26 Mart 2022

Movie Remade — Lesb Cruel Intentions


Movie Remade — Lesb Cruel IntentionsKathryn heard the shower running in Sebastian’s bathroom and smiled in wickedsatisfaction. The plan she had set in motion was unfolding more smoothly thanshe ever hoped it would and soon the people who had wronged her would suffer.It had taken considerable planning on her part to concoct a scheme cunningenough to achieve all her goals in one fell swoop, but in the end she hadlined up her victims like dominos and once the first one tipped over the restwere bound to fall. In this case, the chain-reaction would begin when CecileCaldwell lost her innocence . . . and the water running in the other roomtold her that once naive little schoolgirl had been turned into a slut.The thought made Kathryn laugh. So far things weren’t proving to be much ofa challenge. But that suited her just fine. Though she liked to sharpen herclaws from time to time it was much nicer when things just fell into place,and so far that seemed to be the case. She had entrusted the deflowering ofCecile to her stepbrother Sebastian knowing he would not fail. And now, withthat taken care of, she could sit back and watch the rest of her plan cometo fruition. How wonderful!Pleased with herself, Kathryn padded down the hall to Sebastian’s room andpeered inside. The smell of sex was think in the air and she inhaled it likea narcotic, savoring the pungent musk that had been missing from her ownbedroom for much too long. She glanced around the room, and since she assumedSebastian and Cecile were showering together nothing could have surprised hermore than finding Cecile still in Sebastian’s bed.Kathryn looked the woman over, and not for the first time was impressedwith the things she saw. The woman in bed had long, dark hair framing anattractive face, and a curvaceous figure that a gray T-shirt and pantiesnow showed off quite well. Her gaze traveled up and down Cecile’s nubilebody, still glowing from sex, moving over an impressive bosom and downlong, creamy legs.Standing there, Kathryn couldn’t help but wonder what kind of treat wasnestled between those legs. She decided on a whim she needed to find outand set into motion another plan. This one didn’t look to pose much of achallenge, either, but the benefits were there to be reaped in abundanceif things worked out.Kathryn barged into the room with as much noise as she could generate.”Sebastian, are you in here . . . “”Kathryn!” Cecile shrieked. “Oh God!”Kathryn tried her best to looked shocked, though inside she couldn’t stoplaughing. She watched Cecile scramble to pull the covers up, face flushed adeep crimson. The blush actually made her more attractive and Kathryn lickedher lips in hunger as she waited for Cecile to settle down. This was goingto be the most fun she’d had in a long time!”I’m sorry,” Kathryn said. “I . . . I didn’t know Sebastian had company.”Cecile blushed again. “We were just . . . just . . .””Fucking,” Kathryn said.”Oh God!” Cecile wailed.Kathryn smiled and moved over to the bed, sitting down close enough toCecile that she could smell the other woman’s cunt. She placed a gentlehand on Cecile’s thigh and smiled sweetly. “It’s okay, Cecile. I’m proudof you.””You are?””Mmhmm. You’ve joined a special club and we’re even closer now.”Cecile sniffled. “Then . . . you won’t tell anyone?””Of course not,” Kathryn said.Cecile unleashed a high-pitched squeal then dropped the covers and huggedher.”Thank you, Kathryn. I knew I could trust you.”Kathryn put her arms around Cecile and held her so close their breasts weremashed together. The feeling was not unpleasant. She then raked her fingersthrough that beautiful dark hair while she waited for Cecile to stop sobbing,each step moving her closer and closer to having the woman underneath her.”So . . . how was it?” Kathryn asked.Cecile pulled back to look at her. “Kathryn! That’s so crude!””I’m not asking you to broadcast it all over school,” Kathryn said. “It’sjust between us. Best friends tell each other stuff like that.””But he’s your brother!””Stepbrother,” Kathryn corrected, “and for the sake of this discussion he’sjust another guy. So spill. How was it?”Cecile thought about it a moment longer then smiled. “It was nice.””Just nice?””Really nice,” Cecile gushed.”I’ll bet,” Kathryn said, grinning. She put a hand on Cecile’s thigh as ifit were the most natural thing in the world to do and when Cecile didn’tseem to mind she moved her hand back and forth, pretending it was casualwhile inching closer and close to the crotch of Cecile’s cotton panties.”So tell me what happened. I want details!””Well, we, uh . . . fucked,” Cecile told her with a sheepish smile.Kathryn made a face. “Cecile, we’ve established that. Now I wanna hear more.Did he go down on you?””Uh huh.””Did you go down on him?”Cecile smiled bashfully. “Yeah.””Did he come in your mouth?””Ewww. Gross. I just sucked his cock for a while. And I played with hisballs. He said guys liked that.””Then what?” Kathryn asked, continuing to