18 Mart 2023

Melissa Goes to Vegas


It was another business trip for JC, he stood in line waiting to check in and get the key to the room. He looked over towards the casino and smiled as he saw Melissa standing there snapping pictures. He asked her if she wanted to come with him on this trip because it was Vegas and he was staying at Caeser’s Palace. She agreed right away because Vegas was a place she always wanted to visit. She moved over and joined JC in line slipping her hand in his and leaning against his shoulder.

“Happy?” he asked her.

“Very,” she answered back with a smile. “I’m so happy you asked me to come with you.”

“I’m glad you came, these trips can be so boring by yourself.”

She rubbed his arm softly as they stepped up to the counter. JC took the keys for the both of them and handed Melissa one so she could come and go as she pleased while he was working during the day. After dropping their bags they returned to the casino, walking around and gambling a little bit. Both of them noticed how alive the place was, the sounds and electricity in the air. Melissa also noticed the women and how scantily clad they were and felt a little out of place dressed in her jeans and t-shirt but JC loved her natural look and especially the jeans being as tight as they were but he noticed her expression. He kissed her on the cheek and smiled.

“What’s that for?” she asked smiling brightly at him.

“You’re beautiful,” he smiled making her feel good.

The end of the night came and Melissa had managed to win five hundred dollars making her ecstatic. The next day JC went to work as scheduled leaving Melissa to do some exploring. She walked the strip taking pictures of the different hotels and casinos. She enjoyed the fountains and going through the buildings and was amazed by the stores. The first day passed quickly but she was happy to see JC when they met for dinner. She told him what she did all day and then they went to a show to finish the night. Tuesday and Wednesday were also good for Melissa but they were starting to drag on without having JC to spend her time with. Thursday seemed long and she was feeling lonely until she stopped to eat, a man sat down next to her and started to talk. She was surprised by how forward he was and the way he was flirting. Plenty of men hit on her at home but not so boldly but she guessed that was just how it was in Vegas. He complimented her on how pretty she was and how nice her body was. Melissa was blushing at his compliments and remarked how she couldn’t compare to these girls parading around in the short skirts and high heels. The stranger just laughed and said she did compare and if she dressed like they did she would never have to pay for a drink in this town. The man stood up and smiled thanking her for the conversation and took care of the bill. Melissa thought about what he said and how good it felt having him look at her the rest of the night.

Friday started like Thursday for her as she tried to find a way to pass the time while JC was working. She walked through the hotels looking in the shops when she started thinking about what that man had said about her dressing like the other women and how sexy she would be. She knew she had the winnings from the first night to spend if she wanted. She looked at some clothes and felt herself getting excited. She looked at the skirts and smiled. She flipped through them one by one and the more she looked the shorter they got. Finally she smiled as she picked one.

“Nice choice,” the voice behind her spoke.

The sales woman had been watching her look through the skirts.

“Your legs will look fantastic and with some nice heels to go with that skirt you’ll be fighting the men off.”

“You really think so?” Melissa asked innocently.

“Sweetie you have a great figure it’s a shame to cover it up,” the sales woman finished with a wink.

She gebze escort emptied out her purchases onto the bed back in the room excited about what she had done. JC called and they made plans to meet at the bar later that night and Melissa planned to surprise him with her new outfit. She showered and got ready to meet him. She stood looking at herself in the mirror, her skirt was very short and her legs looked great in the black nylons just as she was told they would. She slipped her high heels on and she felt very sexy. Her top was tiny and loose and she knew if she leaned over you could see her breasts clearly. She decided to go without a bra because she knew JC would love it and she felt naughty doing it. Melissa left the room and walked to the elevator, once on she felt the eyes of two men moving over her body. Now she knew what the other girls felt like in the casinos, scantily dressed and showing themselves off and it felt good.

Melissa sat at the bar with her legs crossed sipping her drink slowly waiting for JC. She checked her watch and saw he was late. Her cell phone rang and it was him. She listened and hung up obviously frustrated with what he had said. JC was stuck at work and not able to make it fro dinner and would be very late. He suggested she take in another show and they would see each other in the room.

“I’ll have a beer and give this lovely lady another of whatever she was having,” the man said as he sat down on the stool next to Melissa.

