18 Mart 2023

Morning Workout


We’d start out with some simple squats. With your feet positioned on the bar and your legs spred wide, you slowly extend your legs until they are completely straight, and then as you slowly come back down you have a warm, wet feeling develop between your legs as my tongue brushes across your clit.

You try to rush through your first 10 reps but I start holding my tongue back, encouraging you to slow down so you can feel the burn. After you complete these, I don’t think you’re getting enough benefit from the position, so I move and I elevate your feet higher, which spreads your legs out wider.

This time I tell you I want 20 reps at a slower pace, with a long pause between each rep. As you come down this time you feel your lips spread out wide, and my whole face becomes buried in your pussy. As you rest between reps my tongue buries itself deep into your pussy, drawing your sweetness out with each stiff lick before you raise yourself up again. 20 reps seem to go otele gelen escort by too fast, though, so you beg me to let you do more. I tell you 20 more times, but I don’t want your legs getting so sore. This time as you lower yourself down you feel me assaulting your hard and sensitive clit, wrapping my lips around it and sucking gently. You try to arch your hips but I tell you that you need to keep your hips flat, and I push you down against the bench. You squirm for a moment but give up resistance quickly as I pin you down, and you complete your next 20 reps. By this point your heart is beating hard, your breathing is heavy but you’re ready for the next stage.

We can then move to inclined pull-ups. Laying the bench completely flat, you raise your legs to a 90 degree position, raise your arms above your head, grab the bar and pull yourself towards it, then push yourself back down. Again we should be starting pendik escort off slowly, but you want to go faster because each time you push yourself down, you feel the head of my cock slowly penetrating your pussy. I have to grab you by your legs in order to force you to slow down, otherwise your arms will get too sore.

You quickly settle into a routine of 20 reps, slowly easing yourself up as you feel the burn, and then lowering yourself down onto my cock, inch by inch until it completely feels your aching cunt. On each thrust you start to shudder, the excitement has your heart racing more than the exercise does. You lose count of your reps as you just plunge yourself into the workout, and onto my hard rod. You keep up a steady pace so you don’t wear yourself out. Eventually I tell you that you’ve done enough, and we should work on leg presses.

For leg presses I lock the bench in place so it doesn’t rus escort move. We reposition you on the bench so that your legs are drawn up towards your chest. I lay over your legs and grip them tight as my cock slides back into your pussy. I encourage you to push your legs out and against my body for as many reps as you can handle. You’re pressing about 150 pounds as you slowly start pumping your legs forward a few inches and then releasing it, my cock drilling your hot hole with each press.

We settle into a routine where you’re practically bouncing me, my cock pounding into you. You feel your orgasm slowly coming on as I steady myself by reaching out for your breasts and squeezing your nipples. Suddenly it comes rushing over you, your whole body shudders, your pussy squeezes my cock tight encouraging it for its cream. As your body goes limp you start screaming no more, but I keep pounding tell you to work it out and finish. A few moments later my cock starts to cum and my seed is buried deep in your pussy, you keep pumping your legs to squeeze your cunt tight against me, milking me until I go soft inside you.

As we slowly untangle from each other, you grab a towel and wipe the sweat from your breasts and forehead. I lean down and lick across your nipples, and then your lips. You agree to meet me again tomorrow.

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