stroke Cecile’s incesu escort thigh. Though shewas genuinely interested in hearing the details of Cecile’s encounter withSebastian, her reasons for asking served another purpose. She wanted to getCecile all hot and bothered, and from the way the woman kept fidgeting onthe bed Kathryn knew their discussion was having the desired effect. It surehad her own pussy dripping wet!”Well,” Cecile rasped, “he, uh, got on top of me and . . . put his cockinside me . . . and then he fucked me.””Did you climax?””Um, not the first time. The second time I got on top.”Kathryn moved her hand even further up Cecile’s thigh,t his time brushing thefront of those tight cotton panties which, she soon discovered, were damp. Itwould have been so easy to pull the crotch aside and slide her fingers upthat hot little cunt. But she resisted for now, looking into Cecile’s eyes asshe nuzzled her hand into the other woman’s mound.”So you came when you were on top of him?” Kathryn asked.”Uh huh,” Cecile replied with a slow nod.Kathryn smiled. She could tell Cecile was about to explode from the tensionmounting in that barely used pussy. It was time to steer things in a newdirection. “Wow. Sounds like your first time was sensational.””Yeah, it was pretty neat,” Cecile said.”Now remember,” Kathryn went on, “you have to keep doing it. As often as youcan. That way you can get better and better. I’m sure there’s a lot more youcan learn from Sebastian. And you can always practice with me.”Cecile’s eyes went wide in amazement, and it was all Kathryn could do tokeep from falling out of bed laughing. “Practice . . . with you? You meanwe could . . .?””Sure,” Kathryn said, smiling, keeping her hand nestled between Cecile’slegs. “Girlfriends do it all the time. It’s important for us to know whatfeels good so we can tell the guys how we want it. Right?””I guess that makes sense,” Cecile said. “But wouldn’t that me a-“”Don’t be silly,” Kathryn interrupted. “You fucked Sebastian even though Ikissed you in the park the other day.””That’s true.””And admit it,” Kathryn said, leaning closer. “Kissing me wasn’t so bad, nowwas it?”Cecile blushed. “No. I . . . I liked it.””I liked it, too,” Kathryn whispered. “You’re a very good kisser.””I am?””Mmhmm,” Kathryn murmured. “I’d love to kiss you again.””Okay.”Kathryn smiled. The woman was putty in her hands. She leaned closer stilland brushed her lips over Cecile’s, snaring them in a kiss. Things startedoff slow but Cecile relaxed after a few moments, opening her mouth widerand wider in acceptance. Soon their tongues were slithering over each otherlike snakes entwined in battle, leaving them both gasping for breath. Asthe kiss deepened Kathryn sped up her seduction by cupping Cecile’s breast,squeezing the ample mound of flesh in her free hand until Cecile moaned.”Oh . . . oh Kathryn,” Cecile muttered.”Shhh. Just let it happen.””But what if Sebastian-“”He likes to take long showers,” Kathryn lied. She pushed Cecile flat onthe bed and snuggled up next to her, propped up on one side, then bent downto capture those delectable lips in another kiss. This time she met noresistance. That eager mouth opened for her and she thrust her tongue inside,kissing Cecile with renewed hunger. She could feel the heat of Cecile’s cuntburning out of control and pressed the butt of her palm into that dampcrotch, making her new lover arch and writhe with need.”Oh . . . yes . . . touch me.”Kathryn smiled into the kiss. The transformation of Cecile from virgin totramp was more than complete. She traced the length of Cecile’s neophyteslit with the pads of two fingers, moving up and down at a slow, tortuouspace that had her lover whimpering for more in no time. Such response!This was going to be fun! Her fingers traveled Cecile’s cleft, teasing thenetherlips within through the soaked front of cotton panties Kathryn longedto remove. That would happen soon. The T-shirt would have to go first,though. She needed to get her mouth around one of those plump, round breastsand she needed to do it now.Though it pained her to break the kiss, Kathryn did, with a sigh, and helpedCecile out of her T-shirt. In doing so she put two of the most lusciousbreasts she had ever seen at her disposal. The sight of those perfect roundsand the fat pudgy nipples that capped them had her drooling like a starvingmutt staring in the window of a butcher shop. Kathryn dragged her finger downCecile’s cleavage and delighted in how it made her lover tremble. She couldsee the wanting in Cecile’s eyes and smiled to find it there so naturally.That could work to her advantage.Kathryn bent down and snatched Cecile’s lips in a kiss before moving downto suckle one of those delicious-looking breasts. She was not the least bitdisappointed. The fat nipples she had spied were easily brought to erectionwith flicks of her tongue and, once firm, she sucked them greedily, movingback and forth, from one to the other, making sure neither of those squatnubs were denied her attention. Her efforts had Cecile wriggling in delightand