1 Ağustos 2021

Missy Part II


Missy Part II“Morning Alec.” She smiled as she rounded the corner into the kitchen and found him there with no shirt on. Last night’s event still running through her mind.“Morning. Coffee?”“Yes!” she couldn’t help but stare at his bare chest as she sipped her coffee and imagined licking his cum from his chest. “So do you think the pool will be ready? Supposed to be hot today.”“It should be. Probably early this afternoon.” He admired her profile as she peaked out the window. Her thin sun dress almost too short, almost too thin.“Great. I have an errand to run this morning and I should be back just in time.” She smiled that perfect smile and Alec knew he would be stroking himself off again as soon as she left.Missy drove towards the mall hoping that it wasn’t too early in the season for her to get what she was after. Summer had certainly come early. Her heart raced as she saw the racks of swim suits and quickly started sorting through. No one piece suits for her this year and she picked out a few different bikinis to try on. Most were the size she figured she should buy but one was a size smaller. As it turned out the smaller one fit her perfectly. The top was just enough to barely cover enough of her tits while still letting a good portion be exposed and the bottoms clung to her ass and pussy just right. She was giddy as she paid for it and drove back home. When she returned she found Alec outside tending to the pool.“Hey, I’m home.” She watched the muscles on his arms flex as he skimmed a few leaves from the pool.“Perfect timing. Pool is officially ready.” He followed her inside. “Oh, these came while you were gone.” He handed her a thick manila envelope. She took it and pulled out its contents.“Guardianship papers?”“Yup. I guess Irene wanted to make sure she had no responsibility.” He seemed a little dejected. “Melissa, please sign the attached forms and send them back to my attorney ASAP.” She read the small post-it note affixed to the front. Missy read through the forms and sure enough it made her Alec’s legal guardian until he turned 18. For some strange reason that put things into perspective for her, or at least all the sexual feelings she had been having. “You still sure you want to do this?” he asked. She looked up at him and he seemed like a lost puppy that someone had left on the side of the road. “There, it’s official.” She declared as she signed the documents. That pitiful look on Alec’s face melted away and was replaced with a huge smile. He grabbed her and hugged her tightly. Missy could feel the strength in his arms, the solidity of his muscular body.“You have no idea how much this means to me.” He told her. “How about we put that pool to use?” she asked and they parted to their respective bedrooms.Missy pulled her new bikini from the bag and laid it out on her bed. The papers that Irene had sent over had squelched her arousal at the time but that embrace from Alec stoked the fire all over again. She wondered what she had hoped to accomplish with this. She shrugged and slipped it on but added a sheer cover-up.Alec was elated. He was also horny. The feel of Missy’s big tits against him, the smell of her perfume….it was like a cocktail that sent shivers through him and made his dick begin to get hard again. He glanced outside his window and saw that Missy was already poolside and when he saw her in that bikini his eyes bulged almost as much as his cock did. “Fuck.” He moaned as he massaged his erection.The teens shorts left very little to the imagination and Missy could tell that he was certainly endowed in ways that his father wasn’t. Likewise, Alec kept stealing glances at his former step-mother and had to constantly dip into the pool to hide his hard-on. Eventually though they both ended up laying on pool chairs enjoying the sting of the sun.“So, what do you think your plans are going to be?” she asked while sipping a beer. Missy’s pussy was far beyond wet and she knew that her nipples poking against her bikini top were evident and did not go unnoticed. She caught him looking more than once and slid the cover-up off completely.“I don’t really have any yet. Probably get a Summer job. Try to help you out.” His eyes were glued to her body. If he thought she was sexy before, seeing her in that micro bikini and the way it accentuated her flat stomach, her round ass and those huge tits….