24 Mayıs 2023

Milo’s Folly


Milo pulled into the driveway, put the car in park and turned the ignition off.”What do you think?” he asked.”You said it was a house, Milo, not a mansion.””It’s still a house,” he replied. “Just a really big one.”Vicki leaned back into the seat and let out a sigh. Milo had bought the house as an investment property without discussing it with her. The savings they had were gone, used to finance Milo’s latest idea.”It’s old, run down and huge, Milo,” she said quietly. “How is this an investment?””Give it a chance, Vicki,” Milo prompted. “It’s solid and fully furnished.””Come on, check it out,” he said as he led her up the driveway to the large front porch.Large trees, obviously very old, surrounded the grassy lawn and encroached the house. They needed trimming. The sunlight barely touched the roof and windows due to the thick foliage.As they climbed the steps she felt the weakness in the wooden planks beneath her feet. She stepped carefully upon feeling a soft spot as Milo unlocked the door and ushered her in.The entrance was a huge space with high ceilings and an aged parquet floor. An imposing wooden staircase stood in the middle, it’s steps shod with aging carpet. Vicki sighed and followed along as Milo toured the house. Every wall had wallpaper peeling and every room had old, worn floors. The kitchen was huge with rows of cupboards, a large pantry and long counters. The adjacent dining space was large and open.”It needs so much, Milo,” Vicki sighed. “How can this be feasible for us?””I called an agent,” Milo replied. “I’m selling the house and we’re going to live here while we renovate.””You what?” Vicki asked incredulously.”I am selling the house and using the money to pay for this place.”Vicki seethed with anger. She pursed her lips tightly and clenched her hands into fists. She stood silently as Milo explained his plan and her mind processed the information. Milo is in charge, Milo earns the money, Milo knows what is best, she reminded herself. Her anger subsided and her hands relaxed as she once again accepted her fate as dictated by Milo.”Come, let’s go upstairs,” Milo directed. “You will love the bedroom.”They ascended the creaking stairs and walked towards the end of the hallway.”Be careful of the railing,” Milo warned. “It’s getting weak.”He opened the large door and ushered her through.”TA-DA!” he exclaimed as his hand gestured around the room.The room was very large and well decorated. A huge four-poster bed with a full canopy, two large dressers and an antique makeup vanity. Antique night tables stood on either side of the bed, each with a small vase of fresh flowers on top.”I made sure this room was ready for you,” Milo boasted.Vicki was impressed but it did little to soothe her feelings. She walked around the room and looked through the door to the left and found a large walk-in closet.”Where’s the bathroom?” she asked.”Just outside the door in the hallway,” Milo answered. “I will add an ensuite, don’t worry.””Well, I guess it will have to do, Milo,” Vicki sighed. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”Milo smiled, put his hands on her waist and pulled her into him.”Now let’s try out this bed” he growled.Vicki rolled her eyes and sighed. “If we must…””Come on, Vicki,” Milo said angrily. “It’s been over Ankara bayan escort three weeks.””I know,” she replied. “You know how I feel about sex.””Yeah, yeah… it’s not important to you… you don’t think about it,” he said with a wave of his hand. “You don’t get horny. Well, I do. And I want someone who wants sex, who gets horny, who does more than just lay there when I fuck her.””What are you saying?” she asked.”Nothing… I just wish you would enjoy it,” he said as he left the room.Vicki followed Milo to the front door and went to the car while he locked up. She sat in her seat and managed to hold back the tears welling up in her eyes. Milo got in the car, glanced at her and shook his head as he turned the key. They drove home in silence.*****Vicki brought the suitcase in and sat it on the bed. Her clothes hung in the walk-in closet and all she had left to unpack was her suitcase. The large dressers had plenty of drawers and easily held their things. She opened her suitcase and took out her red satin gown with the thin straps. It was getting old and worn. She did not want to part with her wedding night reminder. With a deep sigh, she folded it up and opened the bottom drawer of the makeup vanity. She was surprised to see something in it and lay her gown on the dresser. She pulled the small white box from the drawer and shook it, feeling something inside.She pulled out the little wooden stool and sat down. She placed the box on the top of the table and opened it. She discovered it was a lingerie set consisting of black stockings, a garter belt and a sheer black teddy. With a little giggle of excitement she held the teddy up and looked in the mirror. It looked like her size. She took off her pants and tried the stockings. Her legs looked so shapely, longer and sexy. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and slipped the teddy on. It fit perfectly and hung just right on her slender shoulders. In the mirror, she thought her breasts looked fuller and even perkier. She removed the teddy and the stockings and lay them out on the bed.The rest of the day passed slowly as her mind constantly returned to the lacy garments. They were so beautiful, sexy and elegant. They had made her feel so… different. She looked at the clock and decided to surprise Milo before dinner.She slipped on the garter and stockings, no panties, and pulled the teddy over her head. She pulled out her black high-heels to complete the outfit. As she sat at the makeup vanity and looked in the mirror she was shocked at how ravishing she looked.As she brushed her hair it seemed to have more body and somehow feel fuller and more luxurious. She put on eyeliner and noticed her eyes seemed a darker shade of brown, almost black. As she lifted the ruby lipstick to her lips she felt different. She pursed her lips together and looked in the mirror. Her lips looked fuller, pouty and sexy.She felt a hot flush as she posed in front of the vanity mirror. She looked and felt sexier than ever before. She couldn’t help but rub her hands over her firm, perky breasts and curvy hips and she suddenly found her fingers between her legs. Her loins were hot and steaming as her finger caressed the folds and came away wet with her juice. Escort bayan Ankara She watched as the vixen in the mirror put the finger to her lips and took it into her mouth.”Hey, Vicki,” Milo shouted. “I’m