desire governed by the religion of the god Amor, parallel and a rival to the God of the Christian religion.

Dancing round a Maypole wasn’t always mere skipping-with-ribbons. It was ritual phallus-worship, after which the dancers would head for the open meadows to fuck their brains out…The period was also known for raunchiness, ribaldry and regular orgies, the severe restrictions by the Church notwithstanding.

Prostitution thrived in the Middle Ages, whether it was approved by the Church or not. In larger towns, prostitutes could practice their trade in anonymity and it was regarded as an honest and essential profession.

This story is about three Medieval women in Britannia who went further in their exploration of sexual pleasure and depravity and the Church be dammed.

Wanton Lady…The Noblewoman

My name is Lady Emma Devon, a noblewoman in the town of York. I turned 40 in the year 1415 during the battle of Agincourt. My Knight husband had gone off to the war and left me bereft of the very few times we had sexual pleasures…I was in my prime and needed to fuck all the time, but he was hardly around to fuck me. My cunt ached and dripped, my clitoris constantly erect. I could not fuck my servants, it was frowned upon; indeed, it was taboo. But he could fuck his many mistresses as many men did.

At the Beltane, May Day festival I met the notorious Druid Priestess Gloria Wethole, just returned from a visit to Stonehenge. She introduced me to a minstrel called Pan…He sang bawdy songs on his lute that aroused me deeply. He wore a mask of pheasant and his naked upper torso painted in bluish-green that gave him an other-worldly look. As we drank whiskey my eyes were fixed on the outline of his very large cock in his light grey jester tights.

“Do ye like what ye see my lady” he asked smiling.

“I do indeed and ’tis mighty fine I daresay” I said.

Pan led me to an oak tree in a secluded clearing by a stream…Around us I could hear the keening sounds of women being fucked. Pan laid me down on the soft grass and pushed up my dress, removed my under garments and his tights. His cock sprang out huge and hard and ready and he fell between my thighs like a hawk… Pan plunged the big cock all the way into my cunt and beyond and began a steady thrusting, stretching my twat wide and deep.

I moaned, squeezing his hard arse as he thrust deeply into my yielding cunt. Bouncing frantically at the feel of his hard cock, I raised my legs and locked them around his waist.

“Oh, Pan” I crooned, savoring his long, deep, hard thrusts my cunt splashing juice. I was lost in an avalanche of pleasure, as Pan fucked me with lingering strokes. I clenched then loosened my thighs rhythmically, opening and closing my cunt to his smooth thrusts into my womb, deeper and deeper. I felt huge tremors spreading thru my body, from my cunt to my belly and thighs. Spasms of tightness opened and clamped down as hoarse rhythmic groans issued from my gaping mouth my legs were flexed and spread wide.

Power surged in me as he drove deeper into my womb. I was totally abandoned to the exquisite pleasure, calling his name, begging him not to stop. Then I began to shake and tremble violently in orgasm, screaming continuously as he came, pouring abundant spunk into me. I was unwilling to relinquish the hard swollen, throbbing cock so he rested inside me for a while. I was utterly calm and at peace…Pan fucked me some more until eventide. We parted vowing to meet again.

Three days later I went back to town looking for Pan but he was gone, to parts unknown. But I did see Priestess Gloria who consoled me for my loss.

“Do not worry, mi Lady I will get you a friend of mine, an impudent rascal but a mighty fine cocksman and is known as the fireman. He will put out the raging fire in your cunt. His name is Rusty…The next day Gloria took me to the Inn where Rusty stayed. He was an affable, vey amusing, rugged swarthy man with a beard. After plying me with some whiskey, he disrobed me and examined my cunt, pronouncing it very nice and ready for a good hard fucking.

“And remember, it is also a prime aristocratic cunt; enjoy it” said Gloria.

Rusty’s cock was huge, fat and heavy, his balls big and hairy; indeed, he was hairy all over.

After lapping my cunt and arsehole for long moments, he mounted me driving me to unendurable heights of pleasure as he fucked me like a man possessed. The room echoed with the sounds of our fucking. Gloria watched beaming squirming in her Escort Haramidere chair. We were both lost in pleasure. My body convulsed repeatedly in multiple orgasms, flowing constantly with juices, my cries of ecstasy echoing his grunts.

