18 Mart 2023

More Oral After the Exam Ch. 01


After a long hiatus, I decided to start a second part to my “Oral Exam” storyline. I just miss the dirty stories too much…. This one picks up one semester later. If you haven’t read the first series, I’d suggest that you stop here and go back. Don’t worry! It has naughty bits too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Mykittystar for editing. I deeply appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. Otherwise, feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. I am not sure myself. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.

“Everyone take a copy of the course syllabus and pass the rest back. Look them over and see if you have any questions. They should be pretty simple. We’ll go over the syllabi together in just a minute.”

I paced across the front of the classroom, passing out paper still warm from the copier. Most of the information on the syllabus had been handed down from up on high. The department had a fully tenured, professor designee to watch over us; grad student and teaching assistant, underlings. The boss man left us zero room for creativity: we gave the lectures and did the grading, but he designed the course curriculum. Speech requirements, attendance policy, and text book – all of it was precisely dictated.

Not that I cared. Being a TA let me enroll in classes for free and my studies were my primary focus. I also earned a small stipend. The money was pretty pathetic, but it was enough to squeak by on. I was able to rent an apartment, purchase the occasional box of wine, and eat all of the ramen I could ever want. To be sure, I was poor. Teaching though, offered a few unexpected benefits….

I heard a knock at the classroom door. I looked up and my eyes went wide: I was transported. The room went silent. My heart beat through my chest and I licked my dry lips. Gulping, I blinked twice. This was the first time I had seen her – Jessica – in over a month.

Jessica stood on the other side of the door. She peered through the tiny window; smiling widely, she brushed a blonde strand of hair out of her eyes, and gave me a wave. Without thought I blushed and smiled back. Then she was gone.

With the sight of Jessica, I was knocked asunder. I remembered how she once said, “Maybe I could come up to your office and take a special, private, oral exam?”

This proposition began it all. I soared on a lewd flight of fancy. I needed her. I wanted to stick my cock in every one of her holes and then douse her with my cream. Did it matter that she was my student? Yes, it was so wrong, but the taboo made the situation so delicious.

And now how was I supposed to be able to teach when I could only visualize a naked Jessica, wagging her ass, and begging for a pounding?

Concentration gone I stood behind the podium. My hands tightly gripped the wood as my pants bulged. Last semester came flooding back…

Just a few months ago, at the beginning of the fall semester, I had been a meek and unassuming graduate student. Most of my life had been consumed by my studies. It had been almost a year since I had felt the wonder of a woman’s touch.

With that one overture from a blonde coed, my life changed. Jessica sucked my cock and fucked me silly, and in turn I raised her grade. Then we fucked again, this time at her dorm. Her roommate, Shannon, crawled into Jessica’s bed and I banged her too. Everyone got “A’s” all around.

Before I knew it I had tumbled down a slippery slope. New pussy surrounded me spreading wide for my pleasure. Of course, I never said no. So I humped my way through the months of October, November, and December. Jessica, Shannon, Taryn, Roxy, Stacy, Jen, and Cindy were just a few of the women of whom I gained carnal knowledge. I fucked my students, their friends, my fellow grad students, a random woman in a shower, and even my dissertation advisor.

And I loved every single, fucking minute.

A jaunty grin crept onto my face as I sweated with feverous desire. I was befuddled by a tangle of memories, any one of which could have gotten me fired. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. A classroom full of students was expectantly watching me. If they cared at all, they probably chalked my state up to nerves. Thoughts of debauchery needed to be cast aside. It was time to begin class.

“Welcome to public speaking 101. Let’s go over the syllabus. If you look at the top you will see that my office hours are from….”



The title of “Professor” carried a double meaning for me. In actuality I was a mere graduate student teaching a class. I didn’t have a doctorate, nor did I have tenure.

The undergraduate students didn’t really understand the difference though. To them everyone who taught a class was a “Professor.” Even if I corrected them, they still insisted on calling me a professor. At first I’d struggled; I hadn’t wanted to claim a title I hadn’t yet earned. By the end of last semester, however, I just gave up and let them call me tesettürlü escort whatever they liked.

On the other hand, there were a few students I knew that preferred to call me “Professor” for illicit reasons. For those privileged coeds “professor” was a gasp while I ate their juicy, little cunt. “Please Professor” was a plea when their pert teenage ass needed a spanking. “Ohhhhhhhhh… Professor” was a wail as I fucked their hungry pussy from behind.

