9 Mart 2023

Meeting Peggy Sanford


I had been talking with Peggy Sanford via the website message page for a long time, and I always loved looking at her posted pictures. I’ve especially loved the ones of her with her legs spread wide in the air getting royally fucked by black guys. She is such a classic looking southern woman, and married, which adds naughtiness to having her pussy fucked by black cocks. I always fantasized about being in their place with my dick balls deep in her sweet hairy snatch. Unfortunately, I’ve never had any reason or excuse to be anywhere near Gatlinburg; that is until a couple of months ago.

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place without any sort of rhyme or reason. Several old friends from where I worked, who had since moved south for various reasons, kept asking me to meet them in Myrtle Beach for a week of golf. I’d never been able work it out. Then, about three months ago, I learned that my wife was going to go visit her sister in Chicago for about a week. My wife’s niece had given birth to her first child, and there were some minor problems which could be addressed easily with some outside assistance. My wife decided to go help her sister with her first grandchild. At first there was some discussion of my going, but I thought it might be a good opportunity to finally work that golf vacation with my friends who were now living in various parts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. In addition, my dirty little mind began thinking that if Peggy were up for it, I could take the “inland” route over through the Smokies and spend a little time with her before turning east to the South Carolina coast. I sent Peggy a note, and with a little extra timing, we arranged to be in Gatlinburg at the same time. Peggy was delighted with the idea, and I put all the plans into motion.

The plan was for me to meet Peggy at O’Charley’s, a place in town not far from her condo. I naturally assumed that this was to give her a chance to meet me and graciously change her mind about further activity if she so decided. This is her routine when she meets men for the first time, and I respected the fact that she had to be cautious, and maybe after meeting me in person she’d like to say “thanks but no thanks.” After all, we had only been online friends so she couldn’t know what I was really like in person.

I arrived about 11:45 AM, and took a seat at the bar. I looked around but didn’t see her, so I just ordered a gin and tonic and settled in. I had sent her pictures so she certainly knew what I looked like.

In about 10 minutes, I felt a hand on my back tickling my neck. “Hey stranger,” a voice said behind me. “It’s about time we got to meet.” She bent over my shoulder, making sure her braless tits gave me a caress that certainly got my attention.

I turned and there she was, looking even more beautiful and sexy than I had imagined. She was wearing a simple yellow top and dark skirt, and looked more like an innocent business lady stopping by for lunch than the absolute sex goddess that I knew her to be. As she slipped onto the bar stool, the skirt rode up enough (she’s most likely practiced the move) to let me, and only me, see up her lovely legs, proving that she wasn’t wearing panties, and to give me an almost peak of her thick pussy bush, which I knew was uncovered and within inches of my view. My heart leaped and pounded, but I stayed cool. I had to complement and thank her for the generosity as my eyes again locked on her perfectly upturned tits.

“Sweetie, I’m betting that pussy is even more impressive than in your pictures. I’m only hoping to get a nice up close view later.”

“Oh I’m sure you will. You’ll get to have a nice taste too,” she responded. “Let’s get a booth so we can talk.” As we reached the booth, she slipped in first and asked me to sit next to her rather than across from her. The waitress came over and we ordered a round of drinks. She wanted to know if we wanted to order lunch, but Peggy said we’d just be staying for drinks. As soon as the waitress left, Peggy took my hand and slipped it under her skirt and between her smooth legs. My fingers found her moist slit and slipped into her slippery wet cunt. She pressed my hand there and closed her eyes moaning just a little. Then she took it out and held it to my face.

“Sniff,” she said. “Do you like the way I smell?”

Her scent was intoxicating, and I put my fingers in my mouth to taste her. “Delicious,” I said, “but I’m getting hungry for the main course.”

“We can leave any time you want and go up to the condo,” she said. “It’s only a few miles from here. I can drive you or you can follow me.”

“Let’s wait a few more minutes,” I said looking across the room. “I want to finish the drink we ordered, and I brought a surprise, hoping that you’ll think that it is okay.”

She looked at me puzzled. “A surprise?”

Just then she looked up as three other men stepped up. Two slipped into the booth across from us, and one pulled up a chair that he borrowed from a nearby table and sat at the Ankara bayan escort end. Peggy looked a bit surprised, but broke out into a friendly surprise. What an absolute doll she is!