He fucked my very soul with a compelling need. I was startled by his dedication to the heavy fucking. I never restrained myself, opening my cunt wider and wider to his powerful thrusts, his thorough possession of my very being. I screamed and screamed in ecstasy, my whole body quaking, rocking and shaking powerfully as Rusty emptied his bucket load of semen into me, while I wavered on the edge of consciousness and a deep bonding passed palpably around and thru us. I slept soundly afterwards.

Gloria was gone when I woke up. Rusty kept me for two days, fucking me intermittently giving me enormous pleasure. I did not miss my palatial home one bit…On the second day his friend Leo came over and they fucked me in many ways I had not known before. They filled me with spunk, down my throat into my cunt and thru my arsehole. I became a whole different woman afterwards.

Sacred Harlot…The Wild Priestess

Sexually independent women, once respected as sacred vessels of the Goddess, are degraded as evil temptresses; as obstacles between man and a sexless heaven. For most of the centuries Sacred Harlots have been spiritual and physical links to the gods. This is true for all of the major and most minor religions.

These Harlots were not prostitutes as we know them, but Priestesses, sorceresses, prophets, and healers…I Gloria Wethole am one such woman. I am a virago, a Maenad. An agnostic and a revolutionary; I am attractive, with a slender womanly body and darkly seductive with a regal bearing. My public denunciations of the Patriarchy and the Church have earned me notoriety in York.

I love to fuck and have fucked a lot. I encourage other women to do the same.

I travel to places to fuck; to London, Scotland, Wales, all over… I am a Pagan Druid Priestess who believes in free love and delights in sensual pleasures and material goods; an irreligious, hedonistic woman. I prefer strong men with very large cocks. This narrative is about three such men.

Darach the Rake…

Darach is a well to do rake, very well-versed in the ancient tradition of sex magic as practiced by generations of Celtic Druids. We met at a sex magic rituals, a celebration of how to channel, intensify, and project our sexual energy for magical purposes in a spiritual context, that can help achieve personal liberation. Darach said he found me irresistible and desirable.

“But I must warn you, I am a dissolute and immoral person; a man who indulges in vices and lacks sexual restraint” he said kissing me deeply.

“That is fine with me” I smiled sweetly.

“Now Gloria, I intend to take you home and fuck you senseless” he said, walking me to his abode.

He licked me, kissed me, suckled my nipples until they ached. He bit my neck, belly, took my clitoris in his mouth and teased me with his tongue, sucking me until I cried out in pleasure, begging for more as I came suddenly. His cock was huge, bulging with veins, he held it for me to see to touch; it was hard as a spear. He rubbed it against my vulva, my erect clitoris, my arsehole. I spread my legs wide on the bed and opened my cunt with my hands moaning, writhing like an eel, feeling wild.

Darach mounted me like a wild stallion on a willing mare. Then he began to push that huge prick into me slowly until he was balls deep inside. I felt my cunt open up and stretch wide and deep…He began thrusting and thrusting into me, skillfully with grim determination, fucking me relentlessly. I came again and again.

Darach fucked me and fucked me. I writhed on the mattress aching pleading, “please don’t stop, fuck me harder” as my juices spattered and sizzled.

I fucked back, equally determined, my sensuality spellbinding, my twat drenched with juice. I breathed faster clutching him to my body more urgently, arching my back. He grunted on and on thrusting his hard cock, probing my slick and slippery depths until we both groaned loudly, climaxing wildly together, our bodies drenched with sweat and fuck juices.

Bruno the warrior Jouster…

I met Bruno a Frenchman at a Jousting tournament. His prowess and expertise, his strength and good looks had my clitoris throbbing mightily. He was enchanted by my beauty my sluttiness, my round jiggly arse. Bruno had some magic about him that afternoon, a subtle virility, a curious vividness and a hint of unlimited sexual possibilities…Taking him home with me was a cinch. His entire persona enveloped me like a morning fog as we sat in my sunlit bedroom, facing one another, drinking wine. I feasted my eyes on his very large gorgeous, reddish-brown cock jutting out before me. I sucked the hard cock as he stroked my breasts, my soft-hard belly, my meaty vulva, my erect clitoris.

I panted “O my goodness so big, you’re İkitelli escort so gloriously big” as Bruno mounted me on the mattress and speared me with deep rhythmic thrusts of his hard cock.

