12 Mayıs 2023


Anal Ass

The company I worked for had several factories dotted all over the place. After ten months, however, I had never been sent to the smallest of our tool producing plants. There was an ongoing joke at the company about visits to this godforsaken plant in the middle of ‘hick-land.’ Unsurprisingly, I eventually got sent to this small town on a three-day, two-night visit. I worked in the computer division of the company, and several upgrades needed to get made at this plant. There were only two motels in ‘Hicksville,’ and apparently, I was staying at the better of the two.In all honesty, the place wasn’t all that bad. My room was large, and the enormous bed was extremely comfortable.At around eight p.m. on the first evening, I entered the pub/dining area to have my dinner. It served traditional pub grub, but to my surprise, the food was better than I anticipated.The clerk at the reception desk informed me that they had live entertainment, and that ‘Minstrel Mike’ was their current entertainer on a nightly basis. Mike performed from six till eleven every evening. Mike, as I would soon see, took a fifteen-minute break at a quarter to the hour, after completing his forty-five-minute Sarıyer escort bayan session. Mike alternated between the keyboards and a guitar and had backing tracks to enhance his performance. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by his skill and proficiency as he entertained the patrons.Mike had a gravelly and pleasant voice, and his repertoire was varied and extremely enjoyable. On an impulse, I asked the waiter for a piece of paper, when I heard Mike say that he did take requests.I scribbled down the name of two songs as a challenge, wondering if he would rise to the challenge. The first song was one of my grandmother’s favourites and was a Billy Joel classic from the nineteen-seventies, entitled; Just The Way You Are.I watched, entranced as he finished the song, before once again glancing at my piece of paper. With a laugh, he then announced that he had received another request from the same person. He further went on to say that he didn’t have a backing track for my second request but would give it a go on the keyboards, hoping like hell that he still remembered all the words.As he began to sing the song, in Silivri escort a higher key than he had formerly used, I was delighted by his masterful interpretation of the song. Naturally, when he finished, I gave him a hearty round of applause.Mike wore his long hair in a ponytail and had a full beard, which wasn’t all that appealing to me. His plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots, also led me to believe that he was straight, in any case.When his third shift ended at a quarter to nine, he arose and walked in my direction. Naturally, I asked him to take a seat at the table and offered to buy him a drink in reward for his efforts.Close-up, I was stunned by how good-looking Mike was. Above all else, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his very sexy hands. They were big, broad, and looked incredibly strong. Over the next fifteen minutes, we briefly exchanged life histories, and I was surprised that he wasn’t married or involved or in a relationship. Something about him intrigued me, and my ‘gaydar’ was picking up a vibe from him.Please understand that I am not one of those stomach-turning gay’s that believe that all men are ‘to be had,’ Escort Topkapı given the right circumstances or their alcoholic intake.Before Mike resumed his performance, I made another request, asking him to play the Fred Neil song Everybody’s Talking, made famous in the classic movie from the late sixties, entitled; Midnight Cowboy.This request met with his approval, and he also had the backing track.At a quarter to ten, he once more joined me, and we continued our enjoyable conversation before Mike left to perform his last stint.“I hope you’ll still be here when I finish,” he said before leaving.“Only if you sing Guitar Man,” I joked, now on a roll with the old classics. My granny would have been proud of me!He did perform it, and his rendition of this David Gates masterpiece from 1972 was fantastic.When he joined me at my table after his session had ended, it was clear that the workforce was keen on going home and so we made our way to my suite rather rapidly. Although we had not spoken about sex up to this point, I was sure that he was joining me for more than just a nightcap.What astonished me about Mike after this point was how upfront he was. Without dallying, he told me that he was bisexual and had a strong feeling that I was gay. In honour of his frankness, I confirmed that his intuition was spot-on.Once in my room, I poured us each another drink from the stock in my bar fridge. As we sat and chatted, it became clear that we enjoyed the same music.

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