25 Ocak 2023

Mind Controlled Sisters Pt. 02

Big Tits

Author’s Note: This story contains scenes of incest and mind control. All persons are over the age of 18.


After scrambling my sister’s eggs and filling her pussy with my cum, Teri placed the plate of bacon under her ass. My cum spilled out of her vagina and puddled on the strips of bacon. My sisters then took turns eating the cum covered bacon and seemed to love every minute of it. I videoed it of course and uploaded it to my computer for future viewing.

The three of us had sex multiple ways that Saturday. I took Teri in the shower and Sam on the couch. I fucked Teri in the standing doggie position against the front door and then had Sam lick her sister’s juices from my dick.

Every time one of my sister’s had an orgasm, it was so intense that they were a quivering mess on the floor for several minutes. So I took the other sister and fucked them silly until I nutted in their pussy. And after the other sister recovered, she would eat the fresh creampie out of her sister’s just fucked pussy.

I discovered something interesting with the scent that turned women into my play thing. In order to change the original programming I had to get them to inhale the “pussy formula” again. I learned this the hard way with my sisters.

My sisters were complete and utter nymphomaniacs after my first dose of the “pussy formula”. They were unstoppable and at first it was great and we fucked several times a day on Saturday. But on it went, even into the night. I would be often awakened to one or both of them sucking my dick or riding me. All I wanted was to sleep and I tried time and again to change their programming and failed.

I awoke on Sunday and my head was pounding. I had a huge headache and Sam was urgently sucking my dick for the umpteenth time. It wouldn’t rise to the occasion but that didn’t stop her. I was spent and started to grow angry.

I tried pushing her off of me and even said, “You no longer lover sex with me.” To no avail.

They were insatiable.

I wracked my brain trying to think of what to do. I thought about the formula and instructed Teri to go get it for me again out of my bag along with a small towel.

Teri came back in the room with lust etched on her face and handed me the formula and towel before climbing between my legs with her sister in hopes that she could get my dick hard again.

I poured some of the formula on the towel and then got my sister’s attention again and said, “Each of you must smell this towel that has my cum on it.”

Both sisters pounced and grabbed the towel to smell it and almost instantly they were hypnotized again. I thought about leaving them that way for the rest of the day, but wasn’t sure how long the formula would last and didn’t want to risk them coming out of the trance and being crazier than before.

“You girls love to tease each other, kiss, play with each other’s breasts and nipples, finger each other’s pussies and lick each other to orgasm whenever mom and dad are not home. You also need your sleep though and when midnight rolls around you fall blissfully asleep for 8 hours. You love to dote on your brother on occasion and only touch his penis if he gives you permission to touch it, lick it, suck it or fuck it. You love his cum in your mouth, on your tits, on your pussy or inside our vagina and eat it up wherever it may land even if it is on another girl.

You both will decide to attend the same college that I go to. Teri will major in Accounting and Sam will major in Business Management. You will meet and have sex with other women who are as gorgeous as you are and bring them to me to indoctrinate into my harem.

When you awake you will shower and get yourselves looking pretty. You will go to the mall and find a new girl to have sex with. You will seduce her into joining you back at the house. Now ‘awake’.”

Both sisters blinked several times and then got to their feet and walked into the bathroom without saying a word.

I was exhausted and fell back on the bed and fell blissfully asleep.


I awoke sometime after 1pm. I got up and took a pee and then wandered down the hall to Teri and Sam’s room and saw that they were in bed with another female. I didn’t think it would be possible but my dick grew hard and I lazily began to stroke it.

“There he is.” Teri said seductively as she made eye contact with me.

Sam lifted her face out of the other female’s crotch to look at me. Her cheeks bursa escort were wet with the other girl’s juices and that’s when I noticed that the other girl was tied to the bed with her arms outstretched. There was a gag in her mouth and she had a look of fear in her eyes as she attempted to wrench herself free from her bindings.

I looked at Teri and Sam and said, “What did you do? How did you get her here?”

Teri said, “Well, Sam and I took a shower and got dressed in our daisy duke’s and went to the mall. We walked around for about 30 minutes and while we saw some cute girls that we thought would be fun to fool around with, we didn’t see anyone really looking our way. I mean sure, everyone was checking us out, but no one was paying us any special attention.”

“So we went into the Victoria Secret store and started to browse through the sexy lingerie section when the Sales girl you see laying here, Angela, asked if we needed any help.

I told her that I was looking for a sexy pushup bra and Teri told her that she was looking for some sexy panties, preferably the crotch-less kind. And when Angela heard her say crotch-less, she blushed pink and told us that they didn’t sell those kinds of underwear there. But she did show us panties that were so sheer in the crotch that they showed everything and she meant it.” Sam continued.

“So we flirted back and forth with Angela. I touched her arm as I spoke dirty to her and Sam grabbed a bra and the three of us made our way back to the dressing rooms.