I looked up from the mound of notes that had accumulated over the class period. Where did all this paper come from? I’d never figure out. I shoved the pile into my knapsack and examined the woman standing in front of me.

All of the other students were gone; they had bolted as soon as class had ended. My questioner wrapped a red scarf around her neck as she waited patiently for my attention. She was petite with an olive complexion, dark hair, and glasses. She might be Italian or maybe Jewish? I squinted. No, she was probably of Hispanic background.

“Yes?” I asked. Despite several layers of heavy winter clothes, the coed looked like she might have a pretty interesting body.

I shook my head and brought myself back to reality. Last semester had been fun, but I couldn’t let myself get diverted again. Sooner or later something would go wrong. Sticking strictly to business was a much better plan. Besides, I hopefully had a fully stocked harem waiting for me. So I asked, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m sorry I came in late. I was trying to add this class and my advisor had a long line of people outside her office. It took me awhile to get the paperwork all filled out.”

“No problem. It’s the first day. Things like that happen.”

“So I can get into this class?”


“Oh thank you so much,” she gushed. She clapped her hands together in excitement. I couldn’t help but notice how that movement pushed her arms, and thus her breasts together. Oh boy, this woman was packing under that parka.

She continued, “That helps so much, Professor. I had wanted to take this class, but I couldn’t work it out with my schedule. I just couldn’t fit it in with the other classes that were required for my major. Then I had to drop something and this time opened up. I really appreciate it.”

“Well,” I laughed, “We’ll see if you feel that way by the end of the semester.”

“Ok, but the first day didn’t seem too bad,” she giggled. “Would you mind signing the forms?”

“Sure,” I said taking the papers from her. I quickly applied my John Hancock.

“Can I also get a copy of the course syllabus? I came in after they went around.”

“Hmmm….” I said leafing through my stack. “Strangely I don’t see one here. I think I have everything else one could ever want, but I don’t have an extra syllabus. Oh well. Do you have a few minutes? If you follow me up to my office I can run another copy off my printer.”

The woman pushed her glasses up her nose and said, “Sounds good.” Was she smiling at me?

“By the way, what’s your name?” I asked. “It seems I can’t keep everyone straight for the first week. Sorry.”

She laughed, “I couldn’t imagine that you would. I’m Domino Vasquez.”

Vasquez, eh? A Latina, I had guessed correctly. I smiled and replied, “Well it’s nice to meet you Domino. Shall we go grab that syllabus?”

The two of us left the classroom and walked up the two flights of stairs to my office. I followed behind and watched her hips sway back and forth. Very nice! She had a rhythm that was nothing short of erotic. The door was closed. I pulled out my key, stuck it in the lock, and opened the door…

… And immediately closed it again.

My officemate Cindy was slouched in her chair, legs spread-eagled, and on top of her desk. A lacy, black thong was dangling around her shapely ankle. Of course, the diminutive Southern belle was not alone. Jessica, the blonde, teenage nymph who waved outside my classroom door was now on her knees. A bare breast was hanging out of the teenage slut’s halter-top, her slender fingers pinching the nipple, while her face was buried in Cindy’s snatch.

I turned to face Domino. Suddenly I felt very hot. Swallowing I said, “I’m sorry but I forgot. My printer is… umm… out of ink. It ran out right before class. Could I bring you a copy on Wednesday?”

Her face wrinkled up, “I guess.” She didn’t believe me.

“It shouldn’t be a problem. I gave out the homework assignment in class. Did you get it down?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Ok. Then you should be fine. Or you can send me an email and I will just reply with the syllabus as an attachment. Cool?”

She nodded, readjusted her backpack, and said, “That should work. I’ll see you on Wednesday, Professor.”

How did I always cut life this close? I had gone too far. I knew that I needed to cut back on my extra-curricular activities or else I was going to get caught with my dick inside the cookie jar. türbanlı escort This was a new semester. Now was the time to change my habits. I could start completely fresh.

Watching Domino trot down the hallway, I made sure the coast was otherwise clear. I looked left and looked right. Then I opened the door.

My office no longer was a mirror image of a lesbo porn set (although the tang of moist cunt lingered in the air). While I might have enjoyed watching a little girl on girl action, the incident with Domino had been a very close call. I was glad that the room had returned to its standard PG rating.

