17 Ocak 2023

Mom’s Laptop, Part 14


It was Sunday after lunch and everything at my house was quiet. Haley was in their room, presumably doing homework, more likely on her phone. Danny was on my laptop, doing who knows what, but presumably not masturbating. Presumably. I was reading, my usual nothing special reading, and wondering every once in a while whether or not I’d ever work again. Of course I would, I figured, although the thought of returning to being a regular employee instead of a contractor bothered me.I’m Lauren, as maybe you already know, and live at home with my sixteen-year old son, Toby, who had spent the night at his girlfriend’s house. Yes, they probably had sex, and I was fine with that, having had sex myself with his girlfriend, Katie, and her mother and father. We were a COVID “pod” that got together, in whole or in part, a few times a month.Maybe I should mention that I’ve had sex with my son fairly often the past six months since we all got stuck at home. Just one of those things, really. And I guess I’ll mention that the next-door twins, Haley and Danny, were staying at my house as a kind of one-off, their mom being away suddenly, but due back home tonight. Through no fault of our own, unless it was my fault, Haley and Danny and I had sort of had sex last night, although the main event, really, was Danny fucking Haley, which they’d certainly done before. They are sixteen, too, a year behind my son, Toby, in school.Anyway, it was quiet. And then it wasn’t. Toby and Katie banged into the house, we all said hello, Toby got some food out of the refrigerator and they turned on the TV. Haley came out of her room, Danny came down the stairs and everyone got introduced whether they needed it or not. They sat around trying to talk and watch Mission Impossible, which was one of the few movies that always seemed to be on, like Jurassic Park and Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.When the movie ended, Katie and Toby went up to his room. The twins decided to just stay with the channel and watch Mission Impossible 2. I decided I’d go masturbate, seeing that I was by myself and bored.Walking past Toby’s room, I heard the sounds of sex. şişli escort These included giggling and noises like gulping and gobbling and groaning. I could have just kept walking, but decided I’d see if they wanted company.I knocked on the door and opened it. They were naked in bed, Toby’s hard cock in Katie’s mouth.“Sorry to interrupt,” I said, “but I thought maybe I’d join you? Or not. No pressure.”They looked at each other and they both shrugged, not exactly a warm welcome. Toby said, “Sure, mom, um, OK.”Like I already said, or should have, I’ve had sex with my son. And with Katie. And we don’t feel bad about it at all. Too much time together might have made us hostile, but instead it made us horny. I decided that Toby’s lukewarm agreement was close enough and took my blouse off as I walked to the bed. Toby had a queen-size bed and there was room for all of us, with space to spare even with the addition of me so long as he and Katie were entwined. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and climbed alongside Toby, whose cock Katie had begun to suck again. As for what I look like, my photos are in my profile.“It’s good to be here,” I said, kissing him on the mouth.His hand reached out for my nipple, circled it and squeezed lightly. He was preoccupied, though, by what Katie was doing to his cock, stroking and sucking it. She was on her knees, straddling his torso, and I rubbed her back.“Hey,” Katie said loudly, “what are you doing?”I looked over and saw Haley peering around the doorway. She was staring, nothing more, but it was easy to understand Katie’s shock.“I, um, was watching,” she said. “I didn’t mean to. I mean, I meant to, but I didn’t expect to see you, uh… I was going to ask if it was OK for us to go back to our house and I was on my way to Lauren’s room and this door was open and… ““Can we watch you guys?” Danny asked. From the sound of his voice, he was behind Haley, out of sight. Just a voice.“Danny,” Haley began.“Well we’ve already seen them,” he whispered loudly enough I could hear him. “And Katie is beautiful. And Lauren, too.”Hearing Danny’s opinion might have done the trick. Katie asked şişli escort bayan me and I said OK or maybe I said, What the Fuck. The twins came shyly into the room and stood quietly against the wall. I was suddenly doing performance art and felt a little silly.Katie and I looked at each other… this would take a little communication.“Do you want to keep sucking Toby?” I asked.“I was thinking he could fuck me and I’d eat you?”“Or vice-versa.”“Yeah, sure, that sounds excellent. Toby, um, get up and get behind your mother,” Katie said. For sixteen, she knew what she wanted. Or she knew what I wanted.Katie lay with her head against the headboard, on a pillow, and I moved up alongside her to kiss her. Our kiss lasted longer than expected, her tongue interacting with mine, but eventually I kissed my way down her lithe body to her pussy. My ass in the air, I felt Toby’s cock at the entrance to my cunt. I turned my head and could just see the twins, still standing quietly, although Danny had something of a bulge in his pants. I guessed that was kinda like applause.I was barely wet, so Toby’s cock hurt a little when he pushed it in. I’ll guess it felt fine to him. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me doggie style. For my part, I began licking Katie, first her thighs close to her cunt and her labia. I’d get to her clit eventually.I enjoyed Toby’s cock in my cunt, feeling it slide in and out, the pressure coming and going, but I was more captivated by Katie’s pussy. Her head was up on the pillow and she watched me closely. Spreading her legs even further with my hands, I slowly licked her almost from her asshole to almost her clit. Again and again. Just as I thought about touching her clit with my tongue, Toby came. I felt the warmth of his cum filling my pussy and heard him grunting. I licked Katie’s clit as softly as I could.Toby pulled his cock, what was left of it, out of my cunt and climbed off the bed. I heard Haley ask, “Danny, what are you doing?”I looked over and saw him taking off his pants and underwear. His cock swelled and he stepped toward the bed. I couldn’t see him anymore, but I knew where mecidiyeköy escort he was headed. I told myself again, I’m not a slut, I’m just really horny.I felt the back of the bed depress and I licked Katie’s clit. My tongue fluttered. I put a finger inside her and began to move it around. I also felt Danny’s cock at my cunt and I’d become OK with the idea.“Go head, Danny, give it to me,” I said. My voice sounded a little hoarse.He fumbled with it and Haley stepped forward, taking hold of his cock and steering it into my cunt. It felt, well, his cock really was pretty small. I mean, it was hard, and he was enthusiastic, but it wasn’t nearly as long or as thick as the cocks I was used to. I was sure it would grow, but not today. I sucked at Katie’s clit. Danny’s cock fell out of my cunt and I felt Haley’s hand put it back in.My tongue moved back and forth over her clit and up and down. Danny’s cock fucked me several times and fell out again.“Katie,” I said, “let me lie down and you put your pussy over my face. Please.”We shifted positions and Danny had little choice but to follow along, now preparing to fuck me missionary-style, which I figured would work better for him. Maybe this was why the missionary position seemed to be so popular? Katie knelt above my head and sat on my pillow, her pussy out of tasting range. She leaned forward and sucked at my nipple, her breast small enough that I had to raise my head to suck at hers.Danny was fucking me properly now, his cock pressing in and pulling back. I reached down and before I began to masturbate, I encircled Danny’s dick and basically jerked him off in my cunt as he continued to fuck me. He continued for about fifteen seconds and he came.He pushed his cock as deep as he could inside me, although it didn’t hit my cervix. I felt the warmth again and remembered Toby coming in me just minutes ago. I sort of helped Danny a little, stroking his cock as he finished cumming.Katie continued to rub both my nipples, but she was watching Danny cum. He pulled his cock out, cum dripping from my cunt, and got off the bed. I saw Haley, who had apparently undressed at some point, climb nakedly on to the bed and lie down between my legs, her lips immediately attacking my clit. Katie pulled me more upright and slid in behind me and I sat up until my ass was almost in her lap. I hoped my weight didn’t hurt.

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