9 Mart 2023

Meeting Gina Ch. 01

Non Nude

This is my first story, and it is true, mostly. I have embellished it, and changed the girls’ names. I hope to write more stories soon, and as such, I covet your feedback.


Her name is Gina; she is 23 years old, in a common-law relationship and she studies political science at a local community college in night classes, and until recently, she was unemployed. My name is Israel, I’m 38, married with two children, and the owner-operator of a small café not far from the university. This is the story of our first encounter; she made a great first impression.

Gina is Mexican. Her parents immigrated (legally) when she was 12, so she still has a thick accent. She is not tall, only 5’3″, a little heavy, with the most impressive curves. Her legs are long (for her height), beautifully shaped, with small feet, narrow ankles, curvy calves, and thighs that get steadily thicker as they near her thick, plump ass. She knows her legs are one of her better features, and it´s obvious that she knows. She often wears her jeans a little too tight, or skirts that only come half-way down her thigh. I have never seen her in shoes with a heel less than 6 inches in height. Her ass is plump and her hips are wide, which off-sets the fact that she is a bit over-weight, making the fullness of her abdomen proportional, and still allowing for an hourglass body.

Her breasts aren’t enormous, nor are they firm; maybe a C-cup. But she shows them off, always wearing deep-cut or open blouses, allowing everyone who will look a glimpse of her cleavage. She is incredibly photogenic, with dark skin, plump lips, a brilliant smile, perfect teeth, large, brown-black eyes, and the most incredible hair, so long it reaches almost to her ass, even with the tight curls. As I would find out later, when wet, the length of her hair is astounding.

I am Mexican-American, but you would not know it to look at me. I am 6’3″, blond, with a thick strawberry-blonde beard. In my youth I was in good shape, but years of sedentary jobs have taken their toll on my physique. Now overweight, I tip the scales at 260 pounds. Due to my height, it is not so obvious how overweight I am. My eyes are hazel, I wear glasses, and walk with a slight limp (caused by a horse-riding accident in my youth). My mother was from Norway, and my father, from northern Mexico.

I met Gina when she and a friend came for a cup of coffee. My café is one of the few businesses near the university that allows smoking. Hell, we encourage it. We have a few boxes of Mexican and Nicaraguan cigars that we sell by the piece, an a couple cheap blends of pipe tobacco, and some low-end pipes. We also have a bit of liquor under the counter that we reserve for our better clients, or those late nights after we are closed.

Gina’s friend Maria had long been a client of the café. Pretty, but not beautiful, Maria and Gina could easily pass for sisters, with Gina being the much prettier of the two. Nonetheless, Maria has a great body, being slenderer than her friend, curvy, with slightly larger breasts. Like Gina, Maria is of Mexican descent, with black curly hair, and lighter skin.

Maria ordered them their coffees, an Americano for her, and a Latte for Gina, and then they wandered over to the cigars. I prepared them their coffee, and Maria selected a cigar, then took out her cutter, cut, and lit it. She looked at me directly in the eyes, and said to me, “Te amo, si.”

I winked, knowing she was flirting but also commenting on the cigar, and replied to her double entendre, “si.”

“Isra, this is Gina,” she told me, introducing Ankara escort her friend. I leaned in to kiss her right cheek, the traditional Mexican greeting, and inhaled. She smelled sweet, like peaches. My cock stirred.

She and Gina went to sit down in a corner table, sharing the cigar, laughing loudly, and at times, touching a little more than one would expect from friends. As the clock ticked past 9 pm, I locked the door from the inside, told the remaining clients that I would not kick them out, just that I did not want anyone else coming in. I then took the garbage out the back door, turned off the street sign, poured myself a tequila and coke, and went and sat down with the girls, but not before slipping off my wedding band and putting it in my pocket.

I knew Maria better, and we had been flirting for a long time, and so I wanted to sit beside her, but she was on the end of the bench, with her oversized knock-off purse beside her. So, I sat beside Gina, placing my glass in front of me, and setting a cigar and my lighter on the table.

“So, Gina, why haven’t I seen you before?” I asked her, making eye contact, before continuing with a quick wink “Which of my competition gets to bask in your beauty?”