muttering breathlessly for her to go on. And Kathryn did. She devouredCecile’s breasts, ravishing them, getting a hand on whichever one she didn’thave stuffed in her mouth.”Oh . . . oh Kathryn,” Cecile panted. “Yes!”Purring through a mouthful of tit, Kathryn eased her hand down the frontof Cecile’s panties. She found her lover soaking wet and began rubbingvigorously, making small circles with the tips of her fingers but notgoing inside. Her lover groaned and arched to her, seeking penetration,but Kathryn would not be rushed. She wanted Cecile desperate for itbefore she buried her face in that hot little twat, and from the pitifulsounds Cecile made it appeared that moment was fast approaching.Kathryn continued fingering Cecile while she moved down her bare midriff withkisses, dropping them here and there until she was at last poised above theother woman’s crotch. The smell of cunt was overwhelming and Kathryn breathedit in, letting it fill her being until she felt lightheaded. Then she bentdown and kissed the front of Cecile’s panties, and though the taste she gotwas filtered through the cotton fabric it whet her appetite all the same. Thetouch of her lips dragged a sigh from Cecile.”Please . . . “That single word, delivered in a c***dish whine, spoke volumes.Taking a deep breath, Kathryn pulled down Cecile’s panties to get at thattender young pussy. It was even lovelier than she dared imagine, with fulllips that unfurled for her like rose petals to reveal an inviting pinkinterior wet and waiting for her. She gazed down at Cecile’s quim for amoment before spreading the cuntlips with her fingers and plunging in withher tongue. The juices she had sampled through her panties were even betterdirect from the source and Kathryn lapped them up with zeal, exploring thedepths her stepbrother had not long before. Kathryn doubted he had elicitedmoans of pleasure like the ones Cecile now released.The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room as Kathryn went down onthat sweet cunt, unable to get enough of it into her mouth. She feastedon the thick folds of woman-flesh, sucking on them then flicking themwith her tongue. The bucking hips and urgent cries that came in responseto her ministrations did nothing to lead her astray from the path she hadchosen. Using her mouth and hands Kathryn drove Cecile to the brink ofclimax more than once, teasing her lover into new levels of ecstasy thepoor girl had probably never even fantasized about. She kept it up untilsatisfied Cecile could take no more then moved up to attack Cecile’s clit,coaxing the little nub from its hiding place, taking it between her lips,and sucking it. That was more than enough to set off Cecile’s orgasm. Thebed shook under the intensity of it but Kathryn stayed the course, keepingher tongue inside that quivering pussy until Cecile at last stoppedtrembling.Stealing one more taste of that sweet, sweet cunt, Kathryn crawled back upthe bed and laid next to Cecile again. She watched her lover struggle torecover from such a dizzying climax, reaching over to brush an errant strandof dark hair from that attractive face. Cecile opened her eyes and smiled.”That was way cool,” Cecile said. “You are much better than Sebastian atoral sex.” Kathryn smiled. “Who knows what pleases a woman better thananother woman?””Yeah,” Cecile replied. “Do you, uh, want me to return the favor?””Only if you want to,” Kathryn said.”I guess so,” Cecile said. “I mean, yeah . . . sure. Um, where do I start?”Kathryn unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it asside, letting Cecile take agood, hard look at her breasts. Though not as large as Cecile’s, hers werestill nice, firm and round and thorougly suckable. Cecile seemed in awe ofthem and her rapidly stiffening nipples. That was a good sign.”You can start by feeling me up,” Kathryn said. She took Cecile’s hand andguided it to her left tit, going through the motions until Cecile got thehang of it. Her inexpereinced lover proved a quick study, fondling herbreasts like a pro in no time at all. Kathryn moaned in approval.”Am I doing okay?” Cecile asked.”Oh yeah,” Kathryn muttered. “You’re doing just fine. Now play with mynipples.””How?””Pinch them,” Kathryn said. “Roll them between your thumb and index finger.””Okay.”Kathryn tossed her head back with a groan as Cecile did as she instructed.Those nimble fingers tweaked her nipples rock-hard and had them aching forthe touch of soft, wet lips. She couldn’t have done much better herself!”Yes . . . Cecile yes!” Kathryn cried. “Now suck them. “Nodding assent, Cecile latched onto a nipple and sucked it like a nursinginfant. The pleasure was exqusite and Kathryn soon found herself swooningwith delight as her student in making love to a woman began moving from onebreast to the other, as she had done before, flicking the nipples with thatagile tongue then sucking on them some more. She just might keep this womanall to herself and let Sebastian corrupt some other fresh teenage cunt!”Jesus H.,” Kathryn