18 Mart 2023

Midnight Snack


My oldest friend, Frank and his wife,Marci invited me to spend the week with them at a house they rented for the summer on the Jersey shore. I’ve known Frank for over forty years. He was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania while I taught English at a community college outside of Philadelphia. I was recently divorced and they thought it would be good for me to get away from the city. They were renting the house with another couple. At first, I didn’t want to go because I thought I’d be the odd guy, being single and all that, but they insisted. Frank told me the other couple they rented the house with had a guest coming– his wife’s sister was coming in from California.

When I arrived around 4:00, Frank and his friend, George, were tossing horseshoes in their sandy backyard. Frank gave me a big bear hug and handed me a beer. He introduced me to George, who held up his beer bottle to me as a way of saying hello and said, “Glad to meet you, Peter. Welcome to Shangri Lai.”

“This is a pretty big house you have here, Frank, right on the beach,” I said, looking up at the wrap-around porch.

“George knew the owners who owed him a favor so we got a pretty good deal for the summer.” We walked into the house which had old comfortable looking chairs and two couches that had been well sat in for many years. We walked past the stairway to the second floor and into a big kitchen with a round oak table in the middle. Marci got up and gave me a big hug and introduced me to George’s wife, Sarah. Marci was a small woman with long blond hair. She was a painter and had developed a good reputation with shows in Philadelphia and New York. Marci, Frank and I had gone to college together.

“I’m glad you decided to come, Peter,” Marci said. “We don’t get to see enough of you.”

“I’m not much of a keeper-upper with people,” I said. “You know me. I live a pretty quiet life.”

“Marci says you’re a pretty good poet,” Sarah said. She sat at the kitchen table and had one leg propped up on her chair with her chin on her knee. She had short black hair, cut like a page boy and had long dangling earrings. She had a pretty face with big brown eyes. She was tan and had sun glasses propped on the top of her head. She obviously liked lying in the sun.

“My sister is a poet,” Sarah said. “You two should hit it off. She arrived from California this morning and is taking a nap.”

“Jet-lag, I bet,” I said, then turned to Marci. “So where am I staying? I think I’d like to get my stuff put away and freshen up”

“Your room is on the third floor next to the bathroom. You’ll have a great view of the ocean.” Marci said. “Just make yourself at home, Peter. By the way we’re having a barbecue for dinner at six.” I glanced up at the clock and saw it was almost five.

I walked down the narrow hall on the third floor and found my room. It was small but had a comfortable looking bed, a small bureau, a desk right next to the window. I looked out at the window at the ocean. I opened the window and took a deep breath of the salt air.

While I looked out the window, I heard the door across the hall open. I turned and could not believe me eyes. Standing in my doorway was a young woman wearing a green bikini top that could barely contain her tits. She had tight cut-off jeans and stood barefoot. She had long blond pig-tails.

“Hi, I’m Jenny, Sarah’s sister. Who are you?”

“I’m Peter, an old friend of Frank and Marci’s,” I said. “I just arrived,” I added, trying not to ogle at her body.

“I just arrived, too, from California. How long are you going to be here?” she asked, walking in and looking around the room.

“Just the weekend,” I said. “How about you?”

“Not sure, a week or so,” she said, standing next to me and looking out the window. “Nice view,” she added. “I live near the ocean in California.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her round ass in those tight cut-off jeans. She turned and sat on the window sill, stretching her long tan legs in front of her. Her tits were practically falling out of the top. She smiled at me, knowing I was trying not to look but enjoying teasing me. I could feel my cock getting hard and turned towards the bed and started unpacking.

“So what do you like to do in your spare time,” Jenny asked.

“Lots of things,” I said with my back to her. “I garden, read, write—mostly poetry,” I added, remembering what Sarah had said.

“Oh, I write poetry, too,” Jenny said. “I’ve written two books”

“Really, you’re published,” I said, turning to her. “I’d love to see your work.”