She then explained to me how until recently she had been employed by the Democrats to help coordinate the schedule of one of the politicians (whom I will not mention here), and that between the job and her studies she had been too busy to have much of a social life. She then mentioned her common-law boyfriend, whom she described as a jealous type, who liked to keep her on a tight leash, for fear she stray. This she told me without breaking eye contact, except when she told me of her partner’s fear of her infidelity, when she winked at Maria and eye and returned my wink. As she did, she placed her hand on my thigh and gave me a squeeze, before beginning to trace subtle circles on my inner thigh.

Finishing speaking, she reached for my cigar and took a long, deep drag on it. Then, before blowing the smoke from her mouth, she leaned on my shoulder, prompting me to put my arm on her shoulder, as her hand crept up my thigh.

Maria, noting the surreptitious movement of her friend´s hand, giggled at Gina, and then scolded her, saying to her,

“Gina, easy, he’s married.”

“I know that, but he took off his ring,” replied Gina huskily, nodding to my left hand, still on her shoulder. And with that, her right hand slide up to my groin and squeezed my member through my pants.

I moved my hand off her shoulder, down to her left thigh and under her skirt. I was surprised to find no panties, no pubic hair, and a foot! Maria´s foot was between Gina’s legs, rubbing Gina’s clitoris. I squeezed Maria’s foot, and ran my hand up her leg and back, before beginning to use her foot as a dildo on Gina.

Maria poured herself a tequila, shot it, and then repeated the motion. Liquid courage, I guess. She then slouched down, giving me better control over her foot, which I used to rub Gina’s clit, and then moved Maria’s toes to Gina´s labia, and gently began to penetrate Gina with Maria’s big toe. As I did this, Maria slipped her hands down her pants and began to finger herself.

We had to break up our unusual party when the other clients stood to leave. I let go of Maria’s foot, now slick with Gina’s honey, and licked my fingers, stood up, adjusted my erection so it would not be as obvious, and went to let the clients out. Once they left, I re-locked the door and returned to the booth where my college beauties were waiting for me. I found Ankara escort bayan them in a passionate embrace, Maria now nearly nude, with only here bra and panties, while Gina was fully nude.

When I arrived, before I could sit down, Gina released Maria´s breast from her mouth and knelt in front of me. Hastily I undid my belt and let my pants fall to the floor, stepping out of them. As I undid my shirt, Gina swallowed my cock hungrily. While Gina deep throated me, Maria climbed on the table to kiss me hungrily.

I had been unfaithful to my wife before, but this was my first threesome. Prior to meeting my wife I had fooled around with one of my cousins, and while dating my wife, I had repeatedly fucked one of her roommates. Since marrying her, I had gone a long time without an affair, until I opened the café. There seemed to be a near endless supply of co-eds looking for a good time, and while I did not fuck them all, I had enjoyed myself a few times. I love my wife, but she is a real prude. Before our first son was born, she had really liked to fuck, but was never very experimental, and in our time together she had only twice given me a blow-job, and only once let me cum in her mouth.

Thinking about the vanilla sex-life I had at home made me determined to enjoy this moment with Gina and Maria. Breaking my kiss with Maria, I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her up a bit so her breasts were in front of my face. Gina was still devouring my cock, one hand on my shaft and the other tightly holding onto my ass. When she came up for air, I let go of Maria’s pert nipple after giving it a gentle bite. I stood Gina up, and kissed her, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. Our lips mashed together roughly as we kissed.

Then, I pushed Gina onto her back on the table. Maria moved aside to make room for her, and then straddled Gina’s face. I took one of Gina’s shapely legs in each hand and folded them up, so that her perfect calves where on my shoulders, and unceremoniously shoved my cock into her wet and ready pussy. Now, I am not incredibly endowed, but my cock matches my size, measuring about 7 inches when erect, with a circumference of about 4 inches. I bottomed out in Gina, with my circumcised cock pushing up against her cervix as I thrust in.

Gina yelped the first time my cock hit her cervix, and then purred as I thrust in and out. Her tongue lapped at Maria’s clitoris, and then Maria shifted, to grind her labia onto Gina’s mouth; Gina responded by clamping her lips around Maria’s pussy. As I fucked Gina, Maria and I kissed, stopping for the repeated orgasms that Gina was giving Maria. What a sight it was, these two young beauties pleasing each other as I fucked Gina. Her tits bounced and rolled with every thrust, her dark nipples hard, begging to be pinched. I had been holding her hips, to be be able to thrust deeply, but I let go with one hand, and reached up to squeeze her tits, and pull and pinch her nipples, which caused a long moan to emit from from her throat.