“I hope you don’t mind,” I said. “These are friends of mine. We’re going with to Myrtle Beach to play golf. They live in the general area and when we made plans to play golf, I decided to ask them if perhaps they also wanted to meet you. They’re all good guys that I’ve known for nearly 20 years, but if you’re pissed off and want to kick me and all of us to the curb, I’ll understand.”

“Kick you to the curb?” Peggy said. “Why would you ever think a gracious Southern lady like myself would do something so positively rude? I am very pleased that you brought them along!” With that, she extended her hand to each guy, making sure her perfectly upturned nipples were fully visible in the process.

She looked at the other guys as I introduced them. “This is Tim and Paul, two engineers I worked with for years. Tim took a job with a company in the “Triangle” area, and Paul transferred to our subsidiary in Savanna about 4 years ago.”

Peggy smiled, and made some sexy little moves after shaking their hands that, again, showed her fantastic ability to show her charms.

Then we turned our attention to Pete sitting at the end of the table. Pete was a marketing guy I worked with until he took a job with a company in Atlanta. Pete was a very handsome and well built black man. I could see the lights come on in Peggy’s eyes as she shook his hand and held on a little longer than she had to. We all picked up on that right away, and thoughts raced through my head about great she would look with his larger than normal black “dick” fucking her country club class pussy.

“So you aren’t too upset with me bringing along the rest of my foursome?” I asked.

“Upset?” she said. “Why hon, I’m just as delighted as I could be to meet your friends. I think we just might find something to do at the condo that we’ll all enjoy.” Again, she glanced at Pete and smiled with a sparkle in her eyes. She obviously found him very attractive.

The waitress came by with our drinks and the guys each ordered one for themselves. After finishing the round of drinks and another, Peggy said we should perhaps go up to her condo. I would ride with her and the other three guys would follow. It would be less than a ten minute ride.

When Peggy slid behind the wheel of her sporty baby blue BMW convertible, she made no attempt to prevent her skirt from riding all the way up her thighs to where her bushy twat was now in full view. As she drove, my left hand slipped between her thighs as she parted her gorgeous legs, and my fingers wormed into her wet slit. She didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she opened her legs a little more and smiled at me, reaching out and caressing my cock outline in the exchange.

“I wanted to get another sniff and taste appetizer,” I told her with a little grin.

“You can have the whole meal in just a few minutes.”

The condo was a two story townhome situated in a fairly quiet area. The entry afforded reasonable privacy so entertaining four men wouldn’t be noticed by too many neighbors, if they even cared. Once inside, we followed Peggy back to the kitchen where she filled some glasses with ice and opened up a liquor cabinet with just about anything anyone could want. She also put out some snack stuff just in case.

“Help yourselves to the booze y’all, and I will be back down in a moment.”

Most of us poured some Wild Turkey over the ice. As we sipped our drinks, Peggy turned and left the kitchen, going up the stairs to the second story. She looked back to catch all of us watching her bare, exceptionally curvy ass as it was displayed for all to see as she climbed the steps in that short skirt.

“I hope y’all like a good old fashioned hairy snatch because if you like that shaved baby-girl look, you’re going to be real disappointed.”

We all laughed. All eyes were focused on her now exposed pussy from behind as she reached the open second story of the condo.

“I don’t think there’s any need for a lot of romance is there?” I said. “How about we follow her upstairs and get some of this pretty little ladies pussy?”

Peggy turned, “Oh, sounds good to me boys,” she answered, and all four of us started up the steps behind her, eager to get down to the pure pleasure of fucking her, as that was obviously what she wanted too.

“Guys, Peggy and I are going to warm up the bed. I’m sure she will not mind if you watch,” I said.

“That’s right darlings,” she added as we inched over to the king-size bed which has probably seen plenty of action, considering how much Peggy likes to be fucked.”

As I turned, Peggy was already out of her tee shirt and her tiny little skirt. There wasn’t anything remaining to cover what we had all come for, her pussy.

“I have to pee first,” she said.

“Ummm, OK if I watch?” I asked.

“No problem with that, Escort bayan Ankara hon if that’s something that you like,” she responded, noting that I would not be the first man to watch her piss.

She straddled the john giving me a good view as she made nice splashes in the water. I took the opportunity to get out of my clothes.