“I’d istanbul escort like to see yours, too,” she said. “Maybe we can have a private reading later,” she added. “A poetry rendezvous.” She smiled at me, looking seductively at my eyes.

“I think that could be arranged seeing that your room is just across the hall.” I said, smiling back at her.

“Yes,” she said. “I’d like that. I could sneak in your room while everyone is asleep and we could, ah, ….read to each other, you know, feed each other’s… hunger,” she paused and smiled, “for poetry, kind of like a midnight snack.” The way she smiled and said, “hunger’ was clearly a synonym for lust. I could not believe how this vacation was beginning.

She walked over to me at the bed and looked down at the bulge in my jeans and then into my eyes. She smiled but didn’t say anything, except, “See you later, Peter.” When she walked towards the door, I couldn’t take my eyes off her round ass and the way her hips swayed as she walked. She turned back to me, still smiling and said, “You have a lean and hungry look.” She looked at my eyes and then at the bulge in my pants. “I like that,” she added, then left my room.

At the barbecue, Jenny was dressed in a long peasant skirt and puffy blouse that was not at all revealing. She wore glasses and had her hair in a pony tail. When she was introduced to me by her sister, Jenny acted as if we hadn’t met upstairs. When we shook hands, she was cordial, “So glad to meet you,” she said. I decided to go along with what ever game she was playing and we did not interact at dinner. Jenny sat at the opposite end of the table, talking to her sister and Marci, while Frank, George and I talked about our work, the war in Iraq, and some recent movies we had seen.

From time to time, I glanced at Jenny at the other end of the table. Frank had served gin and tonics before we ate the grilled steaks. Marci had made a big salad and I noticed that Jenny ate the salad and not the steak. She did have a second gin and tonic.

I noticed that when she spoke, she had a shy, reserved manner, quite different than the Jenny I had met a few hours ago. Only once, during dinner did our eyes meet, but she seemed aloof and glanced away without much expression of interest in me.

I was baffled by her demeanor especially after our earlier talk of a “midnight snack” but let the mystery of what this woman was about fade as I listened to an intense conversation between Frank and George over whether hybrid cars were really that efficient and whether ethanol fuel would make us less dependent on foreign oil.

After Marci served ice cream for dessert and we sat talking, Jenny got up and started clearing the table and taking things inside to the sink. I decided to help since I was not really participating in the conversation. While I carried all the glasses, Jenny gathered the plates and silverware. As I placed the glasses on the counter next to the sink, I said, “You cleared the table very efficiently.”

“Thanks. I’ve worked as a waitress for the past few years so I could concentrate on my writing during the day.”

She rinsed all of the dishes and silverware and placed everything in the dishwasher. She was friendly but still distant and gave no acknowledgment to our flirtation in my room. I wanted to ask if we still had a date later but decided not to say anything and see whether what happened earlier was a tease or she had changed her mind.

It was getting buggy outside, so everyone came into the living room and sat on those old but comfortable chairs and couches. Frank passed around a joint and we got a little high and laughed a lot. Jenny sat next to her sister, Sarah and they were having an intense, private conversation. She took a hit of the joint but did not get into the silliness that took over. She seemed quiet and reflective, listening but not really involved. Finally, she got up and said, “Goodnight.” We all said goodnight, sleep well, see you in the morning and she walked up the stairs, not even glancing at me.

I was pretty tired and noticed others were yawning. Within twenty minutes, we all started up the steps to our rooms—theirs on the second floor. When I got to my room on the third floor, Jenny’s door was closed. I was sure she was asleep and had forgotten about our earlier meeting or changed her mind. I stood at my window looking at the moonlight on the ocean then got undressed and into bed. I like to sleep nude. I had a pocket watch that I placed on the night table and noticed kadıköy escort it was close to eleven. I lay there for a few minutes, thinking over the situation with Jenny and decided nothing was going to happen. She hardly paid any attention to me the whole evening. Within fifteen minutes I was asleep.