Soon, after a particularly large orgasm that flooded Gina´s mouth and face with the nectar of her pussy, Maria collapsed onto Gina, with her face near Gina’s pussy, and as I continued to fuck Gina, Maria massaged my balls and sucked on Gina’s clitoris.

Gina came hard, and long. She shook and trembled, letting go of Maria’s pussy with her lips to scream in Spanglish,

“Si, Si, Si, Yes! O my God! Oh, ¡Si! Fuck me. Fill me. O God! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

As she came, so did I, flooding her pussy with cum, squirting my load against her cervix. As I came, Maria squeezed Escort Ankara my balls, and as I withdrew my cock, she jacked it, ensuring that my orgasm was prolonged and that Gina was thoroughly filled with my cum.

I wasn’t worried about knocking up Gina, since I had been snipped after my wife had discovered she was pregnant with our second child. Of course, at this point, neither Maria nor Gina knew this, but it did not seem to matter.

Once I had removed my cock, Maria rolled off Gina, and, laying on her back, hung her head off the table, and guided my still hard cock to her upside down mouth. The position made her mouth and throat line up such that I could easily deep-throat her, which I did. As I did so, Gina finger-fucked her friend. Soon Maria was cumming, moaning hard as she did. With my cock down her throat, I blew my load, and as I removed my cock, I deposited more cum into her eager mouth.

This cum she kept on her tongue, and turned to kiss Gina. I was tired, only having ever cum twice like that a couple times before. But as I watched Gina and Maria kiss, swapping cum from mouth to mouth, my cock stirred once again. They writhed together, grinding their clits on each other’s thighs.

Maria’s pussy glistened before me. It was not shorn completely like Gina’s, but her public patch had been trimmed to a neat arrow, pointing toward her treasure. I took my cock, and rubbed it against Maria’s twat, before pushing into her. Maria is shorter than her friend, and I noticed the difference in their pussies, as I felt her cervix first resist the penetration, and then snap around the head of my cock. I thrust in and out, each time, going balls deep, to feel that sensation of her cervical muscles encircling my head.

The girls continued to kiss, their breasts rubbed together, and Maria gripped Gina’s pussy, fucking her with her fingers while rubbing her clit with her palm. I knew with this view of these two Mexican-American beauties fondling and kissing, I would soon reach my third orgasm. I warned Maria that I would soon cum, and she huffed to me between breaths,

“Esta bien. Yes, please. Cum in me. ¡Lléname!”

With that, I had my third orgasm, pushing my cock deep into her womb. Both beauties joined me in ecstasy, each cumming, Maria around my cock, and Gina on Maria’s fingers. We were a messy, sticky mass of limbs and cum. I felt my cock, now fully spent from three orgasms, begin to shrivel, and it slipped out of Maria’s well fucked twat. Still breathless, I sat down on the bench, and the girls slid off the table, to sit on either side of me. I reached for my discarded cigar, relit it, and passed it to Maria and then Gina, before dragging on it myself. We sat there, enjoying the cigar in the afterglow of our threesome.

Finishing the cigar, I stood up to call them a taxi and dress. They too stood to dress, not bothering with their underwear, simply pulling their garments over their naked bodies. As they stood, I noticed that where they had been sitting now was a puddle of cum, from my cock and their pussies. I scooped the contents from Maria’s pussy into a shot glass then filled the glass the rest of the way with tequila. I repeated this with what had oozed out of Gina. Then I gave the cocktail of Gina’s cum, my semen, and tequila to Maria, and gave Gina the cocktail from Maria. They clinked their glasses, giggled, and shot the mix of cum, pussy nectar, and tequila.

As the taxi arrived, indicating his presence by honking his horn, we quickly agreed to make a WhatsApp group to organize future hook-ups. Then, as they left, I kissed each of them.

There will be more on my adventures with the girls. Perhaps I will also tell you about some of the other affairs, I have had with clients, and with my cousin, Helen. But those will have to be another time.

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