8 Eylül 2022



Subject: Mischievous eyes – Chapter 2 – LET’S EAT TALKING ABOUT YOUR DICK. Chapter 2 — LET’S EAT TALKING ABOUT YOUR DICK. -Let’s have lunch now, Seth –Noah said, but of course he was true to his word and his dick was still visible through his zipper for me to spend the whole day watching it and enjoying. -Do you really allow me to spend a whole day horny at your dick, Noah? -I tell you again what I have already told you, Seth: if after now you see that my dick is what you need to be sexually happy, I’ll allow you anything. -Then let’s eat talking about your dick. And whenever you want, you can masturbate one more time. -Ok, Seth, let’s eat. We had tasty macaroni that day. And as soon as we sat, I took my dick out again and started to jerk myself off one more time, almost apologizing to him, but he just smiled and encouraged me to go on. -First it will be me that talks about that wonderful dick you have if you allow me. -Of course I allow you. You cannot know how much it moves me to see you that horny. Give yourself any fun you want with me and say whatever you want. I saw Noah’s dick getting hard but he wasn’t masturbating yet. -It’s a really hot dick that you have. First, it is really long and belonging to a really attractive boy. -Thanks, Seth. The same I could say about you and your dick is also long. -Well, almost as long, but yours if fatter and I don’t know how to utter that I am watching the sexiest dick I’ve ever seen, only in porn movies so far, but never before today did I need to wank looking at one. And you know what? That’s the best your dick has. -I don’t understand you. -I mean that so that your dick can be the best dick in the world and the most arousing one, you are allowing your own brother to wank again looking at it- I said of course ferociously beating my meat before Noah. -Since I can see that now you are sexually happy again cause you’ve found something that gives you the need to masturbate again, remember my promise: whenever you need your brother’s dick to wank, you’ll always have it and I remind you I’d do now anything you ask me, like giving you blowjobs and so on. -Don’t worry, Noah, I won’t ever need those things. And now I’d like you to be the one telling me things about your sexy dick and I’d like to see you masturbating again if you are not too tired. -If you want my dick to work, don’t worry that it can be tired; it will work for you as often as you ask me. Ok, now I’m masturbating again. Now if you want me to be the one talking about my dick, just ask me. -Well, first question: have you had a lot of sex so far? -Of course one never has enough sex and always wants more, but I cannot complain. -First tell me about the sex you have with your own self. You wank şişli travesti a lot every day, isn’t it? -I shoot three or four loads every afternoon watching porn since I have no girl right now and I even wank at least once in my bed at nights, so I cum more or less five times a day. -Love to know that too about your sexy dick, Noah, how often you may cum. Next question: have you been often wanked by girls? -Not as many times as I would have liked cause girls prefer doing other things, but two or three times. I had a sudden impulse then, reached out my hand and started to touch Noah’s dick, not jacking him off so far, just groping it sensuously, from the lower part to his dick head as he kept on masturbating. -Good, if you also want to touch my dick, you know you can, and I’m also gonna touch yours. -Please don’t, Noah. It’s me that’s disconcerted today with your dick and burning with desire for it. Don’t know whether I can be feeling gay or just feeling gay with my hot brother. Not today at least, Noah, don’t touch my dick yet. Let me go on touching yours as I keep on looking at the same time at your mischievous eyes and asking you more questions. -Ok, you can go on. -Well, have you had many blowjobs? -I think sucking cocks is not the thing girls prefer but I’ve been lucky. Blowjobs is what I like most, even more than fucking and about ten different girls have sucked my cock. Well, maybe it’s been about fifty blowjobs that I’ve had. -And I’m sure they have enjoyed the taste of your dick, isn’t it? -Hope so. At least no girl has complained –he smiled at me. -Don’t know whether one day I will do it, but I’ll keep on touching your hot dick till you cum. I want you to ejaculate on my hand and I wanna taste your semen, so horny your dick is making me. -Always be that easy with me to tell me anything, Seth. Soon you’ll start to believe I mean it when I say I’d do anything for your fun now. -Well, next question: have you fucked many girls? -I’ve fucked all the girls I’ve been with and I think you are seeing now that I can hold it for long so I hope all of them have ended quite satisfied. -I’m sure about it, Noah. And well, have you fucked any girl up her ass? -Well, I have –he went red now-. Ok, I will tell you. Since no girl has given me permission to do it and I have always desired to fuck an ass, one day I phoned a prostitute and told her what I wanted and well… I did fuck her ass. -Did you like it? -The sensation of fucking an ass was great, Seth, but don’t know. I think I didn’t really enjoy, cause that girl was wonderful but did not desire me; she wanted my money, of course. So it was somewhat cold. -Good, and you needn’t blush, Noah; you can always tell me anything. -I’m cumming beylikdüzü travesti now, Seth. And he did stain my