“Hey, mister,” I heard a voice and someone touching my shoulder. “Hey there, wake up, it’s me.” It was Jenny, carrying a candle which she placed on the night table.

“It’s time for our midnight snack,” she said, “Are you as hungry as I am?” she said, in a husky whispered voice. I sat up and saw Jenny wearing a sheer, frilly and very short night gown that barely covered her ass. Her hair was loose and went below her shoulders. I could see her tits and nipples through her sheer top.

“Move over and let me get in bed with you,” she said. “I bet you thought I’d forgotten about our rendezvous by the way I acted all evening,” she said.

“I didn’t know what to think. You seemed so different at dinner.”

“Part of the game,” she said.

“What game?” I asked.

“You know, pretending to be one way and hiding the real me. I like having a secret life.”

“Fascinating,” I said. “Tell me more.”

“That’s it. I like being serious, reserved, sophisticated and proper in public and then being a horny slut when I can sneak it in….like now, with you.”

“Well, you sure had me fooled,” I said. “I was baffled by you tonight.”

“Good. And I could tell you’re just like me. You act like you’re all shy and quiet but I could tell by the way you looked at me when I came into your room this afternoon that you’re a horny guy who loves to fuck.”

“You’re pretty blunt, aren’t you,” I said.

“Yes and I want us to drive each other crazy, you know, build up our appetites so we can really get into this midnight snack”

“I like a woman like you who knows what she wants,” I said.

“Yeah, well I like a man like you who takes what he wants. I want you to take me hard and rough. That’s what I like,” she said.

I opened her sheer night gown, revealing her tits and started sucking one of her protruding nipples. “That’s it, mister, suck my tit. I like that. Ummmmmmm.” She put her hand on the back of my head, running her fingers through my hair and pulling me into her.

While I sucked her tit, I moved my hand down to her mound and said, “Spread your legs for me so I can finger fuck you.”

“That’s it mister, talk dirty to me. I love being naughty with you.”

“Tell me what you want, baby,” I said.

“I want you to eat me and then fuck me,” she said. “I want your cock in me but eat me first. Fuck me with your tongue.”

I moved down to the end of the bed, grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as I could. She grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass. She was wide open to me and I looked up at her pussy. She lifted her head and looked down at me, over her tits which were standing straight up like mountains while I was in the valley between her legs. I slowly licked my way up her thigh, getting closer to her pussy lips and then moving away, hearing her gasp slightly. I then licked my way up to her pussy and gently moved my tongue up and down her lips but not penetrating. Jenny lifted her pelvis, trying to get my tongue into her but I was playing with her, teasing her, tantalizing her with my tongue, loving the gasping, moaning sounds she was making. She was wet and the taste and aroma of her arousal was delicious. I was savoring her pussy, teasing her, enjoying her desperate hunger for me to go deeper. Finally, she got aggressive and pushed her cunt against me and said, “Eat me. Stop teasing me. Fuck me, god damn it.”

“In good time, my dear,” I said, as I continued slowly licking her pussy lips like a cat drinking milk, darting my tongue into her, pulling it out and feeling her body shudder. Meanwhile, my cock was hard as a steel rod and with each lick of her pussy, her moaning got louder and she was thrashing her head from side to side, saying. “Ewww. I like that Ummmmmmm oh yes. I love it.” She was straining to keep her voice low, but that added to the intensity of her words.

Suddenly, she grabbed my hair and pulled me up on the bed. “Now I’m in charge, buddy,” she said. She flipped me on my back, turned around and crawled over me, her ass at my mouth, taking my cock and putting it in her hot mouth and began giving me an intense blow job, licking my cock like a popsicle and then practically swallowing it with intense slurps kağıthane escort of her wet mouth, moaning as she went up and down in a frenzy of lust. She was devouring me with such gusto that I had to respond with equal energy. Her pussy was at my mouth. I grabbed her ass cheeks hard, spreading them and then began darting my tongue into her cunt as hard as I could–her aggressiveness urging me to match her energy.