Angela followed us into the stall, which they are not supposed to do by the way. Teri was flirting so close to Angela that she was practically petting her while I quickly slipped out o my shirt and bra. They then turned towards me and Angela’s eyes grew wide in shock and desire as she saw my perfect breasts for the first time. I put on the bra and hooked it in the back and it pushed up my tits perfectly.

I asked my sister and Angela what they thought and Angela was speechless as she gazed at my tits. Teri then said that something was amiss and reached past Angela and tucked some of the material under the sides and this exposed my nipples which were super hard.

Teri whispered in Angela’s ear, ‘to touch them’ and took the girl’s hand in hers and brought it up to my tits and roved her fingers over my sensitive nipples. Teri began to kiss Angela’s neck and the girl moaned, “God that feels amazing.”

I then took Angela’s hand that was on my nipple and brought it down to my pussy and let her feel how wet I was. I closed my eyes and groaned, ‘Yesss”.

Teri whispered in her ear that she wanted Angela to close for the day and follow us back home to fool around and she agreed.” Sam smiled.

I told my sisters. “Okay, that was really hot. But now that she is here, she doesn’t look very happy to be here so why don’t you go and get my formula out of my bedroom along with a towel and bring them back to me Teri.”

Teri returned moments later holding the items I requested.

“Okay, now why don’t you and Sam go downstairs and make us all some lunch because I am starved.” I told my sisters.

They left the room and I was now alone with our new guest. I removed her gag and she spit venom at me.

“Let me out of here you mother fucker! You are so fucking screwed! I’m going to get the police over here so untie me now damn it!” She screamed.

I smiled and just took the formula and dabbed some on the towel and then moved it to her face which she tried desperately to avoid until it took effect and her eyes grew glassy and she stopped moving. God, I loved this stuff!

“Okay Angela, you are glad to be here. You may or may not have loved sex in the past but now you do love sex. Your orgasms will be explosive and gush out of your vagina like a fire hose on full blast. The resistance you put forth with my sisters will seem like a bad dream and in time you will forget all about it. You and my sisters will now be the best of friends and have sex together regularly. If you have a boyfriend you will dump him and if I am with you, you will have sex with me and anyone else present. You will do whatever I or my sisters ask of you and love it. Now ‘awake’.” I told the girl.

Her eyes blinked several times and she looked at me with desire.

“Tell me what happened after my sisters seduced you Angela.” I asked politely.

“Well being the manager of the store, I was able to close it and go with bursa escort bayan your sisters. I swore off sex 6 weeks ago when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl. I was lonely and extremely horny but threw myself into my work. I swore off sex or even touching myself these last 6 weeks mainly to see if I could. You see, I am what you would call a nympho. I love sex and when I am not having it, I am masturbating 20 times a day…everyday.

So when Teri and Sam happened upon me, I was prime for their picking. I have never been with a girl before, let alone 2. I thought about it often and even fantasized about it and looked at pornography about 2 women but didn’t have a clue about beginning something like that.

I was overcome with desire for your sisters and as I followed them to your house, the thoughts that ran through my head were on a whole different level than what I was used to, especially since Teri rode with me and kept pawing my breasts as I drove.

They got me in the door. Teri went into another room and when she came back she was wearing the lingerie I suggested and asked what I thought. I was speechless. I was so fucking horny too. Sam led me into the kitchen with them and Teri sat back on one of the chairs. Sam asked me to kneel before her sister with her. I did and the panties she wore were so sheer at the crotch that I saw her pussy through them clearly.

Teri then reached in her panties and cupped her sex and when she removed her hand, I could now see that her pussy had opened up. She had thick meaty lips that were purplish on the edges and a long thick clitoris.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was so beautiful and wrong at the same time. Sam was behind me now and whispering in my ear, “Isn’t my sister gorgeous? Don’t you just want to eat her up? To kiss her perfect pussy and taste her yummy honey?”

‘Yes’, I moaned.

I watched as Teri slid her hand down and began to rub her clit in circles through the panties. I was mesmerized by the sight before me and then I felt Sam removing my blouse and bra. Her hands were warm as she groped me. Her hands cupped my tits and worked her thumbs over my nipples.

I was beside myself as I watched Teri begin to hump her hips as she slapped her clit through the panties. There was wetness there and it began to seep through the sheer material and down her ass crack. God I was wet. My panties were soaked and I had my hands in my crotch rubbing myself through my sodden panties.

I couldn’t take my eyes away from Teri’s pussy for even an instant. Like I said, I was in complete awe of what I was witnessing.

Teri groaned something unintelligible and I watched as a thick clear liquid like molasses pushed through the panties and slowly began to ooze out of her wet pussy.

Sam was in my ear, “Oh there she goes. Look at all that yummy thick cum, don’t you want to touch it. Go on Angela, touch it and bring it to your lips.” Her hands were twisting my nipples so hard now that I was almost on the edge of a huge orgasm myself.

