18 Mart 2023

Movie Forgotten


Leaning back against you, I snuggle into your arms. I can feel your heartbeat against my neck, as your arms hold me tightly to you. A feeling of being loved and protected surrounds me. The movie forgotten, I snuggle a little closer, my hands tracing little designs on your arms. Following the veins in your hands. I feel you kiss my hair, lingering a little. Your breath soft and warm. And I realize I want you.

Shifting a bit, I turn to you. So I m resting my head against your chest, my hand moves from your arms to play lightly with your reddish chest hair. My lips rest gently for a moment, kissing your chest. Your hand automatically moves to the back of my neck, massaging lightly. Realizing I don’t exactly have your total attention yet, my hands caress a little more. Loving the feel of your flesh under my fingers. My caresses get a little longer, then lower… I feel your body responding to my touch even before it registers in your mind. I take one nipple into my mouth, rolling it against my tongue.

Suddenly I have your total attention. Your hand tightens on the back of my neck as you lean down to kiss me. A whispered warning about what I m starting. Then your kiss deepens. Feeding the hunger you feel in me. My hands caressing your chest and playing with your nipples as you kiss me. I feel you shiver each time my fingers brush against your nipples. And it feeds my hunger. I want you even more.

I feel you growing harder against me. Your hands slowly exploring me. Light caresses all over my body. I feel myself growing wetter at your teasing touch. A moan escapes me as you break the kiss, and take one pierced nipple between your lips. Your hands moving lower… driving me crazy, teasing me, coming so close to touching me, then wandering again.

I let my hands move lower… struggling with the button on your jeans, I feel you smile at my impatience. Getting them open, I moan with pleasure at the hardness I discover with in. Lifting my lips to yours, I let you kiss my very soul. Wanting you to crave me as much as I need you, I let my hands stoke you. Gently teasing caresses. God, I want you in my mouth.

Breaking the kiss, I look at you, asking for permission, begging to suck you… to lick… to taste you. Smiling at me with gentle hunger, you push me back for a moment as you hurriedly remove your jeans. Freeing your cock, the object I am craving within my throat. You lean back, giving me access to my desires. Your hand resting in my hair. Lightly running your fingers through it…

Moaning, I can’t wait any longer. I lightly run my tongue over the head of your hard cock. At sancak escort your shiver, I slip the head just past my lips. Running my tongue over the head, I take you a little deeper. Stroking with my tongue as I let you into my throat. I love the taste of you as your cock fills my mouth and throat. Wanting more, I take you deeper, you can feel my throat muscles caressing you. Moaning, I feel myself so close to coming, just from your cock in my mouth. ~Shivers~

My tongue draws you deeper into my throat. Almost gagging as I try to swallow you whole. I feel your hand tighten again on my neck. I relax, letting you take control, setting the rhythm, your hard cock fucking my mouth. I moan as my own orgasm overtakes me. Shuddering, I look into your eyes. Watching your pleasure, as your cock strokes the back of my throat. I want you so bad. You watch as my fingers move down, finding my clit, already soaked with my juices. I shiver as I pinch my hard clit.

Looking up at you, I plead for you to fuck me. Your cock still buried in my mouth. You smile, whispering words of pleasure as you take your cock slowly out of my mouth. Your hand wrapped in my hair you pull me up for a kiss. My naked flesh resting fully against your body. My nipples being caressed by soft chest hair, sending waves of pleasure through me. Your hard cock pressing into the soft flesh of my abdomen.

Your mouth consumes me. Making me lose all thought. Just you, kissing me… building my cravings… making me want you more. I feel your tongue gently caress my lips, teasing them open. Tasting me. Exploring every last bit of my mouth. I moan, so hungry for you. You hold my mouth to yours, almost restricting my breathing… Unsure if it is desire or your forcefulness, I struggle to breathe. You release me as you feel me pulling back a bit. Your kisses turn light and playful. The fire in my eyes causes you to smile.

Gently you lie me on my back. With one hand you hold my arms above me. Allowing you total access to my flesh. The other hand exploring. Caressing as it moves along my body. Stopping only to give a special caress or tease. Flicking over each pierced nipple, your mouth soon joins your hand in exploring me. Your tongue wraps around one nipple. Teasing it to hardness, playing with the piercing. As your fingers lightly pinch the other. Moaning I arch my back, offering you everything, putting my nipple deeper into your mouth.

And then, your mouth is gone. Your hand removed my flesh. Only the hand holding me down remains. I whimper at the loss. Missing your touch. sarıyer escort Hearing a noise, I turn to watch you pull a set of handcuffs out of the drawer. Cold steel replaces your hot flesh at my wrists. Gently you move up on the bed, your hard cock teasingly with in inches of my hungry mouth. You gently kiss and nibble each wrist as you fasten each cuff, and wrap it through the headboard. Leaving me enough movement to grasp it for leverage.

