18 Mart 2023


Alex Grey

The hours had flown by. The trip had been uneventful and I was fast approaching the off ramp to the little hamlet you live in. From the first time we had spoken on the phone, I had hoped this day would arrive, we both seemed to enjoy the time we could spend speaking and now we were finally going to meet.

From the hours on the phone, we both knew each other very well, and yet we had never seen each other. We could easily pass each other in a store and never know.We had ponder the chances of ever meeting. Then in a short time, chance had made the trip possible.

You had spent the day at work, wondering how things would work out. Would we enjoy each others company or would we find this meeting to be a waste of time. Would we spend the night together or would we continue to just be friends. These questions tingled at the edge of your mind.

You finished the day of work and headed home to clean up. Slightly behind schedule but you would be able to make the time up. A quick shower and off the restaurant we had agreed to meet at. A public place just in case I proved to be a mass murder.

I took the off ramp from the turn pike. There was the place just as you had described it. My heart began to beat a little faster. Soon we would know the answer, was this or was this not a good idea.

You finished your bostancı escort shower, surprising you nipples seemed to be a little swollen as you pulled you top on and finished dressing. Off to the restaurant you were.

Was that a car with Ohio plates that you had seen pulling in. Could it be me. Your heart rate and breathing picked up the pace slightly.

Yes, those were Ohio plates, you noticed this as you pulled into the parking space next to the car.

I looked at the truck that had pulled into the spot next to me. Could this be you. I waved slightly through my window as a smile played at the conner of my mouth. It looked like fate would take over from here.

You saw me waving and waved back.

We got out of our vehicles. We saw each other for the first time. Neither one of use was disappointed.

I walked over and kissed you gently on the cheek. That seemed more natural then a hand shake. As we walked to towards the restaurant or hands slipped into each others.

The meal had been wonderful and the conversation even better. The time to leave had arrived and the moment for deciding our next step had arrived. As we walked out of the restaurant and reached our cars, we turned and faced each other. This time instead of kissing your büyükçekmece escort cheek, I kissed you on the lips. I gently whispered into you ear, “should I say or should I go”. The world seemed to stand still as I waited for your answer.

You spoke no words, Instead you moved closer to me and kissed me, The kiss seemed to last for ever. We were in a world of our own. Finally you said, “what do you think”.

I followed you as you drove down the winding roads to your house. You pulled into a drive way and I parked behind you.

As you opened the door, I came up behind you and gently squeezed you butt. As the door opened, I reached up and tickled your ear lobes. You responded as I had hoped.

I shut the door. We turned and faced each other. Slowly I kissed your forehead . You turned your head and I kissed your earlobe. The tip of my tongue just barely making contact with your skin.

Your pulse began to race, I could see color coming into your cheeks. Again are lips met our tongues intertwined. My hands slowly reached down and squeezed your right nipple through your blouse. My other hand cupped the firmness of your left breast.

I could feel your fingers as they squeezed my balls through my blue jeans. Both of our body temperatures çekmeköy escort started to rise. Your guided us towards the bedroom. Once there we undressed each other.

I kissed your neck . my lips worked there way down to your right nipple. I could feel it responding as my tongued traced circles around it.

As my pants came off, my penis hardened as your fingers moved up and down the shaft. You played gently with my chest hairs.

My fingers left your breast on worked their way down you body. I could feel heat off you womanhood as my fingers entered. Deeper and deeper they went. Wetter and Wetter you became.

We lay on the bed. My tongue and lips had replaced my fingers in your pussy. Your lips had replaced your hands on my shaft. Both of us enjoyed the pleasure we were giving and receiving. I beame hard, you became wetter. Finally I rolled over. You grab my manhood and guided into your dripping womanhood.

I could feel your tightness around my shaft. You could feel my shaft as you lowered yourself on me. Deeper, faster, wetter. DEEPER, DEEPER, FASTER, FASTER HARDER.

Can you feel me in you. I can feel you wrapped around me.


We bother begin to sweat. HOTTER HOTTER, DEEPER FASTER, HARDER.

I can feel my cum as it starts to move up my shaft. HOTTER HOTTER. FASTER.

I can see the pleasure in you face as you getter closer and closer,

CLOSER CLOSER to climaxing.

I shoot my load as we both scream in pleasure, the pleasure that only a man and woman can give each other.

As we recover from exhausting, I start to wonder what toys we will be using later that night.

I hope you enjoy.

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