15 Mayıs 2023

Mom, JoAnne, and I


My girlfriend, JoAnne, and I had a particularly good relationship with my mom. At first, it was just the three of us, and sometimes it was just mom and JoAnne.On this occasion JoAnne and I were making out on my bed. I had my hands under JoAnne’s shirt, fondling and pinching her nipples. JoAnne had medium sized breasts and nipples that got extremely excited easily. As usual she was not wearing a bra as her breasts were the perfect size for going braless and they did not sag.It was that time of the evening when mom would normally take her bath. Mom walked into my room naked and looking hot and sexy as normal. Mom’s breasts were on the larger size and had just a slight sag if she was not wearing a bra. She was about five feet nine inches tall and about one hundred thirty pounds. She always kept herself smooth in her pubic area.Any way mom walked into my bedroom and asked JoAnne Ankara escort to join her in a relaxing bath. I started to get up and mom said she wanted private time with JoAnne tonight. JoAnne immediately got up and slid her shorts off revealing a smooth pussy, as she was not wearing any panties either.Mom looked at me and told me to just wait in my room, once mom and JoAnne finished bathing, that I could go in and take a bath and come back to my room and not wait up for JoAnne. I watched as their two sexy bare asses wiggled as they left my room and went into the bathroom shutting the door.JoAnne told me later that as soon as the door shut mom turned to her and began to kiss her passionately, and mom had slid her tongue between her lips searching for JoAnne’s tongue. Mom held JoAnne’s face as they kissed.They then got into the tub as it filled Ankara escort bayan with water and bubbles. Mom got in first and then JoAnne got in and leaned her back against mom’s breasts. Mom then began to gently fondle and rub JoAnne’s nipples and kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobes.Mom whispered into JoAnne’s ear that she was extremely horny and wanted to be with a woman that could make her cum, like JoAnne can make her feel.JoAnne told me, “That she could feel mom’s hard nipples against her back.”Continued to tell me how mom then slid one hand under the water and began to rub her clit and was sliding one finger up and down her pussy lips and slowly parted them.Mom then began to soap up JoAnne’s nipples and breasts and then they both stood. Mom then took her soapy hands and slowly and sensuously began to caress and wash her Escort Ankara entire body. After mom finished bathing JoAnne, she then rinsed JoAnne off.JoAnne started to return the favor by soaping her hands up, kissing and running her hands very sensuously over mom’s body. She took her time and enjoyed how erect and excited mom’s nipples were. After soaping mom up all over, she then rinsed the soap off mom.They then got out of the bathtub and dried each other off. JoAnne reached down to drain the tub but, mom stopped her saying that I would be in shortly to enjoy the warm water, knowing that their bodies were in there earlier.JoAnne asked if dad was coming home soon, and mom said he was out of town till late Sunday night. This began on Friday evening. Mom continued to say that they may not put any clothes on until Sunday.They opened the door and with their towels wrapped around them, walked into mom’s bedroom.I was laying on the bed naked and hard and immediately got up when the bathroom door opened. JoAnne paused and gave me a kiss and wrapped her fingers around my hard cock, and whispered, “Tonight is mom’s night with only her, and she would see me in the morning.”

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