I whimper, looking down, you catch me trying to lick your cock. I see the flash of mischief in your eyes as you place your cock just at my lips. Just lightly teasing. Knowing I can’t take you into my mouth. I struggle to reach you. To take you into me again. Finally, I content myself with letting my tongue wrap around your hardness… begging for you.

With a slight smack to my upper thigh, you move back a bit. Taking yourself out of my reach. I hear the drawer again. And then a soft cloth is placed over my eyes. I struggle briefly, unsure if I m ready for this. Soft words of reassurance and comfort offered by your husky voice, I can hear your hunger. Your lust. And I relax, allowing you to set the scene.

In my darkness, I can only listen to your breathing. Your heartbeat. I can feel the heat of your body next to me. Slowly, I feel your hands and mouth caressing me, starting at my bound wrists. You work your way down my body. Kisses and nibbles moving down my arms. I giggle as it tickles near my shoulders. Then I feel your lips on my neck. Gently kissing the vein, I feel your teeth beneath, sheathed… so much potential for pain. And I whimper with desire. Your tongue roughly licks my neck, making me cry out for your bite. That doesn’t come. You move instead to kiss my lips. Forcing them roughly apart. You kiss me hard, bruising them. Your hand rests against my throat, no pressure, just resting there, reminding me you are in charge.

Then your hand moves lower. Roughly playing with each breast. Your mouth follows quickly. Leaving a trail of kisses and bites across my chest and down my stomach. As your hand continues to move lower, exploring. I feel it hover over my throbbing wet cunt. Then you move on. Down to gently caress my feet, rubbing them as I cry in frustration. Your lips at my ankle kiss my tattoo. I reach to you, begging for you to fuck me. You reward me with at slightly harder slap to my inner thigh. And I scream as I come. My juices squirting, flowing, drenching.

I whimper as I hear you chuckle. Then I feel your hands, opening me. Your fingers roughly caress my inner sefaköy escort folds. Teasing me. Making me beg you for more. As your fingers explore I feel you shift. Your warm breath suddenly against my clit as a finger works it’s way into my cunt. You can feel my muscles contract tightly around your fingers as a second joins the first. Your tongue slides lightly over my hard clit. Causing me to orgasm again. Drenching your hand and wrist. Juices running down getting my ass wet. Taking my clit into your mouth you murmur words of encouragement. And work on getting a third finger into my dripping pussy. And I feel your other hand at my ass. Teasing slightly. Gently caressing as you slowly enter it. Your tongue and teeth tease my clit. Bucking, unable to stand the pleasure, I feel myself leave.

Orgasms explode through me, almost continuously. You tongue driving me to distraction as it gently caresses my inner most being. In contrast to your hands fucking my ass and cunt. Another finger joins the one in my ass, stretching me. And I feel the forth enter my pussy. Your thumb caressing my clit as you roughly force me to take your hand. Your teeth biting into my upper thigh. Whimpering I beg you to stop. Beg that I can’t take anymore. The pleasure is too much. I can’t handle coming anymore. My body is yours, completely. My mind only on the pleasure that you are driving me insane with.

Suddenly, you stop. I feel so empty. Then fingers drenched with my come are offered to my lips. Greedily I lick them, savoring the taste of my desire. I feel your cock at my entrance. Then you plunge into me. Hitting the back of my womb. I cry out in relief and a bit of pain. Your hands hold my ankles up by your shoulders as you fuck me. Roughly, filling me. Then pulling almost completely out, only to plunge in again. I cry out each time that you fill me. The pleasure keeps me on that edge. You feel my cunt throb around your hard cock as you fuck me.

Stopping quickly, You undo one of the cuffs and roughly turn me onto my stomach. Roughly spreading my cheeks. I feel your cock at my ass. Then you are deep with in. I whimper at the sudden entry. Your nails did deeply into my thighs, holding me tight as your cock fucks my ass. Moaning with pleasure, I move with you. Your balls slamming against my clit. Shudders rack through my body as I feel you tense within my ass. Then you are filling me. Filling my ass with your come. I can feel every movement, as your cock drains into me.

Exhausted you collapse against me, and we fall to the bed. Your cock still in my ass. Mumbling and growling slightly, you wrap me up against you. Holding me tightly as our breathing and heartbeats slowly head back to normal. Your lips caressing the back of my neck as you murmur words, almost indiscernible, about pleasing you, being wonderful… and sleep now.

I drift off slowly, my body tingling with pleasure. Your soft breathing at my neck. Dreams can’t compete with reality like this.

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