I then found her clit and licked it putting her over the edge as orgasm after orgasm swept over her. Quickly, she took her mouth off my cock and moaned, “Ohhhhhhgod Yessss!” straining to keep her voice down so that the whole house wouldn’t hear her and then went back to sucking my cock with even more hunger.

I then managed to slide out from under her, grabbed her hair and said, “Now I’m in charge.” I turned her over on to her back. Her head was leaning over the edge of the bed. I got between her legs, spread them wide. I was on my knees, my swollen cock at the entrance of her cunt. I looked down at her, looking up at me, her mouth wide open, her arms stretched over her head, her tits sticking straight up. She looked so ripe and ready to be fucked. I looked down at my cock poised at her dripping cunt.

“What are you waiting for, mister,” she said. “Just take me. Fuck me.!”

I moved my cock up and down her cunt, teasing her. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her with force.. Fuck me, damn it. Take me!”

She was so wet that my cock went deep into her with one hard thrust. Her warm tight cunt swallowed me. I pulled out and rammed into her again, grunting with each thrust. With her legs around my waist, she put her arms around me neck and rose up off the bed with my cock in her and then fell back as I rammed into her with all my strength. She strained to keep her voice down as she urged me on, “Fuck me, ohhhgod fuck me fuck me fuck me. I love how you’re fucking me.”

I rammed into her again and again, our bodies moving in perfect rhythm as our wildness brought us to the edge of consciousness. Our need to keep our voices down created an intensity that was getting harder and harder to contain. Jenny whispered into my ear through gritted teeth, “Give it to me baby, harder. That’s it. That’s what I like. Fuck me. Fuck me!

“Take my cock,” I whispered back. “Take it!”

This was the wildest fucking of my life and I was going to make it last.

“I want to ride you,” Jenny whispered. “Let me get on top.”

I rolled over on my back, holding on to her without taking my cock out and there she was looking down at me, her legs straddling me. “Be my stallion, mister. I want a ride you like a cowgirl rides her horse.” I loved the lustful hunger in her eyes.

I grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her up, then lifted myself off the bed as I thrust into her just as she came down, grinding her clit against my cock, her tits bouncing, her hair flying wildly.

At one point, she stopped and leaned down, pressing her tits against my chest and we kissed madly for a few minutes, our tongues swirling around each other’s mouth as we moaned. I grabbed her ass and started kneading her cheeks, spreading them and then put my finger in her hole and that drove her crazy, causing her to sit up and start riding my cock again in a fierce frenzy of energy, her back arched, her eyes looking up at the ceiling as she went up and came down with such intensity, speeding up her riding me, like she was galloping her way to an orgasm.

“Here I go,” she said. “Ohhhhhhhgod I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming.”

Her cunt was tightening on my cock and I could feel my climax rise from my toes, up my legs, my spine.

“Ride me, baby, ride me.” I said, lifting her up and down on my cock, her cunt milking the sperm out of me. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Ride my cock!”

She was bouncing up and down like a wild woman, “Ohhhhhhgod. I’m cumming! Oh yes. Oh fuck. Oh god. Here it comes,” she said as her body shook and shivered. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhgod.”

We both climaxed seconds apart. It was the most intense, wild fucking of my life. When it ended, we just lay still for minutes. She collapsed on me and then rolled over, both of us gasping for air, unable to move or speak.

She reached down and touched my deflated cock and said, “That was a pretty good snack, but I could .go for a little dessert”

“You have some appetite,” I said.

“That’s right, mister. I’m a hungry woman.” She got up on her knees and moved down between my legs and started licking the cum off my cock. I just lay there listening to the sounds she made as she licked, thinking what a hot woman just entered my life and what would the next two days be like.

“You’re delicious” she said, looking at me and moving her tongue over her lower lip. She then got off the bed, picked up the candle and said, “Good night, see you in the morning.” And just like that, she left the room.

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