I reached my hand out and touched Teri’s crotch and her thick juices oozed over my fingers. There was so much of it and I brought my wet fingers to my lips and smeared her honey on them and under my nose. Her smell was intoxicating and then my fingers entered my mouth and her taste was exquisite!

I moved my face to her pussy and opened my mouth and her thick juices entered my mouth. I swallowed her cum again and again and then my orgasm was upon me and I passed out from the intensity of it.

And when I awoke I was tied to this bed. I didn’t care because I was with two gorgeous women. But then they began to tell me about you Alex and how you were going to fuck me silly and I didn’t want that because I was no longer on birth control. I was through with men and I struggled to be set free.

Sam went down on me and Teri put a gag in my mouth and that’s when you showed up.”

I was raging hard at her story. I untied her hands and we went downstairs. She was free to go if she wanted, but she didn’t break for the door. The conditioning held. Instead we walked into the kitchen where Sam and Tina were making sandwiches. We then all sat down and ate lunch together.

After lunch, I instructed my sisters to get out some lava cakes which they quickly heated in the microwave. I then had them place the lava cakes on a plate on the floor and had each sister squat over the lava cake escort bursa and masturbate until she had an orgasm.

I recorded Teri first, squatting over the plate of lava cakes and rubbing her clit furiously while her sister pinched and twisted her sensitive nipples from behind. She was humping her hips and then groaned out loud, “Ohhhhhh.”

Her thick clear juices oozed out of her wet vagina and slowly fell down the six inches to the plate of lava cakes. It kept going on and on and I had Sam get a large mixing bowl and dump the cakes and cum into it while Teri continued to orgasm.

Teri then fell backwards and her whole body shook in spasms as her orgasm continued to work through her body.

I instructed Angela to go over and clean her up with her tongue while Sam took Teri’s place over the bowl.

Sam smacked her clit several times and her clitoris enlarged to twice its normal size. She then fingered herself with 2 fingers and rubbed her juices into her big clit. She was only at it for a few minutes before her thick juices also began to bubble out of her vagina and ooze the several inches into the mixing bowl.

I noticed that Sam kept uttering the word ‘fuck’ as she orgasmed. And I also saw that her juices went from clear to milky white as they flowed copiously into the bowl. She too then fell backwards and her whole body was wracked in spasms as her orgasm continued to rush through her.

It was now Angela’s turn to masturbate over the mixing bowl. Angela was a redhead and her fiery red strip of hair above her unusually large clitoris was incredible to look at. She smacked her clit much the same as Sam did previously and then twisted it fiercely in her fingers.

Teri finished cleaning up Sam as she continued to writhe on the floor and then began to twist, pinch and pull on Angela’s short thick nipples. “Oh fuck that hurts you fucking bitch!” Angela cursed.

And I watched as she started to orgasm. Tremors shook her thighs as the orgasm took hold and she cried out, arching her back in the process, “Yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!!!!!”

Her vagina dilated open and a huge gush of her clear juices spilled out of her. She fell back against Teri and her legs continued to spasm as an even larger gush of juices exploded from her vagina. It was like a fire hose on full blast and her juices shot everywhere.

I was 4 feet away and my shins got covered in her juices.

I was so turned on that I stopped the recording and then moved on top of Angela as her body continued to shake and spasm and entered her slippery vagina.

I was so charged up that I had only taken about a dozen deep strokes before I bellowed something unintelligible and began shooting my cum deep in her pussy. It was fucking incredible!

After I recovered a little bit, my dick slipped from Angela’s pussy and Teri and Sam helped her to squat over the mixing bowl. My cum dripped and flowed out of her pussy and was added to the ugly looking mixture.

Our parents had one of those big jacuzzi tubs and we all went upstairs and got in it. I then got my hand wet in the lava cake cum mixture and began to heap huge handfuls out to the girls and placed it in their open mouths. They drank it down and a lot of i went on their tits and down their stomachs.

It was a tasty mess and they ate it up and then kissed and fingered each other with their gooey hands until it was all gone from the bowl.

I had to piss and they begged me to urinate on them. Seeing them there covered in a chocolate cummy mess, I let loose my bladder and splashed my yellow pee in their mouths, on their tits and over their pussies. I then got in the tub and Teri peed on us. Sam peed next and Angela peed last. The smell was terrible as we had an orgy in the tub and I fucked each girl’s pussy again and again until I ejaculated all over them. It wasn’t a huge amount of cum but they enjoyed it just the same.

We then took a bath together and washed the stuff off of us.


The following day, I used the towel and pussy formula one last time with the three of them present.

“You girls are to clean up this house and make it spotless before mom and dad come home. The three of you will meet other beautiful women and have sex with them but not against their will. You will be hard workers and be kind to everyone. After Teri and Sam attend the same college I go to, you Angela will get a transfer to one of the Victoria Secret store’s close to campus. We will get a house together and begin to have regular orgies with other beautiful and smart women on campus. Now ‘awake’.”

I said goodbye to my sisters and Angela. My clothes were washed and ironed and they gave me a tearful goodbye as I drove back to school.

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