She started to get up and I said, “Not yet. My turn. Don’t worry I have good aim.”

One of the few “advantages” of being a tad older is that my dick doesn’t pop up to instant wood like it did when I was 18. That would have made it impossible to do what came next which was to let my stream right between her legs without a drop touching her.

“Good shooting, Sport,” she said as I finished, waiting to wipe the dampness off her cunt until after I had finished.

Then she surprised me by bending just enough to take my cock in her mouth. Well, I may not spring up on mere thoughts like an 18 year old, but it only takes a few seconds in an expert mouth to come to complete attention. I could have stood there all evening, but certainly didn’t want to give up on other fun. I urged her up and over to the bed where I had her lie down with her legs wide for me to get a perfect view of her snatch that I had gotten to finger a few times earlier. The main thought in my mind at that point was to get my face down there and breathe in her woman scent that I’d sampled on my fingers at the restaurant and get a nice taste of her sweet juice. She moaned and squirmed and pulled my head into her. She was loving it as I also worked three fingers into her cunt and my pinky into her asshole.

What happened next really surprised me. She came right on my face. I’d never known a woman to cum that fast. She must have been working on herself all afternoon in anticipating this evening. I was as happy as hell to be the first to hear and feel her cum.

As soon as I sat up, her mouth was back on my cock, and I spun around to 69 with her. Before she was completely in position, I called down to the guys to come on up and join the party.

By the time they got up to the bedroom, I was moving her onto her back and sliding my cock into her soaked cunt. I had been the one to organize this little meet and greet so I figured I got to go first. The guys got upstairs and started undressing as I fucked her good and hard making sure to get balls deep on ever thrust. I’d bottom and then grind into her clit and she seemed to like that a lot. She also loved it when I reached down and slid my finger into her asshole, already lubricated with her pussy juice. I was rewarded with some nice little whimpers and, “OH YES, I do love getting it in both holes, honey. Oh! That really feels good.”

Most men have fucked women that just open their legs, take a cock, and as the guy does all of the work, they just lay there. Not so with Peggy. This woman is not only exceptionally pretty, but she moves, thrusting her pussy upwards to receive every thrust made by her lover. I couldn’t help but think, “This woman is a fucking machine in a gorgeous body!”

I could see the other guys standing around, now naked, stroking their hard dicks in anticipation. I suppose I could have just hung in and fucked her as long as I wanted, but I didn’t want to blow my load so soon. I wanted to keep the edge on, so I pulled out. I think Peggy was surprised, but I said, “I’ll be back. Let the other guys have a turn.” She smiled and winked.

The other guys all sort of looked at each other like they didn’t know who should go next, but Paul jumped right in between Peggy’s legs and had his cock up in her balls deep in seconds. Peggy literally welcomed him with open arms and legs. He started out slow and deliberate, but he soon began pounding into her full force. She met each deep thrust with glee.

I suppose Tim wanted a little something so he got up on the bed kneeling next to her and held his cock out to her face. She didn’t have to be told what to do. She opened her mouth and welcomed his dick right in it. Pete decided to crawl up on the other side, and in seconds, his big black cock was inches from her face. As soon as she saw it, she turned her head so that she could get a taste of Pete’s ebony meat. I sat on a chair near the bed watching the whole show like it was 3-D porn on a super big TV. I had a perfect view of sweet Peggy’s hairy hole being stretched and filled by Paul’s dick as she turned her head back and forth getting her mouth fucked by Tim and Pete. Peggy had told me in some of our exchanges that she would not be disappointing in person. That was an understatement. This woman was not only good looking, but her talent for milking the cum out of a cock surpassed anything I’d ever seen or imagined!

Tim couldn’t stand it anymore. “Let me in that cunt, damn it,” he demanded. “Either cum or get it out of there and up here in her mouth. I want to feel my dick in that wet hairy pussy of hers.”

“No problem,” Paul answered, “I wanted to shoot my load in her mouth anyway.”

They quickly Bayan escort Ankara changed places with Tim crawling between her legs and slipping his dick up into her cunt while Paul moved up to Peggy’s mouth just in time to start pumping his cum down her throat, which she swallowed with delight!