“I’m sorry I was just about to leave,” she replied apologetically.

“Nonsense I heard the end of your conversation your company isn’t coming so the least I can do is buy you a drink.”

Melissa smiled and nodded. She thanked him for the drink and sat with him for the next hour drinking and laughing. She knew he was playing her and wanted to get her drunk but was enjoying the attention too much to stop especially after being so disappointed by JC not meeting her. She accidentally dropped her purse and when she bent over to pick it up felt this man’s eyes looking down her top. She felt a rush of excitement and leaned further forward giving him a clear view of her breasts. When she sat up again she was able to catch him peaking and he just smiled. They talked some more and he touched her knee gently caressing it sending a bolt of electricity through her. Melissa let him keep his hand on her leg and that’s when she noticed the ring. He was married. She looked closer at him as he spoke and he changed from being charming and handsome to sleazy and manipulative. His hand moved up her thigh but she didn’t stop it, if anything she was finding him more exciting knowing that he was trying to take advantage of her and nothing else. Melissa accepted a few more drinks from this man and felt her head spinning. She was drunk and feeling aroused from his advances. His fingertips reached under the edge of her skirt making her heart race. She smiled at him as he shifted his body closer.

“What do you say we go back to my room and continue this?” he spoke quietly in her ear.

“What would your wife say if she knew your hand was dangerously close to touching my panties?” Melissa asked with a grin.

“My wife isn’t here so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” he said with an even bigger grin.

Melissa took a deep breath staring into his dark eyes, “Only if you promise to fuck the hell out of me.”

Shocked but thrilled by her answer he threw down a pile of money on the bar to take care of the tab and then took her by the hand.

“I’ll fuck the hell out of you for sure now let’s get that tight ass up to my room.”

She walked with him to the elevator and inside pressing the button for his floor. Melissa stood next to the married man as his hand moved up the back of her thigh to her ass. He göztepe escort squeezed it hard and she gasped and leaned into his body. She loved the feeling of being a sexual object.

“You like that don’t you?” he asked in a hushed voice.

Melissa simply moaned softly and nodded as he continued caressing her ass until the doors opened. They exited the elevator and went to his room. He fumbled with the swipe key trying to unlock the door. Melissa saw the excitement growing in his pants as he pushed out against the material. She thought he must be big which only made her ache for it more. Finally inside the room the man walked over to the window and closed the drapes. He turned and looked at Melissa as he loosened his tie and removed it.

“Take off your clothes,” he instructed Melissa as his eyes roamed her body.

She did as she was told lifting her top over her head and showing him her bare breasts. He licked his lips at the site of her and she felt sexier than ever. She stepped out of her skirt and then slowly slid her nylons down her legs teasing him. He continued removing his own clothes revealing a bunch of tattoos over his arms and chest. Melissa slipped her fingers into the waist of her panties and pushed them down. She knew there was no turning back once her panties were off and this man could see her pussy. She stepped out of her panties and moved toward him as he dropped his pants and underwear. She swallowed hard as he was very big. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his body tightly. Melissa felt his cock press against her stomach and his thick tongue push between her lips and into her mouth. She collapsed into his arms smelling his strong cologne and feeling his hands groping and grabbing at her ass and breasts. She enjoyed his manhandling of her body and held onto his shoulders while sucking on his tongue.

She broke off the kiss and looked into his eyes. She knew what he wanted her to do and slowly knelt down in front of him. She took a deep breath as this was it, no turning back. She reached for his cock and slowly stroked it, squeezing it hard making him groan. She wet her lips and gently kissed the shaft repeatedly with her soft lips.

“Oh fuck yeah, you know what I want.”

Melissa licked from the base all the way up to the head of his cock and around savoring how he tasted and listening to his groans.

“God you taste good,” she said softly taking him into her mouth.

She held his hips and sucked on his prick, taking as much into her mouth and throat as possible each time she bobbed down on him. Melissa loved sucking this married man’s cock and couldn’t wait to feel him take her and use her body for his pleasure. She lifted her mouth off of him and stroked him towards her mouth. She looked up at the man and smiled.

“Damn you’re hot!” he said while breathing heavy. “I want that pussy now.”

