18 Mart 2023


Big Tits

Slipping down the narrow hallway I turn off the light as I pass. The dark advances and I see that the room ahead is lit only by the television set, the volume set on low. I set my purse on a table and proceed to the kitchen with a handful of wild-flowers that I picked along the road. I see an empty beer bottle sitting on the counter, I rinse this out and put the flowers into the neck. Can something be warm and cozy and yet amusing at the same time? If so, then this is it.

I take a glass out of the cupboard and draw myself a tall glass of water. I’m parched from the long hot drive. Taking the glass to the fridge I open the freezer, the cold air pours around me in an icy embrace. I reach for the ice trays and take the last cubes, plopping each into my glass one at a time. I drink the water down in nearly one long swallow. As I close the freezer door I feel your arms slip around my shoulders and your head rest against my neck. A comforting embrace from a very special friend. I thank you with a kiss to the top of your head. A gesture I’ve used with you many times before, always thanking you.

You release me and we walk to the couch to settle in. I remove my shoes and curl my legs under me. I breathe a sigh and rest my head against the cushion. You reach for my hand and take it in your own. Stroking softly the back of my hand and telling me that you’re glad to see me again. I smile at you and give your hand a squeeze. We fall silent. I can’t help but stare ahead into nothing…but my mind is full of sights and sounds. My pain ebbs and flows through my heart and mind. You see this and move closer to put your arm around me. I lean against you, trying with all my might to hold back haramidere escort the tears that fight their way to my cheeks.

You stroke my hair slowly and softly. A comforting gesture I’ve craved for weeks. I feel like a child being cuddled. I just need to be close to someone, to know that someone cares for me on any level. To have my burden of pain eased. I need to know the comfort of touch. To feel the pure physical. Making me feel as if I’m close to being alive.

The phone is ringing and you rise to answer it, leaving me alone on the couch. I stretch out, pulling a pillow under my head. Closing my eyes the visions creep in again, invading my memories. I can’t fight these and don’t wish to. I sometimes feel that if I allow myself to feel as much pain as I can then I will finally heal.

I hear you stepping up behind the couch and open my eyes to see you standing above me. Looking down at me. No expression on your face. You lean over the back of the couch and place a lingering kiss on my lips, putting your hand under my neck to raising me closer to you. The cushions I’m lying on sink under your weight as you place your hands on either side of me and climb over the back. Lying on top of me, we kiss again, the familiar savory kisses I once loved. Our lips become more insistent, urgent in the need for sensual pleasure.

We pull away and I take your head in my hands. “Tell me….tell me what you’re thinking…I need to hear it.”

“Tell me that I’m beautiful, sexy, desirable beyond control. I don’t care if it’s true…I just want to hear the words,” I whisper to you. “I need for you to tell içerenköy escort me what to do…what you want and when you want it. I want to fulfill your desires for tonight.”

You lower your head to my neck and kiss me, nipping my flesh and whisper the words I begged to hear. Your hand slips the straps of my dress down over my shoulder, pulling my dress down to expose my waiting breasts. Your kisses travel slowly down my neck to my nipples, taking each one in, in turn. I turn my mind off and let myself feel, just feel. Using the sensations to know life again. Your hand slips down my leg and draws my dress up over my thighs, slipping beneath and grasping my panties. Sitting up, you take my panties in both hands and pull them off, tossing them aside. While you’re still kneeling over me, you remove your shirt and open your jeans.

I sit up and take them by the waist and lower them to your knees, you stand and I take off the rest of your clothes. I raise my head, bringing my hands up to your hips and pull you closer to me. I kiss your belly and move down to bring your cock into my mouth. The taste I remember so well fills my mouth. I massage my tongue along your shaft and nip the head of your swollen dick. A few drips settle on my tongue, I spread the liquid around your head and draw you deep into my mouth. Closing my lips tighter around you and sliding them in steady succession. Your hands are in my hair, guiding my head, keeping me stable in my movements.

Stopping me before you cum, you push me back onto the couch. Kneeling between my legs, pushing my dress up once again, you lower your head between my thighs. innovia escort I moan and close my eyes, your warm moist tongue taking me away to places I haven’t been in a very long time. I feel you exploring me, tempting and teasing my senses. I stroke your hair while you take your time in creating delectation.

I can take no more…I know that I need to feel you inside of me…I pull you up and lay against the cushions, you climb between my legs and lower yourself with ease and we come together. The strong pressure I feel is heaven to me for now. Your heat between my legs is filling me. I wrap my legs around you and grab your shoulders, digging my nails in. I can’t help myself, I raise my head and bite your shoulder. The sensation that overtakes my entire body is indescribable. I feel as if I’m being pushed and pulled into another realm. I can’t seem to get close enough to your body. We rock to each others’ rhythm, your heart beating against my chest is pounding hard and strong.

We kiss, tongues tasting, lips pressing and I feel myself cumming, slow at first as if unsure, then like a wave that washes me away. You pull away and turn me over…pushing your cock into my ass and pulsing rhythmically until you reach your own climax. I had nearly forgotten how sexy this fete was, how much I had missed it. You lie on top of me, arms along my sides, hands against my hips. I feel your rapid breathing against my shoulder, your heart beating hard and steady against my spine.

I realize that your courage has it’s limits and that you couldn’t bring yourself to be as rough with me as you once were. Knowing this type of loving is often what I crave. But this time you held back. Being as gentle as you dared, yet making sure I knew I was being made love to by a strong vital man.

You ease off of me, sliding between me and the back of the couch. You take me in your arms, holding me close. We fall asleep this way, your soft snores once again against my neck. Tomorrow when we wake, we will love again, in a long extended “kiss” good morning.

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