10 Ocak 2023

Mistress, May I Pee Now Please?


Slave Alicia had served Mistress Karen dinner on her knees. She wore her collar and skimpy panties only, as required. Careful preparation of food was indeed a treat, an honor and Alicia had worked feverishly during the afternoon selecting the menu perfectly. Tender white chicken breasts, sautéed fresh mushrooms, tossed green salad with oven baked biscuits and a steaming pot of Oolong tea filled out the table. Her slave was allowed to sit across the immaculate white linen covering the expanse and sip tea with Mistress.

Karen ate slowly, enjoying every morsel while Alicia drank several cups in an attempt to abide her hunger; she knew all too well the penalty for a rumbling noisy stomach while Mistress ate!

“You may prepare my bath now.”

“Yes Mistress.” She carefully removed the silky black gown and watched as her Mistress’s flawless naked body slipped beneath the warm, inviting water.

“Remove your undies and join with me, now.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“May I wash your back, if you please Mistress?”

Karen scrunched forward and sighed as the loofah sponge coated with a soft peach-scented soap caressed her back.

“The front now? Mistress?” Alicia gazed with passion as Karen’s long hardened nipples confronted her. Carefully and with a hidden lust she lovingly scrubbed Karen’s front paying special attention to her feet, toes and legs.

“Dinner was excellent, Slave. NowI am feeling very relaxed. And desire that you shall please me further. Kneel between my thighs, Yes…like so.” The water swished as the pair moved as if in a dance, a Dance they perform, knowing the steps expertly. Karen lofted her soft asscheeks upon the edge of izmir escort the tub as Alicia moved forward, allowing her palms to touch Karen’s thighs.

“Oh Mistress, may I touch your thighs? May I place my mouth upon your beautiful pussy?” Karen’s fingers opened her folds and both stared into her palace, reddish and wet from the warm bath water.

“Oh Mistress, you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I must tell you that I masturbate while thinking of you here, your taste, your perfection, wonderful swollen pearl….let me love her…noww.”

The words were having the correct effect and Karen sighed deeply as Alicia placed her mouth over her mons.

“Yessss…stick your tongue in further…yesssss…taste me. Eat me well….” Karen whispered while grasping Slave’s head, pulling her slightly damp hair, mashing and grinding into her face.

Karen was too aroused, out of control and could not hold out any longer. Alicia bared her lips, causing her teeth to make contact with Karen’s clittyMistress gushed into Slave’s mouth.


Mistress moaned aloud her cries echoing off the tiles as wave after glorious wave assailed her senses! Slave swallowed and licked the tasty juices that dribbled over her chin, dutifully awaiting her turn, churning inside from true love and loyalty. As minutes passed, Slave leaned back into the warm waters, head bowed and smiling.

“Verrrrrrrrry nice…you have become the best to ever eat me so…”murmured Mistress, making Alicia feel very special indeed.

As Karen slipped back under the waters level, her right leg slipped alsancak escort between Alicia’s kneeling form. Karen’s toes slipped past Alicia’s velvety crotch, testing her slave’s reaction. None but a soft sigh, good. Alicia squirmed and whispered to her owner, “Mistressmay I…pee…now? Please?” Both shocked to a degree by her impertinence.

“Of course not!” Barked Karen

“Oh goodymy slave has to piss!” Karen chuckled.

Mistress’s hand rubbed Alicia’s breasts, teasing her nipples to stand erect and then teasingly flicked the long red nips with her nails. She winced as Karen’s palm pressed downwards onto her tummy, onto her bladder which was full and wishing to be emptied.

“Too much tea, sweetie? Does my Slave want to piss in the water and release all that liquid?” she smirked.

“Ride my leg for awhilec’mon now…do it!”

Alicia placed her aching crotch over the smooth surface of Mistress’s leg, as told. She moaned from the intimate contact as her pussy rubbed in a rotating motion, feeling her lips spread there. The combination of pleasing her Mistress and the desperate need to piss was overwhelming.

“Please Mistress. I am in pain. Allow your servant to pee, I beg of you!” Alicia moaned.

“Cum firstha ha ha…c’mon you slut…your pleasure is MY pleasure…rub yourself here…now!”

Alicia grabbed onto the edge of the tub and began to ride the leg…fucking herself onto the leg…back and forth wildly. Her head was thrown back, forcing her weight down, wincing from pain and pleasure. The water spilled onto the flooring with her movements and something clicked far off in her buca escort brain…sending a signal directly to her vagina. One more push on the leg and Alicia’s climax began…slowly, forcefully.

“Ugggggg…Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” she grunted.

“Ahhhhslave…you may release now…piss…piss!”

Directly in the middle of Slave’s climax, the command registered and she let down her guardher muscles relaxed enough to allow the flow.

“Oh god…oh god…I am pissing!”

Her piss flowed over Mistress’s leg, cascading into the warm water as they mingleda beautiful feeling and beautiful mixture. Alicia rubbed her Venus mound into the pee sensing her clitty enveloped by the warm flow. Surely she must have pleased Mistress well for this to be allowed. Karen only watched her slave in pure delight as she urinated and climaxed simultaneously, tensing first then relaxing muscles.

“Soooooooooogood…to release”

Hot rivulets of clear liquid ran over and down Karen’s smooth skin making a tinkling sound upon hitting the swirling surface.

“Mmmmm…let it all out now…all of you.”

A full minute went by until the flow changed into a dribbling and Alicia then concentrated on her pleasure, grinding her mons, savoring this moment. The scents mingled…peach-scented bubbles Karen’s nectar upon her face…tangy pee and her own release.

The evening had only begun, could it get much better? Later, Slave would be tied and spanked properly. Mistress promised to utilize her captive love slave this night…truly showing her the ropes….bringing her to another level of pain/pleasure. Alicia watched her Mistress leave the water…silently wishing to suck and bite every inch of her gorgeous torso. Slave was left to clean up the room. Quietly she slipped her hand down and massaged her wet mound, closing her eyes and feeling beautiful, cupping pee tainted bath water onto her breasts…in love with Mistress. Always.

Alicia ~ February 1998

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