18 Mart 2023

Mistaken Identity Ch. 02


In “Mistaken Identity”, Debbie, a college Sophomore, was at a hotel early one evening to meet her married lover at the time they had routinely met for several months for a few hours of sex. Always in need of money, she had met him as a baby sitter, arranged through the college. He had introduced her to oral sex, both ways, but recently began trying to end their meetings in order not to jeopardize his marriage. Much to Debbie’s sexual frustration, he apparently had chosen this day not to show up. An older man then addressed her by name and guided her into the restaurant. He asked questions and led her through interesting conversations and before she could question what had happened they had finished dinner and danced several numbers and she began to realize that she would not have to forego her desired rendezvous with an erect cock.

The result was that she had the best sexual experience of her young life that night with the man, Warren, who was old enough to be her father. The next morning, as she left his room, he handed her an envelope full of money, more than she ordinarily earned in a month of working several part time jobs. He explained it included a large tip because she was the best he’d ever been with, as if she wanted to be with him and had enjoyed it. He had assumed she was the call girl he had arranged for. While starting to explain the error but letting him know that she had, indeed, enjoyed it, Debbie was captivated by the money and instead asked for the telephone number that Warren used to arrange for a girl.

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Later that same day, Debbie called the telephone number she had obtained from Warren. A woman’s voice answered. Debbie had been thinking about how to describe the situation so that she wouldn’t be cut off before she could finish her plan. After all, this is a number that’s normally used by men to hire girls for sex.

“Hi, I think I have some money that belongs to you,” Debbie began. Hurrying quickly, she added, “I spent last night having sex, really great sex, with a man named Warren who seemed to think he had hired me through you and paid me what seems like a lot of money. But it was all a mistake. I just happened to be there and have the same name, Debbie, as your girl was supposed to have. But if I can earn this kind of money for enjoying myself so much, perhaps I could start working for you.”

After blurting this out she stops and waits for the response. There was none for a second and she began to wonder what had happened. Then the woman’s voice returned.

“What you’re describing is illegal,” it says. “It wouldn’t be smart to discuss it over the telephone since I don’t know you. Let me know how to contact you and someone will be in touch.”

Debbie explained that she’s a student, lives in a dorm, but tells how it’s possible to get hold of her. Less than an hour later, a note is slipped under her dorm room door, giving a phone number to call. She makes the call and another female voice arranges for a time to meet in the school cafeteria. Late that afternoon she goes to the cafeteria. She goes to the place suggested, looks around and waits a minute or so, and another female, who looks like a student, come up to her. A good looking girl, dressed attractively, a couple years older

“Debbie?” She asks. When Debbie agrees that she is, the other girl leads her to a far corner of the almost deserted room and they sit at a table. “This is a little weird,” the girl says, smiling and acting friendly. “And I’ve been told to be very careful. You’re a student here?”

“Yes,”Debbie says, “a sophomore.”

“And you’ve expressed an interest in being a call girl?”

Feeling awkward, Debbie hesitates. “Well, yeah, but what are you? I mean I don’t want to get in any trouble.”

The other girl smiled and seemed to relax. “I’m a student, too. A senior. Three years ago I was in the same place as you. Since then I’ve earned a lot of money. My employer, who I’ve never met, asked me to do with you what she had another of her girls do with me when I first thought of doing this. I guess I’m supposed to let you know everything that’s wrong with making money from sex and make sure you’re serious about this. And, I guess, make sure that you’re not a cop. So, let me start. Do you like to suck cock?”

Debbie almost laughed. What a question to be asked. But this girl seems to mean it. “Well, yeah, I do. Maybe I’m screwed up psychologically but I love erect cocks, love to suck them. Love sperm, it’s all so sexy somehow.”

“That’s good because you’ll suck a lot of cocks in this work. Every guy seems to want that. And you’ve got to do it like you want to, no matter whether you do or not. In fact, that’s the real idea behind charging big money for us, we have to always act as if we like whatever it is we’re doing. How about fucking? I mean, big, fat, sweaty guys, hairy guys, guys who do absolutely nothing to get you ready but just shove it into you.”

“Well, yeah, I love to fuck. I never even thought about ugly guys before. But for money, I don’t see why not. I mean, I just spent a night with a guy older than my Dad and had a really great tuzla escort time. I mean, he ate me better than anyone ever and was terrific to be with.”