home.””Milo, come upstairs,” she called out.Her voice echoed through the expanse of the house and was like music when it reached Milo’s ears. He went up the stairs and through the open door of the bedroom. He stopped suddenly and froze in place as his eyes set upon the lingerie-clad vixen standing by the bed.”Wow!” he said in awe. “You look great, Vicki.””I prefer Victoria,” she said as she turned away and showed her naked backside to him.Milo felt his zipper strain as she slowly twirled in front of him. The heels, the stockings, the pert, perky breasts teasing through the sheer material ignited a lust in him unlike he had ever felt. He stepped towards her and stopped as she put her hand up.”Not so fast,” she teased. “We are going to take it slow.””Fuck,” Milo replied. “I’m so fucking hot for you right now.”She spun away as he attempted to embrace her and wagged her finger at him.”Uh uh,” she teased. “No touching until I say so.”Milo glared at her. Who was she to deny me he thought as he stepped towards her. He froze as her left foot came up and stopped just as it touched his groin. He felt the tip of the stiletto touching his ball sack.”On my terms, Milo,” Victoria hissed. “Or else…”He frowned at the thought of Vicki finally standing up to him until he realized it was a game. He decided to play along for the moment.”All right, Victoria,” Milo said with a grin. “On your terms.”Her foot fell away and her hand brushed the side of his face. She looked into his eyes and he was stunned at how seductive his mousy little wife had become as her hand traveled to his crotch and pressed into his erect cock.”Take your clothes off,” Victoria instructed.Milo stripped his suit and socks off. He stood with his erect cock twitching as she put one leg up on the bed and leaned against the corner post. She ran her hand over her wet pussy in full view of his hungry eyes. He reached down and stroked his cock mindlessly as he watched her finger disappear between the folds. She gave him a sly smile as her finger reappeared and she held her hand out to him. He moved closer and felt the slickness of her as the finger went into his mouth.”Kneel down,” Victoria purred. “And please me with your tongue.”He slowly dropped to his hands and knees and crawled to her. He went to grab her hips and she tapped him on the top of the head.”I said tongue,” she hissed. “No hands.”He stayed on all fours and craned his neck so that his tongue reached the velvety folds. He licked and probed her wetness, hearing her moan as his tongue caressed her. He felt her grab his hair and pull his face tight into her as she groaned. She ground her pussy into his face, writhing and moaning as she covered his face with her juices.”Now lay on the bed,” she said as she moved away. “On your back, hands behind your head.”Milo climbed onto the bed and lay down as instructed. She climbed up between his legs, moving like a cat approaching it’s prey. She stopped as the tip of his cock touched her lips. Milo groaned loudly as her mouth Bayan escort Ankara enveloped his swollen head and worked down his shaft. Slowly she sucked him, taking the whole length of his aching cock into her mouth with each stroke.She suddenly pulled her mouth away, slid herself up and squatted over his cock. With a wicked grin on her face and her eyes burning darkly she sat herself down on his shaft and he felt his cock surrounded by the heat of her body. She began to ride him, bouncing up and down quickly as she tossed her head back and let out a shriek.Just as suddenly she stopped moving and slid off of him. She sat back on her legs and looked him in the eyes.”Finish yourself,” she growled. “Make yourself cum for me.””I want to fuck you.”She flicked the tip of his cock with her finger. “Finish yourself.”He pulled his hands from behind his head and stroked his cock.”Use both hands,” Victoria purred. “Play with your balls while you jerk off for me.”Hearing her talk like that turned Milo on immensely. He did as she said and soon was about to erupt.”That’s it,” she urged. “Cum for me, Milo… jerk yourself off.”His cock exploded in streams of cum that shot across his stomach and reached his chest. With a loud groan he pumped his cock furiously until he was empty.Victoria laughed and moved off of the bed. She disappeared into the walk-in closet as Milo closed his eyes and relaxed.Vicki was sitting at the table eating as he entered the kitchen. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and leggings and had her hair in a ponytail. She gestured to the plate of food sitting in front of his usual place at the table. He sat down and smiled at her.”That was fucking awesome,” he exclaimed.She nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it was fun.””Fun?” he asked. “Just fun?””Uh huh,” she nodded.Milo was disappointed in her response. His good mood turned sour as he ate his food and glared at the woman sitting across from him.”I did whatever you asked,” Milo whined. “And it was just… fun?””Yes, Milo,” she replied without looking at him. “It was fun, I guess.”Milo’s face reddened as the words stung him. He pushed the plate away and stood up.”I’m going to bed,” he said angrily. “Don’t bother following.””Okay,” she replied. “Have a good sleep.”Milo stormed out the kitchen and up the stairs. He plopped down on the bed and fell asleep as he waited for her to come up the stairs. ******The next weeks were tense as Milo continued to simmer about that night. His hopes were dashed every night as he came home to find Vicki in jeans or sweats. His attempts at sex were rebuffed with gentle excuses. Vicki continuously asked about the house renovation, the finances and his plan. He was growing weary of her.On Thursday night he found an open envelope on his dinner plate. Inside was a letter from the bank about the last mortgage payment having been missed. Vicki sat at the table watching him as he read the notice. He tossed it onto the table and huffed.”Don’t worry,” he said as he waved his hand dismissively. “I will call Ari and sort this out.””I spoke with him today,” Vicki stated. “He is coming tomorrow to discuss options.””You called him?” Milo asked incredulously. “What time is he coming?””He will be here when you get home from work,” she replied. “It’s my house, too. I am entitled to be as involved as I want.”Milo looked at her with a stunned expression. She had never gotten involved, never questioned, never intervened in their financial situation.”I know what you’re thinking,” she announced. “This is a huge investment and a huge risk, and half of it is mine.”

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