1 Mayıs 2023

Mom’s Laptop, Part 12


Well, Katie had had a good idea, to play a sort of Truth or Dare that was all dares that had already been written by somebody, somewhere, not Katie. Basically, an app on her phone would present the next dare, increasing in sexual activity as time went by.In practice, while it was fun to play, it wasn’t much to write about. For instance, the first round was kissing, lips and thighs, necks and feet. The second round was masturbating for two minutes or fingering someone for two minutes or jerking Toby off for two minutes (and he didn’t cum). Round three and beyond were variations of oral sex. Like I said, the game was fun to play, but not so much to talk about.The same four of us who had been at my house for a sparkling round of masturbation played the game. Jen, my friend who lived fairly close, and her daughter, Katie, who was almost seventeen, and my son, Toby, who would still be sixteen for a few more months. We were well-established COVID friends, a “pod”, I guess, who sort of hung out to the exclusion of other people (besides Tony, Jen’s husband, but he still traveled a lot for work).It was three days after the game that we got together again. We were back in my bedroom, in front of my laptop. It was something of a party, not just yakking after dinner, as the two kids had to start their senior year of high school on Monday. Jen and I were drinking red wine (today is National Red Wine Day), the kids were drinking gin and lemonade, heavy on the lemonade. And let me say that I understand why the kids are remote learning for a while, but I’m not pleased, and I really hope they get something like a real senior year this Spring.Anyway, all four of us enjoyed porn, although so far as Kıbrıs Escort I could tell, our tastes were different. Jen and I preferred lesbian porn, at least I did, while Kate and Toby preferred straight sex. Well, sort of. Toby still seemed to enjoy anal and he watched a fair amount of double penetration, so that’s almost bisexual. Katie seemed to relish handjobs more than fucking, and I have no idea why.Anyway, we were mostly drinking and talking and sort of watching some “CFNM”, “Clothed Female Nude Male”. The one we were watching, like many, showed a bunch of women with their clothes on, in this case a birthday party, with a couple of naked men obviously rented or borrowed for the party. Handjobs and blowjobs were involved, although most of the women just watched, clapped, and talked. Also, like many of these free CFNM videos, it stopped before the guys came, which for some reason disappointed me.We were watching porn just as background to talking. Like the women on CFNM, we were all dressed, and our one male, Toby, also had his clothes on. Toby, though, had a fairly conspicuous hard-on. My son, the masturbator.“Come on, Toby,” Jen said, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention. “Join me.”Like I said, Toby is sixteen and didn’t need to be asked twice. He got up (and Katie took his seat) and accompanied Jen to the bed. They’d had sex before, so this wasn’t really novel territory. He undid the buttons of her blouse, while she undid the buttons on his Aloha shirt. Jen took off her bra and her delightful breasts popped into view. I thought they were delightful, anyway, just a little larger than mine (and you can see mine in some of the Lefkoşa Escort pictures I posted). They each took off their own shorts and hopped into my bed. My bed had seen a fair amount of sex the past few weeks.At the laptop, Katie had searched for “CFNM cumshot” and was watching a compilation. This lacked the fun of the parties, but added the drama of ejaculation. At least the video she’d chosen showed actual fucking, even if the men ultimately jerked off on the women.After a quick kiss, Toby began to suck Jen’s nipple. Jen masturbated, apparently in a hurry for no obvious reason. Her legs were spread wide, displaying the bikini-waxed, trimmed pussy under her fingers, which rubbed her clit at a reasonable pace. Toby seemed oblivious, enjoying the taste and maybe the texture of her boob. He licked and sucked at her nipple, his other hand on her other breast.On my laptop, guys continued to get blowjobs and masturbated at the end on the women’s faces. I’m sort of OK with a guy cumming on my face, but I do it for him, not for me. We were seeing more than one cumshot a minute.Toby slid around so his legs were between Jen’s, his hard cock touching her cunt. I watched Jen guide him into her.It’s an odd thing watching your son fuck somebody. I loved Toby, of course, and I enjoyed seeing him acting out his lust for Jen. From the angle I was at, pretty much looking at his ass moving between her thighs, I could see his balls wink in and out. As always, he was youthfully enthusiastic about what he was doing.I heard another guy cum from my laptop. I touched Katie’s back and she turned, her head moving forward some as she saw Toby fucking her mother. She Girne Escort got out of the chair and walked over to them, where she just stood for a minute while Toby pumped away. She smacked Toby on the ass. He kept screwing her mom and she spanked him again. And again, pretty hard. I couldn’t tell whether or not Toby liked it.Katie finally stopped and stood for a few seconds, then reached in and grabbed his balls. She just held them firmly, I think, she wasn’t looking to hurt him or anything. And about as soon as she got hold of him, he came. His body arched as he drove his cock deep inside Jen and his hips jerked just an inch. His ass muscles clenched. He must have remained like that for ten seconds before falling forward onto Jen. Katie spanked him again, gently. His ass was pretty red.He eased out of Jen’s cunt and rolled over onto his back. His cock was still semi-hard and dripped a little cum. Jen, for her part, moved her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing again. This was too much for Katie.Katie took off her clothes quickly and got between her mother’s legs. Katie was flat on her tummy, her head at her mother’s pussy, and she began to lick. She tongued some of the cum leaking out, then kissed her mother’s clit. Jen pulled her legs back suddenly.“It’s OK, honey, just not too much too quickly,” she said.While Katie was getting started, I was getting naked. I took off my blouse and my shorts, my bra and my panties. I lay sideways on the bed and kissed Katie’s ass. She wiggled it at me and I kissed it again. I must say that the ass of a sixteen-year old girl is altogether delightful, a smooth, muscular bubble begging to be loved.Jen kept her feet flat on the sheet. Katie resumed licking her mom’s clit, but very slowly. With each touch of her tongue to Jen’s clit, her mother’s legs moved a few inches. After a minute, they both settled into a rhythm and Katie began to use her tongue seriously. A mother being loved by her daughter can be a beautiful thing.

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