“You were lucky. Most guys don’t give a damn about the girl. They just do whatever they want and we have to take it. And some of them are downright obnoxious. How about black guys, Japanese, Arabs, whatever. Does it make any difference?”

“Boy, you keep coming up with stuff I never thought of. Uh, probably no difference. I mean, what difference does it make what color they are?”

“How about some huge salami of a cock that practically splits you open? Or maybe some little needle dick that does nothing for you at all but you have to act like he’s great.”

“Truthfully, I don’t know. I think I’d stretch to take whatever size but I don’t know. I’d try anyway. And the little one, that would just take some acting, I guess.”

“How about up your ass? Ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, I haven’t”

“Well you won’t be doing this long before you will be. What do you think of that?”

“Shit, how do I answer that? I mean, I don’t know. I’ve heard that some girls really like it in the ass so maybe I would, too.”

“How about having sex with another female. Would you be willing to lick me? Some of these guys pay good money to watch a couple girls go at it.”

“Oh, wow, that’s another one I never thought of. But I don’t know why not. I mean, even if it’s just acting like I enjoy it. It isn’t like I’d get hurt or anything. This is all just for money. As long as I don’t get physically hurt I think I could manage to do all the things you’ve mentioned.”

“There’s one more. A big one. Disease. In this business, you’ve got to use condoms for everything. You have to be on the pill, just in case anything goes wrong. You even suck cocks in condoms. You can’t let anyone’s fluids get to you. This isn’t at all about you enjoying yourself. It’s about giving the john what he wants and protecting yourself at the same time. Up to now, you’ve probably always enjoyed sex. That’s why you’re interested in this. But in this business, there’s no enjoyment. Actually, that isn’t always true but you better plan on never enjoying it. It’s work. Do you still think you can do it?”

“I have to admit you make it sound different than I expected. But I truly need money. So, yeah, I think I can do it.”

“O.k.. You need a cell phone. You need to go to Student Health and get on the pill and get tested for HIV and every other sexually transmitted disease they test for. Here’s my number. Call me in a couple days or weeks or whenever you get this done, with all of the test results, and I can let the boss know you’re ready and give her your number. We’ll probably never see each other again. Oh, and the money. Apparently you got some intended for us by mistake. It’s yours. But you’ll be told how to pay in whatever you owe in the future. You keep about two thirds of what you take in, plus any tips you get. It varies a little. Every thing is cash. No checks. No medical plan, no retirement plan.”

And she’s gone. Debbie just sits there, wondering about all of this. She thinks to herself, I’m going to be a whore. A high paid whore but a whore. I’ve fucked four guys in my life. Sucked two cocks. Had the same two guys eat me. Always liked it. Loved it, really. Can’t get enough. Can I do this? If I do, will sex ever be the same again?

A little more than two weeks later, Debbie receives her first assignment. Her cell phone rings and she’s told to go to a specific hotel, specific room number, at a specific time — earlier than she expected. She’s also told the amount she’s to receive, $1200 again, and that she’s to put $400 of that in an envelope, address it to a specific name and hand deliver it to a specific shop in the general vicinity of her school. The appointment is for that very day. She dresses with some new, sexier lingerie and a new dress that she bought with the proceeds of her date with Warren and, with some apprehension, sets off to her first sex assignment. The door opens. It’s Warren. The same guy she had such a great time with before. She practically jumps at him, wrapping her arms around him.

“Warren,” she blurts out, then kisses him on the lips, “I’m so happy to see you. I was a little scared about this and now that I know it’s you, it’s just perfect. You gave me the best sex of my life.”

Warren smiles but seems a little surprised. He closes the door behind her. As before, he’s a nice looking man, perhaps 45, in good, trim shape, dressed in a robe, as if he just took a shower. “I asked for you a week or so ago but got someone else. Are you all right, Debbie?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” she answers, still grinning, relieved to know she was going to enjoy some great sex. “I didn’t work for them then. This is my first assignment. And, hey, I just realized, I know that I don’t have any sexual diseases and I’m on the pill and I bet you don’t have any thing either. We can have sex without condoms. I’ve never done that before.”

“You didn’t work for them?” he asks. ucuz escort

“No,” she replies. “Should I just get undressed?”