“Damn!” he screamed as he held onto his cock and jerked it as Peggy gobbled down all every spurting drop of his cum. She told me in our exchanges that she loved cock-sucking, and her talent would make any man helpless in her receptive mouth!

Pete had great control, but seeing and hearing Paul blow his load was all Tim needed to trigger his. He screamed out “OH MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!” as he shoved his cock hard up into Peggy’s cunt. She knew he was filling her so she wrapped her legs around him and held him in deep as he emptied his cream up in her receptive pussy. When he finally stopped shoving and humping and fell against her, she finally released her legs and he rolled off next to her on the bed. His cock was covered with a slippery mix of his cum and her twat nectar. Peggy sat up and bent down towards his cock.

“Umm let me taste all of that sweetness,” she said as she licked his cock clean. In a few moments Paul and Tim were sitting on the floor looking dazed and spent. Peggy lay back down and met Pete’s eyes.

“Well honey,” she said. “Do you want to stick that big black dick in me or do you want me to keep sucking it?”

“Ms Peggy,” Pete said, “you just lay back and let ole Pete do his thing. First, suck on this big black dick and get it hard as a nail, so I can show you what a nasty ole black man can do to a lily white married pussy like yours!”

He straddled Peggy’s face so that his full, heavy black balls were right over her mouth.

“How about you give those bad boys a tongue bath and get them all nice and tingly before I fuck the hell out of that well used cunt of yours?”

Peggy didn’t have to be asked twice. Her tongue began licking his wrinkled black scrotum from asshole to the base of his cock. She wanted to tea bag him, but he backed off.

“Sorry,” he said laughing. “I’ve never been able to trust my balls in a woman’s mouth who still had all her teeth. You just tickle them a little more with that talented tongue of yours.”

After a few minutes he moved down between her legs and held the head of his cock at the opening of her well used, freshly fucked pussy and said. “Lift your head up, sweet cheeks. I want you to see this big black cock slip into your married white snatch.”

All of us, including me, watched as he pushed himself into her so excruciatingly slow that I wanted to put my foot on his ass and just shove on it to get it in. Peggy had this great look of appreciation as she watched as well as she could as Pete disappeared into her centimeter by centimeter. Once inside her, he took a few seconds to look into Peggy’s eyes and then withdrew just as slowly. However, then he slammed it into her as hard as he could. Peggy gave out a moan but held her ground. Pete started fucking her like a pile driver as she moaned and screamed out.

“Come on, you big black stud bull, give me that fucking black meat like you fucking mean it,” she demanded. “Fuck my cunt. FUCK IT! Fuck me dammit, fuck my little white society girl pussy like a slut!” She went on and on, like a football coach, pressing Pete for the best he could dish out! I have to admit, I was surprised at some of the filthy talk she could spout out. Loved it.

“You fucking white bitch!” he hissed. “You’re about to find out why white guys are known to have sweet white dicks while us black men are known for our big black nasty cunt stretchers…and I am about to tear up that dainty little pussy of yours with this one!”

The whole bed shook as Pete pounded into her like a pile driver. All three of us watched almost in disbelief that he could fuck her that hard, and we held her legs up and wide open so we could see her taking every thrust. Peggy’s eyes were glazed over like she was in a trance and lost in being fucked by this black man. I thought he’d blow his load any second, but he’d back off and just kneel back using his finger on Peggy’s clit and slipping into her cunt along with his dick. The third time he did this, Peggy was just moaning and mumbling filthy stuff and then finally just grit her teeth and screamed she came so fucking hard. She grabbed onto Pete’s arms and pulled him down on her and ground her crotch into him. What a mind blowing sight! Peggy had equaled Pete in every way, and he had met his match when it came to serious fucking.

When she was finished the waves of orgasms sweeping through her, Pete just looked at her and said, “Now, my turn Baby.”

He fucked her hard and deep and then let out “OH YEAH BABY, I’M GONNA FILL THAT WHITE FUCKING CUNT OF YOURS so you will drip black man cum for a week.”

He shoved his dick into her and bellowed out like a bull while we all tried to imagine his thick cream spurting deep into her. He fell onto her in a sweaty heap and Peggy just lay still holding him with his cock still in her. We released her legs, and her gorgeous gams wrapped around his black ass to hold him in. She didn’t want that cream leaking out just yet, although she had a cunt full of cum.

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