My syrupy-thick juices splattered all over his groin. Currents shot thru me as he rode me like a wild stallion. Voices in waves of whispers surrounded us, the air thick with the fragrance of eucalyptus and sandalwood incense…Bruno was untamed, wild and he unleashed an animal hunger within me as he fucked me and fucked me, relentlessly. I writhed, I moaned, I farted and I squirted fluids. Then I screamed in a piercing voice, convulsed with agonizing pleasure, and finally crashing into a violent orgasm while he gushed his hot spunk into me; I felt it sloshing down my deep twat.

We lay there for long moments floating in an intoxicating afterglow, our bodies soaked with sweat and sticky juices…I looked into Bruno’s eyes and said “My home is yours, you can stay as long as you like”.

Then I rolled on top of him and inserted his still hard cock back inside my twat, clenching him tight.

“God, I want to fuck you forever”, I said softly into his ear. Sweat poured off me, dripping onto his chest as I rode him. Then I came again and again, hard, making him come again also. In the sweat, in the juices, I clung to him screaming, in constant spasms and I could feel my cunt closing around his hard cock, clenching it tightly as our bodies riveted…Coming, coming together, continuously. It was a wonderful fuck!

“Please stay here with me for a while” I whispered as I collapsed on top of Bruno.

Aboud, the Stallion…

He was a soldier of fortune that I met at a soiree, celebrating the Summer solstice in London. He was a kept man in the service of a Duchess and other lady aristocrats. His long gold brocade kaftan with matching turban, draped over his tall strong body, his trimmed goatee got my attention…My goodness he looked exotic and gorgeous! As he walked towards me my cunt began to clench feverishly; Goddess, I would love to fuck this man I said to myself.

Aboud was a Tuareg Afrikan but spoke impeccable English. He was captivated by my raunchiness, my sluttiness, my lithe body, my availability; not to mention my long grey-streaked black hair…Later Aboud invited me to his modest townhouse down the street, for some hard liquor since the tea and lemonade being served did not appeal to me.

He filled and refilled my glass with aged whiskey, while we chatted heartily animatedly. His smoldering sexual aura abundantly evident. Aboud has a face that is all sculpture, handsome…He disrobed me, marveling at my “exquisite body”, my full breasts, my full hairy cunt, my round arse. Then Aboud removed his robe and his erect cock sprang out, swaying from side to side.

“Holy Poseidon”! I exclaimed. His cock was mammoth sized! Like that of a Shire horse’s! And bulging with huge veins…His balls the size of grapefruits. I have never ever seen a cock like that before in my entire life. I stood there speechless, transfixed by the sight. I began to tremble with excitement. At long last the cock I have been searching for all my life, was swaying before me. Aboud embraced me, reassuring me that he will be gentle with me.

When I regained my composure, I took hold of the root of the erect phallus with both hands; it was so fucking heavy! I squeezed it from bottom to top, pushing the cock between my thighs, squeezing, rubbing the head over my vulva, against my erect clitoris, inserting the cockhead into my cunt opening, rubbing it against the wetness. My slimy juices flowed down the insides of my thighs to my ankles.

We began to kiss, sinking onto the bed, tumbling thru the cosmos…Aboud took my breasts in his mouth and sucked the tits gently, kneading my arse rubbing against me. Goddess I wanted him badly, anticipating the massive hard cock. My twat oozed juice copiously, down my arse crack.

“Touch my cunt, see how ready she is” I whispered.

“Lovely cunt, so juicy so full” he whispered back.

He lapped at my juices for long moments then spread my legs very wide and began to enter me slowly. I relaxed all my muscles. I watched in awe as his massive cock slowly sheathed itself in my cunt, it was a very tight fit. Holy mother, the cock felt like steel! Stretching me wide and deep and to my utter disbelief, he got all of it inside me filling me totally.

We fucked slowly, spinning leisurely on the bed. Intense, poignant; I watched him intently as he moved in and out of me slowly, rocking inside me gently, drawing it in and out to the rhythm of my breathing for a long, long time. My cunt was pounding with lust, milking his cock, enjoying the exuberance of our fucking…The pleasure was indescribable. I was lost, out of this world when a mammoth orgasm claimed me. I screamed, I howled like a banshee, thrashing about on the bed and Aboud kept fucking me relentlessly as I kept coming and coming. He stopped for a while, giving me some respite, Çapa escort bayan his giant cock throbbing mightily inside my cunt.