“That’s really sweet Alec but I’m doing pretty good for myself. In fact, I just sold a property and stand to make a huge commission.” She was glad that she was wearing sunglasses because she couldn’t take her eyes off of his bulge. “You know what? We should be celebrating. Between that deal and you officially not having to go live with Aunt Bitch. I think this calls for margaritas.” She stood to go into the house and the cover-up stayed behind, he got his first full on look at her in that tiny bikini and he audibly moaned his approval.“Not even a day into being his guardian and I’ve giving him tequila? Not going to win mother of the year this year, huh?” she thought to herself and giggled. She was thankful though for the chance to step away and took full advantage of the opportunity to rub her soaking wet pussy. It wasn’t enough to make her cum, if anything it was just enough of a tease to make her even hornier and she continued to tease herself as she gathered up the ingredients and concocted the drinks. She ran her fingers, wet with her own juices along the rim of Alec’s glass. “Pussy-rita” she thought to herself and laughed.While she was mixing their drinks Missy became aware of voices outside and on looking she saw Alec standing by the fence bordering her yard. He was talking to the neighbor’s ortaköy escort new nanny, Jodie. She was 20, blonde haired, blued eyed and had the body of a cheerleader. Missy had met her a few times and liked the young girl but seeing her twirling her hair and batting her eyes at Alec changed all of that. Missy felt a wave of jealousy course through her body as she watched the younger girl flirting. “That little bitch.” She growled.She waited for their conversation to end before stepping back outside and when she did Alec’s attention was once again focused on her. Missy liked that. “Skootch over.” She said as she held out the glass for the teen. The chaise was wide enough for the both of them even though it meant that their bodies were in direct contact. They drank a couple margaritas and the innocent flirting started up again, only this time it was quickly becoming not so innocent.“So, what about you? What are your plans? I mean you’re single now. You dating?” he asked while sipping his pussy juice rimmed drink.“No, I think I’m so over the whole marriage thing. Dating is a giant pain in the ass as well.” Her eyes roamed along his body, landing squarely on the bulge in his shorts. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just screw around. You know, that is if I can find someone that would want to get with me like that.” Missy was a bit shocked at herself for being so bold and attributed it to the alcohol.“Are you serious? If you knew how many of my friends used to sit around this very pool when we were younger and talk about how they would love to fuck you….” His voice trailed off.“Oh really? So you and your friends talked about fucking me?”“Well um….they did….” He seemed like he was caught in something.“Oh, so just your friends? You never did?” the sexual tension was crushing but not enough to keep down the bulge starting to show in the teen’s lap. She moved to her side on the recliner and began to softly move her hand around his chest. His eyes followed her movements, his cock growing harder still as her large tits pressed against him.“Well you were married to my Dad.” He almost stuttered.“Not any more I’m not.” And with that she slid her hand down to his crotch feeling on his hard, throbbing teen cock. She looked up to meet his glare. His eyes fixated on her hand rubbing his hard dick. Missy felt his erection twitching, starting to throb and she couldn’t believe the size. “MMMM damn, you are a big boy, huh?” Missy tried not to seem intimidated by the thickness. Their eyes met and they began to kiss.Not much was said for the next few minutes, all she could hear was his breathing intensifying and the sound of hard, wet kissing. His cock twitched as she rubbed it through his shorts and then finally pushing her hand down inside in search of what she wanted. “Bigger than his Dad. Much. Much bigger.” She thought to herself as she gripped his hard shaft and slowly stroked it, feeling his pre-cum boiling from the head and dripping down to her hand. His passivity had faded as well and he was pawing at her through her bikini.“These what you’re trying to get at baby?” she pushed her already big tits together teasingly then slowly pulled the material aside to fully reveal her glorious mounds to the teenager who was gawking at her while softly stroking his exposed cock. “I’ve seen you staring at them over the years, are they as good as you thought?”