“Yes,” he says, “I’d love to see you naked again. You’re a very beautiful girl, Debbie. But I don’t understand. I thought I hired you that first time through this same place.”

Debbie starts undressing, starting with her shoes, then her dress, then her underwear. “It’s a long story, Warren and you’re probably not interested. But last time was all a mistake. I was in the hotel to meet someone else, who never showed up. I started to try and explain that to you but everything went along so well and so fast that we were having dinner and then dancing and since my other guy never showed and I began to realize I could have sex with you instead, I just stayed with it. And I’m glad I did. You’re terrific, you know. I had never spent a whole night with a guy before and wake up to sex. It was the best ever. Well, except maybe my very first time, back in high school. The first time always ranks high, I guess.” She’s now completely naked and steps to him, puts her arms inside his robe to feel his naked body, and hugs him and starts to kiss him.

When the kiss finally ends, his robe was loosened and half falling off him. “But you’re here now through this service.”

“Yeah,” she answers as she reaches down and wraps her fingers around his erect cock. “I got the number from you and called them. You’re my first assignment from them. You just have a great cock, Warren,” she continues as she starts kneeling down to get her face to his erection. She holds him and presses his cock against her cheek. “I love your cock,” she says as she starts licking it and gets her lips around it to suck on it.

“You don’t have to do that,” he says.

She moves her head back, keeping hold of him with her one hand. “I know but I want to. There’s probably something wrong with me psychologically but the guy I was waiting for when I met you was the first one to eat me and have me suck his cock and I discovered that I love cocks. Love sucking them. Love the taste of sperm. There’s just nothing sexier.” She gets her mouth around him again.

Her one hand grasps the base of his cock and moves back and forth, jerking him off, while her mouth grips him and also slides back and forth, milking him. She’s really working at it, deeply involved. She’s a little noisy, slurping, leaking a little saliva, and making a deep purr or growl as she sucks and licks. Her other hand at first fondles his balls and then moves around onto his butt, low on his butt, holding him to her as she relishes his cock. That hand moves slowly but eventually finds his anal opening and starts moving a finger into him. As she learned from her previous lover, she might be able to massage his prostate and really make him cum loads.

The first time she was with him, Warren stopped her, telling her he didn’t want to cum like that. He wanted to get inside her. This time, perhaps because he just enjoyed it or because he realized she was enjoying it, he lets her continue. Involuntarily, after a short time, he starts to pump his hips a little, lightly fucking her mouth. And then he did cum. A major orgasm. More quantity than normal for him. Debbie swallows and swallows again, continues milking him with her lips as he spurts out the last few drops. She then licks him clean and sits back, still holding his softening cock, looking at it and smiling. She licks her lips. Looking up at him she says, “Warren, I loved that. You’re delicious and sexy.” She then straightens up and they hold each other and kiss, licking within each others’ mouths.

“It’s my turn now, Debbie,” Warren tells her as he guides her to and onto the bed. He almost lays atop her and kisses her as his hands move down onto her body. “Now I get to relish your body, taste you. You’ve got an absolutely perfect body.”

“My breasts could be bigger,”

“I don’t think so,” he says, caressing one breast and kissing it. “What are you, 35 or 36, probably a B cup?”


“And your waist is, what, maybe 23 or 24 and your hips 34?”

“Yes, about that.”

“Your breasts are almost too much for your body. Any more and you’d be a cartoon. For your build, your breasts are way better than average.” With that his mouth closes on a nipple and starts sucking and almost biting as his hand works on the other breast. He then changes breasts and sucks on the other as his hand moves down across her abdomen. His kisses move down over her stomach and abdomen. She spreads her legs to give him access. He kisses onto her thighs, then across to the other leg. He then sits back, grabs her legs and pulls her around as he moves off the bed. Soon, he’s sitting on the floor, next to the bed, and her legs are over his shoulders. “Your pussy is absolutely beautiful,” he says. “Pink with those red hairs above it. There aren’t many as lovely as you. And I know from last time that you’re the delicious one. I’m as attracted to your pussy as you are to my cock.”