hand as I had asked him. One thing is watching my sexy brother cum and a different thing is seeing him cum on my hand. That moist feeling I had then made me cum again before Noah and still cumming, I took my hand, dirty with his semen, to my mouth in order to taste his jizz. And the taste was perfect and I told him I had loved it. Never hiding his dick (by now I was sure he would be with his dick out the whole day as I had asked him), he told me now he’d go to his room as every day to watch porn but today he’d leave the door open in case I wanted to enter or whack off again as I saw him. I wanted to read the book I had brought earlier but I simply couldn’t. What was happening to me? I never thought I could one day be attracted to dicks, and still I wasn’t, not to dicks in the plural, but just to a single dick, my brother’s, maybe cause it was not right to be horny at a brother’s dick, but since it was something you shouldn’t do, that very reason had me that whole first day wanting to cum thinking about Noah’s dick. So before reading, I knew well I had to jerk myself off remembering its shape, its colour, its height, how it was masturbated by my brother’s hand, how pornographic it was to behold Noah’s semen falling from his meatus, and how hot it was to behold his mischievous eyes so horny knowing he was turning his own brother on. I needed to have a very short masturbation, for I wanted to read something. I intuited that Noah wanted me to enter his bedroom and watch him and prolong that way his exhibitionist fun and my fun too. I’d do it later, but I couldn’t be the whole day thinking only about Noah’s dick. So as best I could I managed to read for almost a couple of hours, till I couldn’t resist the temptation to at last head to his bedroom. Indeed the door was open and there I saw him of course jacking off but now with his pants pulled down, so it was the first time, I could also see Noah’s sexy balls. Everything in him aroused me and he waved hello to me but I was watching him from his door and did not enter, but of course I was with my dick out and masturbating again. He was looking at heterosexual porn and when at last I saw him cumming again, I shot a new load onto the floor. I smiled at him and now went to the kitchen and had a coffee. I had to be able to focus on different things and that slow coffee calmed me down a bit, but I was still on fire and finally had to return to his bedroom and now I sat beside him and again touched sensuously his dick and for the first time his balls. He moaned and we sometimes spoke to each other but I don’t remember what we talked, so istanbul travesti excited we both were. At a given moment, Noah did something that I was not expecting: he simply moved his head so they could find my lips and then kissed me and told me. -I’ll stop now if you don’t like it, Seth, but I love it and I would be kissing my hot brother for hours. -You can go on, Noah, I also love it. But so intense was that long kiss that it caused me a new ejaculation and again seeing his brother cumming, Noah’s dick exploded again. -I’ll stop watching porn now and we could have dinner now. -I’ve cooked two omelettes, Noah. -Good, let’s eat then –and of course he came always with his sexy dick out. -Wanna eat again watching a new masturbation from you, Noah –I told him-, and I would like you to tell me some of your best experiences so far. Fortunately I could see a new one of Noah’s masturbations. He told me he was only sorry he’d never had a girlfriend, but chose one his usual female fuck buddies to tell me things he’d done with that wonderful cock. He told me that girl was the one who had given him more blowjobs –and as he was telling me that, I started first to touch his sexy balls again and next I moved up his shaft, touched his glans and now I knew what I wanted to do. I had to do it today. I simply withdrew Noah’s hand and replaced it by my own hand and started to masturbate my brother. -Hope you’re sure, Seth; and also hope you don’t stop now. -I’m not gonna stop, Noah. I don’t know whether I’ve clearly told you so far that your dick is burning me and it’s enough to keep me on fire, probably for years to come. I will surely do more for your fun, but give me time, please. So far, I love the fact that my own brother is allowing me to jack him off. -You deserve to have the best sexual life you want, Seth. You’re brave and hot and I won’t get tired of reminding you that here you have me for whatever fun you want and can ask me anything. The day you’re giving me is the most exciting day of my life, believe me and so much fire I’m feeling with my brother that it would be really easy for me, and something I’d love, to at least give you a blowjob. -Not before one day I do it to your wonderful dick, Noah –I answered as he was already cumming. Again I shot a load at his pace and again I had to taste Noah’s delicious semen that had fallen naturally on my hand. -Thanks for all day today, Noah. You’ve shown me today that besides my brother, you are a really good friend. Now I need to sleep, but will probably jerk myself off thinking about your dick at least once. Good night –and he said goodnight to me kissing my mouth. I loved it and was kissing him for minutes. I knew now I’ll spend hours masturbating over him in bed. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: https://luces-delatierra.blogspot/ or in English pot/

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