8 Ağustos 2022



Subject: Man Cam (MenBienn (4) This is a fictional story about hot guys from an online chat site It’s pure fiction as all the guy are far away Some gay. Some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (MenBienn (4) … Yes I was just sitting there in front of my computer. Sitting there signed into Skype and watching this smoldering hunk as he played with his dark meat crank. Here with him in a one in one chat (video). Talking dirty and helping to get one another off. And I watched this hot dude play on his bug cock I knew I would get off from it. Yet wishing I was there on my knees between his legs. There sucking and slurping on his fat cock. “Man, oh man what a dick” I said as i gazed hungrily at the screen. “You escort bayan should come here and suck this off man” he stated “Would be great to have that pussy mouth on my dick” He again pulled at his thick dick for me. Letting me see his awesome cock in hand. The dark stem looking ever so damned delicious as he stroked it. “Yes man. Would live to blow you” I said to him He then said for me to turn around so he could see my ‘pussy’. That he wanted to what he planned on having soon. I found it hit his assumption that he would indeed have me. But i did what he wanted and turned for Danilo. Giving him a view of my ass. He smiled and cheered to see it. Saying that it certainly looked ‘good enough to fuck’. I looked back to see him pulling harder on his dick. It was scary hard looking now. A bit of a curve to the side as he started kocaeli escort to show my it closer. The big angry (wet) head looking astonishing. A sight to behold as he continued to pull at it Then he turned hus hand around and began to back stroke his big dick. This angle made his cock look all the more delicious. I knew that i had to do it. I had to somehow meet up (hook up) or whatever to get my hands.mputh and ass on this dudes awesome looking dick. “Gonna plow up that pussy when I get to it” he declared “Yes gonna feel me as I dig into you” “Every big fat inch of me” His hand moved faster on his dick. His backstroking being met with his hips thrusting cock into his gripping hand. “Yeah. Feel my fat dick in that hole mother fucking” He growled “Gonna make you beg me to stop” “Yeah man. Yeah!” izmit escort bayan “I’m gonna Fuck you up soo good” He humped at his hand as he continued to tell me what he would do to my ass. Ad then he made a heavy groan and stopped stroking his awesome dick. Danilo just pulled his hand from his dick and leaned back again. Then he moaned out that he wanted me to have ‘this’. And ‘this’ was his cum. For moments after he pulled his hand from his raging dick, the things just started to Bob and drool out a copious amount of fun from the tip. The pale white goo just oozed out of his dick as it bobbed there before him. Like a hose it pushed out cum as it throbbed and danced there all by itself. His hand not even on it. I just watch the aight in awe. And I knew that that was something I wanted. “Come get this” Danilo said “Come get this dick” I looked at it some more. Just stared at his still drooling dick. And my lust forced an answer from me. “Yes” I said to him “Oh yes”… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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