Cindy had composed herself. On a casual glance the blonde wouldn’t have attracted any extra attention although, her cheeks were ruddier than usual. She had taken the failsafe and standard position of being hunched over a textbook on her desk. Her legs were no longer akimbo and she had saved herself from drowning in Sapphic delight. Cindy turned her head to me and gave me guilty grin. I couldn’t help but wink back.

Jessica was sitting in my swivel chair, twirling and biting on the loose ends of her hair. Her coat had been thrown haphazardly over my desk, her body now baring her indoor clothing. Jessica was wearing frayed jeans and a white halter-top that was tight, oh so tight. Her smile was brassy and brazen. Fuck, she looked good. How did she take my breath away every time?

I don’t know how long we just stared at each other. I stood in the hallway, bag over my shoulder, drinking in the sight of Jessica. She sat expectantly waiting, looking me up and down. We were both locked in a stasis, sharing the experience of really seeing the other for the first time in what felt like an eternity.

“Go on,” I heard Cindy murmur softly.

I took two steps into the room. Wasting no time, Jessica bounded from the chair and nearly tackled me. With a squeal, she kicked her right leg to the side and knocked the door closed. Her hands grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me close. I was locked up tight, bound in her arms. When had the girl gotten so strong?

Jessica’s lips pouted as they pressed into mine. For the first time in a month, I savored their taste. Was that a new flavor of lip balm? Strawberry? Hot breath poured into my mouth and I felt myself getting weak.

The kiss was so buttery soft, the perfect mid-morning aphrodisiac. Jessica’s lips parted and my tongue slipped inside her pursed and waiting mouth. I had been lost, a walking bag of nerves. Together Jessica and I found each other again. I had been worried that I had lost her over the break. With our differences in age, time could easily drive us apart. Now I could see that any of my worries were unfounded. Jessica was still mine.

I cradled her head in my hands and dipped her low. “Oh my gawd…. Professor,” Jessica purred as she looked up at me. Her finger tips ran down my chest. “It’s so good to see you, to be like this. I’ve never been, like, so glad to start the first day of school.”

“Jessica…” I smiled and renewed the kiss.

Soon we would have time for conversations, but first I needed to immerse myself in her.

Our tongues danced, twirling around each other. My hand slid up her back and underneath the thin fabric of her halter top. With a snap of my fingers, I unlatched the clasp of her bra. The mechanism came undone easily; I had plenty of practice taking off brassieres last semester. My blonde vixen giggled in response.


I looked up. Cindy was sitting back in her desk chair, arms crossed in front of her chest. “Well go on,” she said, voice dripping with Southern sarcasm. “If you are going to do it, then do it. Oh my heck. Hump away. Go ahead. Don’t the likes of lil’ ol’ me stop you.”

“Oh don’t be mad Cindy,” Jessica said, still giggling.

Cindy shook her head, “You’re a tramp, Jessica. You know that, right?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish eating your cooter,” Jessica snorted. “It’s your fault, though. I told you he would be coming by soon.”

“I know.”

“And you didn’t care. You just totally spread your legs and told me to get munching. I warned you, but I did just as you asked.”

“I know. I get it.”

Jessica was clearly amused. Sometimes she could be such a gigglebox. “Cindy, you poor dear, would you like me to….”

“No, y’all deserve some time alone together before I bust in.”

“Are you sure? I bet it won’t take long, just a finger and a little lickie-lick.”

“Yeah, but you owe me,” Cindy harrumphed, while picking up her bag and stuffing it with papers. “I have to teach class in a few minutes. Shit. I’m going down the hall to the bathroom and Jill myself off.”

“You can watch instead,” Jessica purred.

She lowered her hand and began to rub the front of her jeans. “I might be able to provide you some extra visual stimulation.”

Cindy shook her head and opened the door, “Girl, you’re too much. I know that I’ve tüyap escort missed you too. But, I can’t teach like this. My pussy’s a swamp. I’ll be a wreck the second a hottie enters the room.”

I laughed and nodded at Cindy. She grinned back at me and closed the door behind her. Boy, I knew exactly what my office mate had been talking about. Jessica and her friend Shannon had tormented me all last semester. It was a wonder; given the workout they gave me that I survived. Time passed, and for the last month I had to make do with mediocre masturbation. Then I saw Jessica outside my door this morning.