With that he starts on her. His hands pull her open and his ümraniye escort tongue gets as far into her as possible. She had obviously wanted to bring him to a climax, get his sperm. He was just as voracious in tasting her but actually wanted to make this last, enjoy her for as long as possible before giving her an orgasm. His mouth and fingers worked her for at least ten minutes. She’s squirming and moaning and wants him in her but also wants him to continue doing what he’s doing. It’s almost an overload for her senses. His other reason for taking some time is to give him time to recoup his strength, to become erect again so he can get into her. As he feels himself growing again he duplicates her actions and moves one hand to get a finger up into her anus. He centers his mouth and lips on her clit and gets three fingers of one hand into her vagina. He moves his fingers around, front and back , and sucks and pulls on her clit and she soon explodes. Her whole body jerks and jumps and stiffens, her legs close on his head, quantities of fluid starts cumming from her. He removes his fingers and tries to suck up everything he can.

He finally begins to rise, taking her legs up with him. As he stands, with knees bent, he gets his cock aimed into her vagina and pushes slowly into her. Fully into her. She’s essentially screaming by now. But orgasm screams not hurt screams. He pumps and pumps his cock into her. She relaxes a little and starts breathing in sync with his pumps into her, with little “oofs” on each forward entry. Then he stops and pulls out of her. She looks up at him questioningly.

“Roll over,” he says. She grins and rolls. Her feet come to the floor and she leans forward onto the bed, her legs spread wide, her ass up. He aims his cock back into her vagina and starts pounding into her. Both of them are emitting grunts with each of his strokes. In a few minutes, her grunts turn into a continuing moan and her body jerks and he can feel her fluids cumming out around his cock. He continues to pound into, harder that ever. Her voice makes a continuous moan, rising and falling almost like a siren with each of his strokes into her. His hands are on her hips. His whole body is moving, hitting into her as fast and as hard as he can. He feels as if he can continue to fuck her forever. His cock feels larger and harder than ever. From both her noises and her body movements, it’s obvious she’s moving into still another orgasm.

He leans over her, still pistoning in and out of her, and uses one hand to cup a breast and the other hand to reach down to her mound, just above his cock moving in her, to massage her clit. Her moans become screams. Happy, sexual screams. He can feel his balls building to a climax, shoves as far into her as possible and emits his load of warm semen into her. When he finally pulls out, she rolls over, under him, grabs him and pulls him down onto her and then rolls them both until they’re laying on the bed, arms around one another, their bodies pressed together.

“Warren, you’re the sexiest guy alive. That is by far the best fuck of my life. I should be paying you.” He smiles and kisses her and they hold one another.

Eventually, still holding her naked body to his, he says, “I ought to get this right. I am the first person you’ve ever arranged to have sex with for money?”

“Yes. And even though you paid me last time, I didn’t do it for money. I did it because I wanted to. I was surprised to get paid. It was all a mistake. But I always need money. I take all kinds of part time jobs. That’s the way I met the guy I was waiting here for that last night. Through the school he hired me to baby sit for him and his wife. And then he kept telling me how sexy I was and all that and how he could give me an orgasm orally. Well, neither of the guys I had sex with in high school ever did me orally, never ate me. So I never ate them. But since this guy would, I let him. And I loved it. So we went on and had sex a lot. Including my discovering that I loved to suck cock. But you know, you’re much better. Much better at everything. You’re the best I’ve ever had by far. I really love being with you.”

“So, if I understand you right, I’m the, what, fourth person to fuck you?”

“Yeah. And the second to eat me and get sucked by me.”

“And then you signed up with this service to start having sex for money with whoever they send you to. And you had to get on the pill and be tested for disease to do that. And your very first client is me. Now.”

He kisses her and releases her and rolls away and gets up. “We ought to eat something besides each other. I don’t think I want to interrupt this to go down to the restaurant. How about if I order something from room service?” He uses the room phone and places an order. He then pulls Debbie along into the bathroom and turns the shower on. For the first time in her life, she has male cum running down her legs and comments on it.She’d never fucked without a condom before. They shower together, each feeling the other and being very sexy, then dry each other off, again feeling each other. Both start to get aroused again. He gives her a large, soft, white hotel robe and leads her back into the main room while he retrieves his similar robe. Their meals come. He adds a tip to the bill and signs it. When the bell boy leaves, he takes off his robe and removes hers. “I’d rather see you nude as we eat, if that’s o.k. with you,” he says. “You’re whole body is just so beautiful.”

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