“Fuck, even better?” he moaned and started feeling her up with his free hand. She moved as if to start kissing again but this time she slid on top of him, straddling his waist. She smiled as she watched him watching her tits hang in his face. She moaned at the way he kissed and sucked on her nipples all while his huge cock rubbed against her covered mound.“MMMM you know….you are going to fuck me tonight.” Missy purred as she stood up and slowly pushed her bikini bottom down over her round ass while Alec stared at her mature pussy. He smiled at that and went to stand but she pushed him back down and dropped to her knees. “MMMM I’m not done playing with your beautiful cock yet.” She grinned and took him between her lips. The feel of her warm, wet mouth causing him to groan in pleasure. Missy began to bob her head up and down, taking more and more of him until she was finally down to the hilt. She looked up to him with his entire rod between her lips. He brushed her hair back to watch his former step-mom deep throating his young dick. She began to cup and massage his cum filled balls while sucking and slurping on his dick, she noticed the way he would twitch when she pulled him out and licking up and down the underside of the shaft. His entire body convulsed when she took those balls into her mouth then teased his asshole with her tongue.“Ohhh fuck Missyyyyyy!” he was stammering. She smiled and took his big cock between her tits and spit on it.“MMMM you like that baby? Ohhh yeah, fuck my tits!” she watched the swollen head of his cock slipping and sliding through her ample tits and each time it would surface she let her tongue lap at the pre-cum boiling over from the tip.“I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long!” the teenager growled as he thrust his hips up, making Missy’s mature tits ripple.“Ohh yeah? You been thinking about fucking your step-mommy’s big tits?” it was question that didn’t need an answer and the boy simply nodded in disbelief. “MMMM jerking off fantasizing me being a complete fucking whore for your big, fat young cock?”She watched intently as he humped faster and faster, his cock slamming between her tit flesh. She wondered if he had a big load, if she let him cum would he still be able to fuck her eyüp escort needy cunt. The thought of making this teenager spew his load all over her made her pussy twitch but she suddenly had another destination in mind and when she looked up at him she knew she had to make that decision quickly.“Oh no, not yet baby.” She purred as she pushed away, eyeing his cock just as he was staring at her wet tits. “But don’t worry, you’re going to get to cum. In fact you’re going to get to cum so fucking much….” She stood and straddled him, his aching dick resting against her sloppy slit. “But first you’re going to fuck my brains out.” She smiled and looked down at him and saw that his eyes were looking at where their two bodies met.The site of his thick teen cock wasn’t nearly as good as the feel of it stretching her neglected pussy. Alec was certainly bigger than his Father. Bigger than anyone she had ever been with. She started to ride him slow and deep at first, feeling his hardness throbbing inside her.“MMMM fuck that feels sooo fucking good!” Missy howled as she slid up and down his pole. “If I knew you had such a big cock I might have had to fuck you sooner.” Alec grunted at that so Missy played on that notion. “All those night you spent jerking off you could have been fucking your step-mommy’s cunt.” Alec grunted again but this time he threw himself up into Missy hard, driving his young dick deeper and deeper in her wet hole getting more and more aggressive with each thrust.“Oh fuck yes! Take it! Take my fucking cock Mom!” this was the first time he had called her anything other Missy.“Ohhhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy’s cunt!” she howled and submitted, allowing him to plow up into her.“I love watching those big fucking titties bounce while you fuck my dick.” He moaned. She managed to wrangle in one wildly bouncing tit and lift it up to her mouth to lick at the nipple. This action drove the boy into a frenzy. He grabbed her roughly and in one quick motion flipped her so that he was now on top and banging her pussy with wild abandon.“YES! YES! YES! Fuck me! Fuck your mommy! Tell me I’m a whore! Fuck me like a whore!” she was screaming.“Dirty fucking whore slut Mother!” he answered as his dick slammed her repeatedly. He had one hand holding one of her legs up and open while the other hand roughly grabbed at her tits. She felt herself getting closer and closer to cumming as his thick cock pounded into her.Missy never would have thought in a million years that she would be getting fucked by her former step-son or that he would be so aggressive. She had always thought of herself as open minded sexually but she had never been fucked like this. So hard. So rough. It was awakening something deep down inside her.