Aboud resumed fucking me with more vigor, my twat awash with juice and emitting loud, wet slurpy sounds as he moved inside me. I was far away and gone, but alive with feeling, shuddering as he fucked me expertly. My body moved in anticipation of every rhythm change, every shock and every orgasm…I exploded in all directions, on and on screaming, my nails clawing Aboud’s back. He was so relaxed, deeply desirous of pleasuring me totally, endlessly. My gut heaved, the cock was alive and very hard, pounding into my depths skillfully, relentlessly until I screamed and once again buckled in a gut-wrenching orgasm.

My final cry of ecstasy was as if demons were released from me in a sexual exorcism….I came and came and he came with me, violently, thundering into me like a burst dam, flooding me to overflow with thick hot semen, shaking and shuddering with me in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Aboud kept me for three glorious days fucking me nonstop. He fucked all my orifices in a variety of ways. A variety of fucking for the ultimate sexual ecstasy. The hard massive dick, pounding and pulsating vigorously deep inside my widespread gaping cunt; making me come and come, on and on, again and again; a veritable fuck-fest.

He mounted my woman-force, driving me to unendurable heights. We were lost in pleasure, eternity seemed to pass before us. The sex was exciting, exhilarating and poignant…Heat, lust and pleasure spilled and bubbled until we were exhausted.

Aboud seemed to transcend the laws of nature; a demi God with a supernatural prowess…It occurred to me that, I had never ever been fucked like that in my entire life and never will be again.

Part 2

Witches Brew

…”The greatest magic is the art of self-transformation…”

Minerva Wise Vixen

I am Luna Twatt, the outspoken, sex-oriented well known Witch of York. My Witchcraft and spirituality training took place at the famous Minerva’s Coven in Wales, which was largely ignored by the Church. This gave the Coven a lot of latitude to practice its calling.

Minerva is a Diviner and a Prophet, her wisdom guides the Coven. She is a time-traveler who has been to ancient times and other realms…She is the protectress; she is the wind you never leave behind. She is black and she is white and she is brown and she is red and she is yellow. She shines like a white light in a dark forest. She is the custodian of the Dark forces of magic. She seems ageless, timeless; her poetry is erotic, earthy and raw. She is a defiant seeker of wisdom who revels in her sexuality, even at her age (which she refuses to divulge); her knowledge, her power and her ability to choose. She is well-versed in herbal magic, the powers of stones and crystals.

I learned about women’s embodiment of sexuality, about orgies, homosexuality…The practice of magic, the use of medicinal herbs for healing purposes. About charms and potions in driving out a sickness; about how to grow my clitoris, let my body hair grow wild and make my cunt tighter with herbs.

I learned to be more brazen to represent the unknown; things which men are afraid of…We were defying the so-called experts who try to interpret our sexuality to us, by going out there and celebrating it without any inhibitions. Enjoying good sex, even masturbating and fucking excessively by some women is a form of freedom, liberation and emancipation that strengthens and empowers.

We were saying yes to sex and our bodies and no to docility. A healthy sexuality in a woman that is free of guilt is a beautiful thing. We fucked each other at the Coven, delighting in Sapphic sex.

Occasionally special men were brought in to fuck us for three days, to satisfy our powerful sexual desires, our raging cunts…I was the closest novice to Minerva since we shared among other things, the distinction of having the biggest cunts and clitorises. She shared with me the best males with the largest cocks. One such male was Galen, who liked to fuck all my orifices, my body quivering with burning currents of pleasure; melting, dissolving into incandescent, suspended ecstasy.

My cunt my arsehole, my mouth were fucked methodically, relentlessly. I savored the delicious fucking, the limitless span of the ancient, eternal act of sacred sex. Unification of bodies and with the universe; a healing that is far beyond pleasure. Later we’d lay spoon-fashion in a puddle of sex fluids, Galen’s cock still throbbing inside my cunt.

At the Coven, my life-force was renewed and I sank deeply into the erotic ocean of intimacy and closeness with the women. I learnt how to fuck both men and women wantonly.

When I came out of the Coven I perfected my practice of herbalism, specializing in potions made from magical herbs for enhancing virility and sexual prowess in men and increasing sexual appetite ten-fold; as well as those for contraception and female ailments…My close friend Priestess Gloria sent me male customers whom I took advantage of, by enticing them into fucking me to prove the efficacy of the potion. I got to fuck a lot of men, particularly the ones with large cocks that way. Sometimes Gloria came over to watch the men fuck me, she loves that.

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