Melissa got to her feet and moved towards the bed bending over and putting the palms of her hands flat on the bed. She looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass toward him. He stepped behind her and caressed her cheeks firmly. She let out a cry as he smacked her bottom sharply instantly making it bright red. He positioned himself directly behind her and placed the swollen head of his prick against her labia and with a small thrust he forced himself part way inside her. Her knees weakened and she leaned against the bed momentarily as he started pumping. His strokes were long and hard as he pushed all the way inside her burying his cock in her pussy. Melissa gasped as his thrusts grew more intense and quickened and the grip on her hips became tighter. He was getting what he wanted from this tall pretty blonde that sat at the bar by herself earlier in the night.

“Oh yes!” she repeated over and over halkalı escort as he slammed into her.

In a fluid motion he pulled out of Melissa and pushed her forward onto the bed. She rolled to her back and watched as he moved up the bed and mounted her. He slowly rolled his tongue over her nipples before sucking them. Her hand reached down and gripped his cock guiding it to her pussy desperately wanting him back inside her. She arched as again she felt his big cock working in and out. Her eyes widened and she smiled up at him.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” she said through gritted teeth.

He sat back on his knees gripping her by her waist and thrust as hard as he could.

“Is that what you want?” he asked between thrusts with sweat dripping down onto her flushed body.

Melissa couldn’t answer her body lunged forward and her cries grew louder as she got closer to an orgasm. He held her legs out by her ankles admiring how she looked before resting them on his shoulders. The sound of skin on skin smacking together was filling the room. Melissa shook under him as she felt the entire weight of his body on top of her. He pushed her legs forward pinning her knees to her shoulders and thrust as hard as he could down into her pussy. She dug her nails into his back as she came uncontrollably. He winced in pain but kept going feeling her pussy grab at his cock trying to milk it. He slowed down feeling Melissa’s orgasm easing until he was stopped and just grinding inside her. He smiled down at her with her knees pressed to her shoulders.

“You wanted to have the hell fucked out of you,” he spoke slowly catching his own breath.

“Yes I did and you did it for me,” she answered in a quiet voice trying to gain her composure.

“I’m not done yet.”

Melissa’s legs fell from his shoulders as he pulled out of her dripping wet pussy. He put his hands on her hips and pushed her over onto her stomach. Melissa’s heart raced as she realized what he wanted to do to her but her body was so tired and her legs felt like rubber so she couldn’t resist.

“That’s what I want right there,” he almost growled as he spread her cheeks apart looking directly at her ass and teasing it with his thumb. “I’m going to make you my bitch.”

Melissa closed her eyes tightly as she felt him pushing the head of his slick cock to her opening.

“Oh my god you’re too big,” she cried out as he inched into her.

She felt fuller than ever before as more of him worked deeper inside her ass. He held her still on the bed by pressing down on her shoulders as he started to fuck her. He buried himself all the way inside and grinded against her ass making her feel him as much as possible. She groaned and gripped the sheets of the bed with her fingers while taking it.

“Fuck you’re tight,” he grunted into her ear knowing he wasn’t going to last long.

Harder and faster he thrust as he literally rode her ass plunging all the way in and out. She lay flat on her stomach with her legs spread wide and arms out in front of her pulling at the sheets. He could only fuck her ass for a couple of more minutes before he had to cum. He pulled out and rolled her over onto her back. Melissa looked up at him doe eyed and exhausted. He straddled her chest and leaned forward stroking his cock furiously.

“Yeah baby I want to cum over those pretty lips.”

Melissa smiled gently as she felt him press the tip of his cock to her lips. She could taste his cum and her juices as he rubbed it over her mouth. A moment later a thick stream of cum shot from him over her soft lips and cheeks. His body convulsed and all his muscles flexed above her as he finished himself off covering her pretty face with his load.

“It tastes so good,” she mumbled softly as she ran her fingers across her face and fed it to herself.

Melissa cleaned herself up and left the married man’s room going back down to the casino tired and sore from the fucking she just received. She ordered a drink and sipped it slowly enjoying a relaxing moment when a man sat down beside her and ordered another drink for her and one for himself. She giggled quietly and looked at her watch deciding the night was still young.

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