“Harder! Fuck me harder! Come on you little son of a bitch, fuck your whore Mommy like a slut! Fuck me like you’ve always dreamt about!” there was a fire in his eyes. He let go of her leg only to place them both onto his shoulders, she was bent almost in half as his young teenage dick hammered into her. His hands on her tits, fingers digging into the flesh as he used her cunt.“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Gonna make me cum!” he was grunting more and more as he rooted himself inside her. “UNGH! YESSSSSS! Fuckkkkkkkk! Cum! Cum for me! Cum for your slutty Mommy!” her only care was making this young teen boy cum harder than he had in his life and from the way he was going she was certain to do just that.“Gonna cum…..Need to…. Fuck!” he began to pull out but Missy stopped him, her hands latching onto his ass and pulling him to her.“NO! Cum inside me! Shoot your fucking load into mommy’s pussy!” she felt the head of his dick starting to swell. “Do it! Cum with me! Cum inside me! Fill my fucking cunt with your cum!” her pussy started to convulse around his cock, tightening in orgasm as he spurted off inside her. She felt every stream of cum exploding from the head of his buried cock being deposited into her.“MMMMM fuck that was fun.” She gasped after he had finally pulled out and collapsed next to her. Her eyes fixated on his young, cum covered cock. “Was it as good as you imagined?” her hand slowly caressing his softening dick.“Better. Way fucking better. When I jerked of to you I usually kind of imagined cumming on your face or your tits or something.” He watched his load starting to seep from her used slit.“Are you disappointed that you didn’t get to bust all over my face?” her fingers wrapping around his half flaccid tool, softly working her hand up and down. “Because you shouldn’t be….I’m not done with you yet.” She went down to her knees and started licking up and down the boy’s young shaft, tasting their combined juices.Missy being the enthusiastic cock sucker she was put on a display that was both physically as well as visually stimulating. She would smile as her tongue lapped around his growing cockhead, making certain to tease along the rim and that area just underneath the head. Alec watched in anticipation as she slurped her way down his cock and then felt her mouth on his balls. The more he grunted and groaned the more Missy worked on his cock, then further down. Her tongue returning to his ass, licking it, teasing it. She had done this when she was younger but since her ex-husband didn’t like it she hadn’t eaten ass in a while. Thankfully to her Alec didn’t have the same hang-ups as his Father and the more her tongue teased his asshole the harder the teenagers cock became. “I guess younger guys really do recover faster” she thought to herself and smiled. Missy continued to work on the boy’s ass and cock until she felt that he was ready to have another maslak escort go at her. “MMMM you ready to fuck me again?” she laid on the floor with her ass up high, facing him and her head laying down. Alec’s eyes seemed to dance from her round ass to where her fingers where already rubbing against her cream filled fuckhole. “MMMM come on baby, get down here and fuck me! Use me any way you want! Stick that big dick inside me and make me scream like a fucking bitch!”“Damn, you’re pussy is so fucking sloppy.” He commented as he slaped his swollen cockhead against her gash.“MMMM you really filled Mommy up Alec….but I want more!” she felt his hands on her ass and his thickness plunge into her in one hard motion causing her to scream. The teenager pounding against her harder than she has ever been fucked. His hand slapping her ass, the other pulling on her hair. “Ohhhhh go baby! Go! Fuck me! Harder! Spank me harder!”“Fucking whore! You been a bad fucking slut Mommy haven’t you?” he was grunting with each thrust. “Fuck my cock! Fuck it you dirty, nasty fucking whore!” Missy hadn’t been talked to like this in years and she found that it made her hotter and hotter and soon enough she was shaking in orgasm as she threw herself back onto the teenage dick.“Cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Cumming!” she managed to blurt out, feeling her cunt juices running down her thighs. Her pussy was hyper sensitive but Alec wasn’t to be slowed, he began ramming into her as she came. “Please! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” her body trembled.“Fuck! Take it! Cum on my fucking dick!” he screamed at her. The boy couldn’t believe he was not only fucking his ex step-mom but that she was loving being treated like a slut. He felt the urge to see just how slutty she would be for him. He pulled back just enough to let his cock slip free of her drooling pussy and slid it up to her ass. She was shuddering still and didn’t protest as he teased her asshole the way she had done to his just a little while earlier.“Oh god yes! Do it! Do it Alec! Shove your fucking cock up my ass!” she managed to yell and that was all he needed her to say. He’d always wondered what it would be like to bang Missy, and more than once he fantasized about ass fucking her. Watching his thick cock pushing into her incredibly tight hole he could only hope that he lasted as long as he did in his fantasies.Missy liked anal sex, a lot! She hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time and never by a cock as big as Alec’s. She could feel him pushing, getting deeper and deeper, and stretching her in ways that she has never been in her life. She wondered what it looked like. She wanted desperately to scream out something filthy to urge him to fuck her ass as hard and as rough as he wanted but the reality was that she was unable to say anything. Her fingers clawed at the floor as he began to pump his cock up her ass.“MMM fuck, you’re gonna make me pop again.” He moaned as he took long, deep strokes up her ass. “Ungh fuck! I wanna cum on your fucking face!” there was an urgency in his voice as he pulled out and she rolled over. He was quick to straddle her, his cock resting against tit flesh as he pumped his shaft. Missy pushed his hand away and managed to take him into her mouth, tasting her ass. “OHHHHh fuck! Ungh! Slut! Fucking whore!” he grunted and pulled away just in time. Missy watched in fascination as Alec began to spurt another huge load. The feel of his cum splashing against her face was euphoric, she actually came as he deposited stream after stream onto her pretty face and even onto her big tits. Finally, when he was done, he laid next to her on the floor almost admiring his handy work as was she.“Wow that is a lot of cum considering it’s the second time you’ve gotten off.” Missy couldn’t deny the urge to scoop the teenager’s cream towards her mouth and judging by the way he stared at her while doing so she knew that Alec loved seeing her being so slutty.“You uh, have some right there.” He nodded to her chest and sure enough on her left tit was a small puddle of his seed. She grinned and lifted her tit up to her mouth, making sure to keep eye contact with him, and licked it clean. “Oh that it so fucking hot.” “So was I as good as you imagined?” she leaned towards him and kissed his chest, her hand gravitating down to his spent rod.“Oh yeah. Even better!” his eyes watched her cum spattered lips.“MMMM fuck did I ever need that.” She stretched in a way that made her back arch and her tits jut upwards. “You know, the last real cock that I had inside me belonged to your father.”“MMMM was I as good as my Dad?” he countered and grinned.“Oh fuck, if your Father had a cock like yours and fucked me the way you just did….well let’s just say that I wouldn’t have been so quick to divorce him.” She glared down at his teen cock laying on his thigh. “He certainly wouldn’t have ever fucked me in the ass.”“I probably should have asked first huh?”“Fuck no! I loved it that you just took what you wanted. A lot of women like that.”“Well I guess it’s a good thing I’m bigger than Dad, otherwise I’d have never gotten to fuck you.” He laughed but deep down inside her Missy knew that that wasn’t exactly true. In fact her mind quickly ran through the scenario of sneaking around to get fucked by this young stud underneath his Father’s nose, and quite possibly getting fucked by both of them at the same time. That notion sent shockwaves radiating from her freshly fucked pussy.It suddenly occurred to Missy that she and Alec were still outside and that they were in no way quiet while they were fucking.“Did anyone see?” she wondered to herself and then smiled at the notion that maybe they had been watched. Maybe it was that little tramp next door, Jodie. Maybe she had gotten an eye full of Alec’s huge dick as it plunged into Missy’s cunt.“Well I guess we should clean up, maybe head inside and get some food. I have the feeling that you are going to need your strength.” She grinned and patted his cock as she stood up.

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