With a single wave I lost all rationale thought; sex overtook me and I was barely able to walk through my syllabus.

Jessica though, had already fallen into old patterns. She was panting in heat. With expert fingers the blonde reached down and tugged on my zipper. She stuck her hand inside my trousers and fished out my cock.

“Cindy will have to take care of her own needs, but you on the other hand… Have you missed me?” Jessica asked as she smiled.

Lightly she ran her fingertips from my balls to my burgeoning shaft. Her nails gently touched my sensitive skin and I twitched. A tickle shot along my spine. My knees trembled, threatening to give out. Eyes laughing, Jessica giggled.

“Oh Professor, I’m totally going to enjoy this,” my coed murmured. Taking off her top, Jessica slid down my body. Her bare breasts brushed against my skin as she descended.

My slut was now kneeling topless before me. I looked down through a haze of lust and lost myself in those spectacular eyes.

Unabashedly, they gleamed with desire.

Palming one of her bare tits, Jessica lifted the flesh and tentatively gave the orb a lick. My cock trembled in reflexive anticipation.

Jessica couldn’t help but notice. “Do you like that Professor? Do you like watching me play with my tits?”

I gulped and nodded.

“What’s a naughty girl to do? I’ve been without any cock for over a month. No one has been inside my teenage pussy. A couple of boys from high school begged, but I told them no. They’re only boys, after all. Not like you. I bet I am soooooo fucking tight. And now I have this handsome, professorial specimen dangling right in front of my face. Hmmmn… Should I wrap my hand around it and stroke it?”

Jessica’s words mimicked her actions. She licked her thin fingers. Then Jessica encircled my meat and began to slide her hand up and down. She caressed me to a slow and gentle rhythm. I could feel my breath catch as she worked my shaft to a soft, easy pace.

“Oh you like that, huh? I bet I know what you’d like even more,” she continued. “Tell me, what do you think of this?”

Jessica threw her head back and spit on the valley between her tits. Rubbing the saliva into her skin, Jessica looked up at me and batted her eyelashes.

I couldn’t help but grin back. I could tell that my little, coed cutie was enjoying controlling the moment. She was putting on a show, the naughty minx. She wanted me to watch her being a slut; she wanted to show her professor what she could do.

Now, I was rock hard. Jessica placed my throbbing dick in the crevice between her tits.

Her bronze skin glistened with saliva. Jessica squeezed the flesh of her chest, giving me a slippery channel to fuck. Soft warmth enveloped my cock. The count of her heartbeat pulsed against my engorged shaft. Smiling, the minx leaned into in me before pulling back. I grunted, as my dick slid smoothly between her delectable tits.

“Professor, you can’t know how much I’ve missed you,” Jessica purred, as she moved forward and back. “I’ve never been so anxious to get back to school before. Of course I’m going to miss our class together.”

“Me too,” I grunted, as I continued to spear my former student’s chest.

“Not that I really went to class that often.”

“You were a bad student.”

“That’s why I fucked you for a better grade.”

“You were a bad student and a slut.”

“I was usually too busy eating Shannon’s cunt to show up,” Jessica said, bouncing up and down. “But I always studied so hard for those oral exams of yours. Do you think I learned anything last semester?”

“Like what?”

“Perhaps like how to be a naughty, little cock slut….”

The pressure was building. My eyes fluttered as I fought to answer the question. A fog was descending. “Yesssss….”

Jessica spit again, further lubricating her breasts. “Oh Professor, I’ve been desperate and horny. I wanted to feel you against my skin, just like you are right now. I’ve wanted to hold your cock against me, until you couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Yes….” I moaned, as I moved my hips.

Since we had parted at the end of the last semester no woman had touched me. Instead, my memories had been my only nighttime comfort. While I had fucked so many of her friends, Jessica always was the pornographic centerpiece of those thoughts. I had missed her smile, her giggle, her scent, and her caress.

“You have no idea Professor. I spent my entire break with my hands rubbing away in my panties thinking of you and your cock. I was so wet. My parents almost caught me a couple of times, and my sister walked in on me once. I think I fingered my pussy at every opportunity.”

“Your sister?” I groaned, jabbing fast and hard.

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