muttered. “You are making me so wet, Cecile.”Cecile pulled back to look at her. “I am?””Uh huh,” Kathryn said. “Feel for yourself.”Taking Cecile’s hand again, Kathryn guided it under her skirt this time andled Cecile right to the steaming hot flesh between her legs. She sighed whenher new lover was at last touching her, moving Cecile’s hand over her slicklips. The gentle caresses sent waves of pleasure through her body and sherolled her hips in response, gyrating against Cecile’s fingers.”Can you feel it?” Kathryn asked breathlessly. “Can you feel how wet I am?””Yes,” Cecile panted. “Kathryn . . .yes . . . I can feel it.””It’s because of you baby,” Kathryn said. “I’m all wet because of you.””God, it’s running down my fingers,” Cecile whispered.Kathryn smiled. “Lick it off.””I don’t know . . . “Kathryn brought Cecile’s hand to her lips and becgan licking the juices fromit, holding the other woman’s gaze the entire time. She smacked her lips andmurmured her approval, not even needing to pretend she liked the taste ofherself. It was delicious and before long Cecile joined her, hesitantly atfirst, then with more determination, their two wagging pink tongue cleaningthe juices from Cecile’s hand.”Mmm,” Kathryn purred. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?””I guess,” Cecile said. “Do you want me to . . . to go down on you? BecauseI will.”Kathryn smiled. “I have a better idea. You lay down and I’ll sit on yourface.””Won’t that hurt?””I won’t actually be sitting on it, silly,” Kathryn said. “I’m going tostraddle your head so you can eat me out from underneath.””Okay,” Cecile said.Letting Cecile get comfortable, Kathyrn slipped off her skirt and tossed itto the floor. She turned around again and when she found her lover flat onthe bed, she moved up and mounted Cecile’s face like a jockey climbing ontoa saddle, knees firmly planted on either side of her lover’s head. Her cuntwas so close to that lush mouth she could feel Cecile’s breath tickling herpussylips and it made her shudder.”You ready down there?””I think so,” came Cecile’s muffled response.”Just relax and think about what I did to you that felt good,” Kathryn said.”Now, I’m going to lower my pussy onto your mouth and when I do I want you tomove your tongue around inside me.””Okay.”Kathryn lowered her cunt onto Cecile’s mouth, as promised, and immediatelyhad a wagging tongue inside her. She never would have guessed this wasCecile’s first time eating out another woman. Her lover seemed to have aninstinct for it, finding all the places that drove her wild and lashingthem with that wicked tongue. In no time at all she was bouncing up anddown excitedly, humping Cecile’s face, riding that mouth to what promisedto be a delicious climax.”Yes! Yes!” Kathryn cried. “Lick that pussy you little fucking slut!”Reaching down, Kathryn rubbed her clit, fast furious, needing to get offso bad. She couldn’t take anymore! It was making her crazy! Her clit hadswollen to twice its size and she seized the hardened nub between herfingers, pinching it, squeezing it, rubbing it at a frantic pace, all thewhile Cecile’s tongue continuend to wiggle inside her. So close now . . .she was so close. Kathryn could feel it, like a ball of lead had settledin her gut, and she stroked her clit faster . . . faster . . . rockingagainst Cecile’s face, wanting that tongue as deep inside her as possible.So close now . . . so close . . . just a little more and she would bethere . . . a little more . . . a little more . . . the pressure sointense . . . and then she erupted in climax.Kathryn cried out when she came, thrusting against Cecile as one of the mostintense orgasms she’d ever had surged through her loins. It was incredible!She never thought it would end! The juices were just oozing out of her slitand there was Cecile Caldwell between her legs to lick them all up. Such aslut! Kathryn rode out the crest of her orgasm then rolled onto her back,panting for breath. She soon had Cecile snuggled up beside her and the twoof them remained like that for the longest time.”Do you think sex with girls is better than sex with guys?”Kathryn laughed and tousled Cecile’s hair. “Who said we had to choose?””Yeah,” Cecile answered, resting her head on Kathryn’s shoulder. “Do youthink we could do this again? I mean, if you want to that would be okay withme.””Mmm . . . I think that would be fun,” Kathryn said. “The best thing aboutdoing it with other girls is we can have sleep-overs and our parents neversuspect a thing when in fact we’re fucking all night.””I never thought of that,” Cecile said. “Cool!””Uh huh,” Kathryn replied, grinning. “If I spend the night at your house I’llbring some toys with me. and teach how to use them. It’s very important yourlearn how to properly use a vibrator, Cecile. Essential, even.”Cecile ran the tip of her finger over Kathryn’s nipple, teasing it. “You’resuch a good friend, Kathryn.””Mmmm,” Kathryn purred. Things had worked out just fine after all.

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